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Monday News Roundup: Graham Blows More Smoke, Churches are Burning and Selling Puerto Rico

Little Lindsey’s gonna issue another subpoena. – Not that anything is likely to ever come of it, but Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted this on Sunday:

Graham’s latest bit of Kabuki Theater came after the former Special Counsel had an op-ed about the Roger Stone case published in the Washington Post under his name. No one knows who actually wrote op-ed for Mr. Mueller, but obviously someone did since he clearly demonstrated during his House testimony last year that he is barely able to put two sentences together without reading from a prepared text.

In any event, Mueller won’t be shaking in his house slippers at the prospect of getting a subpoena from Senator All-Hat-And-No-Cattle. Graham talks a good came from time to time – mainly during appearances on Fox News with Captain Tick Tock, Sean Hannity – but his follow-through leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, it’s pretty much nonexistent.

Two weeks ago, I told you that the next step by the BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists would be to come after your churches. – This weekend, we saw this:

– The Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Elkmont, Alabama was burned Friday night.

– On Saturday, an attacker drove his car into a church in Ocala, Florida and released an incendiary device to set it on fire while worshipers were inside.

– Saturday night, the 249-Year-Old San Gabriel Mission Church in California almost burned to the ground due to a suspiciously-set fire.

These burnings follow a wave of incidents over the past few weeks in which BLM thugs have invaded churches around the country to disrupt their services and attempt to goad parishioners into fights.

They’re coming for your churches. Make sure your own church employs appropriate security measures.

Speaking of suspicious fires… – The Naval landing vessel Bonhomme Richard was the scene of a mysterious explosion and fire on Sunday in San Diego, where it is docked:

Witnesses reported a loud explosion followed by a huge fire that broke out in several different areas of the 800 foot-long ship. As of this morning, it is a mystery what could have caused such a huge explosion and fire on a ship that typically does not carry significant explosive ordinance.

From a report at the Navy Times:

While the precise cause remained unknown Sunday night, [Rear Admiral Philip] Sobeck said there was “nothing toxic” in the ship, and that the black smoke billowing from the amphib all day was caused by office and berthing items burning.

The fire is believed to have started below those spaces, in the lower cargo hold of the ship, known as the “Deep V,” Sobeck said.

It is a “huge open area where you store a lot of (Marine Corps) equipment and everything else,” he said. “That’s where we believe it was started.”

Bonhomme Richard had 1 million gallons of fuel onboard but it is “well below where any heat source is,” Sobeck said.

Sobeck noted that some sort of internal explosion had occurred earlier in the day aboard the ship, but said that “what we cannot ascertain is what that explosion was caused from.”


Oh. Given the highly suspicious nature of this incident, you can be sure that you will hear little if anything more about it from the corrupt news media.

Great idea! But what idiot would buy it? – The New York Times has a story this morning alleging that President Trump considered the potential sale of U.S. territory Puerto Rico as its Marxist leaders attempted to shake down the federal government in the wake of Hurricane Maria:

From a report at The Hill:

President Trump mulled selling Puerto Rico as the territory struggled in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017, former acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke told The New York Times.

Duke, who served in the role for four months, told the Times on Friday that she was shocked when the president raised the suggestion of “divesting” or “selling” Puerto Rico.

“The president’s initial ideas were more of as a businessman, you know,” she said. “Can we outsource the electricity? Can we … sell the island? You know, or divest of that asset?”

The newspaper noted that Duke said the idea of selling of Puerto Rico was “never seriously considered or discussed” after Trump proposed it.


Ok, so, this person was “shocked” when the President, in a brainstorming meeting, momentarily raised the possibility of divesting the U.S. from the constant, incessant Marxist money pit that is Puerto Rico. This is supposed to be a major scandal. And of course, if you are an economic ignoramus working for the New York Time or The Hill, you no doubt believe that to be the case.

But Trump has the mind of a businessman, not a corrupt politician or corrupt fake journalist, and the purpose of a brainstorming session in a crisis is to – guess what? – consider all possible plans of action. Given the chronically, utterly corrupt nature of that island’s government, why in the hell wouldn’t a sane U.S. Administration consider selling the damn thing to the highest bidder?

