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The UK Election Portends a Trump Landslide Coming in 2020

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Getting tired of all this #WINNING yet? No? Expect more today. – The S&P 500 and NASDAQ indexes again closed at all-time highs on Thursday on news of a pending deal in U.S./China trade talks and news of a landslide win in the UK elections by Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party. The Dow Jones Industrials had reached an all-time high in late-day trading before falling back slightly at the close. All three indexes were poised to open at new all-time highs in pre-market trading.

Speaking of that vote in the UK… – As we noted back on November 29, the Conservative Tories had been poised to regain massive majority control of Parliament according to all the polls, and for once, the polls were right. Even the exit polls came close to getting it right, projecting a likely final Tory majority of 368 seats, just 4 away from the final official number of 364 of the chamber’s 650 total seats.

Johnson will now control a 78-seat majority, the largest for any party since the Margaret Thatcher-led election in 1987. Meanwhile, the largely communist “Labor” Party is left with a paltry 203 seats, its fewest since the election held in 1935.

Some of the dynamics of this election will sound very familiar to U.S. voters; others will no doubt turn out to be predictive of those we will see in the U.S. elections in 2020, just as the July 2016 Brexit vote turned out to be predictive of the U.S. election results five months later.

Here are some examples:

  • Despite broad predictions that the British pound would crash after a landslide Johnson win, the value of the pound soared in post-election trading;
  • The same is true of the British stock market, with every major British index moving substantially higher in post-election trading;

All of that is reminiscent of wild election night 2016 predictions in the U.S. by hacks like the New York Times’s resident economist Paul Krugman that the U.S. economy would “never recover” from the Trump victory

  • The Tories achieved their landslide by breaking through what Brits like to call the “red wall” in England’s industrial areas in the north and “midlands.” The British media, unlike the U.S. media, properly associates the communists’ favored color of red with the Labor Party, and he color blue with the Conservatives. You can see what the country’s new election map looks like today below:

  • Thus, just as the U.S. was a virtual sea of Republican “red” following the 2016 elections, England is today a virtual sea of Tory “blue” following this election;
  • What does this breakthrough by the Conservatives in traditional blue-collar, industrial areas remind you of? If you said Donald Trump’s 2016 victories in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, you win the prize;
  • Trump’s soaring polling numbers with African Americans and other minority groups are today positioning him to pick off other traditionally Democrat states like Minnesota and New Mexico in next year’s elections;
  • Indeed, should the President pull anything close to the 34% of black voters who currently support him in a variety of national polls next year, the whole country outside of California, New York and Washington DC is basically up for grabs.

So, why did Johnson’s landslide happen now? Again, even that is eerily similar to the election dynamic building in the U.S. today. Simply put, the vast majority of Brits have grown weary of their wishes expressed in the resounding Brexit election win in 2016 being subverted by the Labor Party communists and globalist Conservatives, who have gone to extraordinarily-underhanded lengths to kill every Brexit plan that has come along.

Again, Americans, does that sound familiar?

Just as the public’s disgust with the antics of the Labor communists and duplicitous Tories finally built to the boiling point in the U.K., we can feel the public’s disgust with the antics of the Democrat communists and duplicitous, globalist Republicans building out here in Flyover Country. If the Democrats continue to just double-down on ever more-extreme attacks on the President, that disgust will have reached the boiling point by the time November 2020 rolls around.

In public life just as in private life, politicians reap what they sow. With their never-ending efforts to deny the American voters the fruits of their choice in the 2016 election, the Democrats are sowing the seeds of a blowout landslide in 2020.

I’m cool with that. You should be, too.

Addendum: And just like clockwork, the communist Laborites have created their own “resistance” movement, just like the communist Democrats did in the U.S. following the 2016 election:


So. Damn. Tiresome.

This is literally a fight for the survival of free western democracies. Those on the radical left will never again accept an election defeat. They will fight to the bitter end. We must be prepared to do the same. Never forget that reality.

