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The Trumps Test Positive: October Surprise No. 1 Has Arrived

October Surprise No. 1 has arrived. – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump both tested positive for the China Virus on Thursday, after communications guru Hope Hicks had herself come up with a positive test earlier in the day. Leftists across Twitter and other social media sites immediately jumped in to spew vitriolic hopes of the First Couple dying from the disease, because of course they did. What else would you expect?

I won’t publish any of those despicable tweets and posts, but I will share a positive one with you. This is from MSNBC conspiracy monger Rachel Maddow:

That’s pretty classy for a fake news hostess who has spent pretty much every day the last five years spreading the most repugnant, false claims about this President, and often, his wife.

Meanwhile, over at CNN, sleazy fake journalist Dana Bash expressed her political party’s most fervent hopes:

Think about it: this would be a leftist baby-killer’s wet dream. Should Amy Coney Barrett have to quarantine, then what about Mitch McConnell and other members of the Senate who have met with the Supreme Court nominee this week? With Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to begin on October 12, a two-week quarantine would push the process back at least three days, moving the conclusion to the process ever closer to Election Day, wouldn’t it?

At least, that’s the reasoning of Democrats and the corrupt news media.

For their own part, McConnell and Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham could voluntarily self-quarantine, and, given the fact that pretty much no Democrat members have agreed to even meet with the nominee, use this as a compelling reason to cancel committee hearings entirely related to this nomination. Go straight to a floor vote and deny the Democrats their much-desired committee hearing circus.

Such a move would not change one vote related to the elections, but it would ensure a constitutionalist majority on the court for years to come.

Back at the campaign… – Obviously, another aspect of this that has the left in and out of the corrupt media tingling with glee this morning is that the positive test for the President would put a real cramp in Mr. Trump’s style for the next two weeks.

But does it really? My theory is that the President could send out a call for a rally at a hangar at any random airport in the nation, where people would show up to cheer as they watch him speak on huge video screens, and draw thousands upon thousands of supporters. The rally would be essentially the same, but the novelty of the method would inevitably create massive local news coverage of the event, which is one of the main goals for these rallies.

And if Democrats and the media object, you can just call them “peaceful protests” and any arguments about social distancing or masks would be rendered automatically moot.

More Strategery… – Also, from a strategic standpoint and from the standpoint of what is best for the conduct of his job, the President should reserve time on all the networks at some point today or tonight to deliver a message of reassurance to the country and the financial markets, which are showing signs of having a semi-meltdown this morning. Frankly, the earlier the better on this one.

In light of this diagnosis, people need to see the President’s face, to hear is voice, and to be reassured he remains functioning and in charge. The markets have been by and large expecting a second term for the Trump presidency and a continuation of his economic policies. Investors and traders need to be reassured that this health scare isn’t going to shift the dynamics of the campaign.

The Trumps’ health is paramount. – As of this writing very early on October 2, the White House is reporting that the President is currently asymptomatic, possibly due in some part to his use of hydroxychloroquine as a shield. But he is 74 years old and thus in the high-risk category for the worst features of this Chinese plague. The First Lady is much younger and thus at much lower risk of suffering from the most difficult aspects of the virus.

As Maddow notes above, for anyone over the age of 60 or so, this virus is a very dangerous and cruel affliction. Just because the President is asymptomatic today does not mean he will remain so. He does enjoy the advantages of the finest doctors and health experts the world knows today, but this plague does not necessarily heed to the will or expertise of any man.

We should all pray fervently for the President’s and First Lady’s health, safety and full recovery.

That is all.

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The Cultural War Buchanan Warned About is Coming to a Head

This is the GOP’s culture war convention. – 28 years ago at the 1992 Republican National Convention, held in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, Patrick J. Buchanan made a speech that the Democrats, their corrupt news media toadies and the country club Republicans hated. Because, as a part of that long speech, he had the courage to tell the truth, in a single paragraph, about what was really happening in America at that time:

“My friends, this election is about more than who gets what. It is about who we are. It is about what we believe, and what we stand for as Americans. There is a religious war going on in this country. It is a cultural war, as critical to the kind of nation we shall be as was the Cold War itself, for this war is for the soul of America. And in that struggle for the soul of America, Clinton & Clinton are on the other side, and George Bush is on our side. And so, to the Buchanan Brigades out there, we have to come home and stand beside George Bush.”

