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McCarthyite Democrats Now Bringing Back the Blacklists

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Your Democrat Party/Fake News Media in Action! – In a true profile in cowardice, DNC Chairman Tom Perez announced that the Democrat Party would boycott Fox News during its presidential nominating contest.

Obviously anxious to prevent mental midgets like Cory Booker and Joe Biden from having to answer anything resembling a tough question, Perez hilariously said that  “I believe that a key pathway to victory is to continue to expand our electorate and reach all voters,” just not voters who watch Fox News.  You seriously just cannot make this stuff up.

No doubt Perez and his fellow Democrats are still angry at Fox’s Chris Wallace, who is a liberal but still an actual professional journalist, for his conduct of the third debate between then-candidate Donald Trump and the Pantsuit Princess. After the first two debates, hosted by your standard fake news clowns Lester Holt and Elaine Quijano, had become nothing but Trump slam fests over personal issues, Wallace chose instead to focus his debate questions on actual, real issues that matter to the American public, and that spelled doom for the Fainting Felon.

Not that it’s surprising at all, given that it is just one more step by the Democrats toward revealing their true totalitarian nature, but this is really pathetic. It is also quite dangerous, since now we have a political party officially blacklisting a media outlet – which happens to be far and away the most-watched cable news outlet – because it doesn’t like it. Even more dangerous, no one else in the fake news media is slamming Perez for his childish behavior.

What does that tell us? Obviously, it tells us that they’re all in this together, the Dems and their media partners, and they’re no longer putting up any pretense otherwise.

All the leftist masks are now off: the Democrats have unmasked their true socialist/fascist visage, and the fake news media has unmasked its longstanding alliance with the Democrats.

Some fake journalists on Twitter tried to defend the Democrat blacklisting of Fox by pointing to a recent allegation that the cable channel became aware of the Stormy Daniels story in October 2016, but sat on it until after the election. Even if that allegation is true, it is meaningless in this controversy, since it is a simple fact of history that that the three TV broadcast networks have been sitting on stories that would damage Democrats since John F. Kennedy was banging the girlfriend of mob boss Sam Giancana, Judith Campbell Exner, in the White House on a weekly basis.

For his part, President Trump responded to the DNC action on Twitter:

It would actually be a blessing to the country if Mr. Trump simply blew up the Commission on Presidential Debates entirely. This “tradition” of holding such debates was not a tradition at all until the 1960 election, when JFK and Richard Nixon agreed to hold the first such events in modern times. The current format is structured on the false pretense that “journalists” from Democrat-controlled outlets like NBC and CNN can be trusted to conduct these debates in a fair manner, which obviously never happens.

Due to the very nature of our national news media as nothing more than the propaganda wing for the Democrat Party, the Republican candidate is always at a disadvantage. Even Wallace’s questions, while issue-oriented, were invariably infused with his own personal bias against Mr. Trump. And who will ever forget CNN’s Candy Crowley actually jumping in to help Barack Obama “answer” a question by feeding him false information in the middle of the debate with the hapless Mitt Romney?

But here’s the thing: This entire structure and process exists because traditional, establishment Republicans who have always run the Party’s governing apparatus are scared to death of the news media, and because they have always taken advice on how to deal with the media from the very same firms that provide similar advice to the Democrats. So these GOP squishes have always gone along with the pretense that propaganda outlets like NBC and ABC are staffed with real journalists, not political activists beholden to the Democrat Party. Once Republicans accede to that false pretense, they have quite simply lost.

Trump makes no such pretense, and has spent the past four years now demonstrating how to keep winning despite near-100% negative, often false news coverage, but those lessons have been lost on establishment Republicans. We can always hope they will learn between now and next fall, but don’t bet the farm on it.

There is also a huge lesson in all of this for the people at Fox News who make a habit of jumping to the defense of other media outlets whenever they are singled out by a president or his administration. These morons even came to the defense of the infantile jerk Jim Acosta last fall when the White House temporarily revoked his press badge.

But today, with no one in the fake media coming to their defense as they are blacklisted by the DNC, will Bret Baier, Wallace and John Roberts finally figure out that their “colleagues” at all the fake news outlets are neither their friends nor worth defending?

Probably not. But again, we can always hope.

That is all.

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Here’s How the Left Demeaned Independence Day

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Liberals just keep coming out of the anti-America closet, Part 6,582.:  Some guy named Dylan Matthews, writing at the far-leftwing fake news site, ran a piece on July 4 titled “3 Reasons the American Revolution was a Mistake.”

