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Biden Re-Starts Obama’s War in Syria

Well, now we know why congressional Democrats want China Joe to relinquish control of the nuclear codes. – Four years of peace was just too much for Democrat voters and our corrupt news media to stand, so they did everything they could to ensure that life-long warmonger China Joe Biden was installed into the presidency.  Last night, the fruits of their votes and constant propaganda operation against peacemaker Donald J. Trump paid off with the bombing of sites in Syria without any prior notice to congress or the American people, and, at least as of this writing early Friday morning, no White House or presidential statement afterwards attempting to justify this unilateral action.

None. Zip, Zero, Nada.

A Pentagon spokesman did issue a statement, but so far from our sock puppet president, bupkis.

From a story at the New York Post:

The US on Thursday launched an airstrike in Syria that targeted facilities used by  Iran-backed militia groups — the first military action taken by the Biden administration, officials said.

The Pentagon said the strike was in retaliation for a Feb. 15 rocket attack against a US military base at Erbil International Airport in Northern Iraq that killed a US-led coalition contractor and left others wounded, including an American service member.

“I’m confident in the target that we went after, we know what we hit,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters after the airstrike.

“We’re confident that that target was being used by the same Shia militants that conducted the [Feb. 15] strikes,” he said.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the attack “destroyed multiple facilities at a border control point used by a number of Iranian- backed militant groups.”


Four years ago, then-President Trump made the mistake of assuming  his military and national security advisors were dealing with him truthfully when they told him he needed to lob some cruise missiles into Syria, and he fell for it. Immediately after the missiles landed, the President issued a statement explaining the rationale for the action, which of course he later discovered was false. Because that’s what the military/industrial/Swamp war machine does.

Later in his administration, in January of last year, President Trump hit the head terrorist on earth with a U.S. guided missile, taking him out at the Baghdad airport as he attempted to get out of Iraq following a meeting there. In response to that action, here is what private citizen Joe Biden had to say about it:

Oh. Hey, did China Joe have your “informed consent” when he lobbed missiles into Syria that no doubt killed and maimed innocent civilians last night? Yeah, didn’t think so.

The next day, here is what candidate Joe Biden had to say about how he would wield his power if elected president:

In fact, China Joe just used military power irresponsibly and as a first resort and has just gotten us back into another forever war in the Middle East, a war that he, working with Obama and John McCain, actually helped to start in the first place, creating and arming ISIS along the way. That’s the truth of Biden’s involvement in the Syrian civil war, and he is obviously bound and determined to crank it back up now.

Or let me amend that: China Joe is not in charge of anything. Let’s be honest about that. This decision was likely made at the Pentagon and someone might have let Biden know about it by sending him a message through his earpiece, just in case he was still awake eating tapioca pudding or Jello at 6:00 in the evening.

Biden himself is so out of it that yesterday he had to be reminded by Kamala Harris to put his mask on at an event at the White House. That reminder came as he was walking over to try to shake hands with some special guest, an act he has been instructed to avoid for more than a year now due to all the COVID pretense.

Check this out:

This man has no idea where he is or what he is doing at any given moment. He hasn’t made a statement about the missile strikes on Syria because he has no clue why they happened.

But this gets even better. Here’s what Biden’s spokesperson tweeted after the Trump missile strike in 2017:

Think anyone in the White House Press Corps – outside of Fox’s Peter Doocey – will repeat Jen Circle Back Psaki’s statement back to her and ask her to explain why this time is different at today’s press briefing?

Yeah, don’t hold your breath.

That is all.

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Wednesday News Roundup: CNN Hosts Biden’s Big Lies as Lincoln Project’s Big Lie Disintegrates

China Joe Biden held a townhall on CNN last night, and never managed to mention the 4 million Texans freezing in the dark without electricity through the course of the event. That’s what Democrats refer to as “unity.”

Biden did manage to lie a lot, though, par for the course for any Democrat politician. He started with this whopper, telling Anderson Cooper that “we didn’t have it [the coronavirus vaccine] when we came into office.”:

For the record, vaccines began on December 12 of last year, and were being delivered at a pace of 1 million per day on January 20, when China Joe was installed into the presidency. Cooper, of course, in his role as willing dupe for the Democrat Party, did nothing to try to correct the record for CNN’s paltry viewing audience.

Biden was telling the truth here, though, when he told Cooper that he wakes up every morning wondering where he is:

He was also telling the truth that when he said that he was unaware that people of different races were allowed to date or marry until Donald Trump was president:

You could never make this stuff up, folks.

Biden also performed his duty as a willing dupe for the ChiComs, assuring the ever-credulous Cooper that genocide by the ChiCom government was really just cool, since they have their own cultural norms over there:

What a disgrace this man is. Biden has been wrong about literally everything for the last half-century, and remains wrong about literally everything today. That reality was no threat to most of us when he was just a senator or Obama’s clownshow vice president. But as president, he presents a true clear and present danger to all of us.

Speaking of clownshow vice presidents, Biden is so utterly incapable of handling the duties of the presidency that he’s having Vice President Kamala Harris make calls to foreign leaders on his behalf. This is not really surprising given the fact that Biden’s handlers are no doubt scared to death of what he might blurt out while on a call with some random head of state. Besides, Harris needs the training since she will almost certainly be taking over for good soon.


From the story at

During her brief tenure as vice president, Kamala Harris has already had calls with world leaders, a duty typically performed by the president.

Harris spoke on Monday to French President Emmanuel Macron, a leader who President Biden had already spoken with last month on Jan. 24.