A cultural war. A battle for the soul of America. That is what America was engaged in at that point in time, 28 years ago, as those on the radical left carried out assaults on the institutions and traditions that made this the greatest country ever imagined by man. Buchanan was right, and the denizens of the DC Swamp, the creatures of the political muck and mire that serves as the policy conduit on our nation’s soul, hated him for it.

That war for America’s soul rages on today, more blatant and in-your-face than ever before, precisely because Donald Trump, a real culture warrior, won the presidency four years ago. He has spent the last four years fighting almost alone against the Swamp, which has raised an assault on him, his reputation, his family and anyone who continues to support him that has become increasingly strident in its tone and violent in its action.

We see the Left’s cultural war played out on social media every day. It flashes onto our TV screens in the form of businesses being looted and buildings being burned by professional rioters who are bused into Democrat-run cities like Portland and Kenosha, paid for by Soros/Democrat front groups. It comes into our homes in the form of videos of the Democrat Speaker of the House calling Trump supporters “enemies of the state.” It rages on CNN as Don Lemon proposes sending Trump voters to re-education camps, with the brother of the mass-murdering Governor of New York nodding his head in agreement.

We see the Left’s cultural war, this war for America’s soul, presented to us in the Democrat Party’s platform, a platform that calls for open borders, for returning our country to the subservience to China brought to us by two Bushes, a Clinton and an Obama. It’s a platform that calls for returning our country’s support in the Middle East to the Mullahs in Iran, for re-committing America to the fraudulent wealth distribution scheme called the Paris Climate Accords.

We see the Left’s cultural war presented to us in the form of a mannequin of a nominee, a man who doesn’t know where he is half the time, who parrots talking points fed to him by the leftist radicals who serve as his handlers. That mannequin of a man promises to shut the country’s economy down again if he is elected, to destroy the domestic oil and gas industry in order to render America subservient yet again to Russia and Saudi Arabia and Iraq  and Iran for its energy needs. That mannequin promises to squander America’s wealth on a “Green New Deal” that would destroy our airlines in favor of building a completely unfeasible network of rail lines whose real purpose would be to limit our mobility and keep us shut in our homes, frightened and dependent on whatever guaranteed income the leftist radicals deem appropriate for us.

We saw the Left’s cultural war played out at last week’s Democrat Convention, during which not a single speaker dared to condemn the mass rioting, violence and destruction taking place in Democrat-run cities across the country. Because this is what the Democrats have become: A Party that sponsors riots as a political tool.

In response to the Left’s cultural war, the GOP, led by President Trump, has thus far presented a convention filled with hope and real people telling their real, compelling, American stories. Last night, the First Lady spoke eloquently of her hopes for America and her personal struggle to immigrate to this country. The President himself issued a pardon live on national TV to a former felon who has turned around his life, and performed a naturalization ceremony for an immigrant who had followed the law to become a real American the right way. To top things off, Nicholas Sandmann, the teenager who was slandered and smeared mercilessly by the leftist, corrupt media, told his story of fighting back and winning against the media mob.

The first night of the convention featured a parade of African Americans like Herschel Walker, Democrat legislator Vernon Jones and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, reassuring Black voters that it is ok to break free of the Democrat plantation and vote for freedom and a chance at real growth and success. It featured former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, the first Indian-American woman to be elected governor of any state. It featured Natalie Harp, a cancer survivor who only lives today because the President fought so hard to implement “right-to-try” policies that allow those with advanced illnesses to try experimental drugs. And it featured Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at rioting thugs who had illegally broken into their gated neighborhood, and who later had their home raided on the orders of a corrupt, Soros-funded prosecutor.

