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CNN Airs The Hillary And Harvey Show – Rampant Prevarication Ensues

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Exactly how misplaced are our Attorney General’s priorities?  Let me show you. – The Justice Department announced on Wednesday that the FBI was opening an investigation into the possibly illegal activities of…wait for it…wait for it…Harvey Weinstein!  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  So, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is perfectly capable of having the FBI investigate the sexual proclivities of a film producer, but he appears to be utterly incapable of investigating the possible illegal activities of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, John Brennan or anyone else who served in the Obama Administration.  This guy is worthless.  What a waste.
  • In Other Harvey Weinstein news… – Hillary Clinton, in a predictably softball interview on CNN Wednesday, told fake journalist Fareed Zakaria that she was “sick” and “appalled” to hear about her “friend” Harvey Weinstein’s behavior towards women.  This is truly hard to believe.  The Clintons have been paling around with the big Hollywood muckety-muck for more than 20 years.  He’s held fundraisers for both of them, personally given to their campaigns, bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars to their campaigns, and given as much as a quarter million dollars to the Clinton Crime Family fake Foundation.
  • The thought that the Clintons had no idea about the true nature of their “friend” strains all credibility to the breaking point.  Mrs. Clinton, after all, is supposed to be just the smartest woman on earth according to her brain-dead sycophants.  Her claim to have known nothing is too ridiculous to even contemplate.  But of course, Zakaria just nodded his silly little head at his heroine’s answers and moved on to his next silly question, because he’s such a silly little man.
  • Hillary assured the audience that she would be donating Weinstein’s campaign “contributions” to various women’s charities, which is great.  She did not specify whether that means just the funds Weinstein personally contributed specifically to her various campaigns, or would include all the money he bundled together and raised for her at the various fundraisers he hosted for her.  Nor did she say anything about the big sum he tossed into her family’s fake foundation.  Unless some third party keeps pressure on her – which we know the fake news media will not do – it’s a safe bet she will donate the smallest sum possible, and whatever she does donate will go to various “causes” like Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List, which will just funnel the money right on over to the Democrat Party.  No one does money laundering like the Clintons.
  • At one point, Mrs. Clinton chuckled and claimed “I give 10% of my income to charity every year, after all…”.  As the National Review pointed out last year, the great bulk of Mrs. Clinton’s “charitable giving” goes to… wait for it…The Clinton Foundation and events associated with it!  Of course it does.
  • And if you think any of this Weinstein scandal is just Tiddly-Winks, know that the goons who run Twitter suspended actress Rose McGowan’s account Wednesday night.  This action was taken at the behest of someone, because the Twitter goons don’t just go around suspending accounts absent a complaint.  McGowan had been using her account to “out” people, like Ben Affleck, who she believes (most likely knows) have been lying in their public statements about what they knew about Weinstein before the NYTimes published its story about him last week.  In taking this action, which she began before Weinstein lost his power, she has distinguished herself as pretty much the only admirable character in this particular Hollywood production.  So naturally, the Twitter goons went after her.  Somebody with a lot of influence is very, very worried about what Ms. McGowan might say about them.  You seriously can’t make this stuff up.
  • “America’s conscience” has got some ‘splainin’ to do – Some enterprising person unearthed a video of talk show host and bad comic Jimmy Kimmel – who one idiot opinion writer dubbed “America’s conscience” early this week – doing a ‘man on the street’ routine in which he has something stuffed in the crotch of his pants and asks girls passing by to alternately grab it or “put your mouth on it” to see if they can tell what it is.  For those who do not know, Mr. Kimmel was years ago a host of something called “The Man Show”, a program in which the humiliation of young women was a nightly occurrence.  I’m not sure America really needs that as its “conscience.”
  • Meanwhile, Napa and Sonoma Valleys are burning up, 21 people are dead, and everybody – including me, sadly – is talking about the wretched Harvey Weinstein.  God bless the souls of those who have perished, and those brave first responders who are working around the clock to contain the fires, and God help the hundreds who are still missing.  What a terrible tragedy this is.

Just another day in scandal-plagued America.

That is all.

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