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Democrat Voting Chaos Points to the Need for Major Election Reforms

Guest piece by Gregg Updike

Since the Russians are behind every voting booth in the country according to the MSM, the DNC, the Intelligence Community, and Hillary, it is incumbent upon President Trump and his DOJ to ensure an untainted election in 2020.  President Obama had such warnings from high sources prior to the 2016 election and he blew them off.

As things stand now the only way Trump can prove there is no “Russian” influence is for him to lose.  If he (or now Bernie Sanders) wins, the election was cheated, invalid, and illegitimate; if he loses, and an establishment Democrat wins, then the election is on the up and up – nothing more to see here.   As with other investigations, Trump is being forced to prove a negative – an impossible task.  This is like medieval times when if the accused survived the drowning, he is guilty; if he dies he is innocent and exonerated.

According to most of the MSM propaganda – and its ongoing effort to portray America’s election process as compromised, and therefore illegitimate – elections are only influenced and illegitimate when Republicans win.  Since it is obvious for decades that election interference has been happening, Trump should take this to heart and repair the whole election system.  In fact he would be derelict in his duty if he were not involved in repairing our near dysfunctional election process.

Iowa caucuses anyone?  Granted, a political party’s state primary/caucus is “private” and not government controlled, but when such a “private” election/caucus directly determines who will be president which can or will impact everyone’s lives, it should be mandated to give an accurate timely result.  After all, the Democratic Party is not the local Elks, or Rotary Club.

Supposedly everyone wants open, honest, and fair elections. Right?

For the sake of our “Democracy”, here are my suggestions to ensure our most sacred constitutional right to have all our votes equally and accurately counted is preserved:

  • We must have total transparency at all polling places, election commissions, early ballots, absentee ballots, provisional ballots, paper ballots, electronic ballots, and email ballots. This includes the purging of voter rolls in every district, or precinct, of nonresidents, dead “voters”, and non-eligible (Especially illegal aliens who were/are issued driver’s licenses) voters nation-wide.  The whole voter registration system has to be monitored and all voter rolls updated.  As with any other election where there is conflict regarding a citizen’s voter eligibility a paper provisional ballot shall be allowed, but it must be sealed and authenticated by an independent monitor who is present at the time of the vote, and placed in a secured lock box – only to be opened the day after the election in the presence of both the monitor and the election official.  Only the ballots which are determined to be valid shall be counted and entered into the system – no suddenly found boxes of any type of ballots found in car trunks or janitorial closets will be permitted.
  • Videotape all voting transactions in a similar manner that banks do monetary transactions, and have operational security cameras in all election offices like stores do to monitor their employees and customers.
  • Properly submitted and vetted absentee ballots and early voting ballots shall be handled in a similar manner except they shall be entered into the system prior to the election with the results kept secret until the Election Day ballots are counted and the results released. This means all legitimate early cast votes will be included in real time with the election night returns, so that they cannot be “adjusted” to affect a desired result – remember the five thousand or so absentee military ballots Gore and Lieberman tried to invalidate when it became apparent they were favoring Bush.  Any uncounted pre-election ballots “found” after the election will be thoroughly investigated for legitimacy and, if legitimate, added to the result.  The election worker responsible for any such irregularities will quickly be investigated and if found guilty of malfeasance, or even nonfeasance, fired and not rehired for the next election cycle anywhere.
  • The voting tabulation computers/software/touchscreens will be verified to be clear of any malware or viruses, or any other issues that can cause an erroneous result. There shall be a paper trail backup.  Any other voter recording systems in use shall be similarly vetted for accurate tabulation and results.
  • Nationwide Valid Picture ID is a must

In the 21st century, America ought to be able to expect and demand a competent, timely and accurate vote tabulation process.  Precincts and counties not posting results for hours after the polls close is not acceptable.  Such incompetence must not be tolerated – especially when they are the same Democratically controlled and operated places election after election.  Any delay beyond an hour after the polls closing will trigger an automatic federal special counsel investigation with the following penalties:

  • Penalties for individual voter fraud must be at least the same as a DUI conviction in terms of jail and fines.
  • Penalties for organized, institutionalized, and/or governmental voter fraud or incompetence will be a fine of at least $1000.00, up to a year of imprisonment, permanent loss of voter rights and a permanent ban from any government position related to voting including census taking

I find it amazing how the liberals often have an army of lawyers immediately available to challenge results they don’t like and have very sympathetic judges and election officials to question the outcome on the most specious grounds.  There should also be special counsels pre-named to investigate any and all such “irregularities” and be able to file federal charges in federal district courts to deter the voter fraud that is so apparent in many areas year after year.

Some examples of outright (alleged if you will) voter fraud that repeatedly occurs:

  • More people voting in a district than actually live in that district.
  • Overwhelming percentage of votes going one way – anything over 80% on any batch (entire precinct/district, absentee, early voting, provisional etc.) of ballots should trigger an automatic audit, recount and investigation.
  • Voter intimidation: Any official up to the governor of the state not enforcing and guaranteeing the right of any individual to cast a ballot shall be charged with malfeasance, dereliction of duty and any other relevant statue.

Americans need to have their confidence in all aspects of their government restored.  If the left is so concerned about election integrity and interference they should welcome the enactment of my proposals.  President Trump should, in a very open and transparent way, demand the security and accuracy or our voting rights.  By demanding and enforcing these reforms Trump could force the Left to put up or shut up, because knowledgeable Americans know where 95 plus percent of the vote fraud occurs and which party it ALWAYS benefits sans penalty.

That is all.

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