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The President Should, But Won’t, Declare Antifa A Terrorist Organization

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Terrorism comes in many names.  “Antifa” is one of them. – An interesting, though little-noticed, item related to the fascist hate group “Antifa” (which ironically is a contraction for ‘Anti-Fascist’) story is developing as a part of the White House on-line petitioning process that was created by the Obama Administration.  This petition demands that the Trump Administration formally recognize Antifa as a terrorist organization, which it clearly and unambiguously is.  “AntiFa has earned this title due to its violent actions in multiple cities and their influence in the killings of multiple police officers throughout the United States,” the petition reads in part.
  • The process requires that such petitions obtain 100,000 signatures of support from U.S. citizens within 30 days of their filing.  This Antifa-related petition was filed last Thursday, meaning it received the necessary support in less than four days.  So, obviously there is a great deal of interest in and support for this effort, most of it probably concentrated among Donald Trump’s voter base.
  • It will be interesting to observe how the White House responds to this petition – and the rules for this process do require such a response whenever any petition reaches the critical mass of support.  There is no doubt at all that Antifa is indeed a domestic terrorist organization.  Its’ spokespeople, such as they are, bragged about being exactly that in interviews on NBC and CNN this past week, claiming their strategy is to “commit violence in order to create peace,” a statement so laughably nonsensical that only NBC’s Chuck Todd and the peabrain on-air talent at CNN could listen to it without openly laughing.  This group commits violence wherever it shows its ugly, masked face, beating opponents with baseball bats laced with nails, spraying people and police alike with pepper spray and mace and urine, and wantonly burning buildings and destroying public and private property alike.  Committing violence for shock value is the very definition of terrorism.
  • Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen. –  President Trump’s team of advisors will no doubt counsel him not to take this step because it would be “divisive” (I can hear H.R. McMaster saying those words as I type this), and out of fear of incurring negative media coverage, as if this President ever gets anything else from the fake news media.
  • Still, if nothing else, this puts the President and his advisors on the spot and at least forces them to focus on the question.  It will also force Mr. Trump to clearly recognize those among his advisors who counsel him to avoid doing what he clearly knows is the right thing to do under the law.  Antifa clearly is a domestic terrorist organization and is quite proud of that fact.  Coddling and placating them will only make them bolder.
  • What in the hell is going on with our Navy? – For the third time since May, a U.S. war ship has collided with a gigantic merchant vessel in open waters off of the Asian continent.  The Navy has announced the collision of the USS John McCain was the result of “poor seamanship”, and that this poor seamanship has resulted in ten sailors being missing at sea.  Rescue operations are underway, and we should all pray for their survival.
  • I never served in the Navy, but it is honestly baffling to me how these events can happen with modern warships.  We are long past the days of ships having to rely on such things as bells and horns to signal ships’ presence at night or in heavy fogs.  These ships are equipped with millions of dollars worth of radars, sonars and global positioning technology.  How they can miss the presence of an oil tanker in their proximity is almost beyond comprehension.
  • The previous two incidents have been followed with the usual perfunctory military inquiry followed by unsatisfying official statements.  This third incident in four months demands an official, formal investigation into the whole series of events.  One such incident can be explained as a simple accident; two as mere coincidence; but three, as they say, is a pattern, and this pattern is getting U.S. Navy personnel killed at a disturbing rate.  Time to find out why.

Just another day in poor seamanship America.

That is all.

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