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No, Rush Limbaugh Didn’t Do a Chris Christie on the Trump Legal Team

No, Rush Limbaugh did not slam the Trump legal team. – Mediaite is one of the more odious leftwing web-based “news” outlets. Its entire model is producing short pieces with inflammatory headlines that attract clicks, similar to an array of other clickbait fake news sites on both the right and the left. I won’t name names, but many readers will know exactly who on the right I’m referring to.

On his program yesterday, Rush discussed the situation with the Trump Legal Team vis a vis Sidney Powell, and the joint press conference they all had last Thursday.  During that segment, Rush talked about the fact that he’d had lots of emails and texts from friends and listeners expressing disappointment over the fact that the lawyers did not deliver any blockbuster hard evidence during that presser. He closed with this statement: “They promised blockbuster stuff, and then nothing happened,” again quoting from one of the notes he had received.

I happened to be listening to that segment and thought nothing of it. But the hacks at Mediaite saw an opportunity and ran with it, posting a 120-word story that contained this headline:

No doubt it attracted a ton of clicks, given that it contained the names of both Rush and Trump and claimed Rush was turning on Trump and his legal team as beached whale Chris Christie did on ABC’s “This Week” program Sunday Morning. As is typical on leftist Twitter, Mediaite’s story was immediately re-tweeted by all of the blue-check Democrat activists who pretend to be journalists and went trending before Rush’s show even ended.

But what Mediaite alleged did not happen. Not at all. A read of the full transcript clears that up entirely. In fact, Limbaugh took time to clear things up later on his show, and his own site titles the transcript of that part of the show “I’m Not Doing a Chris Christie on the Trump Team.”

Here’s an excerpt:

RUSH: That’s Governor Christie. Now, I need to share with you that Mediaite, which has no love lost for me or this program, has already run a story, the headline of which is: “Rush Limbaugh Slams Trump Legal Team: ‘They Promised Blockbuster Stuff and Then Nothing Happened.’”

And they get it right in the sense that this was said by me in the context of the Sidney Powell story. And the only point that I made, folks, just if you run into this and you think that I’m in the process of doing a Governor Christie on the Trump team, I’m not. The point that I made was about that press conference specifically. And I shared with you that I had a number of friends who had written me echoing a thought that I had.

If you’re gonna promise blockbusters like this. I had one friend tell me he was giddy during that press conference, the whole hour when Rudy started, then Jenna Ellis and then when Sidney went, he thought that what was going to follow was evidence, some hacker that they had found or somebody they had found that had the evidence of what they were talking about. He said to me that when you do a blockbuster press conference like that, when you are telling people that you’ve got blockbuster, fire hose type of evidence — I was expecting to hear some. And I didn’t. And I shared those thoughts with people.

And Mediaite has typed it up here as though I personally am slamming the Trump legal team. You might want to interpret it that way. Maybe you can. But I was watching it expecting something big to come out of it. But I’m still waiting. That’s the difference. I have not given up that there isn’t something. The more you look into what happened, when you look at the way Horowitz, as I just shared with you, frames what happened here, I mean, you would have to work really hard to believe there wasn’t any fraud here.

And then when you look at the usual suspects who are doing everything they can to make fun of the notion that there was fraud, trying to downplay it and trying to tell people you’re silly. There couldn’t have been fraud. They couldn’t have done this, that’s the wrong attitude to have about this. We need to get to the bottom of what happened, and if it was not fraud, then that’s all the better. But we can’t have this much, this many allegations and this much circumstantial evidence of which there is a lot.


Go read the rest of it – you’ll be better educated and informed for doing so.

And don’t trust anything Mediaite and other clickbait “news” sources report on Twitter and their websites at face value, because the truth often has no relationship at all to what the headline of the story claims.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Saturday News Roundup: Trump has Voter Enthusiasm, Biden Doesn’t

That time NPR lied to you, part 6,292,593. – The taxpayer-funded hacks at NPR spent all morning Friday claiming that President Trump was hoarse, congested and having difficulty breathing due to his bout with the China virus, all based, of course, on unnamed “sources” within the White House.