The piece includes the usual complaints about America’s horrible treatment of native Americans, which are mostly true, but then moves to unsupported claims that slavery would have somehow ended sooner without the Revolution and – hilariously – that the British parliamentary form of government is somehow far superior to the American Republic.  Obviously, like most hardcore leftist morons, Matthews longs to live in a country where you get thrown into jail for speaking the truth about radical Islam.

Towards that end, I’m certainly willing to help pay the idiot’s moving costs.

Is that a promise or a threat? – Somebody forgot to hide the Smirnoff from the Pantsuit Princess yesterday morning.  As a result, she sent out this tweet:

We certainly aren’t finished yet – perhaps 10 percent of the un-American legacy of Barack Obama still remains un-reversed by President Donald Trump – but we’re getting close, thanks solely to the failure of the Fainting Felon to claim the highest office in the land.  Just one more thing to be thankful for this morning out here in Flyover Country.

But the Resistance fights on – and looks really silly doing it… – A 44 year-old immigrant from the Congo climbed up on the base of the Statue of Liberty on July 4 and sat there taunting law enforcement for about 3 hours.  Naturally, the NYPD took the completely irrational action of shutting the national monument down entirely while they mainly stood around looking at the woman and occasionally issuing threats via a bull horn.

Thus, thousands of patriotic Americans were denied the privilege of visiting Lady Liberty on Independence Day due to the actions of one leftwing idiot.  The idiot was identified as a …wait for it… ‘social worker’ (because what else would she be other than perhaps an unemployed person with a degree in Ukranian women’s studies?) who has a long history of run-ins with law enforcement (because again, what else would be the case?).

In 2011, the idiot made headlines in the New York media when she was charged with 60 violations for illegally posting ads on telephone poles for her services as a personal trainer, for which she was fined $4,500.  In 2017,  “she was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration, unlawful assembly and trespassing during a demonstration at the Department of Labor building on Varick Street. She had allegedly covered her mouth with tape and refused to respond to police demands.”

Can there be any doubt that, after this latest run-in with the law, the idiot will resurface in 2020 as a Democrat candidate for congress?  None at all.

Not to be outdone by some statue climber, the evil leftist minions at Facebook used July 4 as the proper day to deny a country band the right to use its paid tools to promote a song titled “I Stand for the Flag.”

The song, which features lyrics such as “Don’t care if you’re black or white or who you love, I stand for the Flag and the Flag stands for all of us,” was deemed to be …wait for it…”too political” by the evil Facebook minions, who simply deleted the band’s original post and locked them out of use of the social media giant’s marketing tools.  So, to be crystal clear, Facebook considers the phrase “I stand for the flag and the flag stands for all of us” to be too divisive to appear on its platform.

The decision was reversed later in the day, but only after the band complained and began to receive media coverage on the incident.  But the knee-jerk reaction to ban this patriotic song from the platform tells you all you really need to know about the prevailing mindset at Facebook.

Your Democrat Party in action! – Finally, Tom Perez, the Marxist Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, used the opportunity to release a predictably depressing message on Independence Day.  Here’s the money shot:

“As we celebrate our nation’s independence, we recognize that America’s founding promise remains out of reach for too many families. Too many members of our society are still struggling to find a good-paying job or get the health care they need. Too many women, LGBTQ Americans, people of color, and people with disabilities still face inequality and injustice across our society.

“Everywhere we look, our most fundamental values are under attack. Thousands of children have been separated from their parents at our southern border. At our highest court, workers’ rights are being taken away, voting rights are under assault, Muslim Americans are being discriminated against for their faith, and women’s right to choose is under threat like never before.”

One can only wonder what country Tom Perez and his fellow Democrats actually live in?  Never in the history of the world have women, people of color, people with disabilities and LGBTQ citizens enjoyed such freedom and opportunity as they do in America today.  Our economy is running at near full-employment for the first time in half a century – the biggest problem employers have today is finding enough qualified people to hire.

Never in any democracy in world history has access to voting been so easy and free.  Muslim Americans have vastly more freedom in this country than they would in any Muslim nation on earth.  Our highest court, rather than taking away workers’ rights, just restored the rights of Americans to work without being forced to pay dues to a union whose leaders are simply going to transfer the money they don’t steal directly to the Democrat Party.

Mr. Perez’s message is in fact completely vile, disgusting, utterly dishonest and of course unpatriotic.  But then, he is the voice of today’s Democrat Party, so that’s all to be expected.

