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Saturday News Roundup: NBC News is a Dumpster Fire, and Don’t Think Seattle Can’t Happen to You

This is the current state of NBC News. – Dr. Joseph Fair is a virologist who also happens to be a “medical contributor” to NBC News. Across the months of May and June, Dr. Fair made numerous appearances on the “Today” show and other NBC/MSNBC platforms to give viewers all the gory details about his long and difficult struggle with what he claimed was a case of the Wuhan Virus, COVID-19.

The only problem is, he never had COVID-19.

From a report at the Daily Caller:

Fair suggested during an interview on the “Today” show May 14 that he may have gotten the virus through his eye during a flight. He conducted the interview while in a New Orleans hospital, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

NBC News originally told viewers about the negative tests, but abandoned that part of the narrative as the story continued, according to Steve Krakauer’s “Fourth Watch” newsletter. During a June 14 interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” no one noted that Fair had already tested negative at least five times, according to Krakauer.

“In the end, NBC’s viewers were left with two very alarming – and false – impressions,” Krakauer wrote. “First, that an expert virologist can take every precaution but can still catch COVID-19 through his eyes. False. Second, that tests can be so untrustworthy that you can have multiple negative tests and still have coronavirus.”

NBC News has not yet updated its May 14 article claiming the virologist got “coronavirus despite being in good health and taking precautions.”



NBC News is a raging dumpster fire, but that just makes it equal to every other broadcast or cable news station outside of OANN and NewsMax.

Everything you see on any cable or broadcast network “news” program is most likely a lie. Every. Damn. Thing.

Something will be happening with Venezuela, and the U.S. will be heavily involved. – At least, that’s what President Donald Trump told an interviewer with the Spanish language channel Telemundo yesterday.

From a report at Breitbart:

Host Jose Diaz-Balart asked, “For you, Venezuela, is it Guaido, is it Maduro, is it U.S. intervention?”

Trump responded, “It’s freedom for their people. It’s freedom. Venezuela was a rich country 15 years ago, and it’s been destroyed by two people, but a system, a horrible system. … And something will happen with Venezuela. That’s all I can tell you. Something will be happening with Venezuela.”

Diaz-Balart then asked, “Through the United States?”

Trump responded, “We’ll be very much involved.”


Just a reminder that Barack Obama considered Hugo Chavez, the first brutish socialist thug ruler of Venezuela, to be a role model, and that the socialist model currently being forced on helpless Joe Biden by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the model that turned that formerly 1st-world, wealthy nation into a 3rd world hell hole in the span of a decade.

It really doesn’t seem like something the U.S. should aspire to emulate, does it? Pay attention.

Be glad you don’t live in Seattle. – I almost started this segment by saying “pity the poor people in Seattle,” but hey, they’re the morons who elected the current Mayor, the evil Jenny Durkan, and a city council filled with radical thugs, so pity really isn’t justified, is it?

Ok, there are innocent, sensible people in that messed up town who didn’t support any of those thugs: You should expect to see a mass exodus of such people from that community in the very near future, as they flee a city that elected Democrats are making sure descends into outright chaos.

On Friday, a majority of the Seattle City Council agreed to support a proposition that would cut the police department’s budget by 50%. The plan would be to reallocate those funds to “other community needs.” It is not clear what those “other needs” are exactly, but presumably they would include lots of Unicorns and rainbows. Because these are Democrats we’re talking about here, after all.

Think about the insanity of this for a moment: Seattle is already such a lawless jurisdiction that members of the city council itself helped a group of Antifa/BLM Marxist thugs illegally seize a 6 square-block section of the Capitol Hill area – including a police precinct building – there for a solid month as the Mayor refused to allow the police department to intervene. It was only when those same Marxist thugs – again helped along by at least one member of the city council – broke into a gated neighborhood and staged an illegal protest action at the Mayor’s home that the despicable Ms. Durkan finally allowed the police to break up the illegal insurgency.