The divesting of a corrupt, constant money drain on the nation that has no true intrinsic value to the country as a whole would in fact be the intelligent thing to do from a business standpoint. But what nitwit would buy the place for any amount of money that would make a deal worth doing?  Venezuela or Cuba, whose socialist governments are equally corrupt and simpatico to Puerto Rico’s, might be interested; but hey, those countries are flat, dead broke.

Thus, the idea, as good and merited as it was, was quickly discarded, as the Times admits.

Just another fake news hit piece from the most corrupt newspaper on earth.

That is all.

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The Puerto Rico Aid Scandal is a Democrat/Media Scandal

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Boy, here’s a shocker. Not. – The ratings are up for Fox News’s 3:00 p.m. news block. Up by 37%, in fact, according to a report in today’s Daily Caller.

That time slot got a new host this week in the form of Bill Hemmer, who has hosted a mid-morning program for the last several years. The 3:00 time slot had long been a sinkhole in the Fox News ratings while it had been hosted by the execrable leftwing jerkweed Shepard Smith. Yet, the news channel left him in that job for almost 15 years before he mysteriously resigned last October.

Hemmer is certainly no conservative, but he does try to be a balanced news presenter, something no one could have ever said about Smith without breaking into howls of self-mocking laughter.

So now we know what we always suspected: That Smith was basically a ratings repellent for Fox. Why he was left in that job for so many years with that truth staring everyone in the face will forever remain a mystery.

Did any of that hundred billion dollars worth of aid get delivered in Puerto Rico? – That is certainly beginning to look like a reasonable question to ask.

President Donald Trump created a media kerfuffle in 2017 when he referred to some countries around the world as “sh*tholes.” Well, that’s what Puerto Rico is, even though it is technically not a “country” but, regrettably, a territory of the United States.

The sad thing about it is that there is no legitimate reason for Puerto Rico to be a sh*thole, other than the utter corruption of its leftist government. Like so many of America’s big cities, Puerto Rico has been turned into a sh*thole thanks to decades of being governed by leftist politicians who are your basic, standard-issue graft-and-corruption Democrats. As a result, it has been turned into the island equivalent of Chicago or Baltimore or Detroit: A filthy, crime-ridden dump populated by the depressed and hopeless.

As I noted on Monday, we found out how right President Trump was about the corrupt Puerto Rican government over the weekend when we saw film of a massive warehouse filled with undelivered relief supplies the U.S. had delivered there following 2017’s Hurricane Maria. Unfortunately, that warehouse was apparently just the tip of the iceberg.

This morning, we wake up to this news:

As I pointed out on Monday, the blame for this despicable fiasco must not just be laid at the feet of Puerto Rico’s leftist thugs. Much of the blame must also be laid squarely in the bulbous laps of the leaders of the national Democrat Party and our corrupt news media, who conspired to mount a smear campaign against President Trump as he attempted to ensure U.S. officials would preside over the distribution of those supplies to a desperate population.

If I had any confidence in the U.S. Department of Justice, I’d suggest that now would be a great time to investigate the Democrats and media figures who screamed the loudest at the time, and audit their bank accounts for kickbacks coming from Puerto Rican addresses. People died because of what the Democrats and their compatriots in Puerto Rico did – or didn’t do – in response to the devastation caused by Maria.

Every time you get to thinking these people could not possibly be any more despicable than you already know they are, they fool you.


That is all.


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President Trump: Right About Ukraine, Right About Puerto Rico

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You seriously cannot make these people up. – Elizabeth Warren has richly earned the nicknames of Fauxcahontas and Lieawatha. This is a woman who has spent her entire adult life brazenly lying not only about things she has done and things she claims other people have done, but also about who she even is as a person. Literally every aspect of her campaign and claimed personal biography are outright, laughable lies.

So, how does this lifelong 100% fraud of a human being respond, when asked by a reporter if it is wrong for any candidate to lie to the American people? Why, exactly as you would expect her to:

The sad thing is, that statement will most likely actually improve her standing among the Democrat Party’s depraved and ultra-ignorant voter base. Sad.

