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Trump Goes Home – Democrats, Media Hardest Hit

At about 3:00 p.m. ET, President Donald Trump sent out this tweet:

Meanwhile, his doctor, White House Physician Sean Conley, sent the media into yet another rage by refusing to let them nitpick every tiny detail of the President’s condition and treatment regime over the past four days. Especially galling to the corrupt reporters is the fact that Conley won’t tell them when the President was first diagnosed.

From a typically pedantic story at The Hill:

White House physician Sean Conley on Monday ducked repeated questions from reporters about President Trump‘s health and the timeline of his COVID-19 infection, even as he insisted the president is well enough to leave the hospital and return to the White House.

Conley, who has come under scrutiny for offering conflicting statements about the president’s health in recent days, briefed reporters hours before Trump is expected to depart Walter Reed hospital, where he’s been treated for the virus for three days.

Conley noticeably refused to answer multiple questions about when Trump last tested negative for the virus, something White House officials have similarly declined to share in recent days.

“I don’t want to go backwards. The contact tracing as I understand is being done,” Conley said.

Pressed again on why he would not disclose when Trump last tested negative, Conley smiled, saying “everyone wants that.”


Conley also issued this warning to the media and their clients at the DNC:

Hilarious. The more we see of Dr. Conley and the obvious contempt he holds for the media jackals who infest the White House press corps, the more absolutely loveable he becomes.

The media’s collective behavior since last Friday has been about the sorriest episode the U.S. press establishment has ever exhibited. Hysterical, deceptive, rumor-mongering and active wishing for a sitting President to die: That is what America has received from this dead profession for the last 96 hours.

It’s an utter disgrace, but that is just who these people are.

Welcome back to the White House, Mr. President, and congratulations for kicking COVID in its’ sorry ass.

That is all.

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