These are the cultural war conventions we see playing across our TV screens in real time these past two weeks. The cultural war Buchanan warned us about rages more violently than ever, smeared directly in our faces every day by Democrat-sponsored rioters and increasingly bold Democrat politicians who seldom bother to hide their real objectives anymore.

Standing between ordinary Americans and the barbarians at America’s gate is one man: Donald Trump. No one could have seen this coming when he announced his candidacy 5 years ago, but he has truly become that rarest of rare human commodities: The Indispensable Man.

Make no mistake about it: The vote you cast this year for president is a vote that will decide the war for America’s soul. We can either remain a free nation made up of free people, or we can fall.

It’s the clearest choice we have ever faced.

That is all.

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Kanye West Provides Details, and He Will Have an Impact

After tweeting out news of his intent to run for the presidency this fall on Sunday, rapper Kanye West sat down for what Steve Forbes says was a 4-hour interview with reporter Randall Lane. In the exhausive interview, West provides all the details about his reasons for running, his views about President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the fact that he believes he has been chosen by God to lead the country and his belief that a COVID-19 vaccine would be the biblical “Mark of the Beast.”

The article on the interview can be found in full at this link.

Go read it – you’ll be glad you did, regardless of your views about Mr. West.

And here’s the thing about this: Whether you take Kanye seriously or consider his candidacy to be a joke, you should not doubt that, if he really does choose to mount a campaign this year, he will have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome.

As you watch the DC insider talking heads on your television assure you that it’s all just a joke, that West is not at all serious, that he will end his lark in a few weeks, and how could anyone imagine that Kim Kardashian West could ever become First Lady, remember that those exact same talking heads made the exact same dismissive comments in 2015 about Donald Trump and Melania Trump in the weeks after he announced his own candidacy.

One quote from West in this interview really stands out to me: “I’m not saying Trump’s in my way, he may be a part of my way. And Joe Biden? Like come on man, please. You know? Obama’s special. Trump’s special. We say Kanye West is special. America needs special people that lead. Bill Clinton? Special. Joe Biden’s not special.”

Whether we want to recognize it or not, America’s presidential politics have dramatically shifted, and that shift started with Bill Clinton’s candidacy in 1992. Clinton’s victories that year over 30-year DC veteran George HW Bush and four years later over 30-year DC veteran Bob Dole started a shift away from campaigns in which some old hand of the DC establishment roams around the country giving boring speeches detailing his 30-point plans to address every imaginable issue.

That’s what Elizabeth Warren attempted to do during the Democrat primaries, and we saw how well that worked out for her.

Clinton didn’t do that. Clinton was all about talking points and image – he had no more than 5 overarching messages composing 25 words or less that he repeated throughout his campaign, over and over and over again. Much of his campaign was based on pushing his image of being young, good-looking, a carouser with women and a guy who played the saxophone on the Tonight Show. To the extent he actually addressed issues, he lied through his teeth about them, and that only made him more of a bad boy who was sexually appealing to the women, who voted overwhelmingly for him.

Obama was all about Roman columns and huge crowds in big stadiums repeating nostrums about “hope and change” and promising to “transform this country,” a line we now see the pathetic 50-year DC hack Biden attempting to parrot from his basement.

Then came Trump, a complete outsider who had never sought a public office in his entire life. Trump didn’t have a detailed plan to address a single issue, other than to build a wall on our southern border. What he did have was image: The image of being a wildly-successful real estate developer, the image of being the guy who spend a decade saying “You’re fired!” on NBC, the image of being a bad boy who had gone through three wives. And, like Obama and Clinton before him, he knew how to communicate in terms that common, ordinary Americans understand.

That’s what our presidential politics are today. We don’t have to like it: It just is.

Democrat voters knee-jerked back to the old DC veteran Biden not because he’s who they really want, but because pollsters and party leaders kept telling them that Biden had the best chance of beating Trump. But ultimately, Biden is Bob Dole without Dole’s sense of humor and status as a war hero. He is not going to be our next president.