“Vice President Harris and President Macron agreed on the need for close bilateral and multilateral cooperation to address COVID-19, climate change, and support democracy at home and around the world,” according to the White House. “They also discussed numerous regional challenges, including those in the Middle East and Africa, and the need to confront them together. The Vice President thanked President Macron for his leadership on the issue of gender equality and for France’s contribution to NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover.”

Harris earlier this month spoke to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, another figure President Biden had spoken with last month.

The Epoch Times reported that during his time in office, Vice President Mike Pence never had calls with either Trudeau or Macron, but the outlet noted that Pence did participate in some in-person visits with world leaders.


So there you go. Get used to seeing and reading that, because you’ll be seeing and reading on a daily basis soon enough.

Meanwhile, here is what le Grande Buffoon, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, is spending his time these days:

Bread and circuses! Are you not entertained, New Yorkers?

Oh, hey, remember how Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt gave us a likely made-up story about having been molested by a boy scout leader when he was 13 in order to curry public sympathy and present a self-justifying narrative for why he didn’t do anything to stop the predatory pedo activities of the group’s leader, John Weaver? Well, now we know why he took that particular action and presented that particular narrative.

That’s right: Schmidt, who lied a couple of weeks ago in claiming he had no idea what Weaver was doing, actually has known since at least March of last year. From the story at Mediaite:

Former Republican strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt reportedly knew about John Weaver’s sexual harassment accusations since March.

The NeverTrump political organization has been under enormous pressure for weeks amid multiple reports that their leadership has known about Weaver’s impropriety for months. Weaver has been accused of asking numerous younger men for sexual favors in exchange for professional advancement, and he has admitted to his “inappropriate” communications while saying he believed they were consensual at the time.

Schmidt stepped down from the organization on Friday over the Weaver scandal but denied having any knowledge of his colleague’s misconduct. However, The 19th claims that Schmidt and co-founder Reed Galen were among the members of the group’s leadership who’ve known about the Weaver allegations for almost a year.

Some of the individuals came forward with new details on Monday after they were released from their nondisclosure agreements. Several said Sarah Lenti, a managing partner with the group who was previously its executive director, knew about the allegations against Weaver as early as May 2020. Lenti confirmed that some of the group’s co-founders knew about the allegations as early as March 2020. Schmidt and Galen were among those who knew, multiple sources said.


Here’s the deal: If Schmidt knew as early as last March, they all knew as early as last March. Of course, the truth is that they all knew long before that, as Weaver’s sexual pathologies have been an open secret in the DC Swamp for 20 years now. So long as Weaver was able to keep his secret life secret and help his fellow grifter hacks make money, they were all perfectly willing to look the other way. Once that secret got out, though, it’s been every man – and woman – for himself. That’s just how the Swamp works.

The initial explanation given by Schmidt and the other creeps who made up the Lincoln Project, claiming they had only just found out the truth about Weaver in January, was your classic Big Lie. They all assumed that the corrupt news media, which had after all fawned all over them while they were working to defeat Donald Trump, would just keep on covering for them and parrot the Big Lie on their behalf.

Funny thing, though: Once January 20 came and went and Trump had been safely exiled in favor of our national sock puppet, the media no longer had any real use for Schmidt and his fellow grifters. Suddenly, a handful of actual journalists were digging for the truth, and it’s all slowly begun to trickle out over the past couple of weeks. Schmidt and all the others are now pretty much helpless, at the mercy of former staffers who have been released from their confidentiality agreements and journalists looking to make names for themselves.

Such a shame, huh?

That is all.

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The Biden Attacks on the Oil Industry Have Only Just Begun

For the energy business, the Biden pain has only just begun. – China Joe Potato Head Biden, who has been wrong on every energy-related issue since the Carter Administration’s hilariously failed price control efforts of the 1970s, is taking a lot of heat from formerly powerful Democrat constituencies this week over his rash and illogical decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project’s cross-border permit.

Biden’s action was of course taken as a means of payback to the powerful climate change lobby whose funding of Democrat political campaigns rivals that of George Soros these days. Sold as a “climate change” measure, the elimination of this pipeline will in fact do absolutely nothing to impact climate change in any way, shape or form. The permit cancellation will, in fact, eliminate $1.7 billion in new investments in renewable energy generation projects that Keystone’s operator, TC Energy, had planned to make in order to make this the nation’s first interstate pipeline to run completely on renewable energy. Overall, this unprecedented act of executive fiat will eliminate $8 billion in capital investments, 10,000 union jobs and more than $2.2 billion in salaries for union workers.

Gosh, hard to see why anyone’s upset, right? Here’s an excerpt from a story at DailyWire:

Josh Senk, general manager of Michels Corporation, slammed Biden during a press conference in Wisconsin, saying, “The recent actions of President Joe Biden, the Executive Order halting the construction of the Keystone pipeline has effected Michels, thousands of union trade members across the country, and hundreds of guys that specifically work in Wisconsin.”

Senk later said that “hundreds of guys” have already been laid off.

The Associated Press noted that local leaders in New Mexico were worried about the impact that Biden’s decision would have on their state and leaders in Utah have asked Biden to reconsider his decision.

“During his inauguration, President Biden spoke about bringing our nation together. Eliminating drilling on public lands will cost thousands of New Mexicans their jobs and destroy what’s left of our state’s economy,” Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway told the AP. “How does that bring us together? Environmental efforts should be fair and well-researched, not knee-jerk mandates that just hurt an already impoverished state.”

Native American tribes have also reportedly been angered by Biden’s decision to cancel the pipeline.

Multiple unions that endorsed Biden during his presidential campaign—including he Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and the United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters—have since slammed Biden for canceling the pipeline.

