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What a National $15 Minimum Wage Looks Like

I posted the photo below on my Facebook account on Sunday with the caption “Live photograph of what a national $15 minimum wage looks like:”

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Some readers mistakenly took that post as an attack on poor people, which of course completely misses the point. The point is that, once the government requires fast food businesses to dramatically increase the costs associated with the jobs they provide, many, perhaps most, of those jobs will simply go away, and the workers at, say, McDonalds will increasingly be displaced by the technology seen in the photo.

I got my first actual job when I was 14 years old, helping a couple of guys run the local mini-golf park. From that point forward, I worked every summer and Christmas break throughout my high school and college years, and held jobs during many in-school semesters as well. Every one of those jobs was a minimum wage job, and I was lucky and happy to have them, even the welder’s helper job on a pipeline construction crew, working 80-90 hour weeks in the heat of South Texas summers. With time and a half for overtime, even that $2.10 minimum wage in effect in 1976-77 added up to a decent sum of money by the time September rolled around.

I also worked various jobs in local clothing and hardware stores, where I learned how to do things like deal with ornery customers, measure an inseam, iron shirts, cut pipe, wrap Christmas gifts and put bicycles together. Over one Christmas break, since I was then majoring in accounting, I was assigned the task of taking inventory in a hardware store that had at the time been in operation for more than 80 years. You could never believe how many hundreds of thousands of screws, bolts, washers and nails one store could accumulate over such a long period of time.

I also worked for little while as a checker at a grocery store and for maybe 3 days as a waiter, but that was one job I couldn’t hack. I’ve been extremely courteous to restaurant wait staff throughout my life as a result of that awful experience.

The point here is this: These minimum wage jobs are an important element of our society’s cohesiveness and evolution, and the more we have of them, the better off our society will be. Jobs like these not only serve to keep people from becoming dependent on the state, they serve to teach young people many useful skills in life.

In my own life, I could directly link that experience taking inventory to my early career as an accountant. That experience working summers in the oil field was a catalyst for developing an interest in the oil business, in which I spent my entire adult life. The experience in sales directly helped prepare me for a later career as a lobbyist.

Many people like to make fun of “burger flippers” working at fast food joints like McDonald’s, but these are some of the most useful starting jobs a person can have.  Think of the various skillsets young people develop while in such jobs. For starters, you learn how to cook things, which is one of the basic keys to human life. But you are also customer-facing much of the time, and learn to develop skills in dealing with difficult human beings, who, trust me, are every-freaking-where you go.

At a burger joint, you also learn how a basic supply chain operates, from the patties to the grill to the bun to the bag and out the window to the customer, adding accessories like salt, pepper, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, fries and ketchup and a 32 oz. soft drink with extra ice along the way. You may think it’s all trivial and tedious when you’re 20 years old and doing it, but these are all skills you will lean on throughout the rest of your life.

When the government artificially sets prices on these jobs that are so high that businesses can’t remain profitable with their current work force, many of these jobs start to disappear, and many young people lose their means of learning these important life skills. Millions of teenagers and college students aren’t lucky as I was and my grandkids are to have two parents to help them learn such skills, and the lack of job opportunities can hinder their abilities to make an adequate living as they progress through life.

I’m all for paying people more money, and many companies have commendably moved to a $15 minimum wage voluntarily in recent years. Other companies that can only remain profitable at lower wage levels haven’t done that, which is how a free market system should work. When those companies are forced by the government to pay more for their workers, they will either adapt by cutting some of their jobs or go out of business entirely, taking all of their jobs with them.

That’s the point of that picture. It has literally nothing to do with demeaning poor people, and everything to do with wanting as many people as possible to have the jobs where they will develop the skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

That is all.

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Banning Plastic Straws – Just Another Climate Scam Strawman

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You don’t sayyyy… – The people who run McDonald’s were forced to admit yesterday that the company “may have exaggerated how eco-friendly their paper straws are.” Oh.

It seems the giant hamburger-with-fake-onions maker has spent the last year claiming that its paper straws are “100% recyclable” when in fact they are not recyclable at all, as in “0% recyclable.” These vaunted “solutions” to the issue of plastic waste polluting the oceans turn out to be just another piece of garbage, and not any real “solution” at all.

Now, I have nothing at all against paper straws – I’m old enough to remember that, way back in the 1960s, they were the only form of straws we had available to us in my little Texas hometown and we managed to drink our Dairy Queen Dr. Peppers with them just fine. But this mania growing across the United States of America to shame companies like McDonald’s into using them instead of plastic straws and further to push states to go so far as to issue outright bans on plastic straws is just one more fake crusade by a bunch of fake eco-crusaders.