If you don’t think Kanye West will have tremendous appeal to many independent voters and tons of Black voters, then you really do need to pay more attention to what has been happening in our country over the last 28 years.

That is all.

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Melania Trump trolls the media, media too dumb to figure it out.  Film at 11.

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It’s just like that trash compactor scene from Star Wars, only R2D2 won’t be saving him. – The walls of the justice system closed in a little more on FBI Super Duper Agent and Aspiring Latin Lover Peter Strzok, as Attorney General let slip during an interview that hey, his security clearance has been revoked.  Note for the faint of heart:  This film does not have a happy ending for the former Texting Titan of the FBI.

Gosh, why would that be?  So, so hard to understand.  Oh, wait…  – A new poll from finds that public favorable view of the Federal Bureau of (fake) Investigation has dropped by 11 percentage points since February, as the details of the agency’s massive wrongdoings throughout 2016 and 2017 have made their way to light despite the best efforts of our fake national news media to keep them hidden.  The most disgusting part of the poll is that the FBfI’s most favorable ratings come from Democrats, who spent the 100 years prior to the inauguration of Donald Trump bashing the agency.  But hey, now they know it was nothing more than a tool of the Democrat Party trying to fix the election for the Pantsuit Princess, they love it.  It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad for the country.

Speaking of polls, this whole fake border crisis isn’t working out too well for the fake news media and their Democrat wards.   A new poll from Rasmussen finds that fully 54 percent of likely voters blame the parents of these children for their situation (imagine that) and only 35 percent blame the government.  No doubt heads were exploding all over the headquarters of the DNC, CNN, the NYTimes and the WaPo after that poll came out.  This is not how this was supposed to go for them.  Not at all – not even close.

Democrats in Action! – Democrats on Tuesday:  “End family separation! End family separation!”

[Trump ends family separation]

Democrats on Thursday: “End family reunification! End family reunification!”


Melania Trump trolls the media, media too dumb to figure it out.  Film at 11. – The First Lady traveled to McAllen on Thursday to visit one of the facilities that is at the center of the latest episode of fake liberal outrage.  As she boarded Air Force One, all the fake reporters gasped in unison as they noted she was sporting a $39 jacket, on the back of which was the slogan “I don’t really care, do U?”

As if it were all a coordinated effort (note: it is), the entirety of the nation’s fake news media went immediately into deflection mode, ignoring the First Lady’s long, detailed visit with the children in the McAllen facility and her discussions with those who care for them, focusing instead on her fashion choice.  What does it mean?  Is she making a statement towards these poor, poor children?  Maybe she’s mad a her evil husband – that must be it!

All the social justice warriors on Twitter also went into an immediate rage, because, well, of course they did.  When one asked me “can you imagine what would be happening if Michelle Obama wore that jacket?” I responded “no, because I can’t imagine Michelle Obama ever putting on a $39 jacket.”

Several hours after the First Lady returned to Washington, we of course found out it was all an effort to tweak the fake news media’s collective nose, as the President issued the following tweet:

Hilarious.  Obviously, the White House strategy on this fake border issue is not just to let the Democrats and their fake media guardians wail away and reveal they don’t really give a damn about any kids, but to help them along by trolling them as the First Lady did yesterday.  While some might characterize that as callous, it is in fact entirely appropriate to the situation.

Think about it:  The outrage is false.  Pretty much every allegation leveled at the Trump Administration has been shown to be false.  Most of the images and video shown by the fake news media has been revealed to be from the Obama years, during which the media/Democrats never uttered a peep.  Even the little girl on the cover of Time Magazine has been shown to be a fake – she was never at any time separated from her mother.

The obvious next tactic the media/Democrats will be deploying today will be allegations that the children are somehow being “abused” by those caring for them.  By Monday, those allegations will also be proved to have been false, because this is what our fake news media does.