That is all.

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British Election Will Provide a Preview of Trump’s 2020 Re-Election

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[Note: Today’s Campaign Update will be on a delayed morning schedule from November 30 through  December 4.]

When voters in the United Kingdom went to the polls on June 23, 2016 to vote on the referendum on whether to leave the European Union (Brexit) or remain in it (remain), the polls all predicted – by an average of 8% – that “remain” would win handily. But of course we all know that the actual vote ended with a 52-48% Brexit victory.

Five months later, all the polls predicted Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential contest, with the New York Times at one point giving Clinton a 99% chance of prevailing.  In the end, Mr. Trump prevailed with a near-landslide in the electoral college, the only measure that matters in our system.

Keen observers understood that the two elections were fought on basically the same issues: economic malaise, open borders, and general national decline brought to both nations by the forces of globalism and the politicians who impose it on their populations. Voters in favor of Brexit and Trump were under-polled by biased polling organizations, many of whom are run by corrupt media outlets determined to slant their reporting in favor of “remain” and Clinton. A few observers – including Today’s Campaign Update – predicted that the Brexit vote would actually serve as precursor to a Trump victory, which is clearly what happened.

Since those elections were held in 2016, the corrupt and disloyal forces of globalism in both nations have attempted to regroup and reclaim power, while doing everything in their power to deny the voters the fruits of their respective victories. In Britain, Brexit agreements negotiated with leaders in the EU by Prime Minister Theresa May were repeatedly rebuffed in Parliament, with many disloyal members of her own Conservative Party joining forces with the Labor Party – led by the mendacious and corrupt Jeremy Corbin, Britain’s version of San Fran Nan – to vote down every iteration of the proposal.

That failure to deliver led first to the Conservatives losing their parliamentary majority, and ultimately to May’s being replaced earlier this year by early Brexit advocate Boris Johnson. When Johnson saw his own initial proposed Brexit deal voted down in September,  that in turn led to a purging of disloyal Conservatives from the Party, and Johnson’s demanding a so-called “snap election” in which Johnson hopes to win a new mandate from the voters.

With that vote scheduled to take place on December 12, today’s polls in Britain now reflect a decided pro-Conservative, pro-Johnson, pro-Brexit sentiment among the country’s voters. The latest poll from YouGov projects that Johnson’s Party will score its largest landslide win since Lady Margaret Thatcher won her third term in office in 1987. YouGov projects a net Conservative gain of 42 seats, which would give it a clear majority of Parliament’s 650 seats. Although other polls also project a major Conservative victory, the YouGov result seems particularly significant since it was the only major poll to correctly predict the Conservative Party’s big losses in the 2017 elections.

If the December 12 vote does deliver a Conservative majority approaching the 68-seat advantage YouGov predicts, it would manifest the demand from British citizens that Parliament finally act on the mandate they delivered three and a half years ago. Good for them.

So, what does that mean for next November’s elections in the United States? Well, let’s think about it: What has been taking place in the U.S since November 2016? Just as in Britain, the forces of globalism have been working tirelessly, employing every dishonest tool at their corrupt disposal to deny Trump voters the fruits of their victory. President Trump has been subjected to an unending series of hoax ‘scandals’ and fake investigations and clown show impeachment hearings and congressional obstruction and all the fake news our corrupt media establishment can produce, all in an effort by the powers of globalism to regain their lost power.

American voters are becoming weary of the refusal by the Democrat Party to accept the results of the 2016 election, with polls showing more and more Democrats showing up at Trump rallies and pledging their support for the President. This is especially true in the African American community, where multiple recent polls now indicate 34% support for President Trump. If the President can achieve half that much support from the Black community, next year’s election will become an historic landslide.

So, keep an eye on the results from the December 12 voting across the Pond. Just as it did in 2016, the result of that election is likely to eventually serve as a precursor of things to come next November.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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