LIUNA said that the decision would “kill thousands of good-paying UNION jobs!”

“In revoking this permit, the Biden Administration has chosen to listen to the voices of fringe activists instead of union members and the American consumer on Day 1,” Mark McManus, General President of the United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters. “Let me be very clear: When built with union labor by the men and women of the United Association, pipelines like Keystone XL remain the safest and most efficient modes of energy transportation in the world. Sadly, the Biden Administration has now put thousands of union workers out of work. For the average American family, it means energy costs will go up and communities will no longer see the local investments that come with pipeline construction.”

Local media organizations across the country have also reported on the negative impacts that the cancelation of the Keystone pipeline have had on their states.


As I reported over the weekend, China Joe is also taking a huge amount of heat from Democrat officials and interests in oil producing states in the Mountain West region for invoking his 60-day hold on all permitting actions for oil and gas projects on federal lands. That order also applies to Indian reservations and federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, angering various Tribes, along with the tens of thousands of Texans and Louisianans and Alabamans and Mississippians and even Floridians whose jobs are tied to the offshore oil and gas industry, which had been booming before China Joe took office.

Here’s the thing about this, folks: China Joe and his elder-abusing handlers are just getting started. A friend sent me the roster of political appointees Biden’s handlers are making to occupy the senior positions at the Department of Interior the other day, and the backgrounds of those appointees reads like a who’s who of the climate change lobby. These people aren’t being appointed to come in and help manage the nation’s energy resources: They are being appointed to come in and eliminate it.

A great example is the Bio of one appointee who is to be an “Advisor, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.” The BOEM is the bureau at Interior that is tasked with efficiently managing federal lease sales and enforcing federal regulations of them. This woman, one Marissa Knodel, presents the following description of her “qualifications” for this advisory role:

Marissa Knodel is a passionate advocate for climate and environmental justice through a just and equitable transition to a clean energy-based society, and resilient adaptation to a changing climate. As Legislative Counsel with Earthjustice, her area of expertise included federal onshore, offshore, and Arctic oil and gas leasing and regulations. Prior to joining Earthjustice, Marissa managed a campaign at Friends of the Earth to stop new fossil fuel development on federal lands and waters. Marissa holds a dual J.D. and Master of Environmental Management degree from Vermont Law School and the Yale School of the Environment.

For those who do not know, Earthjustice and Friends of the Earth are two of the very most radical and execrable leftist/Marxist anti-development groups on the planet. Note how this “advisor” to BOEM brags about having managed a campaign to kill the offshore mineral development she is supposedly now being tasked to manage.

The full roster of these political appointees can be seen below.

Suffice it to say that, in terms of assaults on this nation’s oil and gas industry from the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden Administration, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

That is all.

Full roster of Interior Appointees:

Interior Department Announces Members of Biden-Harris Leadership Team

Washington, D.C — The Department of the Interior today announced key members of agency leadership who will advance the Biden-Harris administration’s agenda to build back better and address the four intersecting challenges of our time: COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equity, and climate change.

“With today’s announcement, President Biden is delivering on his commitment to build teams that exude talent and experience, and look like America,” said Jennifer Van der Heide, incoming Chief of Staff. “We look forward to working with the dedicated civil servants at the Department to fulfill Interior’s missions, advance President Biden’s vision to honor our nation-to-nation relationship with Tribes and uphold the trust and treaty responsibilities to them, address the climate and nature crises, and build a clean energy future that creates good-paying jobs and powers our nation. We are ready to get to work on behalf of the American people.”

Interior’s team reflects the Biden-Harris commitment to diversity, with more than 80% of First Day appointees identifying as people of color, women, or LGBTQ. Additional members of the Biden-Harris appointee team will be named in the days and weeks to come.

The incoming leadership team possesses a broad range of expertise and perspectives — representing decades of experience in federal, state, and tribal governments; academia; and non-profit and advocacy organizations. As part of the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to the highest ethical standards, all appointees received an initial ethics training today following their swearing-in.

The leadership team is listed here in alphabetical order along with their new role:

  • Robert Anderson, Principal Deputy Solicitor
  • Travis Annatoyn, Deputy Solicitor for Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Ann Marie Bledsoe Downes, Deputy Solicitor for Indian Affairs
  • Tyler Cherry, Press Secretary
  • Laura Daniel Davis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Land and Minerals Management
  • Shannon Estenoz, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Fish and Wildlife and Parks
  • Morgan Gray, Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs – Senate
  • Ruchi Jain, Deputy Solicitor for General Law
  • Kate Kelly, Deputy Chief of Staff – Policy
  • Marissa Knodel, Advisor, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • Shantha Ready-Alonso, Director for Intergovernmental and External Affairs
  • Paniz Rezaeerod, Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs – House
  • Melissa Schwartz, Communications Director
  • Janea Scott, Counselor to the Secretary
  • Rachael Taylor, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Policy, Management and Budget
  • Maggie Thompson, White House Liaison
  • Maria (Camille) Touton, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation
  • Tanya Trujillo, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Water and Science
  • Jennifer Van der Heide, Chief of Staff
  • Andrew Wallace, Director of Congressional Affairs
  • Martha Williams, Principal Deputy Director, Fish and Wildlife Service

Biographies of the new team are listed below:

Robert Anderson, Principal Deputy Solicitor
Bob Anderson is a law professor with extensive experience in American Indian law, public land, and water law. He is an enrolled member of the Bois Forte Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. He taught at the University of Washington School of Law and directed its Native American Law Center for the past twenty years. For over a decade he has been an annual visiting professor at Harvard Law School. He served as the Associate Solicitor for Indian Affairs and Counselor to the Secretary under Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt. He began his career as a staff attorney for the Native American Rights Fund.