Trump was right, part 13,811. – As the Senate trial of President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words) cranks up, it is important for everyone to remember how and why we arrived at this sorry point in the Democrat/media/Deep State’s neverending coup d’etat. As fortune would have it, a very timely and relevant reminder of the President’s good judgment popped up over the weekend in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

First, Ukraine, which has served as the fulcrum for the idiotic Pelosi/Schiff impeachment scam. This entire thing is based on a phone call the U.S. President held with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky back in July. On that call, President Trump asked Zelensky to “do us a favor” and ensure that his equivalent of the Justice Department look into the very shady activities in his country of Joe and Hunter Biden, and to investigate interference in the 2016 election by various officials of the previous Ukrainian government.

Pelosi/Schiff and their toadies in the corrupt American news media have attempted to portray this very valid, lawful and in fact necessary request by Mr. Trump as a crime worthy of having him removed from office. This request was in fact part of the President’s duty in keeping with his oath of office given that the U.S. has multiple anti-corruption laws related to international business transactions, as well as an anti-corruption treaty with the Ukraine that requires both countries to police activities within their borders.

President Trump has long known from his own experience that Ukraine is an utterly corrupt country, and Burisma, the natural gas company that awarded Hunter Biden with a cushy, high-paying seat on its Board of Directors, has been at the center of much of that illicit activity. Corruption has long run rampant in Ukraine, on a par with what we see in the failed state of Mexico.

President Trump has on many occasions described his conduct of this call with Zelensky as “perfect,” and indeed, it was exactly that. It is an undeniable fact that the previous Ukrainian administration did interfere in the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and it is an undeniable fact that Hunter and Joe Biden profited handsomely by selling the then-Vice President’s influence to Burisma.

President Trump was right about the Ukraine, and did what his oath of office required him to do.

Now, let’s look at Puerto Rico, the U.S. territory whose government has also long been run by utterly corrupt leftists. After the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017, President Trump authorized FEMA and the U.S. military to mount a massive relief effort that cost the U.S. taxpayer well over $100 billion.

The President also attempted to take steps to ensure that the distribution of the relief funds and supplies would not be left entirely in the hands of the Puerto Rican government, which he knew to be little but a den of thieves. Again, he was simply doing his job, but of course he was roundly blasted by Democrats and their media toadies who smelled an opportunity to score political points on the backs of suffering Puerto Ricans. Because this is what Democrats do.

The President was portrayed as a heartless, ignorant buffoon who didn’t care about the suffering of all those people who had lost their homes and fortunes in the storm. But in reality, he was attempting to ensure that the relief ended up getting to the people who needed it the most.

In the end, the Administration ended up throwing up its hands and deciding to leave the distribution of the aid in the hands of the Puerto Ricans. Over the weekend, we saw the result of that decision, as the head of Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency was fired after a locked, gigantic warehouse filled with thousands of tons of emergency supplies was discovered and revealed to the public.

As reported by the Daily Caller:

One resident of Ponce posted a video of the discovery to Facebook, showing a massive warehouse full of pallets upon pallets of bottled water, non-perishable food, diapers, baby formula, and emergency supplies, according to CNN. The video is now private, after the man who recorded it was threatened with repercussions from law enforcement, but the news network says the warehouse contained much-needed supplies that are still useful (and valuable) particularly now that Ponce is suffering from a second natural disaster.

Yes, of course the citizen who revealed the atrocity to the public is now being punished by the utterly corrupt, leftist government.

So, yet again we see the President was 100% correct in his assessment of a foreign government. How long can it be before the Democrats who are in league with the Puerto Rican leftists and want to turn that island into the 51st state so their party can have two additional senators try to use this as the pretext for their next impeachment effort?

If these people didn’t exist, you could never make them up in a million years.

That is all.


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Even Before Landfall, the Media’s “Florence is Trump’s Katrina” Narrative is Underway

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

That Bob Woodward’s a saint!  Wait, he said what about John Brennan?  Oh, uh, that Bob Woodward’s a skunk!  – Look for the Obama sycophant tune about Bob Woodward and his new book start to change today, as it was revealed overnight that his book contains a damaging allegation about Obama’s rancid CIA Director John Brennan.

Woodward’s book alleges that Brennan endorsed the fake Trump Dossier paid for by the Clinton Campaign and DNC late in 2016, something Brennan has denied doing.  Woodward’s allegation about Brennan is of course based on nothing but the claims of an anonymous source, a source who may or may not actually even exist.

