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No, Mike Pence Can’t Unilaterally Stop the Electoral Vote Certification

Let’s kill this horrible rumor dead, shall we? – Listen up: Vice President Pence does not have the power to determine whether or not congress certifies the electoral vote on January 6. He just doesn’t, and no amount of disinformation spread around social media platforms is going to change that immutable fact of life. Patrick Byrne and L. Lin Wood have been spreading that utter and complete nonsense for several days now (see below).

This stuff has also been making the rounds on Facebook and other social media platforms. It is false. It is reprehensibly false, and it is having the effect of impugning Pence’s reputation and creating a potentially dangerous situation for him and his security detail when it becomes obvious on January 6th that none of this is going to happen.

I mean, think about it: If any vice president really had any such authority, would Richard Nixon have become president in 1969? What about John Kennedy in 1961? Both of those men “won” the electoral vote over sitting vice presidents (Nixon in 1960, Humphrey in 1968) by extremely narrow margins, and Kennedy did it amid (true) allegations that the mob had stolen several states for him. If any vice president really had these powers, George W. Bush would have never become president, nor would Donald Trump, for that matter. I mean, if the sitting Veep can control the outcome, why wouldn’t the Democrat Party have simply instructed Biden to do that rather than engage in 4 years of a slow-rolling coup d’etat?

Apply Occam’s Razor here, folks: The clear answer to the questions above is that no vice president actually has any such powers. Period.

Vice President Pence has one role on January 6, and that is to preside over what is almost always a pro forma, uneventful joint session of congress during which the Electoral College results will be approved, normally via a motion for unanimous consent. If one member of the House and one member of the Senate object, however, then the joint session will be dissolved and each house will hold a brief debate before casting a role call vote on the matter.

As I reported late yesterday, the latter will be the case this time, as Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley is defying the will of Mitch McConnell and planning to file an objection, along with about two dozen members of the House. The debate will be for “up to 2 hours,” after which the vote will be held. The positive is that it will force every member of both parties to certify these clearly fraudulent election results by name for posterity. The negative part is that it has no chance whatsoever of changing the outcome.

VP Pence is not going to change that outcome, either, so put that out of your minds right now. Despite the nonsense being spread by Byrne, Wood and others, he simply has no authority whatsoever to do so.

Pence will preside over the joint session, period. That is it, and his role is very restricted while doing so. He has no power to make motions, to participate in any debate that might break out or to participate in the vote. His role is so restricted on that particular day, in fact, that he doesn’t even get to perform his normal duties as President of the Senate in the very unlikely event that a tie vote on the matter should occur.

I am aware that some other “conservative” bloggers who I won’t name are spreading this nonsense in order to attract clicks as well. I could do the same thing and no doubt drive a lot of additional traffic here, but I’m not here to do that, and I’m not going to blow smoke up your skirts. Just know that when you see other websites pushing this nonsense, that is what they are there to do, and if you like being lied to, then by all means continue to click on their stuff. They will no doubt appreciate it.

That is all.

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The Deep State Strikes Back: Maria Butina Released and Deported to Russia

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

As Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation shifts to a criminal prosecution, the bad actors continue the fight. –  You may or may not remember the curious case of former CEO Patrick Byrne, which was reported in the Campaign Update on August 23, after Byrne had made explosive allegations against the Coup Cabal during an appearance on Fox News.

If you don’t remember it, here’s the clip of that interview, the transcript for which can be found at this link.:

Byrne makes several allegations in that interview, but the chief one to focus on today was his contention that, due to his having worked with the FBI on a case about 15 years ago, he was asked in late 2015 to engage with a Russian agent named Maria Butina (pictured below) and introduce her around to several presidential candidates, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and yes, Donald J. Trump. Those three just happened at the time to be the three leading contenders for the 2016 GOP nomination.

Image result for maria butina"

Odd, right? Well, not really, given what we know today.

Byrne ultimately came to realize that the purpose of this operation was to “dirty up” these candidates by associating them with a Russian agent, giving James Comey’s FBI a pretext for initiating surveillance on their respective campaigns. Byrne claimed that, when he confronted his FBI handlers about his suspicions, they confirmed that was indeed their intent.

Ms. Butina ultimately became ensnared in the Mueller investigation, pleading guilty to conspiracy charges ostensibly related to her interactions with NRA officials during 2016. She received an 18-month sentence and was sent to a maximum security prison in order to prevent her from having any access to the outside world, i.e., to keep her quiet. She was moved to a minimum security prison in May, a decision Byrne claims was made by AG William Barr after a meeting with Byrne.

Why are we going through all of this again today? Because on Friday, one day after we learned that the Barr/Durham effort is now a criminal investigation, Ms. Butina was suddenly released from federal prison several weeks before her sentence had run out, and immediately loaded on a plane and shipped back to Russia on the orders of federal officials.

