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Kamala Harris is not Ready for Democrat Nomination Prime Time

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

A little better due diligence seems in order here. – Comic actor Kevin Hart will never be remembered as the best or worst host of the Academy Awards ceremonies, but he will be remembered has the host who never got to actually host the show.

Hart accepted the gig on Tuesday, but then gave it up on Thursday after it was revealed he had sent out tweets several years ago that were insulting to gay folks.  This action shows the Academy Awards at least have some standards for their hosts to live up to, but that those standards only apply to the insulting of people in certain protected classes.  This is no surprise given that the event is run by leftists and that is how leftists conduct themselves in their daily lives as well.

Meanwhile, over at MSNBC, host Joy Ann Reid, found several months back to have been guilty of exactly the same insensitive Twitter activities in which Hart engaged, still has her gig.  And so does Chris Matthews, who was revealed several months back to be a serial harasser of women in the workplace.

Dang, MSNBC – when you have lower standards for behavior than the Academy Awards, you really, truly suck as an organization.

More perjury opportunities, coming right up! – Former FBI Director and current aspiring Teenage Drama Queen James Comey will be testifying before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees up on Capitol Hill today.  Unfortunately, the Republicans who insisted on his coming up to lie to them yet again seem to be woefully – and typically – disorganized, and divided on what they actually want to question him about.

Some want to ask more about the Clinton email fake investigation that Comey dummied up in 2016, others want to focus on the whole “Russia collusion” fantasy, and nobody appears to be in charge. So, it will be another wasted opportunity to edge closer to the truth, in all likelihood. Maybe that’s why the Rs insisted the hearing be held behind closed doors.

Byron York, meanwhile, has published a terrific list of 10 suggested questions the Rs might ask Comey about his role in the entrapment of General Mike Flynn. Forcing the Drama Queen to answer those questions would either be very revealing and damaging to him, Peter Strzok and Robert Mueller, or force Comey to commit more perjury – in other words, a win/win situation. Sadly, we can be about 98% sure no one on the Republican side will bother to read the piece, or ask these questions in their last chance to get at some truth before the Democrat majorities take over in January and start sweeping all the Clinton/Comey/Mueller wrongdoing under their very lumpy rug.

What a waste.

From our You Seriously Cannot Make This Stuff Up Files:

The Girl Isn’t Ready. – Over the last 32 years I’ve written many times about the unarguable fact that, to win the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination, a candidate must prove to be an especially accomplished and shameless liar. From Michael Dukakis to Bill Clinton to Al Gore to John Kerry to Barack Hussein Obama to the Pantsuit Princess, the nominees the Democrat Party has offered up to the American people over the last three decades reads like the murderers row in the grand pantheon of deceptive history.

Democrat voters just love to be lied to. As my hero Walt Longmire would say, “It’s a simple fact.”

Enter Kamala Harris, about whom there has been so much talk that she could become the Democrats’ next flag-bearer. Folks, she isn’t nearly good enough to get it done. One of her top aides resigned this week when his $400,000 settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit several years back finally made the news, and all Sen. Harris could think to do was claim she didn’t know anything about it.

Now, that’s an obvious lie – how, after all, could the boss remain unaware for years that one of her top subordinates was a sex harasser? – but it is neither a creative nor convincing lie, and Democrat voters demand creative and convincing liars.

Think about it: Al Gore has made himself a near-billionaire by mounting a massive propaganda campaign, complete with not one, but two movies, over the last 20 years to support his lies about “climate change.” Hell, Bill Clinton literally reinvented the meaning of the word “sex” to support his lies about Monica Lewinsky. The Pantsuit Princess made up so many different lies about her illegal email server that she finally just lost track of them and needed Comey to use half of the DC office of the FBI to help her cover it all up.

Folks, those are the kinds of lies that qualify someone to become the Democrat Party’s nominee for the presidency. A simple denial, like the one offered by Senator Harris on Thursday does not, after all, entertain the Democrat masses, and the Democrat masses must be entertained.

Unless she gets a whole lot better at this real fast, we can pretty much write Kamala Harris off as a serious contender.

This also happened on Thursday:

Paris Burning Watch:

A new poll out this week shows boy Prime Minister Emanuel Macron’s approval among the French public now down to a microscopic 18%. Remember, this is the guy all the #NeverTrump nitwits were praising just a year ago as the real kind of leader America needs in the presidency.