A spokesman for Mr. Brennan told the Washington Times that Brennan “never approved of the dossier. In fact, the source said, he worked to make sure it wasn’t included in the intelligence community assessment of Russian election interference.”  The source went on to say that Brennan did not approve of the dossier because “it wasn’t corroborated intel,” a rare instance in which we can confirm our former CIA Director is actually telling the truth, given that nothing in the fake Dossier has been corroborated to this very day.

Of course, none of that prevented Brennan from sharing the Dossier with his buddy Jim Comey and others at the Obama FBI. Nor did it prompt Brennan to work to ensure the contents of the Dossier were not used by the anti-Trump cabal within the DOJ and FBI to form the basis for no fewer than four FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and Administration, an effort of which he was certainly well aware.

At any rate, thanks to this excellent reporting by the Washington Times – which no one at the New York Times or Washington Post could be bothered to perform – Democrats are finding out what it’s like to be on Bob Woodward’s yarn-spinning receiving end this morning.  Woodward should probably wear his big boy pants today, because the blowback is going to be vicious.

How many layers of Anonymous does Woodward get before the referee calls him offsides? – I got a kick last night when the apparent 12 year-old children who control The Hill’s twitter feed (@TheHill) sent out the following little ditty:

So, to be clear, that would be the anonymous “key” Trump official confirming the gossip coming from other anonymous “key” Trump officials who claim to have heard still other “key” Trump officials say a bunch of stuff that those “key” Trump officials all deny having ever said?  Well….yeah.

How does Woodward saying that qualify as “news” to any legitimate news organization, which The Hill actually used to be?  In all seriousness, our fake journalistic community appears to have lost all touch with what their profession is supposed to be about at this point.  It’s terribly sad to watch, and remains a clear and present danger to the survival of our Republic.

Everything in our fake news media is political, even the weather and tennis shoes. – We have arrived at a point at which the journalists who are supposed to serve as our nation’s “watchdogs” over those in power now merit watching more than those in power do.  There is not a single mainstream media outlet today that can be trusted to report straight news.  Every report, regardless of its subject matter, is now tinged with the political viewpoints of the reporters and editors and producers and corporate flunkies.

We can’t even trust media outlets to report the weather straight anymore, as the run-up to the landfall of Hurricane Florence clearly demonstrates.  I awoke this morning to an ABC radio news report in which the anchor guy used his report on Florence to bash President Trump for the Administration’s handling of last year’s multiple hurricane impacts on Puerto Rico.  The report was raft with loaded phrases like “the President claims”, “many (unnamed) experts have criticized his handling,” and “thousands of Puerto Ricans were without” power, water, you name it, as if the President himself directed the hurricanes’ advance, or was personally responsible for the 50 years of graft, corruption and infrastructure neglect by the island terroritory’s Democrat-dominated government.

Even before Florence does any damage at all, our fake news media is working hard to set this up as “Trump’s Katrina,” make no mistake about it.  All the fake reporters and fake editors and fake producers are frustrated as hell that they couldn’t successfully create that narrative related to any of the four major hurricane events in 2017, so you can count on them to work overtime on getting it done with Florence.

But assessing blame before the fact is just one of the media tactics we’re already seeing.  The efforts to blame every hurricane that takes place on “global warming” or “climate change” have become so ubiquitous now that we hardly even notice them.

If you want to understand how specious that argument is, take a look a the data in this tweet from noted climate expert Roger Pielke, Jr.:

This is just factual, official government data, folks, not some CNN talking head’s opinion.  As you can see, major hurricane events along the East Coast and Florida were roughly 3 times more frequent during the half-century from 1915 through 1965 than they have been since 1966.  This is 180 degrees contrary to the climate scammer argument that rising levels of carbon dioxide cause more frequent and more intense hurricane events.

Florida looks like a damn pin cushion during that earlier time frame. Given that Chevrolet didn’t start making Suburbans until 1936 and didn’t begin selling them in any great quantities until the 1980s, your SUVs didn’t do that.

Hurricanes happen.  Sometimes the U.S. gets hit frequently, and sometimes – like the decade prior to 2017 – the U.S. doesn’t get hit at all for long periods of time.  That SUV you’re using to drive your kids to and from school and their extra-curricular activities doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Just another day in all fake news all the time about everything America.