At the very end of the Reuters report linked above, we find this semi-explanation for Butina’s sudden release and deportation:

Asked whether Washington now expects Russia to release a former U.S. Marine named Paul Whelan currently being held on accusations of espionage, a State Department spokesperson said, “We continue to urge the Russian government to ensure a fair trial, including a fair and public hearing without undue delay, in accordance with its international legal obligations.”

A Russian court on Thursday ordered Whelan, detained in 2018, held in custody until Dec. 29.

Whelan, who holds American, British, Canadian and Irish passports, has denied the espionage allegations.


So, thanks to the machinations of the bad actors who remain embeded within the Trump Administration, we can fully expect Ms. Butina to now disappear forever, perhaps to the wilds of Siberia, never to be heard from again. And Mr. Byrne’s story will be disappeared along with her.

Speaking of bad actors continuing the fight… – Also on Friday, Obama appointed federal judge Beryl Howell ruled that the Department of Justice must grant access to some of the federal grand jury material withheld from the Mueller Report to Jabba the Nadler and the members of the House Judiciary Committee. The material has thus far been withheld under very clear U.S. law and legal precedent in order to prevent it from being leaked into the public domain, which we know Nadler and his fellow Democrats will do as soon as they get their grubby hands on it.

Such grand jury material is traditionally withheld in order to prevent innocent citizens who testified before grand juries from having their reputations smeared as a result of doing so. There has been a non-partisan consensus for more than two centuries in this countries that making such testimony public will have a chilling effect on the ability of future grand juries to compel witness testimony in their efforts to get to the truth.

But this is an Obama judge, and she couldn’t care less about pesky things like precedent, tradition or truth. The decision will no doubt be appealed, and hopefully the appellate court will smack her down.

That is all.


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McCabe Hiring Consolidates the Spookification of Our News Media

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Should we change their names to CIANN and MSFBI? – After the news-fakers over at CNN added disgraced serial liar Andrew McCabe to its roster of paid contributors on Friday, the Daily Caller News Foundation notes that CNN and MSNBC now openly and proudly employ no fewer than 15 former employees of the myriad U.S. intelligence agencies.

That’s right: 15. Amazingly enough, America’s national Teenage Drama Queen, James Comey, is not among them. But he and McCabe were out on the CIANN airwaves performing as your basic Abbott and Costello tag team of Clintonian non-denial denial in the wake of the claims being made by Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of Overstock, that their FBI mounted a spying campaign against no fewer than four presidential campaigns during 2015-16.

Comey, when contacted by a CIANN fake reporter, would only give the same sort of cryptic answer that he posts on his Twitter feed: “The FBI doesn’t work that way.” Yet, we know with 100% certainty based on the public record available today that the FBI under James Comey did indeed “work that way” when it came to spying on the Trump campaign, going so far as to run operatives at certain members of the campaign in obvious efforts to entrap them. That is simply unarguable at this point, even without anymore documents being declassified.

The mouthy McCabe, as is his self-destructive habit, was more verbose in his non-denial denials. Check out this passage from the CIANN story:

Former FBI deputy director and CNN contributor Andrew McCabe said he hadn’t heard of Byrne until the former CEO revealed his relationship with Butina.
“His allegation that his potential cooperation with the FBI was somehow discussed at the highest levels certainly never happened when I was there,” McCabe, who held the No. 2 role at the agency beginning in 2016 until his firing in 2018, said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.”
McCabe said it was “certainly possible” that Byrne volunteered information about Butina to the FBI, but disputed the claim that agents would have told Byrne to “engage in a romantic relationship with a suspected Russian intelligence agent.”
“That is simply not the sort of thing that the FBI does,” McCabe said.

Let’s break that down, starting with the last statement, “That is simply not the sort of thing that the FBI does,” which is pretty much exactly what his former partner in cri…er…”boss” Comey said. Would it surprise anyone out there if Comey and McCabe had gotten together on the phone to coordinate messaging in advance of taking any appointments from friendly fake media outfits?

And let’s look at that first statement: “His allegation that his potential cooperation with the FBI was somehow discussed at the highest levels certainly never happened when I was there.” In the context of that very carefully-worded sentence, the phrase “at the highest levels” could mean he is denying that he and Comey, then the two highest officials at the FBI, never got together and discussed this program, which certainly could be true within what Byrne is alleging, given that he is claiming his orders came from Peter Strzok, not Comey or McCabe.

Let’s remember that Strzok did not report directly to either one of these non-denial artists at that time. Thus, it would have been very easy to compartmentalize all internal communications about any domestic espionage operations in order to provide both McCabe and Comey with a sweet level of plausible deniability about the matter.

But “at the highest levels” could also mean that Comey never discussed the spying effort with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, or that Lynch never discussed it with then-President Barack Hussein Obama his own self.

In other words, neither Comey nor McCabe actually “denied” any element of Byrne’s story, which is nothing unusual. This is just how they do things in spook-world.