Travis Annatoyn, Deputy Solicitor for Energy and Mineral Resources
Travis Annatoyn joins the Department of the Interior from Democracy Forward Foundation, where he represented national and regional conservation organizations in novel challenges to the Trump administration’s environmental agenda. He began his litigation career as a trial attorney at the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, and holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from Columbia University.

Ann Marie Bledsoe Downes, Deputy Solicitor for Indian Affairs
Ann Marie Bledsoe Downes most recently served as the Executive Vice President of Community Impact and Engagement at Ho-Chunk, Inc. She previously served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Economic Development for Indian Affairs at the U.S. Department of the Interior and as Interim Director of the Bureau of Indian Education. She was also Executive Director of the Indian Legal Program (ILP) at ASU. She received a B.A. from Wayne State College and a J.D. from Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. She is an enrolled member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

Tyler Cherry, Press Secretary
Tyler Cherry most recently served as Director of Rapid Response for the Biden-Harris Arizona coordinated campaign. Before joining the campaign, Tyler was Director of Public Affairs at the political consulting firm SKDK, where he crafted and executed strategic communications plans for dozens of political, advocacy, corporate, and legal clients. He also previously worked at Media Matters for America as a campaigns associate and researcher. Tyler is a Los Angeles native and graduated from UCLA with a political science degree. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his partner and two exuberant cats.

Laura Daniel Davis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Land and Mineral
Laura Daniel Davis has more than two decades of experience in the public and non-profit sectors. She served as Chief of Staff to Interior Secretaries Sally Jewell and Ken Salazar in the Obama administration. She was most recently the Chief of Policy and Advocacy for the National Wildlife Federation.

Shannon Estenoz, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Fish and Wildlife and Parks
Shannon Estenoz most recently was the Chief Operating Officer of The Everglades Foundation. Previously, Shannon served as Interior’s Director of Everglades Restoration Initiatives and Executive Director of the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force. Shannon’s twenty four-year career in conservation includes roles with the World Wildlife Fund and the National Parks Conservation Association, and appointments by three Florida Governors including to the Governing Board of the South Florida Water Management District. Shannon is a fifth generation native of Key West, Florida, and holds degrees in International Affairs and Civil Engineering from Florida State University.

Morgan Gray, Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs – Senate
Morgan Gray has nearly two decades of experience in the Senate and House of Representatives working on climate, energy and environmental policy. Prior to joining the Department, he served as Legislative Director for Senator Edward J. Markey, where he oversaw the Senator’s policy agenda. Morgan previously served as Senator Markey’s Senior Policy Advisor, directing his climate and energy policy, and before that as a senior staffer on the House Natural Resources Committee and on the staff of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. Morgan graduated from Pomona College and is originally from Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Ruchi Jain, Deputy Solicitor for General Law
Before joining Interior, Ruchi Jain was the Pro Bono Counsel for the Washington, D.C. office of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Previously, Ruchi served as Special Assistant to President Obama, where she worked with other senior White House officials on federal agency management, Executive Branch nominations, and personnel matters. She held several other roles in the Obama-Biden White House and the Department of Justice. She began her career in private law practice. Ruchi has a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. from Rice University.

Kate Kelly, Deputy Chief of Staff – Policy
Kate Kelly most recently was the Public Lands Director at the Center for American Progress. During the Obama administration, Kate served as senior advisor to then-Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and also served as communications director on behalf of Secretary Jewell and former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. Prior to joining the Interior Department, Kate worked in the U.S. Senate. Kate received her bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis and hails from Colorado.

Marissa Knodel, Advisor, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Marissa Knodel is a passionate advocate for climate and environmental justice through a just and equitable transition to a clean energy-based society, and resilient adaptation to a changing climate. As Legislative Counsel with Earthjustice, her area of expertise included federal onshore, offshore, and Arctic oil and gas leasing and regulations. Prior to joining Earthjustice, Marissa managed a campaign at Friends of the Earth to stop new fossil fuel development on federal lands and waters. Marissa holds a dual J.D. and Master of Environmental Management degree from Vermont Law School and the Yale School of the Environment.

Shantha Ready-Alonso, Director for Intergovernmental and External Affairs
Shantha Ready-Alonso served as Executive Director of Creation Justice Ministries, Community Mobilization Manager for NETWORK Catholic Social Justice Lobby, and Director of the National Council of Churches Poverty Initiative. Shantha is listed among the 2018 “Grist 50 Fixers” and is the recipient of the 2020 National Council of Churches USA J. Irwin Miller Excellence in Ecumenical Leadership award. Shantha holds a Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Pastoral Studies from Eden Theological Seminary. She did her undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Paniz Rezaeerod, Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs – House
Paniz Rezaeerod previously served on the staff of Rep. Joe Cunningham (SC-01), where she was responsible for legislation to ban offshore drilling, protect irreplaceable natural resources, and secure full and permanent funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund through the Great American Outdoors Act. Prior to Rep. Cunningham’s office, Paniz worked for the House Financial Services Committee and for CoBank. A first-generation American born in Iran and raised in South Carolina, Paniz is a graduate of Sewanee: The University of the South.