Given all of that, why should the Administration do anything other than taunt their opposition, and troll them into revealing their true nature and goals?  When literally everything about the opposition is fake, the opposition does not deserve a serious response.

And hey, as I write this piece this morning, President Trump has issued the following tweets:

Ok, I can stop now.

Just another day in now even Melania’s trolling the fake news media America.

That is all.

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James Comey Finds That Being a Teenage Drama Queen Ain’t All it’s Cracked up to be

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet? – President and First Lady Melania Trump hosted their first formal state dinner in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron last night, and it was by all accounts a rousing success.  Even better, not one single, solitary Washington, DC-based Democrat was invited to attend, a fact that the fake reporters and fake anchors at CNN whined about endlessly.  The lone Democrat in attendance was the execrable Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, I guess because of that whole Louisiana Purchase thing.  Governor Edwards, a trial lawyer who is using his office to destroy the Louisiana economy, behaving like a tin pot dictator in the process, is as good a representative of his party as anyone could be.

Hey, this whole book tour plan to take down President Trump idea just is not going the way we planned it! – Late yesterday, reports began to circulate that teenage drama queen ex-FBI Director James Comey is suddenly getting a little concerned that his plan to take down a sitting president by releasing his angst-filled diaries to the public and charging $95 a pop for people to listen to him talk about how The Man done him wrong is actually boomeranging on him and exposing him further than he already was to criminal prosecution.  So he’s gone out and hired himself a good criminal lawyer, a man who happens to be the godfather of Comey’s children, and a man whose name will be very familiar to some of you.

That man’s name?  Patrick Fitzgerald.

Yes, friends and countrymen, the self-same Patrick Fitzgerald who spent a couple of years during the George W. Bush administration as the last “special counsel” to conduct a witch hunt against a Republican presidency.  The same Patrick Fitzgerald whose only notable conviction out of that fiasco was the false conviction of Scooter Libby on a perjury trap, a conviction that President Trump reversed just days ago.  That guy right there is the freaking godfather of freaking James Comey’s freaking kids.

So, here’s what a bad actor our former FBI Director happens to be:  His best friend is the current special counsel and his kids’ godfather is the former special counsel and his other really good buddy is the guy who illegally appointed the current special counsel based solely on the content of Comey’s teen-angst diaries, and despite all of this, Comey still finds himself in the situation of likely facing an array of criminal charges for his actions while serving as FBI director and after he was fired.

Shortly after the release of Comey’s book I half-jokingly wrote that this whole book idea was actually just Comey’s version of Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe effort to raise a legal defense fund.  Today I’m repeating that thought, and I’m not joking.  I actually now fully believe that that is what the book is all about.  And the scheme has been highly successful:  As of yesterday, Comey’s book had already sold 600,000 copies, proving yet again P.T. Barnum’s old adage there is indeed a sucker born every minute.

Speaking of Comey, he held a book-shilling event at the Newseum in Washington last night, and the crowd was very predictably made up mainly of fawning fake reporters eager to secure a moment of time and selfies with their hero.  Also in attendance was former DNC Chairman and Clinton toady Donna Brazile, who engaged in her own efforts to fix the 2016 election by feeding debate questions to the Pantsuit Princess in advance.  Birds of a feather…

If this surprises you, you need to pay closer attention. – And it gets even better with Comey.  Fox News reports that the Columbia Law Professor who served as Comey’s conduit for illegally leaking his classified-information-filled memos to the New York Times was actually serving as an unpaid agent with “special status” for the FBI.  I swear I do not make this stuff up.

I just love this passage from the Fox story:

Sources familiar with Richman’s status at the FBI told Fox News that he was assigned to “special projects” by Comey, and had a security clearance as well as badge access to the building. Richman’s status was the subject of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Yes, he was assigned “special projects” such as trying and failing to give Comey cover for illegally leaking classified information to the fake news media, an act for which Comey now feels the need to retain a very expensive lawyer.  That kind of “special project.”

