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Thursday News Roundup: Bill de Basio is Non-Essential and Trump Pulls Ahead

Everything the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign does is fake. – Even the parades, as it turns out. Watch as “Dr.” Jill Biden and some staffer wave at a pretend “parade” that involves all of 3 cars:

You just could never make this stuff up, folks.

Here’s what a real parade looks like:

“16 to 20 THOUSAND” cars. Incredible.

Obviously, they’re all non-essential employees. – Speaking of stuff you could never make up, New York City’s Big Doofus, communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, announced on Wednesday that he is going to put his entire staff – including himself – on furlough starting October 1 amid a budget crisis that he himself has created.

Thus does the Mayor of America’s largest city summarily declare himself and his entire staff to be non-essential employees of the city. I swear I do not make this stuff up:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has furloughed the entire mayor’s office, including himself, amid a multi-billion dollar budget crisis in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As of October 1, every mayor’s office employee will be taking a furlough—and that obviously includes myself,” de Blasio said during a Wednesday morning press conference. “This is a step you never want to see for good, hard-working people.”(RELATED: ‘He’s A Commie’: Lisa Kennedy Blasts Bill De Blasio Over Support For Defunding Police)

The furlough of 495 staff members, including the mayor’s wife, is expected to save roughly $860,000 between October 2020 and March 2021, according to the New York Times.

The mayor continued, “The folks who work here, throughout this crisis, they have not been working 35- or 40-hour weeks. They’ve been working 80-hour weeks, 90-hour weeks, 100-hour weeks, because they believe in this city and they’ve been fighting for all of you. So it is with pain that I say they and their families will lose a week’s pay.”

“We have to make tough choices to move this city forward and keep our budget balanced,” he added.

Currently, New York City has a $9 billion budget over two year period with city already having cut $7 billion, according to the mayor. De Blaiso is also seeking billions in federal aid to help avoid having to lay off thousands of government workers. 


Get that last part? This is all theatrics designed to help San Fran Nan support her effort to force all of us out here in Flyover Country to fund a multi-trillion dollar effort to bail out “Blue” cities and states all over America that have been horribly mismanaged by her fellow Democrats, of whom de Blasio is the huge, gandly poster child.

If this first act fails to generate the needed momentum in congress, the Big Doofus’s next step is going to be an outright layoff of thousands of city employees. He is already projecting that next move to come. Being a communist Democrat, de Blasio will of course focus those layoffs disproportionately on the city’s police and fire departments, because that is the kind of depravity that Democrats always resort to in their efforts to maximize the pain on the general citizenry.

If that second act fails to convince congress to bail him out, de Blasio’s third act will be to start completely shutting down parts of the city economy and infrastructure that would negatively impact people in other states, like the city’s port facilities, roads and airports. You may think this is all quite crazy; but if you do, you don’t understand how the depraved Democrat mind works.

This is all very predictable and highly transparent. Now that you know the script, you won’t have to bother watching the rest of the Big Doofus’s play.

Another Schlichter masterpiece at – Kurt Schlichter is one of  the funniest and most incisive conservative commentators working today. The piece he published at on Wednesday, laying out a likely process by which the depraved Democrat Party will shed itself of a President Biden shortly after inauguration day, should be required reading for everyone.

It is interesting to me that there are some Democrats who still believe that the obviously impaired and declining Biden is fully in charge of his own campaign and capable of serving 4 or 8 years as POTUS. These are Democrats who should probably have their own brains examined.

As Schlichter points out in passing – and Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse lays out in great detail this morning – Kamala Harris became Biden’s running mate not because Biden wanted her, but because the Democrat establishment forced her onto the ticket. Why? Because Harris was the choice of the Obama wing of the Party to be the presidential nominee when the nominating process began. Biden only became the Party’s chosen one after Harris’s own campaign came up a crapper last November.

And here’s the thing: The Party leaders went to Biden precisely because they all know he is incapable and will have to be removed shortly after taking office. By putting Harris on the ticket with their Unfrozen Caveman Nominee, the Obama wing ultimately gets the president they wanted all along.

Anyway, Schlichter’s piece is a quick and hilarious read, and if you want all the gory details, you should check out Sundance’s essay as well.

Speaking of Dementia Joe… – The Trump Campaign released a fantastic, devastating ad yesterday focused on Biden’s need to rely on a teleprompter even during his rare press events:

“How far will they go to hide the truth?” As far as they can get away with, because that’s what Democrats do.

For those who obsess over polls… – Here’s the most current finding of the poll that most accurately predicted the outcomes of the last two presidential elections:

Understand this: The Democrats also understand that all of these media based Trump voter depression polls are not real, just like we do. A great example is a poll published yesterday that “finds” that Biden has a lead in Minnesota of … wait for it … 16 points. Literally nobody believes that to be in any way a legitimate finding. That poll and polls like it are published for one reason: to depress and suppress Trump voters in Minnesota, to portray voting for Trump as a lost cause in that state. No other reason for it.