Just another day in the Democrat Party hates this country America.

That is all.

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God Bless America!

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Campaign Update wishes you all a very happy Independence Day!


Tired of all this Winning yet?:  Wal-Mart was discovered to be hawking t-shirts with the slogan “Impeach 45” at its online marketing website, an incredibly bone-headed move by a retailer whose business is largely focused out here in Flyover Country.  Enterprising folks on social media responded yesterday morning by calling for a boycott of the company.  Within hours, management at Wal-Mart announced it was removing the social justice warrior gear from its digital shelves.


Yeah, this probably isn’t going to end well. – In its ongoing efforts to destroy any notion of ethical standards within its operations, management at the fake New York Times announced on Tuesday that Ali Watkins, the reporter who was sleeping with at least two sources on the corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee, has been “reassigned” rather than fired as any organization with any pride would have done weeks ago.

In making this announcement, despicable Times executive editor Dean Baquet said this:

“We are troubled by Ali’s conduct, particularly while she was employed by other news organizations,” said Times executive editor Dean Baquet in an internal memo on Tuesday. “For a reporter to have an intimate relationship with someone he or she covers is unacceptable. It violates our written standards and the norms of journalism.  After careful examination and discussion, I have decided to reassign her to a position in New York for a fresh start, where she will be closely supervised and have a senior mentor.

Given Watkins’ promiscuous past, there are two possible outcomes here:  1) she will soon be involved in an affair with this “senior mentor,” or 2) we will soon see news that this “senior mentor” has been accused of sexual harassment.

Uh, hey, Tom, we know you think that, we agree it’s true, but, uh, we’re not supposed to actually say it in public, mm-kay? – Marxist Democrat National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, in a radio interview on Tuesday, just couldn’t contain his excitement when when host Bill Press asked about last week’s primary victory for a New York congressional seat by 28 year-old socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

“I have three kids. two of them are daughters. One just graduated college, one who is in college — and they were both texting me about their excitement over Alexandria because she really — she represents the future of our party.”

As always, it’s real news whenever any Democrat leader accidentally admits his or her party is actually just America’s version of the Bolsheviks.

Speaking of stumbling across the truth, Microsoft founder Bill Gates had that experience on Monday when speaking at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C.:

“How long people live, the reduction of disease… this period since World War II has been unbelievable – the reduction in violence, the improvement in literacy, the improvement of health is phenomenal,” he said.

“By almost any metric, the world is a far better place today – less violent deaths, less disease, more education – than ever in its history…The world, he said, is “100 times less violent than it was 1,000 years ago – that is, the percentage of deaths that are violent is down dramatically…So if someone has a very negative view of the world, that’s simply not an objective thing.”

Quick, somebody get him over to CNN headquarters to spread that message, since everyone there apparently wakes up each morning believing the world is actually going to hell in a hand basket.

On this special day, if you want to thank the people who are largely responsible for setting the world on its happy course towards the freedom and prosperity that make it a better place to be, give a word of thanks to these 56 men:

John Hancock (president of the Continental Congress), Josiah Bartlett, William Whipple, Matthew Thornton, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge Gerry, Stephen Hopkins, William Ellery, Roger Sherman, Samuel Huntington, William Williams, Oliver Wolcott, William Floyd, Philip Livingston, Francis Lewis, Lewis Morris, Richard Stockton, John Witherspoon, Francis Hopkinson, John Hart, Abraham Clark, Robert Morris, Benjamin Rush, Benjamin Franklin, John Morton, George Clymer, James Smith, George Taylor, James Wilson, George Ross, Caesar Rodney, George Read, Thomas McKean, Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas Stone, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, George Wythe, Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Nelson, Jr., Francis Lightfoot Lee, Carter Braxton, William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, John Penn, Edward Rutledge, Thomas Heyward, Jr., Thomas Lynch, Jr., Arthur Middleton, Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, and George Walton.

These men were committing treason when they became the signatories to the Declaration of Independence.  They did so under the full knowledge and certainty that King George would literally cut off their heads if given the chance.  They risked life, limbs and family in the hopes of freeing themselves and their land from the chains of oppression and creating a new and better nation, a nation where liberty and justice would reign in place of undeserving brutes who reigned by some stupid notion of ‘divine rights.”