It turns out that being a 6’8″ tall, 57 year-old teenage drama queen just ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Just another day in you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried America.

That is all.

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President Trump Should Let Chuck And Nancy Have Their Government Shut-Down

  • First Lady Melania Trump stopped in at a local Whataburger while on a visit to Corpus Christi on Wednesday.  While the nitwits who infest Vanity Fair and the NYTimes are surely only interested in which shoes she wore to order her Whataburger with cheese and fries, I am officially in awe of our First Lady after that gesture to the people of Texas.  If you’ve never had a Whataburger and aren’t familiar with the company’s history and the place it occupies in Texas culture, you won’t understand why.  But trust me, every native Texan does.
  • It’s Senator Smalley Day in the U.S. Senate! – That’s right:  Today is the day when the terminally smarmy jackass Senator from Minnesota – who, let’s all never forget, acquired his seat solely due to massive voter fraud – announces that he has decided he is gropey enough, he’s perverted enough, and dog-gonnit, women hate him.  Because of all of that, he will resign his illegitimately-obtained seat and let Minnesota’s Democrat Governor appoint his replacement, who will get to serve through 2020.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
  • After congress passed an actual law in 1995 mandating the U.S. move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, President Bill Clinton signed the law and promised to get it done, but then caved in to pressure from the terrorists who run Palestine because they said it would negatively impact the Middle East “peace process.”  George W. Bush, when running for president in 2000, also promised to make this move, but then, once in office, caved in to pressure from the terrorists who run Palestine because they said it would negatively impact the Middle East “peace process.”   Barack Hussein Obama, when running for president in 2000, also promised to make this move, but then, once in office, caved in to pressure from the terrorists who run Palestine because they said it would negatively impact the Middle East “peace process.”  Are we beginning to detect a pattern here?
  • Donald J. Trump, when running for president in 2016, promised to make this move, and then, once in office, began to receive massive pressure from the terrorists who run Palestine not to do it, because they said it would negatively impact the Middle East “peace process.”  Faced with the previous 22 years of the very definition of insanity, President Trump yesterday realized that there is no “peace process” if our country keeps just giving in to the terrorists who run Palestine, and announced that he’s going to actually obey the law congress passed in 1995, and move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, where it has always belonged.  So nice to have a POTUS who doesn’t pander to terrorists, and who is actually focused on keeping the promises he made during his campaign.
  • This action by President Trump is, in a microcosm, the main reason why he is POTUS today.  He was elected to do the things his weak-kneed predecessors refused to do, to use the office of the presidency to protect the interests of American citizens and America’s allies, priorities that no president has really focused on since Ronald Reagan.
  • All of which brings me to this week’s negotiations over extending the continuing resolution that keeps the government funded.  With Chuck Schumer and San Fran Nan threatening to shut down the government because they want amnesty for all the “Dreamers”, weak-kneed Republicans in congress are running scared because they know the fake news media will put the blame for the shut-down on them.
  • My question to them is, so what?  Have you learned nothing from history?  The last time the Republicans got blamed by the fake news media for shutting down the federal government was 2013, when Ted Cruz single-handedly dragged the party kicking and screaming to negotiate something meaningful into the budget bill under consideration at the time.  14 months later, the GOP went on to win a massive tidal wave victory in the next mid-term congressional elections in 2014.  Why?  Because by shutting down the government, even for just a few days, Republicans in congress energized their base by demonstrating they actually do have the ability to stand for something.
  • But this week, every congressional Republican is begging President Trump to save them from getting blamed for shutting down the government again.  What is wrong with this picture?  Do these people never learn that they are going to get negative media treatment no matter what they do, for the simple fact that they are Republicans?  How many times must that lesson be pounded into their brains before they quit hitting their head up against the same brick wall?
  • Now is the time to do something meaningful, folks.  Just kicking the can down the road for the thousandth time only helps the Democrats.  Not only should the GOP refuse to include anything about the “Dreamers” in this CR, they should refuse to pass anything that doesn’t include funding for the border wall.  This constant surrendering in the face of the first sign of adversity is the main reason why congressional Republicans are detested by a growing number of naturally Republican voters.
  • This is a potential teaching moment for President Trump.  There is no doubt his instinct will be to let Chuck and Nancy shut the government down if they want to, and then get on this Twitter feed and pound them for as long as it lasts.  That’s exactly what he should do, for the benefit of the Republican Party and the country.
  • The Republicans in congress have been repeating this exact failed strategy in budget negotiations for far too long.  It’s up to President Trump to stop the insanity.  Shut.  It.  Down.