The Democrats and their corrupt media toadies bash Rasmussen incessantly despite its long history of accurate findings precisely because it’s a polling operation they can’t control. They do the same thing with the Trafalgar Group, the other most accurate polling outfit in 2016.

Democrats not only can’t handle the truth, they actively hate the truth. In a world that runs on truth, they cannot win, because their entire philosophy is based on a foundation of lies.

Is the Rasmussen poll’s finding of Trump pulling ahead right? Maybe, maybe not. But that poll is worth paying attention to precisely because the Democrats hate it so deeply.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Kurt Schlichter Message Everyone Should Heed

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

Conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter has a thread on Twitter today that everyone should read and digest. His message is simple: While the corrupt news media wants you to believe that the entire country is disintegrating around your ears, the truth is that the social unrest and monument toppling is taking place in isolated areas of big cities run exclusively by Democrats.

Here is Schlichter’s thread:

Pulling down statues in leftist cities that refuse to maintain order is an attempt to psyche you into thinking everything is out of control.

It’s not. 2/

A couple hundred people in Frisco? The local cops were ordered to let it happen. Same with DC. What is this. 3/

So you think “Why isn’t Trump doing something?” But it’s a few hundred bums out of 330 million. And local cities could turn it off in a heartbeat – but refuse to.

Why? 4/

To convince you, the law and order types, that Trump is allowing mass chaos. But it’s not mass by any standard.
Nor is it chaos, aside the local  Democrats who are actively facilitating it and making sure no one is actually getting hurt (except dummies that the statues fall on) 5/

What would you have Trump do?Have him do a dirty, violent job the locals refuse to? Send soldiers in and risk real violence – which plays against him?

It’s infuriating – and it’s meant to be – but Trump’s right not to take the bait. 6/

The answer is to let the left cities have their performance art fun. Let them trash themselves. Understand how it’s meant to manipulate you. If they leave Dem areas, unleash the local cops.

Do not do what the enemy wants! 7/

Be woke to the enemy’s game plan. Support the President. Do not be suckered – he isn’t!

Watch him use the DoJ! Buy guns and ammunition for legitimate deterrence & lawful self-defense.

Vote GOP down the line – better yet, campaign! 8/

[Thanks for the attention the thread has received]

Ask yourself – have you heard the name “George Floyd” lately, especially in connection with the couple of Dem cities where statues were pulled?


Floyd was their cover. It’s gone. And normal people hate pointless chaos 10/

It went from protests people did not think were illegitimate (which the bad actors exploited) to violence with no arguably legitimate cause.

The Dems try to exploit the Antifa types as storm troopers, but their control of the radicals is limited. 11/

Remember, Democrats really only want a return to the status quo (minus us normal people having rights and the ability to again disrupt the status quo). But their radical cat’s paws want revolution.

The Dems are riding a tiger. 12/

The radicals are over their skis past what normal people consider legitimate protests.

Dems are content with the chaos for now, since it causes us to think Trump is out of control, but they worry the radicals will tire of meaningless Dem city antics and threaten the suburbs. 13/

The second those whiny white wine women feel themselves or their families physically or economically threatened, they will turn to the strong horse – Trump, and law + order.

Biden is a hapless tool who can’t/won’t protect them.

Their husbands are already there. 14/

Trump’s Game Plan:

1 – Identify himself with law + order

2 – Avoid using federal force that can turn into Kent State 2 (the Dem dream)

3 –  Use the DOJ to prosecute & deter the radicals who were happy to riot knowing Dem prosecutors would give them a pass

4 – Let them overstep 15/

The Dems win if we panic and capitulate before their radical partners radically overstep. And being radical is what radicals do.

Don’t panic. Don’t let the media – which is all in with the left – manipulate you.

Get prepared and get woke. 16/

Want a quick sanity check? Look out your window. Unless you overlook Golden Gate Park in Scat Francisco, the Atlanta Wendy’s or that DC square, there’s no chaos outside.

It’s all a show designed to scare you away from Trump and into the gropey embrace of Puppet Joe! 17/



Now, it can be hard for ordinary folks out here in flyover country to keep all of this stuff in perspective when we are being subjected to yet another massive brainwashing effort by the nation’s corrupt news media in collusion with the Democrat Party. But that’s exactly what Schlichter does for you with this thread.

What he says is undeniably true: Outside of these Democrat-run cities, life in America is by and large going on as usual. My wife and I drove 30 miles through the DFW Metroplex yesterday to have dinner with some family at a fine Dallas restaurant. Traffic was normal – which in DFW means heavy – the malls and shopping centers were filled with customers, and the diverse crowd at the restaurant were all in a good mood, interacting with the staff and with one another in the normal Texas way.