It is tempting for those of us living in distant parts of this giant country to look at the mass insanity taking place in Seattle, Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Portland and laugh with condescension about it all, but that is a dangerous reaction for us to take. This kind of stuff can hit very close to home very quickly.

In my home state of Texas, the Democrat morons running the city of Austin have now turned its downtown area into a homeless camp that is beginning to rival those seen in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In Houston, the Democrat Mayor there, Sylvester Turner, acted this week to cancel the Republican Party’s state convention that was to be held there, using COVID-19 as his excuse, a bare week before it was to happen. The GOP has sued, but has little hope of prevailing in time for the event to come off.

Don’t kid yourselves that the kind of nonsense you see happening in far-off states can’t happen in your state: It can, and it will very soon unless each and every one of you gets your butts up off your sofas and goes out and votes in November.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. Whatfinger is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Thursday News Roundup: Minneapolis Burns, Trump Expels and Orders, and Biden Passes Gas

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Because looting a Target and burning a McDonald’s is always the right answer to social injustice. – What you need to understand about the images coming out of Minneapolis this morning is that they are only partially organic in nature.They are being urged on by social unrest groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both created by the Democrat Party and largely funded by George Soros and his myriad array of front groups in this country.

Antifa/BLM staged a large protest in downtown Minneapolis yesterday in response to the brutal cop killing of a suspected check forger named George Floyd, who was African American. Minneapolis police responded by dispersing the crowd with tear gas:

Hours after that took place, South Minneapolis erupted in riots and looting:


One local TV station is reporting that Minnesota’s feckless Democrat Governor Tim Walz requested National Guard support in containing these riots late last night.

Minneapolis is reaping the rewards of decades of leftwing Democrat governance right now: A captive, poverty-stricken, largely-minority population, angered by decades of neglect, discrimination and no opportunity; a corrupt, under-manned and poorly-trained police force; and state and local leaders who are useless in a crisis. There is a reason why scenes like this invariably come from big cities that have been run by Democrat machine politics for decades. Minneapolis is Baltimore is Chicago is St. Louis is Detroit is Philly is Portland is Berkeley, is Los Angeles, etc.

History tells us this situation will get much worse before it gets better, an outcome the involvement of Antifa/BLM thugs will ensure. Stay tuned.

Houston has an enforcement strike. – Things have certainly not turned violent in Houston, but Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner is reaping what he has sown as well. has a good write-up about the fact that Turner, who has spent his entire term in office abusing and defaming the city’s police and fire departments, is suddenly having a hard time getting those departments to enforce his mindless and baseless orders restricting business reopenings that go well beyond the orders of Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott. Funny how that works, huh? It’s a good read.

Speaking of reaping what you sow… – President Donald J. Trump will issue an executive order today that will serve to facilitate increased regulation of and lawsuits against big, monopolistic social media firms who have spent the last 20 years censoring conservative speech and thought. From a report at the Wall Street Journal:

As drafted, the White House order would seek to reshape the way that federal regulators view Twitter and other social-media companies—not as hosts of speech but as monopolies that control millions of Americans’ daily experiences on their platforms, according to one of the people. It could also lay groundwork for treating them as public squares where individuals’ First Amendment rights are protected. The draft order is far-reaching in scope, the people said.

The current federal legal protections for social-media companies were adopted by Congress in Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. That law gives online companies broad immunity from liability for their users’ actions, as well as wide latitude to police content on their sites. Critics across the political spectrum have argued that the law now provides the tech giants too much power.


It’s a good start, one that should have been taken a couple of years ago.

The braindead simpletons in the NeverTrump fake conservative crowd have already reacted with the standard “let the marketplace decide” nonsense, ignoring the fact that our country has anti-trust and restraint of trade laws on the books for very good and valid reasons. The foundations of the principles behind those laws developed during the administration of Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican who recognized the potential evils of monopolistic behavior by the big oil, railroad and steel trusts at the turn of the 20th century.