That is all.

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So You’ve Screwed Up Your Life? Blame Trump!

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Is it just me, or does it seem like everybody – and I do mean everybody – who has done something to screw up their life in any way, shape or form has taken to blaming President Donald J. Trump as a coping mechanism for their own failures?  Think about it.
  • Take Harvey Weinstein as an example – what was this repugnant tub of goo’s first instinct when the NYTimes published its expose’ on his quarter century of abusing women?  If you remember, he thought he could innoculate himself from any fallout from his 100% leftwing Hollywood peers by taking a leave of absence from his company so he could dedicate himself to fighting the NRA (virtue signal related to the Las Vegas massacre that had taken place six days earlier) and …wait for it…Donald Trump!
  • But – oops! – it turns out that promising to go around playing the “Blame Trump” card doesn’t inoculate you against 25 years of soiling potted plants and blackmailing ambitious young ingenues into having sex with you in exchange for movie roles.  It turns out that even Hollywood has some standards, and who could have ever guessed that?
  • Then there’s Bowe Bergdahl, that traitorous Army deserter who Barack Obama and Susan Rice consider to be a great American “hero”.  Obama thought so highly of Bergdahl that he was willing to trade five terrorist scum in order to get this “hero”  – who had cost six truly brave American soldiers their lives as they searched Afghanistan trying to find him – released by the Taliban.  After pleading guilty to desertion in his court martial, Bergdahl said he was doing so because he felt he could not get a fair trial due to things said by …wait for it… Donald Trump!  Yeah, none of it’s your fault, bud.
  • NFL Football players and owners – The pre-game protests by NFL players of the flag and national anthem went on for well over a year without a word about it coming from the very busy mouth of candidate Trump or President Trump.  NFL ratings were tanking and game attendance dying throughout the 2016 season as a result, and that tanking continued into the 2017 season before the President had anything to say about it.  But when the President decided to go off on these players and owners and commissioner Roger Goodell, why, suddenly it was all about Trump.
  • The players, who let’s be honest, really had pretty much no idea why they were kneeling out there other than some vague multi-millionaire game player’s notion of being “oppressed”, suddenly decided that their demonstrations were all about Trump.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  Many of the owners joined in because, well, they just had to show “solidarity” with their players because…because, ummm,welllll…because TRUMP!  Yeah, because Trump! That’s what it is!  Meanwhile, Goodell is thrilled by it all because everyone’s blaming Trump instead of him.  The Trump boogeyman works for all parties in this one.
  • The Most Corrupt Woman In America – Then there’s our very favorite leftwing slinger of nonsense and sleaze, Hillary Rotten, er, Rodham Clinton.  This pathetic woman has parlayed abject corruption into a net worth of more than $200 million, and has spent the year blaming her 2016 election loss and everything else that is wrong with the world on – who else? – President Trump.  Even the broken toe she claims to have suffered on Saturday while running up the stairs is no doubt the President’s fault – the vodka and diet Dr. Pepper had nothing to do with it.
  • Then there is San Juan’s Crazy Little Marxist Mayor, Carmen Cruz, who has now completely discarded all pretense of not being a communist and has taken to dressing up as Che Guevara in her press availabilities.  The government of Puerto Rico in general and in San Juan in particular has been a cesspit of corruption forever, and Ms. Cruz has done nothing to remedy any of that.  The Island’s infrastructure, thanks in large part to government officials siphoning off money for themselves and their friends – as all good Marxists do – was in horrible shape before Hurricane Maria hit, and was basically destroyed completely by the storm.
  • Despite the fact that the U.S. government has come into the island with literally thousands of military, FEMA and other recovery workers, massive amounts of supplies, and more generators than anywhere else on the face of the earth, progress has been slowed by the fact that the local trucker’s union decided this tragedy was a great time to go on strike, an action the crazy little Mayor supports.  So, when the people of your island are suffering mainly due to your own corruption and ideological stupidity, what do you do?  Why, you get in front of any CNN camera you can find and blame Trump!  Works like charm.
  • Finally, there’s the repugnant John McCain, literally the worst person who has ever served in the United States Senate.  In receiving some “Liberty Medal” from his ideological sympatico Joe Biden on Monday, McCain had this to say:  “To abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe” and “refuse the obligations of international leadership … for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems” is “As unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”
  • So, putting America  and Americans first, ahead of McCain’s and Biden’s globalist, open borders ideology, is “unpatriotic”, in McCain’s view.  He didn’t say which government – the U.N. perhaps? – it is “unpatriotic” towards.
  • But this is McCain’s swan song, blaming Trump for preventing him from “solving problems.”  Think about that – can you think of a single problem John McCain ever solved in his entire 30+ years in government?  Neither can I.
  • That’s not Trump’s fault.  Trump’s just the boogeyman.