Just another day in stop the madness America.

That is all.


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Trump Is President, Hillary Isn’t. Be Thankful For That.

Today’s Campaign Update

  • Given that it’s the day before Thanksgiving and The Campaign Update will be taking tomorrow off, it seems like a good time to list some of the many things I’m thankful for in the world of politics and public policy.
  • The first one is easy:  I’m thankful that Hillary Clinton isn’t the president.  It’s bad enough that she remains in the public eye, still doing everything she can to destroy our nation’s democracy, still cloying and grasping in a desperate effort to remain politically viable, but she isn’t president, and the nation is safe from that prospect for at least another 3 years.
  • Second, I’m thankful Donald J. Trump is the President.  Thankful for the roaring economy his roll-backs of Obama regulations have created.  Thankful for the record-high closes in the stock markets on almost a daily basis.  Thankful for his refusal to bend to the will of the fake news media or buy into the dictates of political correctness.  Thankful for how crazy he drives liberals each and every day.  Thankful for his refusal to bow to the leaders of other countries.  Thankful for the sense of class and style he and First Lady Melania Trump have returned to the White House.  Thankful to have a President who is simply willing to celebrate Christmas again.  Thankful that he Never.  Stops.  Tweeting.
  • Third, I’m thankful to the leaders of the Democrat Party, such as they are, and their utter failure to learn a single damn lesson from their humiliations in the 2016 elections.  Rather than take those humiliations as an opportunity to moderate their policies and clean the corruption from their ranks, the Democrats have instead doubled down on the leftist radicalism that has taken them from the clear national majority they enjoyed as recently as 2010 to a shrinking, minority regional party centered in large cities along the East and West coasts.  Their party leadership remains a motley collection of corrupt fools, their anti-Trump and anti-middle American rhetoric grows more shrill with each passing day.  Cool.
  • Fourth, I’m thankful for the fake reporters, fake editors, and fake talking heads who infest the fake national news media.  Like the Democrat Party they all loyally serve, they have learned nothing from their own rejection in 2016, their double standards, biases and outright fabrications so blatantly obvious that no thinking person believes anything they have to say. Which is good for America, since there is no national mainstream media outlet that can be trusted anymore.
  • Fifth, I’m thankful to James Comey and Hillary Clinton for their invention of the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy play.  No, really, I am, despite the abuses of power that are obvious in the Robert Mueller investigation.  But that special counsel investigation is, intentionally or not, leading inexorably to the final downfall of not President Trump, but of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Without that special counsel, we would not now know that it was the Clinton Campaign and the DNC that funded the fake Trump Dossier.  Without that special counsel, we would still be in the dark about the role James Comey’s FBI played in all of that as well.  Without that special counsel, the whole Uranium One scandal would still be a secret buried in the bowels of hidden Justice Department records.  Yeah, I’m thankful for Russia Collusion, because that fantasy has led to the revelation of so much reality, with much, much more to come.
  • Finally, I’m thankful for all the women and former child actors who have been brave enough to come out in recent weeks and out so many monsters in Hollywood, the fake news media, and now in politics.  Intentionally or not, they are  showing America that the country’s leftwing institutions have long been cesspits of sexual depravity and abuse.  This is a reckoning that has been a long time coming, and is likely just getting started.
  • I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  The Campaign Update will return on Friday.

Just another day in so much to be thankful for America.

That is all.