Melissa Schwartz, Communications Director
Melissa Schwartz is a strategic communicator and adjunct professor with two decades of experience in government, the private sector, and at nonprofit organizations. She most recently served as Senior Advisor to Dr. Jill Biden. As Chief Operating Officer at The Bromwich Group for nine years, projects included coordinating communications strategy to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, raise awareness of the rape kit backlog and gender-based violence, defend national monuments and the ocean, and facilitate a just transition for coal communities. Melissa is a former senior spokesperson for the U.S. Departments of Justice and Interior, and Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Janea Scott, Counselor to the Secretary
Janea A. Scott was most recently a Commissioner and Vice Chair of the California Energy Commission. Janea also served as the Vice Chair of the Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body and is a member of the Western Interstate Energy Board and the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee. Janea previously worked at Interior as the Deputy Counselor for Renewable Energy and at Environmental Defense Fund as a senior attorney. She earned her J.D. from the University of Colorado Boulder Law School and her master’s of science and bachelor’s of science in earth systems from Stanford University.

Rachael Taylor, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Policy, Management, and Budget
Rachael Taylor most recently served on the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations for nearly 16 years. In her role as Democratic clerk of the Subcommittee on the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, she negotiated a $38 billion annual appropriations bill and oversaw the budgets of Federal environmental, Tribal and cultural agencies. Rachael has also served in several other legislative and executive branch roles during her career, including in the Office of Vice President Al Gore. A West Virginia native, she received a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master in Public Administration from American University.

Maggie Thompson, White House Liaison
Maggie Thompson was most recently the North Carolina State Advisor and Chief of Staff for the Biden campaign and currently serves on the campaign’s Education Unity Task Force. Maggie was also the State Director for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. She is the former Executive Director of Generation Progress, the youth engagement arm of the Center for American Progress. Maggie also worked in the Obama administration at the White House Council on Environmental Quality and in the office of the Director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. She graduated with a degree in economics and classical archaeology from Macalester College.

Maria (Camille) Touton, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation
Camille Calimlim Touton returns to Interior after serving as Professional Staff for the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. She was the staff lead on the resiliency provisions enacted as part of the Water Resources Development Act of 2020. Camille’s congressional experience also includes serving as Professional Staff for Interior’s authorization committees: the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee. Camille also served as Interior’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Water and Science under the Obama administration. Camille holds a BS in Engineering (Civil), BA in Communication Studies, and a Master of Public Policy.

Tanya Trujillo, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Water and Science
Tanya Trujillo is a water lawyer with more than 20 years of experience working on complex natural resources management issues and interstate and transboundary water agreements. She most recently worked as a project director with the Colorado River Sustainability Campaign. Before then, she served as the Executive Director of the Colorado River Board of California. She has served as Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and as Counselor to the Assistant Secretary for Water and Science at Interior. A native New Mexican, Tanya attended Stanford University and the University of Iowa College of Law.

Jennifer Van der Heide, Chief of Staff
Jennifer Van der Heide has over 25 years of federal, state and local experience in legislative, legal and electoral sectors. She most recently served as Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Deb Haaland, and had been Chief of Staff and Political Director for Rep. Mike Honda. Jennifer previously served as the Washington Director and on-reservation Tribal Attorney for the Hoopa Valley Tribe; Tribal Attorney for California Indian Legal Services; and in private litigation practice in CA. She has a B.A. in International Relations from Tufts University, and a J.D. from UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, with a focus on public interest law.

Andrew (Drew) Wallace, Director of Congressional Affairs
A native of Houston, Texas, Drew Wallace has worked in senior policy roles in both houses of Congress. Over the last twelve years, he has served in the office of former Senator Tom Udall (D-N.M.), finishing as Chief of Staff. Drew has a record of significant contributions to bipartisan legislative successes across a range of issues, in particular energy, the environment, and conservation. He received a B.A. in Political Science from Kenyon College in Ohio and a J.D. from George Mason University School of Law in Virginia. Drew lives in Arlington, Va. with his wife and two sons.

Martha Williams, Principal Deputy Director, Fish and Wildlife Service
Martha has spent her career fostering a love of the outdoors. Growing up on a farm, she gained an appreciation for place and all that comprises it. This passion led her to the wild places of the West where she focused on public lands and wildlife – first as attorney for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks, then as Deputy Solicitor Parks and Wildlife at the Department of the Interior, as a professor at the Blewett School of Law at the University of Montana, and most recently returning to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks as its Director.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Biden Buyer’s Remorse: Biden Minimum Wage Plan Causes More Outrage Mob Angst

The Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter is outraged again. – But now, in a dose of high irony, the Perpetual Outrage Mob (POM) has turned it’s ire towards the elderly Sock Puppet who was their hero just days ago. Such is the result of the POM learning that the reality of China Joe Potato Head Biden’s policy does not come close to matching the wild promises he and Kamala Lala Ding Dong made during their fake campaign.

First, the POM went berserk when it discovered that the “$2,000 checks” for COVID relief that China Joe and Kamala promised during the campaign had somehow been cut to just $1,400 in the draft bill sent over to congress by the Sock Puppet In Chief’s elder-abusing handlers. The outrage was especially focused among the nitwit Democrat voters of Georgia, who had been sold that bill of goods in the senate special elections there.

From a story at Fox News:

Georgia Democrats have reportedly already begun fuming over their two new senators, the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, who were sworn in Wednesday by Vice President Kamala Harris, according to a new report.

Both men narrowly won hard-fought races against Republican incumbents in the Peach State, winning control of the Senate for the Democrats in the process.

But a major issue raised by critics is that President Biden espoused a coronavirus relief plan that would send $1,400 checks to many Americans – while Warnock and Ossoff campaigned on a $2,000 promise.