So, fly your flag, sing the Star Spangled Banner, cook your hot dogs and watch your local fireworks displays, but most of all, take a moment to thank these 56 men who risked everything to give you the freedom to do all those things with your friends and families today.  Because without them, Bill Gates would have given an entirely different speech on Monday.

God Bless America.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Russia Collusion Suddenly Doesn’t Matter To Your Progressive Friends Anymore

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The fake news media has a new favorite Republican senator.  John McCain is pissed. – RINO Senator Jeff Flake became the latest Republican to announce he would not be seeking re-election in 2018, in the process earning the praise of every leftwing fake journalist in Washington because he bashed President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing that) in his going-away speech.  Flake joins Bob Corker in making up false reasons for his decision not to run, claiming to be just too darn principled to serve under this President when in fact he is pulling out because he’s so far behind his likely primary opponent in current polls that he has literally no chance of winning.
  • All of this Trump bashing by weak-kneed RINOs no doubt has long-time GOP Senator From The News Media John McCain even more cranky than usual this morning.  He’s already spent the last month fighting Corker for 10 minute segments on MSNBC and CNN and The View, and now he’s going to have to spend the coming weeks fighting both Corker and the very flakey Flake.  The RINO competition for these precious TV segments has become so fierce that poor Lindsey Graham has taken to playing golf with the President rather than even trying to wedge his way in.  But hey, they all got their “principles”, and isn’t that great?
  • “Russia Collusion?  What Russia Collusion?  I don’t see no Russia Collusion.” – Don’t look now, but all of your progressive friends – if indeed you still have any progressive friends – are about to develop a sudden case of Russia collusion amnesia now that the Washington Post has reported the news that both the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) helped to fund the infamous fake “Trump Dossier” that we are slowly finding out formed up the entire basis for the whole Democrat/fake news media Russia Collusion fantasy play we have been bombarded with for the past 11 months.  We need to remember that much of that “Dossier” was filled with false information provided by the government of…wait for it…RUSSIA!  Thus, the first real, actual information we have indicating one of the 2016 presidential campaigns colluded with Russia indicates that the collusion came from The Most Corrupt Woman In America and her entire political party apparatus.
  • So today, you can expect all of your progressive friends, acquaintances and relatives to be parroting the Democrat/Clinton talking points on this matter, because of course that is what they do every day.  Those talking points will be things like, “well, nothing about doing that is technically illegal,” and “well, that was done by some of Hillary’s campaign operatives, but Hillary didn’t know anything about it,” and “golly, Hillary didn’t collude with Russia, she just colluded with those Fusion GPS guys, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” and “what about Rep. Clowny McPartyBarn and what she says about Trump’s call to that poor widow?”, and the standard favorite “but…but…but…Trump sucks!!!!” and on, and on, and on.
  • Et tu, Tom Perez? – Or maybe they’ll all parrot the hysterically, if unintentionally funny statement that came out from the DNC this morning:  ““Tom Perez and the new leadership of the DNC were not involved in the decision-making regarding Fusion GPS, nor were they aware that Perkins Coie was working with the organization.”  That is so.  Damn.  AWESOME.  So, the new, utterly failing leadership of the DNC is just going to toss the old failed leadership, i.e., the already scandal-plagued Debbie Wasserman Schulz, right under the bus.  Fantastic, even by Democrat standards.
  • The second part of the DNC statement is even more hilarious:  “But let’s be clear, there is a serious federal investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, and the American public deserves to know what happened.”  Oh, yeah, that would be the “serious” investigation that has as its entire forming basis this fake dossier that was funded by you guys, right?  The “serious” investigation being conducted by a bunch of Democrat partisan hacks who poured money into the Clinton campaign and the DNC and thus indirectly helped to fund this fake “dossier” themselves, right?  The “serious” investigation that has dragged on this entire year and is yet to reveal a single bit of evidence that anyone associated with the Trump campaign “colluded” with the Russians in any way, shape or form, right?  You mean that “serious” investigation?
  • One other little tidbit contained in the 4th paragraph the WaPo report is not getting as much attention:  “Before that agreement, Fusion GPS’s research into Trump was funded by an unknown Republican client during the GOP primary.”  Can’t wait until we find out who that “unknown Republican” was.  We know, for example, that James Comey became aware of the “dossier” when he was handed a copy of the final product by – guess who? – cranky old John McCain.  It would be really interesting to know if the reason why McCain was in possession of such a sensitive, if fake, document was because he helped pay for it.
  • The fun on this deal is just beginning.  Somebody go pop some popcorn.