So, what does the President do? He goes to the Center for Excellence in Broadcasting and conducts Rush Limbaugh’s program for two solid hours without commercial interruption. Folks, I do radio two-three times every week, and even co-host an hour-long program. I am marveled by Limbaugh’s ability to do three hours of it each and every weekday, and can assure you that doing two solid hours of uninterrupted radio, even with Rush there asking the questions, is an extraordinarily difficult thing.

Thus, NPR is yet again revealed as the starkly anti-American operation that it truly is. Ronald Reagan was the first Republican president who tried to de-fund NPR and its socialist sister, PBS. The fact that both remain funded by taxpayer money all these years later is a testimony to how deeply-rooted the DC Swamp truly is.

You can watch the event – listened to by an estimated 50 million individuals – and read a transcript of it at this link.

Hey, somebody left the gate to the asylum open. – Of all of the absurd and just plain old stupid media figures you hoped to never hear from again, the serially-fired Keith Olbermann had to be at the top of list, right up there with Dan Rather and Carl Bernstein. Am I right? You bet I am.

Well, sorry, but someone let the former ESPN/MSNBC, etc. lunatic out of the psyche ward this week, and this literally insane, self-produced video surfaced yesterday:

Don’t you just love how this self-promoting hack who has been unceremoniously run off by every employer he has ever had because he is quite literally crazy still pretends to be a newsman? This guy actually once implied he believes he is the reincarnation of Edward R. Murrow, who just spun over in his grave again when I typed that.

Sorry about that, Ed.

Speaking of leaving the gate open, how about the one over at the South forty? – Here is the sad pack of heifers – glorified by CBS News as “Republican strategists” whatever that means – that leads the #NeverTrump “Lincoln Project” which has been funding heinously false attack ads against the President during this campaign:

Oh, they’re mounting a “rogue offensive” are they?


The truth is that Trump has absolutely driven these people stark, raving mad for the simple fact that they’re nothing but a bunch of insignificant, tiny-minded, turf-protecting DC Swamp rats. If the media is down to glorifying this bunch of never-were’s, they are well and truly running low on ammo.


Why the enthusiasm gap matters. – A new poll from Hill/HarrisX finds that young voters are disproportionately less likely to vote than any other age group.

From an article at The Hill:

On today’s What America’s Thinking, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds President Trump trailing Joe Biden by 5 percentage points, a 2 percentage point drop from the post-debate polling. Hill-HarrisX research finds younger voters are consistently more likely to say they do not plan to vote or are not sure who they will vote for.

Dan Cox, Public Opinion Research Fellow and Director of the Survey Center on American Life at the American Enterprise Institute, and Nazita Lajevardi, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Michigan State University, join Hill TV to discuss. This survey was conducted online within the United States from October 3-6 among 2,841 registered voters by HarrisX. The sampling margin of error of this poll is plus or minus 1.84 percentage points. The results reflect a nationally representative sample of registered voters.


This, combined with reports from early voting states of lower turnout among other traditionally-Democrat voter groups like Blacks and Hispanics, is a real problem for the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden ticket. Note also that this survey of “Registered voters” which admits that at least one key Democrat constitutency is less likely to vote, shows the President now within easy striking distance of Biden in terms of winning the popular vote.

So, how do the Democrats plan to change this around? They don’t. Instead, their plan is to manufacture the “votes” through ballot harvesting and other methods of voter fraud after Election Day.

It’s all as transparent as it could possibly be, and if we fail to see it and prevent it, we get what we deserve.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Limbaugh: Stacey Abrams at the Top of Biden’s Supreme Court List

Holy crap if true. On his show today, Rush Limbaugh – who sounds better than he has in months, in my opinion – told his audience that he has been told that the main reason why Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester doesn’t want to release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees is less complex than we might have imagined.