“Warnock and Ossoff made it a point to endorse and exclusively say ‘$2,000 checks,’” Georgia Democrat Oscar Zaro told Mediaite. “A lot of the people in my district voted blue in the runoff for two main reasons. One: Loeffler and Perdue denying us relief during COVID while profiting millions themselves; and two, $2,000 checks.”

Leading into the Jan. 5 runoff elections were a series of campaign events espousing the $2,000 stimulus check proposal in the days after former President Trump signed a $600-check plan in late December.


Funny how that works, huh?

Then came the POM’s outrage over the fact that it turns out that neither China Joe nor Kamala Lala have any actual plan to magically make the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly go away, despite having made constant false promises in that regard throughout their campaign:

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says ' @disclosetv 0٥0 JUST IN President Biden now says "there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in next several months." RECOUNT 0:06 117 9K views 3:20 PM Jan 22, 2021 Twitter Web App 1K Retweets 1.1K Quote Tweets 2K Likes'

I mean, golly, who could have possibly seen that one coming, right? Oh, wait, we saw that all coming right here at DBDailyUpdate, as we constantly warned readers that the “plans” to fight the China Virus that China Joe and Kamala were touting during the campaign were simply repeating the things the Trump Administration was already doing.

But the SJW’s and snowflakes who make up the POM weren’t paying attention, were they? Nope.

Then you have the angst among the anti-war crowd who thought they were voting for an anti-war candidate, completely ignoring the reality that Donald Trump was the single most anti-war president since our great-great-grandparents were riding around in horses and buggies. This segment of the POM is all verklempt at the realization that China Joe, who was an inveterate war-monger for the last half century in the senate and as Barack Obama’s vice president, is already cranking that perpetual war machine back up, having ordered additional U.S. forces into both Syria and Iraq during his first 48 hours in office:


Yes, Jen, you did vote for that. You most certainly did, but were too damn dumb to understand that hard fact.

Today’s uproar among the POM has to do with China Joe’s consistent promises during the campaign to immediately raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. How many times did we hear China Joe promise to “act on day one” of his administration to make that decade-long leftist goal a reality?

Naturally, hopelessly naive Democrat voters all over the country just assumed that China Joe meant he would immediately issue an executive order magically raising the minimum wage to that level as soon as he got up from his first nap in the presidential bedroom and enjoyed his evening bowl of tapioca pudding. But that’s not how the DC Swamp Kabuki Theater works, and never has been.

Biden did issue a symbolic executive order on Day 1 to raise the minimum wage for federal workers to $15, but virtually all of those workers were already making far higher than that level. What China Joe did for everyone else  – or rather, what his elder-abusing handlers did – was send over a proposal to congress that would pass the failed 2019 “Raise the Wage Act”, which would slowly raise the minimum wage to $15, but not get to that goal until 6 years after the passage of the bill, which means the lunatic leftist POM would not see its goal achieved until the year 2027, at the earliest.

You don’t have to believe me – here’s an excerpt from a story at BANKRATE:

Low-wage workers could see a boost to their pay for the first time since 2009, if former Vice President Joe Biden has his way.

The president-elect pledged in the run up to the pivotal 2020 presidential election that he would boost the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, from its current level of $7.25. The U.S. labor market might be one step closer to that reality, after a Saturday projection showed Biden winning the race.

Policy analysts and experts say the quickest way to implement that policy might be to renew the “Raise the Wage Act,” which the House of Representatives passed back in July 2019.

If it were renewed in 2021, that piece of legislation most likely wouldn’t take effect until 2022, according to William Spriggs, chief economist at the American Federation of Labor Unions and Congress of Industrial Organizations. At that point, the U.S. economy would also be on more stable footing than it is today, according to Bankrate’s quarterly poll of economists. Even then, that proposal allows for a six-year-long phase in, with the $15 level not reached until six years after the bill is passed, according to the text of the bill.

“It would not be like flipping a switch and going to $15 tomorrow,” says Shai Akabas, director of economic policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. “If consistent with other proposals and states that have phased in, it would be done in a graduated way.”


Now, think about this: Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self began advocating for a $15 minimum wage way back in 2009, and he and his trusty sidekick China Joe Potato Head Biden had 8 long years to get that done, but really never made any effort at all to do it. Why? Because they know the truth is that raising the federal minimum wage destroys jobs, millions of them.

When Obama began that false advocacy, the actual minimum wage was $7.25 per hour. Since 2009, many businesses, including examples like Amazon and Wal-Mart, have voluntarily raised their own minimum wages to that level for many or all of their workers. If you adjust that $7.25 per hour by the rate of inflation, it would very likely amount to more than $15 in real money terms by the year 2027.

But here’s the part that will really outrage the POM if they ever manage to figure it out using their fingers and toes: A $15 per hour minimum wage in 2027 will actually represent less real spending power for minimum wage workers than the $7.25 minimum wage represented in 2009.

That’s right: At the end of the day, China Joe Biden’s much-vaunted $15 minimum wage in fact will amount to a pay cut. No wonder Twitter is filled with tweets like this one from angry SJWs today:

Again, Democrat voters who voted for China Joe Potato Head Biden had no idea whatsoever what they were actually voting for.

That is all.

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Biden Proves Democrat Voters Have no Idea What They’re Voting For

More proof Democrat voters have no idea what they’re voting for. – How many Democrats who voted for China Joe Potato Head Biden thought they were voting for this when they entered the voting booth?:

Yes, friends, the dementia-addled sock puppet occupying the White House reversed President Trump’s order lowering the cost of a variety of prescription medicines on Friday, including some that are crucial to millions suffering from diabetes and allergic reactions. This from the party that claims to be the advocate for healthcare in America.