Meanwhile, the approval rating for President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three glorious words) remains at 50% in the current Rasmussen survey.

As the #NeverTrump flagship publication, The Weekly Standard, teeters on the brink of going out of business, there is a lesson to be learned in all of this. But you can bet that TWS editors Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes and all of their #NeverTrump Nitwit army will fail to learn it.

That is all.

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Liberals Politicize Everything, Especially Sexual Harassment

Today’s Campaign Update

  • The people of Atlanta did the smart thing today with their decrepit, run-down old domed football stadium:  They imploded it.  Hopefully, this will serve as an object lesson to the people of Houston, who keep spending millions of dollars on goofy schemes to turn the Astrodome into a parking lot or a hotel or a park.  Stop the madness, people!
  • Hey, y’all, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch actually stood for the national anthem on Sunday!  Wait, what’s that?  The game was played in Mexico City and it was the Mexican national anthem?  He stood for that after sitting on the bench while the Star Spangled Banner was played?  Is Marshawn Lynch a Mexican citizen?  No?  Well, did Mexico do something to help him become the fabulously wealthy ignoramus he is today?  No?  I’m so confused.  Let’s move on.
  • Ok, but there is good news today:  Charles Manson finally died.  So that’s something.  The only shame of it is that he got to live to the ripe old age of 83 before it happened.  Better late than never.
  • He isn’t resigning his senate seat over his sexual harassment scandal, but I’m sure you ladies will all be thrilled to know that Al Franken is promising to do “a lot of reflecting” – according to his spokesman – over the holidays.  Because, you know, if he can just lay low and “reflect” for the next week or so, he’s hoping this will all have blown over.  And given that he’s a Democrat, and his buddies at all our fake news media outlets are going to coordinate efforts and talking points with him, he might succeed.
  • Why are any random gatherings of Democrats inevitably such cesspits of sexual harassment? – A woman in New York is charging that Governor Andrew Cuomo looked the other way as one of his employees sexually intimidated and harassed her for years:
  • “In a shocking Manhattan federal court lawsuit filed Saturday, Lisa Marie Cater alleges former Empire State Development Corp. regional president William “Sam” Hoyt got her a job at the DMV and then leveraged it to “manipulate, sexually harass and sexually assault” her.The bombshell complaint — which names Cuomo and Hoyt as defendants — says Cater contacted Cuomo’s office no less than six times but met “deliberate indifference.”
  • In all seriousness, we now have so many sexual harassment charges popping up against Democrat officeholders and Democrat supporters in Hollywood on a daily basis that it has become impossible to keep up with.  Yes, the fake news media is myopically focused on the allegations against Republican senate candidate Roy Moore, but he is without question the exception to the emerging rule that sexual harassment of women, much like voter fraud, is almost solely the province of liberal Democrats.
  • What is it in the liberal male mind that makes them think it’s OK to abuse women?  Do they think that, because they put up the public pretense of supporting “women’s issues” like abortion on demand that that somehow gives them a get out of jail free card when they try to force themselves on the nearest person wearing a skirt?
  • Well, maybe they do.  What is it about the liberal women who enable this kind of behavior in liberal men?  Hillary Clinton has spent decades handling her husband’s myriad “bimbo eruptions”, brutally attacking any woman who charged him with abuse.  When the Monica Lewinsky scandal erupted, Gloria Steinem famously penned a NY Times op/ed piece in support of the abuser, not of the women who wanted to be believed.  Why?  Because, as Steinem admitted directly in her piece, Clinton was “right” on the issues.
  • That was 20 years ago, but this enabling behavior continues in liberal women today.  Over this past weekend, we had the spectacle of the liberal nitwit celebrity Lena Dunham, who has spent the last decade shrieking (she always seems to be shrieking) that women who accuse men of this behavior must be believed, writing a letter in support of the man, when a writer for her TV show happened to be the one accused of harassment.  See, the woman must be believed, unless the woman is accusing someone Lena Dunham likes.
  • And then there are all these women in the fake news media who have been making up excuses for Al Franken’s horrid behavior over the last several days, because, like Clinton, he’s in favor of killing babies at full term.
  • So, what is it in the minds of liberal men who think it’s fine to abuse women, and what is it in the minds of liberal women who want to keep enabling them?  Easy:  Politics.  When you think it through to its logical conclusion, the answer is crystal clear.