According to Rush, that reason is that the name at the top of the list is that of the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial looooooooooooser, Stacey Abrams. Despite having lost that election by well over 50,000 votes, Abrams has since spent her time parading around the country pretending that she, not the winning Republican, Brian Kemp, really is the governor of Georgia.

Abrams also tirelessly promoted herself as a, like, totally qualified vice presidential running mate for the Unfrozen Caveman Nominee, despite the fact that she has never won an election for a higher office than state representative. Biden’s elder-abusing handlers wisely steered clear of Abrams’ self-promotions, although it remains unclear if their pick of Kamala Harris will prove to be any less of a disaster than Abrams certainly would have been.

But Biden at least implied way back in January, when he was still fighting to have the nomination fixed for himself, that he had made some sort of arrangement with Abrams in order to obtain her support. If that deal turns out to have been to place her atop his list of possible nominees, it is simply inexcusable.

While Abrams does have a law degree, she hardly possesses the credentials to sit on the Supreme Court. Her entire experience as a practicing lawyer – which amounts to 2 years as a tax attorney, and 5 years as Atlanta’s Deputy City Attorney – is so unremarkable that her otherwise glowing bio at WikiPedia barely makes mention of it. Nothing wrong with being a tax lawyer, but it hardly prepares one to rule on issues facing the Supreme Court.

She has spent the rest of her undistiguished career in politics.

We don’t know if Limbaugh’s information is accurate, but he has a pretty strong track record that would lend it credibility. If Abrams’ name appears anywhere on Biden’s list – much less at or near the top of it – it is a travesty, and leaves no wonder at all why he is too embarrassed to make his list public.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Yes, the Democrats and Their Corrupt Media Toadies are Weaponizing the Corona Virus

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

This is just sick, and Coronavirus had nothing to do with it. – Rush Limbaugh took a lot of crap on Tuesday after he said on his Monday program that the Democrats and their corrupt toadies in the nation’s news media were conspiring to “weaponize” the Coronavirus against President Donald Trump. Since Rush said that, though, the accuracy of his remark has been proven beyond a shadow of any doubt at all.

It started with the statement Tuesday morning by CDC official Dr. Nancy Messonnier – who happens to be the sister of Deep State snake Rod Rosenstein – that a Coronavirus pandemic that impacts the United States is somehow “inevitable,” and that citizens should begin making preparations for massive disruption in their daily lives. Ms. Messonier’s wildly alarmist remark came despite the fact that, to date, the U.S has tallied just 44 cases of Coronavirus – and ZERO deaths – within its borders, all but a handful of which were voluntarily imported by our government in the form of citizens who had been infected on an Asian cruise ship.

Her remark also came as the Dow Jones Industrial index had risen by over 150 points at its opening. The Dow tanked by more than 800 points after she offered her opinion on the matter, an opinion that conflicts with the messages coming out the rest of the government.

This morning, permanent bureaucrats at the FDA got into the act, making similar remarks about a supposed looming domestic epidemic just as the Dow had risen by more than 400 points. The index lost almost all of that gain within 10 minutes of the FDA’s statement.

Despicable Chuck Schumer spent most of the day on Tuesday doing everything he could to portray the administration as uncaring and incompetent – a direct shot at Ms. Messonier’s qualifications when you think about it – claiming that the $2.5 billion in additional CDC funding the President requested over the weekend just isn’t enough. Because no amount of federal deficit spending is ever enough for any Democrat, right? Right.

CBS got into the act at last night’s Democrat debate, with its moderators offering a series of powder puff, leading questions about the coming end of the world, which all 7 depraved Democrat presidential candidates took turns addressing in the wildest alarmists terms.  By the time they were done, you’d have guessed the entire nation was under quarantine and that this virus with a 2% mortality rate in China was as deadly as Ebola.