Just another day in Blame Trump! America.

That is all.

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Tragedy In Las Vegas Bails Out Mayor Cruz And Her False Narrative

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Today’s Update is written with a very heavy heart as video of last night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas streams across my television screen.  With more than 50 people already dead at the hands of a mad man, let’s all pray for the recovery of the hundreds of wounded, dozens of whom are in critical condition at local Las Vegas hospitals.  What a tragedy.]

  • Is that a threat, or a promise? – Ohio Governor John Kasich, appearing on CNN on Sunday, told fake journalist Jake Tapper that he is considering leaving the Republican Party if it doesn’t change.  Republicans everywhere, upon hearing the terminally annoying son of a postman’s remarks, wondered how they could help speed along this process.  Democrats, meanwhile, cowered in fear at the prospect of having an aging Kasich wandering around their meetings and conventions, drinking cocktail glasses filled with sugared milk and asking them “have I ever told you my dad worked at the post office?
  • Mayor Cruz, your 15 minutes are up. – Democrats in Washington apparently got some bad polling data on the antics of the Crazy Little Marxist Mayor of San Juan late on Sunday, because the Mayor’s talking points related to the Trump Administration’s recovery and support efforts, and even towards the President himself, changed on Sunday evening.  After spending 90% of the weekend complaining that the thousands of first responders sent to her Island were providing no help at all, she told MSNBC a late Sunday interview that great progress was suddenly being made.  Also, after saying all sorts of nasty things about President Trump on Friday, Saturday and most of the day Sunday, she told the same interviewer that “I wasn’t saying anything nasty about the President.”
  • Any communications professional (I am one) can easily see that Mayor Cruz is a puppet being told what to say and how to say it by someone behind the scenes.  She has clearly been coached, provided talking points, given clothes to wear, staging advice, etc.  It is obvious that, on Friday, the Democrats and their fake journalist tools at CNN and MSNBC got together and decided they could do great harm to President Trump by pretending the federal aid and recovery effort that succeeded so massively in Texas, Louisiana and Florida was somehow failing in Puerto Rico.
  • It is equally obvious that, on Sunday, somebody among this Democrat/Media fake news complex got hold of some data that this was all backfiring on them, and changed the Marxist Mayor’s talking points and demeanor.  As I wrote in yesterday’s Update, Americans are not going to respond well to a clearly craven politician lying about the efforts of thousands of first responders who are sacrificing so much to try to save lives in Puerto Rico.  It’s quite obvious that that’s exactly what happened.
  • This same outcome could have come about related to Katrina if George W. Bush understood the value of hitting back twice as hard whenever the fake news media attacked him.  But President Bush was a captive of a set of terrible media advisers and had far too much of his patrician father in him to do that.  President Trump has neither problem, obviously.
  • The tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas will now give the fake journalists at CNN and MSNBC the opportunity to pivot away from their backfiring “Puerto Rico is Trump’s Katrina” narrative, and focus on a new “let’s blame the inanimate object for the horrific actions of a mad man” narrative that they will inevitably push, while also trying to blame it all on President Trump.  So the nation will now be treated to a week of vicious panel discussions and ignorant pontificators over gun control.  Isn’t that lovely.
  • The Crazy Little Marxist Mayor has had her 15 minutes of fame, and is fortunate that the fake news media will now drop her like a hot potato.  She allowed herself to become the willing tool of very bad people who did not have her own interests in mind, and had been placed in a no-win situation as a result.  Perhaps now that her 15 minutes are over, she will actually focus on working with the federal authorities who who have been sent to her island to help, and who really do have her – and her people’s – best interests at heart.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Just another day in very bad people America.

