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The Puerto Rico Aid Scandal is a Democrat/Media Scandal

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Boy, here’s a shocker. Not. – The ratings are up for Fox News’s 3:00 p.m. news block. Up by 37%, in fact, according to a report in today’s Daily Caller.

That time slot got a new host this week in the form of Bill Hemmer, who has hosted a mid-morning program for the last several years. The 3:00 time slot had long been a sinkhole in the Fox News ratings while it had been hosted by the execrable leftwing jerkweed Shepard Smith. Yet, the news channel left him in that job for almost 15 years before he mysteriously resigned last October.

Hemmer is certainly no conservative, but he does try to be a balanced news presenter, something no one could have ever said about Smith without breaking into howls of self-mocking laughter.

So now we know what we always suspected: That Smith was basically a ratings repellent for Fox. Why he was left in that job for so many years with that truth staring everyone in the face will forever remain a mystery.

Did any of that hundred billion dollars worth of aid get delivered in Puerto Rico? – That is certainly beginning to look like a reasonable question to ask.

President Donald Trump created a media kerfuffle in 2017 when he referred to some countries around the world as “sh*tholes.” Well, that’s what Puerto Rico is, even though it is technically not a “country” but, regrettably, a territory of the United States.

The sad thing about it is that there is no legitimate reason for Puerto Rico to be a sh*thole, other than the utter corruption of its leftist government. Like so many of America’s big cities, Puerto Rico has been turned into a sh*thole thanks to decades of being governed by leftist politicians who are your basic, standard-issue graft-and-corruption Democrats. As a result, it has been turned into the island equivalent of Chicago or Baltimore or Detroit: A filthy, crime-ridden dump populated by the depressed and hopeless.

As I noted on Monday, we found out how right President Trump was about the corrupt Puerto Rican government over the weekend when we saw film of a massive warehouse filled with undelivered relief supplies the U.S. had delivered there following 2017’s Hurricane Maria. Unfortunately, that warehouse was apparently just the tip of the iceberg.

This morning, we wake up to this news:

As I pointed out on Monday, the blame for this despicable fiasco must not just be laid at the feet of Puerto Rico’s leftist thugs. Much of the blame must also be laid squarely in the bulbous laps of the leaders of the national Democrat Party and our corrupt news media, who conspired to mount a smear campaign against President Trump as he attempted to ensure U.S. officials would preside over the distribution of those supplies to a desperate population.

If I had any confidence in the U.S. Department of Justice, I’d suggest that now would be a great time to investigate the Democrats and media figures who screamed the loudest at the time, and audit their bank accounts for kickbacks coming from Puerto Rican addresses. People died because of what the Democrats and their compatriots in Puerto Rico did – or didn’t do – in response to the devastation caused by Maria.

Every time you get to thinking these people could not possibly be any more despicable than you already know they are, they fool you.


That is all.


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