But that kind of rank panic-mongering still wasn’t quite enough for these depraved skunks and snakes. On Wednesday morning, the Democrats who are in the process of turning the City of San Francisco into a 3rd-world quality toilet bowl declared an actual state of emergency over the Coronavirus. This declaration came at a time in which that city has experienced a total of … wait for it … wait for it … ZERO cases of that virus within its city limits, county limits, or regional limits.

It’s no different than if the San Francisco Democrats had decided to declare a state of emergency about the coming Klingon invasion.

Yes, it’s all very demented. Yes, it’s all extremely despicable. Yes, every time you get to thinking the Democrats and their media flunkies could not possibly begin to plumb the depths of rank depravity even more than they already have, they never fail to surprise you.

But hey, this is who these people are, and it is what they do.

A pox – a literal pox – on all their houses. Please.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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“This Nation is our Canvas, This Country is our Masterpiece”

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

San Fran Nan is in full-fledged dementia now. – Honestly, how else do we explain this octogenarian sitting behind the President of the United States of America, making weird faces and otherwise behaving like a teenage mean girl in the high school cafeteria throughout the speech? And then, to top her wretched performance off, throwing a tantrum and tearing up the copy of the speech the President had handed her at the end?

But then again, Pelosi is just an exemplar of her entire caucus, especially all those ridiculous Democrat women in their idiotic white suits. How does any group of women sit on their hands when the President talks about record low unemployment for…women? How does any group of women, regardless of party affiliation or ideology, jeer at a single, African American mom who wants to be able to get her precious child out of a badly-performing school? How does any group of women literally hiss – yes, they hissed – at a man who just was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer as he is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

For the second State of the Union in a row, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema refused to conform to Pelosi’s stupid white suit edict, preferring not to be associated with this gaggle of hissing buffoons. Good for her.

Where was Sheila? – Here’s a great thing about the event that few will notice: Because at least 8 Democrats declined to attend the speech, several Republican members were able to move across the aisle and sit on the Democrat side. This move forced Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee – who sits in the chamber all day every year so she can get a seat along the aisle – to move over one seat, and denied her her annual photo op shaking the President’s hand as he came into the room.


The speech itself was magnificent, possibly the most powerful State of the Union address ever delivered. – Only Trump the President would have the political courage to announce he will award the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh. Only Trump the Showman would have the sense of timing and place to actually have the First Lady secure the medal around Limbaugh’s neck during the State of the Union speech!

It was just one of so many amazing, incredibly powerful moments:

  • The introduction of Brigadeer General Charles McGee, a 100-year-old member of the famed Tuskeegee Airmen, along with his great-grandson;
  • The reuniting of a family with their father who has been serving our country in the Middle East;
  • The introduction of opposition leader Juan Guaido’ as the rightful President of Venezuela;
  • The awarding on the spot of an Opportunity Scholarship to a beautiful 4th-grader whose mom is anxious to get her the best education possible;

On and on and on the great moments went. But the speech was more than just theatrics.

As is typical of President Trump, the language in the speech did not focus on him, but on the nation. The words “me,” and “I” were virtually absent from the text, in favor of the words “us,” and “we.” This is of course in direct contrast to Barack Obama His Own Self, who regularly talked about himself in the first person upwards of 200 times in these speeches.

It was a soaring, overwhelmingly positive speech that pointed to all of the great things we have achieved as Americans, not that Trump has accomplished as President. The pettiness of Pelosi and her fellow Democrats notwithstanding, it was an hour-long celebration of America and Americans of all beliefs, creeds and stripes.

It was, in a word, brilliant.

The same cannot be said of the Democrat response, delivered by Michigan Governor [consults notes] Gretchen Whitmer. As is typical of these things, Whitmer was an enormous disappointment.

Her delivery was stilted, and she was obviously uncomfortable on the national stage. The setting for the speech – a high school gym that is such a favored free venue for Democrat politicians – seemed small and even goofy in the wake of the President’s soaring hour.