That is all.



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San Juan’s Crazy Little Marxist Lady Gets Her 15 Minutes Of Fame

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • If I’m going to call Kim Jong Un the Crazy Little Fat Guy, I suppose I should start referring to San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto as the Crazy Little Marxist Lady, since the nickname totally fits and I suspect we’re going be hearing lots more from this prime example of public ineptitude in the coming days and weeks.
  • After trying and utterly failing to find a public figure – any old public figure would have done – willing to lie about the incredibly well-organized and effective responses by FEMA and the rest of the Trump Administration to the epic disasters created by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a very frustrated fake news media had spent the first five days after Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico similarly searching in vain, as the Island’s public officials all told a familiar tale:  Everything we ask the Administration for, we receive in spades.
  • But then folks at the national Democrat Party obviously got to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady, fed her some talking points, and suddenly on Friday the fake news media had found their poster child for their unending efforts to make this Donald Trump’s Katrina.  Despite the fact that the Island’s governor and 77 of 78 mayors continue to praise the response efforts, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the nation’s fake news media spent the entire weekend focusing solely on Ms. Soto and her obviously irrational claims.
  • Here’s a hint to Ms. Soto:  If you’re going to hold a presser in which you claim your people are starving, and that it’s all President Trump’s fault, you probably shouldn’t do it while standing in front of literal mountains of foodstuffs and other supplies that were mostly pre-positioned on your island by President Trump’s people, but which haven’t been delivered because the trucker’s union that you fervently support decided this would be a great time to go on strike.
  • Hint #2 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady:  If you’re going to claim your island is devastated and that nothing is working there, you might want to avoid wearing an obviously custom-made t-shirt that says “Help us, We are dying,” while conducting a nationally televised interview with Anderson Cooper.  Obviously, the “T-Shirts R Us” outlet has electric power.  Either that, or the t-shirt was brought to you by Mr. Cooper, which wouldn’t surprise me come to think of it.
  • Hint #3 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady and the Democrat Party and the Fake News Media:  Donald Trump is not George W. Bush, and Puerto Rico is not Louisiana, circa 2005.  Katrina became Bush’s albatross because he was too dimwitted to fight back and defend himself.  He stupidly thought the truth would ultimately prevail, and the results of his government’s recovery efforts would redeem him.  He was wrong, obviously.  Donald Trump won’t make that mistake, as you have already discovered, and he has the means to go over your mendacious heads to get the truth out to the public when you refuse to do so.
  • Also, unlike Louisiana in 2005, Puerto Rico has, other than the Crazy Little Marxist Lady, competent public officials who really are trying to help their people by working with FEMA, the National Guard, and other first responders, rather than slamming them on national television.  Hell, Ms. Soto is even making New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin look less disgusting by comparison.  2017 is a different world in the realm of communications than was 2005, and the fake news media won’t be able to contain and ignore the truth here.
  • Hint #4 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady:  If you’re going to slam the efforts of first responders, you might want to at least put up the pretense of learning what those efforts are.  We found out late Saturday that Ms. Soto has refused to attend a single one of the FEMA-led joint operations meetings, despite the fact that they are held in her own city.  The Island’s other 77 mayors and its governor have managed to attend all of them, either in person or via satellite phone, because those 77 mayors and the governor are honestly trying to help their people.
  • Hint #5 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady:  Americans do not respond well to public officials who lie about and condemn the efforts of tens of thousands of first responders who are trying to save lives.  Ms. Soto obviously got this particular memo late Saturday night, as her talking points suddenly changed related to the first responders.
  • Finally, Hint #6 to the Crazy Little Marxist Lady:  You probably don’t realize it yet, but you are in the same position vis a vis President Trump as the Commissioner and owners of the National Football League were in with him last weekend.  That confrontation did not work out well for the NFL, which has spent this entire week scrambling to prove it really, really loves the American flag and doesn’t hate America.
  • You are about to find yourself doing an awful lot of personal damage control in the coming days and weeks. This is a bed you made for yourself.  Please enjoy sleeping in it.

Just another weekend in lying Marxists America.

That is all.

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