Just another day in liberals politicize everything America.

That is all.



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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Kurt Schlichter’s Hollywood Doom Prophecy Is Already Taking Place

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Kurt Schlichter, who has become the most provocative and frankly most enjoyable conservative opinion writer working today, penned a piece on Thursday titled “Politically Correct Hollywood Is Doomed.”  In the piece, he hilariously imagines the release of a series of films with politically correct themes and titles like Xe-Day, and Dirty Harriet, in coming years, all of which would miserably fail at the box office.  It’s highly recommended reading – it will be five minutes well-invested, trust me.
  • Turns out, though, that we don’t need Mr. Schlichter to make up imaginary films that fail miserably at the box office:  As the Wall Street Journal points out this morning, Hollywood is already cranking such duds out at an amazing pace, and theater owners are beginning to panic.  This summer’s box office take was down 5% compared to 2016, which wasn’t much of a year to brag about, either.
  • Of the season’s projected blockbuster action flicks – which included the execrable Johnny Depp slouching through yet another rehash of Pirates of the Caribbean, for crying out loud – only Wonder Woman can be termed a smashing success, as it grossed over half a billion dollars in the U.S. alone.  But that female super-hero flick was more than offset by tankers like King Arthur: Clash of Swords (grossed just $39 million on a budget of $175 million) and a horrific remake of The Mummy (grossed just $69 million in the U.S. on a budget of $345 million), which inexplicably starred Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe.
  • People in Hollywood appear to be mystified as to why their films aren’t making as much money as they used to, but they’re all morons who have no understanding of any American who lives outside of their tiny bubble, so we should expect nothing else from them.  The corporate suits who run the big theater chains appear equally mystified, but again, that thing about morons in bubbles applies.
  • Because of that lack of understanding, we can rest assured that Hollywood will continue cranking out action “blockbusters” that no one really wants to see (Like, we really needed yet another remake of The Mummy?  Who demanded that?), un-funny comedies whose “humor” trends more towards depravity and disgust with each passing year, and “dramas” that have no relevance to the lives of any American who does not live in Hollywood or New York City.  Meanwhile, Hollywood’s real, most obvious problem will go un-addressed.
  • What is that obvious problem, you ask?  Ok, guess it’s not that obvious after all.  Look, the film industry’s most obvious problem is that its major stars can’t keep their silly, dim-witted mouths shut on issues of politics and morality.  No American who lives in the 95% of the country outside of Hollywood and Manhattan needs to be lectured about politics by the likes of Meryl Streep.  No one out here in flyover country has any desire to take morality advice from Lena Dunham or the mentally deranged Ashley Judd.  We neither want nor need nitwits like Will Ferrell or Matt Damon lecturing us on the presidential or congressional races, nor do we desire advice on environmental matters from the likes Leonardo DiCaprio, who has a carbon footprint roughly equal to that of Rome, Italy.
  • The constant drumbeat of leftist political claptrap coming out of Hollywood amounts to a withering, unending assault on the sensibilities of half of the American population, perhaps more.  You want to know why the Academy Awards ceremony this year had the second-lowest ratings in the program’s history?  This is why.  You want to know why nobody wants to see Russell Crowe or Tom Cruise in The Mummy?  This is a big reason why.  You want to know why the ratings for the late night talk shows are a fraction of what they were 30 years ago?  This is why.
  • The average American wants movie stars to shut up and act, singers to shut up and sing, directors to shut up and direct, script writers to shut up and write, and producers to shut up and produce.  But of course, Hollywood is made up almost entirely of desperate, grasping attention-seekers, so that’s never going to happen.
  • The inevitable result will be a complete revamping of the Hollywood film industry model in coming years, as the industry continues to become less profitable.  A decade from now, all the big box theater chains will be out of business, most if not all films will be immediately available on pay-per-view, and the industry will bear little resemblance to what exists today.
  • We don’t need Kurt Schlichter to imagine all of that for us, because it is happening right before our very eyes.

Just another day in Shut Up And Act America.

That is all.

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