The true conservative position on this is that the laws that have been on the books and enforced for more than a century should be consistently enforced today. Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube are no different than Standard Oil was in 1903.

By signing this executive order today, President Trump is, as usual, taking the true conservative action.

ChinExit continues to rapidly develop. – The New York Times reported last night that the Trump Administration plans to cancel the visas of thousands of Chinese graduate students currently in the U.S. who are affiliated with ChiCom-run universities in their home country. This is the next step in the Administration’s rapidly-evolving effort to de-link the U.S. and its economy from China in the wake of the ChiCom government’s lies about the Wuhan Virus and its ongoing attempt to impose brutal control over Hong Kong in violation of international agreements.

From the Times story:

The Trump administration plans to cancel the visas of thousands of Chinese graduate students and researchers in the United States who have direct ties to universities affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, according to American officials with knowledge of the discussions.

The plan would be the first designed to bar the access of a category of Chinese students, who, over all, form the single largest foreign student population in the United States.

It portends possible further educational restrictions, and the Chinese government could retaliate by imposing its own visa or educational bans on Americans. The two nations have already engaged in rounds of retribution over policies involving trade, technology and media access, and relations are at their worst point in decades.

American officials are discussing ways to punish China for its passage of a new national security law intended to enable crackdowns in Hong Kong, but the plans to cancel student visas were under consideration before the crisis over the law, which was announced last week by Chinese officials. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the visa plans with President Trump on Tuesday in a White House meeting.


This is clearly the right thing for America to do under the current circumstances, as the ChiCom government grows increasingly unstable and belligerent. And remember this: If China Joe Biden becomes President, everything this President has done with regards to China will be immediately reversed, and America will revert to its previous subservient posture towards the Giant Red Panda.

Speaking of China Joe… – I kid you not, during a livestream interview with feckless Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf yesterday, the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee let loose with a big ol’ fart that was picked up by the mikes:

I guess we’ll have to add “Farty Joe” to his long and growing list of nicknames.

You seriously could never make this stuff up.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Houston’s Local Leaders Getting Unfair Rap On Evacuation Decision