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Why Is The NYTimes Talking About Melania Trump’s Shoe Choices?

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The fake journalists at the NYTimes, always on the cutting edge of news that no one living more than 2 miles from Central Park cares about, carried a feature piece in its fake coverage of Hurricane Harvey  focused on….wait for it…wait for it…the shoes worn by First Lady Melania Trump!  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • The piece, titled “Melania Trump, Off to Texas, Finds Herself on Thin Heels,” was written by some smarmy elitist named Vanessa Friedman, and carried in the fake newspaper’s Fashion and Style section.  The big news the Times found relevant to someone somewhere was that the First Lady wore her traditional spike heels when exiting the White House to board Marine One, but was wearing sneakers by the time she arrived in Corpus Christi, Texas with President Trump in a show of support for the people of Texas.
  • In justifying spending 700 words or so on this insignificant subject, the author pretends to simply be reflecting a major social media controversy. She proves said controversy exists by citing a single tweet from the terminally insipid Chelsea Handler, along with a tweet from some anonymous Twitter user.  Yes, because we all should really, really, really care what Chelsea Handler thinks of the First Lady’s shoe attire.
  • In response to the Times, Stephanie Grisham, the spokesman for the First Lady, said “It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes.”  Yes, exactly.  But this is the NYTimes, and creating fake controversies is apparently the only reason it exists anymore.
  • And can we be really honest about why Chelsea Handler feels the need to take shots at the First Lady’s choice of shoes?  She’s jealous.  Seriously, Chelsea Handler is jealous because – let’s be honest – Melania Trump rocks in stiletto heels, something Ms. Handler would obviously love to be able to do.  The reality is that the First Lady rocked in those sneakers, too, which no doubt drove Ms. Handler into a vodka-fueled rage.
  • Envy and jealousy are ugly emotions.  Nowhere do they reveal themselves more starkly and succinctly than in snarky, 140-character messages on Twitter.  And nowhere do they manifest more pettily than on the Fashion and Style pages of the NYTimes.
  • But it wasn’t just the NYTimes – fake news sites like the Daily Beast, The Washington Post and the Hollywood Reporter also carried similarly snarky commentary on the First Lady’s fashion choice.  It must be sad to have nothing better to do with your time while pretending to be a working journalist.  Really, really sad.
  • Writing for the Washington Post, fake journalist Robin Givhan tried to dress her piece up as semi-serious commentary in which the First Lady’s shoe choices serve as a metaphor for a presidency that is out of touch with the common man, as if a fake journalist with the WaPo has any idea what the “common man” thinks about anything:  “Melania Trump is the kind of woman who travels to a flood-ravaged state in a pair of black snakeskin stilettos. Heels this high are not practical. But Trump is not the kind of woman who has to be practical. Heels this high are not comfortable. Comfort is not the point. Neither hers nor yours…Heading off to Texas, she looked dressed to view a natural disaster from a distance, from on high, not up close. Her ensemble implied that people’s personal stories would be ferried to her after they had been vetted and tidied up.”
  • Wow.  Robert Duval’s character in True Grit would have read that passage and said “I call that bold talk for a fake journalist sitting comfortably in her cube funded by the world’s richest man.”  Again, look at the jealousy flowing out of Ms. Givhan’s sentences.  The envy.  The rage.
  • Here’s reality:  If Melania Trump’s husband were a Democrat, she’d be universally hailed as America’s foremost fashion icon, and praised by the very same jealous liberals who today are bemoaning her choice of shoes.  Melania Trump looks fantastic in anything she wears, and this obviously drives people like Ms. Givhan crazy.
  • Melania Trump is obviously very conscious of the image she projects in her role as America’s First Lady, as any First Lady should be.  She is obviously most comfortable in public wearing high heels.  If this drives fake journalists at the NYTimes and Wapo, and leftist c-list celebrities into jealous rages, so be it.
  • I can’t believe I just wrote 744 words on this subject, but there it is.

Just another day in jealous liberal rage America.

That is all.

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