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Business Insider: Trump Has a Bigger Set Than Everyone Else

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

If these people didn’t exist, you couldn’t make them up in a million years. – I kid you not, the hacks at Business Insider are now attacking President Donald Trump for his choice of … wait for it … SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS.

I swear I do not make this stuff up – who could?

Some genius who writes for BI named James Pasley posted a photo-essay detailing the fact that President Trump has pair of rather large, um, salt and pepper shakers. As with most other things, including key parts of his anatomy, the Presidents shakers are substantially larger and more robust and possibly even made of brass than those of his dining partners.

Pasley finds this interesting, so much so that he actually – again, I kid you not – went back through BI’s photo records to compare the size of Trump’s shakers to that of his three immediate predecessors in office. It should surprise no one that Trump’s shakers are vastly bigger than those wielded by America’s Worst Mistake, Barack Hussein Obama. Nor should it come as any big shock that Trump’s are bigger than Bush’s or Clinton’s, although rumor at the time had it that Clinton’s shakers were pretty damn big.

Pasley’s thesis, as far as it exists, appears to be that Trump’s huge set of shakers “… could be another one of his power moves, alongside his fierce handshakes and bulky suits.”

Oh, okay. And so what?

This is an actual, real paragraph in Pasley’s piece:

Insider combed the photo archives and found that Trump more often than not gets much larger salt and pepper shakers than other foreign leaders or American politicians when dining at the White House. And we couldn’t find instances of Trump’s most recent predecessors using larger shakers than those of their guests.

You’d like to think Pasley compiled his photo-essay as something of a lark, with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. But in a corrupt media world in which sanctimonious hacks like Brian Stelter and Fredo Cuomo and Lawrence O’Donnell go after this President for having more scoops of ice cream than his dining partners, it’s really hard to give him the benefit of the doubt.

More likely, it’s just buffoonery on a Joe Biden scale.

That is all.

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