From a story at Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden’s United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Thursday stopped executive orders from his predecessor designed to significantly lower prescription drug prices for Americans, including insulin and epinephrine.

The new administration will apparently re-evaluate the executive action from President Donald Trump toward the end of March. It remains unclear if it will be reinstated.

“The HHS Thursday froze the former Trump administration’s December drug policy that requires community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients,” Bloomberg Law reported Thursday. “Centers that don’t pass on the savings wouldn’t qualify for federal grants.”

“This freeze is part of the Biden administration’s large-scale effort announced this week that will scrutinize the Trump administration’s health policies,” the report noted. “If the previous administration’s policies raise ‘fact, law, or policy’ concerns, the Biden HHS will delay them and consult with the Office of Management and Budget about other actions.”

report for Bloomberg Government said the Biden administration is on a “different page” about curbing drug prices than the Trump administration, noting of the Biden team awaiting “at least a dozen lawsuits … over Trump-era moves to lower drug prices”:

Yes, the Biden people are “on a different page,” i.e., they’re reversing a policy that actually worked and will replace it either with a policy that massively increases the cost of these drugs – as the cost of every drug in America increased thanks to Obamacare – or with no new policy at all.

If you’re one of the dimwits who voted for Biden expecting a man who has been in government for half a century without ever making anything better for the American people to somehow now suddenly start making things better, you are the problem. Frankly, you deserve whatever misery he throws your way. But the millions of other Americans who aren’t complicit in this farce don’t deserve it, and that’s on you, too.

Remember this incident, in which Biden told a union factory worker that “I don’t work for you!”? Well, what part of that did you nitwits not understand?


Democrat voters have no idea what it is they’re voting far, Part II – The people of New Mexico are suddenly all verklempt today after the Swamp’s designated Sock Puppet signed an order last week imposing a senseless 60-day moratorium on new leasing on federal lands and waters in the United States. Seems that those New Mexico dimwit voters didn’t realize that about half of the oil and gas production in their state that pays for about half of their state government each year is produced from … wait for it … federal lands, and their state is now facing a big budget gap that will only grow larger thanks to China Joe’s demented act.

From a story at Fox Business:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — President Joe Biden’s 60-day moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits is prompting widespread concerns in New Mexico, where spending on education and other public programs hinges on the industry’s success.

Top Republicans in the state as well as local leaders in communities that border the Permian Basin — one of the most productive regions in the U.S. — say any moves to make permanent the suspension would be economically devastating for the state. Half of New Mexico’s production happens on federal land and amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties each year.

Congressional members from other western states also are raising concerns, saying the ripple effects of the moratorium will hurt small businesses already struggling because of the pandemic.

“During his inauguration, President Biden spoke about bringing our nation together. Eliminating drilling on public lands will cost thousands of New Mexicans their jobs and destroy what’s left of our state’s economy,” Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway told The Associated Press on Friday. “How does that bring us together? Environmental efforts should be fair and well-researched, not knee-jerk mandates that just hurt an already impoverished state.”

Steve Pearce, chairman of the state Republican Party, said drilling was beginning to pick up in New Mexico’s share of the Permian Basin because of rising oil prices. But he said he’s concerned that activity could evaporate.

“I think we’re going to see companies choosing not to invest in New Mexico and take their jobs and drilling to Texas just 3 miles away,” Pearce said. “They can just scoot across the border where they don’t have federal lands.”


Chairman Pearce, a former GOP member of congress, hits on a key part of this story that New Mexico Democrat politicians like to ignore: Texas is right next door, and Texas isn’t held hostage by half of the state being owned by the feds. The Permian Basin is a massive geographic area almost as large as the entire state of Wyoming, about 3/4ths of which lies on the Texas size of the border. The impact of Biden’s moratorium on federal leasing and his coming ban on fracking on federal lands will almost certainly result in companies focusing on drilling wells in Texas and reducing their activity in New Mexico.

Whether they realized it or not, this is what New Mexicans voted for when they went 55% for China Joe. After all, it wasn’t as if he and Kamala Harris made any secret about their intentions during the campaign. As is always the case with Democrats, they always telegraph exactly what they plan to do to you – all you have to do is pay attention to exactly what they say.

New Mexicans didn’t pay attention, and so the schools and hospitals and all sorts of programs oil and gas revenues have been delivering to them will suffer, and so will the people. Biden’s attitude about it all? “I don’t work for you.”


That is all.

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The Truth About Trump is Much Different Than the Caricature

Guest Piece From Nathan Kaspar

Would you look at that, the sun came up in the east this morning!

We’ve completed the cycle of a successful transfer of power.  It turns out that Trump wasn’t going to declare martial law, there weren’t thousands of “MAGAites” ready to attack the capitol, and no, there were not Chinese troops in Canada ready to invade.  I hope that all Americans, left, right, and center will take a few days to objectively evaluate where they get their “news” from.

First off, we need to start with some truths about presidential campaigns in general.

-There is an attempt to spin the other candidate’s future administration as “the end of America”.  This was certainly the case by republicans when Obama was elected.  The “TEA Party” movement immediately sprang to life and Obama only had 2 of his 8 years (the first two) with both houses of Congress.  Our system of “checks and balances” works, and Americans have proven they will vote to check extreme agendas in either direction.

-The most bold promises, or threats rarely come to fruition in policy.   I’m old enough to remember when Obama campaigned to close the Military Prison in Guantanamo Bay.  He could have done that 12 years ago with the stroke of a pen, and the facility is still open.  Remember when liberals tried to play on your fears and claimed Trump would end same-sex marriage and enact a Pence authored theocracy?  Ha.  Turns out Trump could have cared less about any of those issues.