The local news this morning tells me that there was a modest demonstration taking place in nearby downtown Dallas, but we neither saw nor heard any of it. Meanwhile, the rioting and unrest continued in leftist Democrat cities like Portland, Washington, DC and Atlanta, but again, 99% of people in those cities were unimpacted by them.

The Democrats and their corrupt media toadies want you to believe that the country is falling apart and that it’s all Trump’s fault so that they can convince you to vote for a frail, elderly man that you can plainly see is very likely in the early stages of some form of dementia. Actually, maybe not-so-early stages. Convincing you that Joe Biden, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ChiCom government and serial fondler of women and their daughters at public events, is the only thing standing between you and societal destruction is literally the only hope the Democrats have of winning this election.

The country is not falling apart, but it will fall apart if we put the same people who have overseen the staged riots and looting and burning of large swaths of major cities over the past month in charge of the federal government. The truth is that Donald J. Trump is the only thing standing between you and that disastrous outcome.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Kurt Schlichter’s Hollywood Doom Prophecy Is Already Taking Place

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Kurt Schlichter, who has become the most provocative and frankly most enjoyable conservative opinion writer working today, penned a piece on Thursday titled “Politically Correct Hollywood Is Doomed.”  In the piece, he hilariously imagines the release of a series of films with politically correct themes and titles like Xe-Day, and Dirty Harriet, in coming years, all of which would miserably fail at the box office.  It’s highly recommended reading – it will be five minutes well-invested, trust me.
  • Turns out, though, that we don’t need Mr. Schlichter to make up imaginary films that fail miserably at the box office:  As the Wall Street Journal points out this morning, Hollywood is already cranking such duds out at an amazing pace, and theater owners are beginning to panic.  This summer’s box office take was down 5% compared to 2016, which wasn’t much of a year to brag about, either.
  • Of the season’s projected blockbuster action flicks – which included the execrable Johnny Depp slouching through yet another rehash of Pirates of the Caribbean, for crying out loud – only Wonder Woman can be termed a smashing success, as it grossed over half a billion dollars in the U.S. alone.  But that female super-hero flick was more than offset by tankers like King Arthur: Clash of Swords (grossed just $39 million on a budget of $175 million) and a horrific remake of The Mummy (grossed just $69 million in the U.S. on a budget of $345 million), which inexplicably starred Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe.
  • People in Hollywood appear to be mystified as to why their films aren’t making as much money as they used to, but they’re all morons who have no understanding of any American who lives outside of their tiny bubble, so we should expect nothing else from them.  The corporate suits who run the big theater chains appear equally mystified, but again, that thing about morons in bubbles applies.
  • Because of that lack of understanding, we can rest assured that Hollywood will continue cranking out action “blockbusters” that no one really wants to see (Like, we really needed yet another remake of The Mummy?  Who demanded that?), un-funny comedies whose “humor” trends more towards depravity and disgust with each passing year, and “dramas” that have no relevance to the lives of any American who does not live in Hollywood or New York City.  Meanwhile, Hollywood’s real, most obvious problem will go un-addressed.
  • What is that obvious problem, you ask?  Ok, guess it’s not that obvious after all.  Look, the film industry’s most obvious problem is that its major stars can’t keep their silly, dim-witted mouths shut on issues of politics and morality.  No American who lives in the 95% of the country outside of Hollywood and Manhattan needs to be lectured about politics by the likes of Meryl Streep.  No one out here in flyover country has any desire to take morality advice from Lena Dunham or the mentally deranged Ashley Judd.  We neither want nor need nitwits like Will Ferrell or Matt Damon lecturing us on the presidential or congressional races, nor do we desire advice on environmental matters from the likes Leonardo DiCaprio, who has a carbon footprint roughly equal to that of Rome, Italy.
  • The constant drumbeat of leftist political claptrap coming out of Hollywood amounts to a withering, unending assault on the sensibilities of half of the American population, perhaps more.  You want to know why the Academy Awards ceremony this year had the second-lowest ratings in the program’s history?  This is why.  You want to know why nobody wants to see Russell Crowe or Tom Cruise in The Mummy?  This is a big reason why.  You want to know why the ratings for the late night talk shows are a fraction of what they were 30 years ago?  This is why.
  • The average American wants movie stars to shut up and act, singers to shut up and sing, directors to shut up and direct, script writers to shut up and write, and producers to shut up and produce.  But of course, Hollywood is made up almost entirely of desperate, grasping attention-seekers, so that’s never going to happen.
  • The inevitable result will be a complete revamping of the Hollywood film industry model in coming years, as the industry continues to become less profitable.  A decade from now, all the big box theater chains will be out of business, most if not all films will be immediately available on pay-per-view, and the industry will bear little resemblance to what exists today.
  • We don’t need Kurt Schlichter to imagine all of that for us, because it is happening right before our very eyes.

Just another day in Shut Up And Act America.

That is all.

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