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Hey, Remember When The Lefties Told Us That Silence Is Consent? Yeah…good times.

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Lessee here…more than 48 hours after the NY Times revelatory piece about Harvey Weinstein’s quarter century of abusing women, and not one word from one of his biggest political beneficiaries, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  I’m old enough to remember when The Most Corrupt Woman In America went around telling us that women who are abused by men have the right to be believed.  That obviously did not apply to women abused by her own husband, and it apparently doesn’t apply when the man in question is a big campaign donor and huge contributor to the Democratic Party.  Who could have ever guessed that would be the case?
  • Not one word from Michelle or Barack Obama, either, even though the internet is filled with photos of both of them paling around with Weinstein over the years.  Weinstein held multiple fundraisers for the former President, gave him many thousands of dollars.  In fact, the Obamas thought so highly of this predator that they even allowed their oldest daughter to work for him one recent summer.  Let that sink in.
  • Speaking of the DNC, the scumbags who run that disgrace of an organization announced yesterday that they would be giving much of the more than $300,000 they have received from Weinstein while he was abusing women to …wait for it…Emily’s List!  Yes, Emily’s List, which is nothing more than a Democrat slush fund support organization.  Out in the real world, we call this money laundering.  Next, it’s probably a safe bet we will see the DNC announce it is giving a big chunk of money to Planned Parenthood, so PP can just give it right back in the form of political contributions.  The sleaze just oozes out of these people’s pores.
  • Several of the Democrat-only senators to whom Weinstein has so generously targeted his hush money over the years joined Patrick Leahy in announcing they would be contributing their ill-gotten gains to “women’s” organizations, too.  Presumably, this money will go to “women’s” organizations like Emily’s List and PP, so the senators can all be sure they will get the money right back.  These execrable excuses for human beings include Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, valor thief Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker and Martin Heinrich.
  • If you’re wondering why I’m listing the names of these senators for you, it is because what Weinstein was doing to women was open knowledge in Hollywood and among the Democrat political set.  I think it is very important for us all to know that all of these sleazy politicians who claim to be supporters of women’s rights took money from Weinstein and allowed him to hold fundraisers for them very likely in the full knowledge that he was a predator.
  • But hey, as sleazy as these Democrat politicians are, at least some of them are acknowledging the NY Times’ story and taking some action.  The same cannot be said of the cowards who infest the Hollywood film industry, all of whom appear to cower in fear of the Weinstein empire.  Or, probably more accurately, all of whom still hope to get jobs or other wise benefit from the Weinstein empire.
  • This should not surprise anyone.  Hollywood has always been a cesspit of human depravity, and given all the stories of rampant pedophilia infesting that culture in recent years, the Hollywood set no doubt views mere sexual harrassment with a sense of relief.
  • Even the late night talk show hosts who want their viewers to think they are so brave in pounding on President Trump and those evil Republicans in congress have  been mute about Weinstein.  No tears from Jimmy Kimmel for the plight of the many women whom Weinstein abused.  No Hitler references or salutes for Weinstein from Stephen Colbert.  No staff-written letters of sympathy displays from Jimmy Fallon.  Nothing but silence, and thus consent, from any of these creeps.
  • Because silence is consent in situations like this, or at least that’s what our country’s liberals and progressives have spent the last 40 years telling us.  Weinstein’s behavior towards women was an open secret – everyone knew about it, and everyone who hoped to benefit professionally or politically from his massive wealth and power stayed silent about it.  But like everything else progressives and liberals demand from the rest of us in terms of human behavior, they feel no need to apply this behavior to themselves.
  • Weinstein was “suspended” by his own company on Friday so that officials there – all of whose livelihoods depend on Weinstein’s survival – can conduct an internal “investigation”.  Everyone should understand that the “investigation” will be conducted by people who have all along known what Weinstein was doing to women.  Because everyone in Hollywood knew, and no one said anything.

Just another day in silence is consent America.

That is all.

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