As for the 15 ex-spooks now employed at CNN and MSNBC, you can be sure most of them are still serving as active informants and operatives for the FBI, CIA and various other intelligence agencies. You can also be sure that many other employees at those two cable channels and other big establishment media outlets are also serving in similar roles. These agencies have since their creation always made it a practice to place or recruit media members to serve in such jobs.

Remember, when President Donald Trump forced the release of a raft additional documents related to the JFK assassination in late 2017, we discovered that, as of November 1963, the CIA alone had no fewer than 42 assets placed in the country’s various media outlets. Given the way the number of both media outlets and intelligence agencies have multiplied over the last 56 years, you can be sure the number of spook plants within those outlets has grown apace.

The only aspect of this longstanding infiltration of our news media that has changed is that today, fake media operations like CIANN and MSFBI proudly announce that they are paying gobs of money to these spooks for the privilege of airing their deceptions to the public.

All of which is just one more reason why you should never take anything reported by any establishment media organization at face value. Honestly, it is becoming almost impossible to find anything resembling real news being reported anymore.

The Spookification of our media establishment is pretty much complete.

That is all.


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The Curious Potential Bombshell Case of Patrick Byrne

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

I honestly don’t know what to make of this, so I’m just going to let you watch and judge for yourselves. – Overstock founder Patrick Byrne resigned his CEO position at the company on Thursday, and shortly thereafter appeared on Fox Business’s Varney & Co. program. What he had to say about his alleged involvement in several FBI domestic espionage efforts against various political campaigns would, if true, amount to grounds for scattering the raging dumpster fire agency to the winds.

Here’s the clip of the interview:

The interview is too long to do a complete transcript, but here are the highlights:

Byrne claims the following:

  • “Because 17 years ago, I helped them crack a murder…they knew me, and they called me in 2015, 2016 to assist in something. I didn’t know who the orders came from, but I assisted.
  • “I took some orders that seemed a little fishy, didn’t know who the orders came from, but last summer while watching television, I figured out …that the name of the man who sent me the orders was a guy named Peter Strzok.”
  • Question: Are you working with the Attorney General? “Let me be clear: I’m not working with anybody.  The last time I talked to a federal office was five months ago. I explained everything to them between April 5 and April 30, and then I disappeared.”
  • “Bill Barr – there’s gonna be a sculpture of granite of this guy somewhere – I couldn’t come forward for three years until there was rule of law in this country. I wasn’t gonna come forward when this guy Jeff Sessions…Truman said of an opponent I can carve a better man out of a banana, that’s how Americans should feel about Jeff Sessions.”
  • ” Now, we have rule of law and I came forward to them in April. There are other whistle blowers within the federal bureaucracy with similar stories.
  • The bottom line is there’s a big coverup, there was political espionage conducted against Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.”
  • ” I was in the room when it happened. I was a part of it. I thought I was doing law enforcement. Sorry.”

That’s all in the first 4:30 of the clip. Byrne does not get more specific about exactly what activities he undertook for Strzok and the FBI, but goes onto say that he has told the whole story to Barr and that his information has been rolled into U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the whole Spygate scandal. Byrne says he resigned because he expects to soon become very publicly embroiled in the scandal as the Horowitz Report on FISA abuse is rolled out and the results of Durham’s investigation begin to bear fruit.

Byrne in fact claims that Barr’s decision to appoint Durham on May 13 was in part motivated by the story he delivered to Barr on April 30. Byrne also claims that he decided to resign now after consulting with his “guru” Warren Buffet, who advised him to do it now because if he didn’t, the Deep State would use his company to “grind me down.”

Byrne appeared again on Fox News later with Martha Macallum, but did not reveal any more details.

Another very interesting facet of Byrne’s statements is his contention that another reason why he was approached by the FBI was the fact that he was carrying on an affair with Russian lawyer Maria Butina, who has popped up in several places during the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy play.

Readers may remember that Butina was arrested by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s thugs on charges that she was a Russian agent. After reaching a plea deal amid claims she had become a “cooperating witness” with the Mueller team, she had curiously been held in maximum security isolation until May 9, when she was suddenly moved to a white collar facility. Byrne claims that that move was also made due to his testimony to Barr.

No further charges against anyone have come from Butina’s supposed cooperation with Mueller’s thugs. Byrne’s story, combined with this curiously harsh treatment of a “cooperating” witness makes one wonder if Mueller’s people had isolated Butina in order to prevent her from making any public statements.

The clear outlier in all of this, however, is Byrne’s contention that the FBI wasn’t just spying on Trump and other Republican candidates, but on the Hillary Clinton campaign as well. While such a massive domestic spying operation within Obama’s corrupted FBI and Justice Department is certainly not difficult to imagine, given everything else we now know, the motivation they might have had for spying on the Pantsuit Princess is a mystery until we have more data.

If Byrne is to be believed, we will begin getting that additional data from Horowitz, Durham and Barr after Labor Day.

After so many previous false promises of such damaging new data, all I can say is that I will believe it when I see it.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time. 

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