Just another day in Russia Collusion doesn’t matter to our progressive friends anymore America.

That is all.

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Finally, An Actual Plan For Achieving Goals In Afghanistan

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • President Trump’s decision announced Monday night to increase the U.S. presence in Afghanistan by sending up to 4,000 additional troops and military advisers into that already 16 year-old war is both disappointing, and encouraging.  The disappointment comes in the President’s going back on his oft-repeated campaign pledge to get our country out of that armpit of the earth, where more that 2,500 American lives have already been sacrificed to accomplish goals that under President George W. Bush were overly-ambitious and unachievable, and that under President Barack Obama were vague and unsupported in any real way by that administration.  In announcing his intent to extend U.S. involvement even further, one cannot help but fear that Mr. Trump has allowed himself to be co-opted into what has become a literal money pit for the military-industrial complex.
  • All that aside, it was at least encouraging to hear an American President eschew entirely the ill-fated neo-conservative hubris of “nation-building” in the Middle East, and work to set clear and obtainable side bars for our country’s ongoing commitment to Afghanistan, without setting artificial and counter-productive time lines whose only result was to allow the radical Muslim factions operating in the countryside to simply wait us out.  If nothing else positive can be said, this plan at least is what a real strategy for achieving real goals looks like, something we never saw during the Obama years.
  • The President’s harsh words directed towards Pakistan, and its continuing harboring of Al Qaeda and Taliban training bases and safe havens are also encouraging.  Unlike his predecessor in office, this President’s word in such matters has already been proven to be meaningful and carrying real intent of purpose.  Pakistani officials will ignore that word at their own peril.
  • A final encouraging factor in all of this is that this strategy was developed and is led by Defense Secretary General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, and not his the feckless, un-serious bureaucrat predecessor, the execrable Jeh Johnson.  General Mattis inspires confidence in a way few men can match, and no one can question his loyalty to this country and commitment to doing what he believes is best for the military he oversees.
  • We all know that the First Rule of Plans is that they fall completely apart the moment the enemy is engaged.  At that point, it is crucial to have the best possible leadership to lead the improvisation that follows.  General Mattis is that best possible leadership for this plan, making it at least reasonable to hope things will work out better in the coming years in Afghanistan than they have over the past 16 years.
  • Fake news, fake news everywhere, and not a drop of truth. – The fake news media and the fake polls they pay to dummy up would have us all believe that President Trump is the  incredibly unpopular leader of a divided political party that is falling apart, and that the Democrat Party is poised to make huge gains in the 2018 mid-term elections.  The only problem with that narrative is that none of it is true.  If you want proof, all you need to do is look at the latest fundraising efforts by both political parties.
  • The truth of this matter is that the Republican National Committee (RNC) out-raised the Democrat National Committee (DNC) by a factor of almost 3 to 1 during July.  The RNC took in $10.2 million last month, while the DNC raised a paltry $3.8 million.  Making the balance of funds even more stark, the RNC has no debt, while the DNC is saddled with a debt of $3.4 million.  The July fundraising comparison just continues a trend that has existed throughout 2017, with the RNC’s advantage growing as the year has progressed, in spite of the efforts by 98% of the national news media to paint the President as a lunatic tool of Vladimir Putin.
  • On the congressional side of the ledger, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has slightly out-raised the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) so far in 2017 – $66 million compared to $64 million – but that comes as faint comfort to a party with a 50+ seat disadvantage, especially given that the NRCC has about a $12 million advantage in cash on hand.  By the same token, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee out-raised its GOP counterpart by about $700,000 in July, but that’s actually a terrible result when one considers that 25 Democrat senators are up for re-election in 2018, compared to just 9 Republicans.
  • The truth is this:  the Republican brand is very unpopular, but the Democrat brand is in complete shambles.  The Republicans can go a long way towards repairing their brand by simply passing some tax cuts and some form of an infrastructure bill between now and November 2018.  To repair their brand between now and then, the Democrats would have to stage a palace coup and jettison both Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer from their congressional leadership, along with the leftist radicals Tom Perez and Keith Ellison who lead the DNC, and more importantly, replace them all with leaders who are actually attractive and likable to a majority of the country’s voters.  It is painfully hard to see who those new leaders might be within the Democrat ranks.
  • As we sit here today, the GOP is actually in pretty strong shape for 2018, in spite of its own congressional ineptitude.  Once again, the media narrative that we are being fed 24 hours every day is a shameful lie.  Some things never change.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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