And the nonsense Gov. Whitmer spewed for 12 minutes was just completely unrelated to the reality of America today. The entire Democrat ideology relies on communicating the belief that everything America is in constant state of turmoil and crisis, and Whitmer played the good little soldier, goose-stepping in rhythm with the official Party narrative.

Yet, the only crises happening in America today are the fake crises the Democrats and their media toadies have either invented out of whole cloth or, like California’s massive homeless problem, created themselves with their own idiotic policy choices. They are sham crises that have no relationship to the current realities of American life.

Thus, Whitmer’s rhetoric made her seem petty and small, which come to think of it, just places her right in line with Pelosi and all those small, petty “women in white” who sat there jeering and hissing throughout the President’s magnificent speech.

Of course, engaging in that behavior is Pelosi’s and Whitmer’s absolute right. It’s one of the truly great aspects of our masterpiece of a country.

God Bless America.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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God Bless Rush Limbaugh

Talk Radio would not exist were it not for Rush Limbaugh. That’s a plain and simple fact, and talk radio has been a vital tool for maintaining freedom and prosperity in this country since Rush’s program began airing nationally more than 31 years ago. He has been that important to the conservative political movement for the last three decades, far more important than any other individual over that period of time.

Rush has played the vital role of the conservative Happy Warrior, a role the country needed someone to step into as the great Ronald Reagan – or, as Rush loves to call him, Ronaldus Magnus – was winding down his presidency.  With 95% of the nation’s news media slanted irrevocably and increasingly leftwards and becoming ever more corrupt by the day, American conservatives needed a prominent voice to stand up and shout the truth.

William F. Buckley famously once said that one of the roles for American conservatism was to be the lonely warrior who stands athwart history shouting “stop!”

For 31 years, Rush Limbaugh has stood athwart the passing scene shouting “stop!” with a smile on his face, a gleam in his eye, and joy in his heart. This has been no easy job.

Of all Americans of the 21st Century, no one, not even candidate and President Donald Trump, has been defamed, besmirched, libeled and slandered as often or as viciously as has Rush Limbaugh. His personal foibles – his divorces and addiction to prescription drugs and the cigar smoking that likely brought on his lung cancer – have become the fodder for unfunny late night talk show hosts and untalented talking heads on cable television.

He has been the target of too many opportunistic, flailing politicians to catalog, including American presidents. He was actually blamed by the despicable Bill Clinton for the Oklahoma City bombing. Barack Obama called him a danger to our society.  For three decades he has served as the favorite boogeyman of the American left.

That’s because for three decades he has been right about them, and for three decades he has made himself and his voice relevant, an indispensable part of the fabric of our society. After all, if he weren’t right or so utterly relevant, they’d just ignore him. The fact that they cannot ignore him tells you how powerful his voice became.

One of his radio talk show colleagues – I forget which one now – once referred to Rush as the Babe Ruth of talk radio, and that is an appropriate analogy on several levels. Just as Ruth became a legendary, larger-than-life figure who turned his profession into a national pastime, Rush is a legendary, larger-than-life figure who saved AM talk radio and turned it into a massive media industry that dominates the airwaves.

But, more poignantly, Babe Ruth also habitually smoked cigars, and he also contracted lung cancer.

Our medical industry has advanced by light years since the 1940s, and everyone living today probably knows someone who has fought cancer and won their battle. We can be sure that Rush will fight this cancer with every fiber of his being, and that he will have access to the best medical care available.

I first discovered the Rush Limbaugh show one Sunday afternoon while listening to my pocket radio while mowing my lawn in 1988. Dallas AM station WBAP 820 at the time aired 3 hours of Rush’s show on the weekends – it wasn’t available on a daily basis until at least a year later. I’ve been a loyal listener of the show ever since that day more than 31 years ago.

All I and Rush’s many millions of other listeners can do now is hope and pray for his recovery. In closing his show on Monday, he said “Every day I’m not here, I’ll be thinking of you and missing you.”

I and many millions of other Americans will be missing thinking of and missing you, too, Rush. Godspeed.


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