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • My wife and I moved to Houston in June, 2004, at the insistence of the company I worked for at the time.  For 18 years prior to that, we had lived and raised our children in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers and, more recently, the Dallas Cowboys.  We moved back to North Texas a year ago in order to be closer to our kids and grand kids, but during our dozen years in Houston, we developed a great and abiding love for that great city, which is now undergoing its worst flood event in modern times thanks to Hurricane Harvey.
  • Our move to Houston came just a few years after Tropical Storm Allison, the city’s previous record flood event, which made us mindful to select a home that lay outside the 100-year flood plain.  A year after we relocated, Katrina devastated New Orleans, and Houston opened its generous arms to tens of thousands of that city’s displaced residents, many of whom became permanent Houston residents.  Louisiana, San Antonio, Dallas and many other cities are returning that favor this week.
  • A few weeks later, we rode out Hurricane Rita as much of the city’s population needlessly evacuated, creating havoc on highways all over Texas.  Since then, we also hunkered down through Hurricane Ike and a series of severe flooding events.  Over those years and through those events, I learned a lot about how Houston works and doesn’t work, and developed a great deal of admiration for the area’s consistently high quality of leadership during such disasters.  All of which is why it irritates me to no end to see Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett getting criticized for their joint decision to not evacuate Houston and surrounding areas in advance of Hurricane’s Harvey’s landfall.
  • Much of the criticism emanates from the fact that Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a statement last Thursday morning in which he advised citizens from Corpus Christi up to Houston to get to higher ground.  But in that same statement, he said he was leaving the ultimate decision on whether or not to issue a mandatory evacuation order up to Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett, which was appropriate. Sadly, much of the criticism directed at those two local leaders in recent days appears to be politically motivated, coming mainly from outsiders who know little about the situation on the ground.
  • Given Houston’s experience with Rita and Ike, along with other recent flooding events like the Memorial Day 2015 flood, both Turner – a Democrat – and Emmett – a Republican – agreed that the best course of action was not to evacuate, but to advise citizens to hunker down in place and keep the streets and freeways clear for search and rescue teams to operate if necessary.  There are several reasons why this was a completely justifiable decision to make.
  • The first reason is the unpredictability of storms like Harvey.  Even though forecasters were warning on Thursday that the storm could create the flooding we have since seen take place, we must remember that hurricanes are notorious for taking last-minute jogs to the north or south that render the projections of computer models laughably wrong.
  • That is what happened with Hurricane Rita in September of 2005.  Coming just a few weeks after Katrina, most Houstonians panicked and evacuated the city, even those whose homes sat on high ground.  The result was several hundred thousand cars on the roads trying to simultaneously leave the city that should have remained in their garages.  The result was complete gridlock throughout the eastern half of the State of Texas.  I knew one person who took 11 hours to make the drive from Alvin to Sugar Land, just 40 miles away, another couple who took 24 hours to make what is normally a 4 hour drive up to Dallas.
  • Hundreds of thousands of cars remained on these gridlocked roads when Rita made landfall, and had the storm remained on the course the computer models were projecting, a massive loss of human life could have taken place.  Luckily for travelers stuck on the highways, Rita made a last-minute jog to the north and ended up going into deep East Texas and Louisiana instead.  An attempt to evacuate 4 million people out of Houston on Thursday of last week could well have created a similar gridlocked situation as Harvey made landfall – there was no way to know.
  • When Hurricane Ike came through in 2008, again several hundred thousand Houstonians who would have been better off hunkering down decided to evacuate.  Luckily, road improvements and contra-flow lane provisions enacted after Rita helped to make the gridlock related to Ike a shorter-timed event.
  • People need to understand this about Houston:  it is not New Orleans, and comparisons being made between Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans and what Harvey is doing to Houston are asinine.
  • The first difference is one of scale:  In 2005, New Orleans was a city of about 500,000 residents.  There are 6 million people living today in the Houston metropolitan area.  Estimates at the time were that it would have taken about 36 hours to fully evacuate New Orleans, had Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco just acted in time.  Unfortunately, they failed to do so, and disaster resulted.
  • The best estimates available today is that it would take four days to fully evacuate Houston and its surrounding suburbs.  Obviously, Harvey developed so rapidly that Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett could never have made the call in time.
  • Then there is the landscape:  Most of New Orleans lies below sea level, and the city has a long history of being inundated by significant hurricanes.  Katrina was terrible, but far from unprecedented.  In contrast, Houston is above sea-level.  Its flooding issues mainly take place in the low-lying areas that lie near the many creeks, rivers and bayous that run through and around the city, but the vast majority of homes are in reality safe from even this current unprecedented flooding event.
  • Finally, Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett face a problem of communication – most people simply don’t listen.  Local officials in 2005 were very clear in their pleas to Houstonians outside of the low-lying areas in danger from Rita to just stay home and ride out the storm.  Hundreds of thousands of perfectly safe people either did not hear those pleas or ignored them.  The same thing happened with Ike in 2008.
  • Thus, when faced with an option to try to advise only those in low-lying areas to evacuate, while pleading with everyone else to shelter in place, can we doubt that the Mayor and Judge knew what the likely result would be?
  • The reality here is that there was no “right” or “wrong” decision to be made last Thursday.  Governor Abbott’s advice was perfectly sound, and so was the decision-making by Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett.  It should be instructive to all the hindsight-judging critics out there that Governor Abbott and federal officials have all, to a person, steadfastly refused to criticize the decision not to order an evacuation despite having had multiple nationally-televised opportunities to do so.
  • Houston and its people are undergoing a major crisis right now, and officials at every level are doing everything they can to help address the situation.  Criticism coming mainly from people who really know little about the facts on the ground just make their jobs harder, and it needs to stop.

That is all.

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