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While Impeachment Rages On, Other News Flies Under the Radar

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Guest Contribution by Gregg Updike

A local Middle Tennessee Talk Radio and the Tennessee Star Report have been addressing the issue of Refugee Resettlement for the last several months.  The crux of the issue is how Bill Lee, the new RINO Governor of Tennessee, has said yes to bringing in refugees who are – reportedly – from primarily the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Myanmar (Burma); real Republican Governors in Texas and Florida, for example, have said no to the resettlement.

This is a national issue as all states supposedly have a say in the resettling of refugees.

According to the discussion, in 1980 (Jimmy Carter of the Mariel (Cuba) boat lift fiasco), a refugee law was passed to accept a certain limited number (approximately 18,000) of refugees every year.  During the Obama years, that number rose to approximately 90,000 annually, and Hillary Clinton campaigned on at least doubling it, as if we can order up refugees like we were ordering stuff from Amazon.  These “refugees” were often just dumped on unsuspecting locals and many have become a separate colony unto themselves, with their own standards, customs and in some cases, laws – see Omar’s and Tlaib’s congressional districts for examples.

President Trump signed an executive order essentially reinforcing the 1980 law and reduced the number of allowed refugees back to the 18,000; essentially 20 percent of the Obama number.  In the EO, – since corrupted by the “interpretation” of federal bureaucrats – state and local county governments were to be allowed to refuse the resettlement of these refugees.  Tennessee’s Governor Lee usurped the local provision and joined many other Democratic and some Republican governors in accepting the refugees without county approval or legislative debate.  It is now being hotly debated in the legislature and at the local and county levels.

Lee appeared on a different radio station with a favorable interviewer and attempted to polish his unilateral decision by invoking how the refugees are primarily persecuted Christians and it is our duty to save them from such persecution.  I have a question for Lee:  If your position is so righteous and proper, why didn’t you try to sell it to the people as a great and noble idea before trying to dictating it to our state?  Lee naturally glosses over the costs of bringing in people who don’t speak English, may bring and spread heretofore unknown and/or untreatable diseases, have few or no marketable skills, have few or no sponsors, and lack any real ability or desire to rapidly assimilate into American culture… He spoke about how, by accepting “our fair share” of refugees willingly, we will have a say as to how and where they will be resettled; which is abject garbage, and he knows it.

Later on the local radio news, the news reporter actually reported the refugees will be given social security numbers and BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!  I don’t know if that is true but it was reported as news – not opinion – several times during the day.

All this talk about resettling refugees to America brings up these thoughts:

Refugees seeking asylum, by law and custom, must first seek it from their neighboring country.

Who (I’ll give you one guess) is paying for them to be resettled half a world away in America?  They surely are not paying for the flights.  This is insane!

I am not against the legitimate refugees seeking asylum, nor am I unsympathetic to their plight. However, America gives billions of dollars to numerous countries every year specifically to avoid this situation.  If we are to be the repository of the world’s refugees, then we should stop giving foreign aid.

America has less than five percent of the world’s population; we cannot support the continuing influx of “refugees” and illegal aliens – most of who do not readily assimilate into our culture – and maintain our standard of living.

If all the bleeding hearts (I’m being kind as to their actual motives) want all these people to come to America – and essentially be compensated via our social “safety net” for doing so, while bringing nothing of benefit to our country – then let’s place them in their communities.  Let’s invoke eminent domain on ten percent of the million plus dollar homes of the elites in their GATED communities; let the ones who can most afford it bear some of the burden of the refugees. Governor Lee could set the example; after all, he is a “rich” and successful businessman and a “Compassionate Christian”.


Here is my solution to this self-inflicted problem if we must accept the world’s victims:

Build resettlement communities on remote federal land to process the refugees.  Just after the Pearl Harbor Attack, over 100,000 American citizens of Japanese descent were arrested and forced into internment camps with no due process, by the progressive icon Franklin Roosevelt.

(The camps were similar to Army barracks and were palaces compared to any other nation’s jails, but these citizens lost virtually everything – homes and businesses, and ties to their communities, with no compensation – except what they could carry.)

In this controlled setting, the refugees could be properly vetted for diseases, and criminal, and terroristic intentions.  They would be taught and required to learn English, and a marketable job skillset.  Once they have proved to be accepting of and loyal to America, they then could be relocated to an area that willingly accepts them.  Once relocated, they would be monitored as in a probationary status for a number of years and if they succeed in becoming productive, then and only then, they would become eligible for citizenship and voting rights.  If they fail in any aspect of assimilation, they get deported to their home country.

This is the only sensible and fair way to process refugees and keep American citizens safe and free from potential diseases, monetary costs, and violence, while providing a valid opportunity for a better life to the legitimate victims of oppression and persecution.

If any human “rights” group complains about this asylum process, then we cancel the entire program and accept no one.


That is all.


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