Here’s the truth about the problem with plastic in our oceans: The United States and Europe COMBINED produce about 2% of the total waste, with the U.S. producing about half of that, or 1%. Meanwhile, fully 82% of the waste emanates from Asia and its rapidly-expanding economies, with the remaining 16% coming from Africa, South America and the rest of the world.

World map showing where plastic in ocean comes from

In other words, the plastics issue is just like the carbon emissions issue: The United States could eliminate ALL use of plastics and not even make a small dent in terms of solving the problem. In other words, the entire issue is – excuse the pun – a classic straw man.

The folks at McDonald’s got caught up in the virtue-signaling fever that is sweeping the Western World on this issue, got caught exaggerating their virtue, and embarrassed their company as a result. So goes another day in Climate Scam world.

That is all.

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Trump Enrages The Atlantic Simply By Eating. Now, That is Winning!

  • Why are fake news media outlets such cesspits of abuse and bigotry?  Part 3,152 – Eternally belligerent MSNBC fake news host Joy Reid issued an apology yesterday for the revelation of a heinously bigoted, homophobia-filled blog she maintained about a decade ago, but not, of course, before she had attempted to delete the blog entirely.   “At no time have I intentionally sought to demean or harm the LGBT community, which includes people whom I deeply love,” Reid said, though, in her blog, she obviously did do that on many, many occasions.  Guess the devil made her do it.
  • Hey, c’mon, it was an innocent 3-year long mistake.  Could’ve happened to anybody. – MSNBC, which, as a part of NBC, has been embroiled in dealing with the recent sex abuse scandals swirling around its own Mark Halperin and NBC’s Matt Lauer, was mute on the Reid controversy.  But after all, MSNBC is the network that kept the likes of Keith Olbermann and Al Sharpton employed for years, so expecting this particular fake news outlet to punish Joy Reid in any meaningful way is like expecting ABC to do so with, say, Brian Ross.
  • Hey, when something’s inevitable, you might as well enjoy it. – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was among the first political figure to jump out and try to force Judge Roy Moore out of the Alabama Senate race when he became accused of weird sexual behavior back in the early ’80s, has had a sudden change of heart.  On Sunday, McConnell told a fake interviewer on ABC’s This Week that “I’m going to let the people of Alabama make the call.”  Well, that’s mighty big of you, Mitch, given that you have absolutely no say in the matter at all.
  • Someone really should remind the WaPo about the definition of insanity. – The Majority Leader was most likely just responding to a raft of new polls that almost uniformly show Judge Moore with a fairly strong lead of 6-8 points among likely voters in the race.  I say “almost” because the reliable hacks at the Washington Post poll made a last-ditch effort to influence the race, tossing in a faked-up poll pretending to show Democrat Doug Jones with a 3 point lead.  Everyone should remember that it was the Washington Post/ABC poll that showed Hillary Clinton with a 13-point lead less than two weeks before Election Day 2016.  We saw how that worked out for them.
  • Having apparently exhausted all other avenues of irrationally slamming President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three words), the fake journalists who infest The Atlantic have now decided to go after him for his…wait for it…EATING HABITS!  I kid you not, some guy named James Hamblin issued a piece on Saturday that condemns Trump for liking – gasp! – McDonald’s and – horrors! – Oreos, for regularly consuming more that elite society deems appropriate in one sitting, and for snarfing down his food too quickly.  Why, the nerve!
  • Here’s a typical paragraph:  “There is no question that this diet is dangerous and is very likely to shorten a person’s life. His dietary pattern adds to the picture of a 70-year-old man who has long been living against all health advice—who does not exercise, who barely sleeps, who has tumultuous relationships, who is frequently enraged.” The author even goes on to claim that the President’s eating habits might well get us all killed, speculating that “Decisions to live this way would seem to offer insight into Trump’s ability to assess risk. In light of a nuclear standoff with North Korea, rapidly warming oceans, and a looming tax bill that would leave millions more Americans without health insurance, his approach to self-maintenance is not reassuring.”
  • It takes a special kind man to be able to enrage leftist Manhattan elitists by the simple act of consuming food, and it is oddly reassuring to so many millions of us out here in flyover country that our current POTUS is exactly that kind of man.  Now I think I’ll run out to McDonald’s and get three bacon, eggs and cheese biscuits and a large Diet Coke for breakfast.

Just another day in Donald Trump is Winning Through Eating America.

That is all.


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