So, hopefully now you have calmed down some and realized that America is going to be OK.  We got through 8 years of Obama, we can survive 4 (or less) years of Biden.  Any portion of term carried out by an unelected President Harris would be the least legitimate in American History.  Non-elected presidents with no mandate are not to be feared politically.  So, relax.

This is not a “Hit-Piece” on Donald Trump.  I voted for him his policies twice.  I’m an officer in the Military, and I witnessed first hand the boost in morale that Trump’s leadership brought vs his predecessor.  I had the misfortune of being on active duty in a DoD agency that supported the State Department under Hillary Clinton’s mismanagement.  I know all too well just how disastrous the Obama Administration’s failures in defense and foreign policy were…but “what difference, at this point, does it make”?

Donald Trump’s 1st and greatest achievement as President will always be preventing Hillary Clinton from ever being President.  For that, we owe him a debt of gratitude.  Trump has other accomplishments as well.  His economic leadership built the US Economy to it’s strongest point ever.  He led an effort to rebuild the US Military which is paying off.

Trump put many existing foreign conflicts to an end, and started no additional wars.  He told Iran “If you f*ck around with us, we will do things to you that have never been done before.”  Then he scattered pieces of Iran’s chief terrorist all over the desert as an example.  Iran blinked.  North Korea blinked.  China blinked.  Our trade imbalance with China is trending back toward balance.  Israel is properly supported, our Embassy is in their capital, and Israel has US Peace Deals with several Islamic nations.  Those accomplishments are incredible for a single term president.

Sadly, Trump left office as a President who could make all the spectacular slam dunks, but he couldn’t make a layup.  This is why:

-Donald Trump didn’t expect to win.  He was as surprised as the national media and the lib-tards that were screaming on the national mall at the inauguration.  Trump did not have key cabinet positions identified and ready to go, and he didn’t have his agenda ready to roll out.

-Trump campaigned to “Drain the Swamp”, and immediately added “Swamp Animals” to his highest level positions.  Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General was the most “swamp” thing ever, and Sessions’ recusal from the Russia Hoax (instead of declassifying everything and killing it in a day) crippled Trump’s term.  Trump’s complaints about “the deep state” fail to recognize that the President of the United States holds the power to fire ANYONE who works within any executive agency.  Got problems at the FBI?  Get off your butt and go down there and get the top 200 members of the agency in the same room with the top 20 on the stage.  Lay out the orders, and ask the director if he is going to follow them.  No?  You are fired, Deputy director, you are now the director.  Are you going to follow orders?  No?  You are fired.  Assistant Deputy Director, you are now the director.  Are you going to follow orders????  And you keep doing that until you get someone who will do their job.  Swamp animals have a word for guys like Trump…  They are a “carton of milk” inside the beltway.  That means they have a known expiration date, and federal jobs don’t expire.  The swamp waited him out, and remains undrained.

-Trump did more to cripple his administration and torpedo his re-election with his own Twitter account than democrats could ever do to him.  He should have realized that his Twitter account was driving incredible traffic (and profits) for Big Tech, and taken his messages direct to Americans via the White House webpage…and for the love of God, let the press secretary that you hired and pay scrub your messages.  For all the talk of Trump playing 3D chess, he lost a game of checkers with Twitter.

-The entire point of the Russia Hoax was to delegitimize the Trump Administration, and Trump allowed the issue to fester when he could have ripped that band-aid off at any point by declassifying documents.

-Trump miscalculated motives and capabilities of former Military Generals.  Trump allowed his idea of 3 and 4 star generals as being apolitical patriots to cloud his judgment on them.  Any 4 Star General (or Admiral) has been a political animal since they were a Colonel/Captain.  While military politics differ from civilian politics, the operations still occur within the same government and funding system.  Google “Jim Mattis Board of Directors” if you don’t believe me.  These 4 star swamp animals in their military retirement are nothing but lobbyists with a shadow-box.  Is it any surprise that our former SECDEF is now on the board of directors for General Dynamics with over a million dollar annual compensation?  And you wondered why his wars would never stop???

-Donald Trump did nothing to stop “Corporate Welfare”.  While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Trump’s legislative high point, his failure to force entire industries like Ethanol, Solar, other “renewables”, and dozens of other pet legislative initiatives continues to cost taxpayers trillions per year.

So, why didn’t Donald Trump get those things done?

That answer is really simple, but will be a tough pill for a lot of people to swallow.  Donald Trump is not, and was never a Conservative Republican.  Trump is a lifelong democrat, businessman, entertainer, marketer, and promoter.  Trump’s favorite brand to promote has always been Donald Trump.   Any good business man identifies places in the market where there is a void, and then they fill that void for profit.   Trump personally hated Barrack Obama, starting when Obama personally mocked him at an event on the subject of Obama’s birth certificates.

Trump’s love for himself, and his individual hatred of Obama drove him to take Obama’s job and erase his legacy.  In order to do that, he had an easy void to fill due to lack of Republican Leadership.  So, Trump picked up some Republican talking points (2nd amendment, pro-life, strong military, America 1st) and CNN played an unwilling (and inadvertent) accomplice to getting Trump nominated and elected.

Trump’s marketing plan during the 2016 and 2020 campaigns was to set himself up as the only person who was fighting for the little guy.  In doing so, he’s managed to obtain a unique cult like following with the majority of the US population loving him for attributes that aren’t accurate or true, or hating him for attributes that aren’t accurate or true.

The CARICATURE of Trump is being a far-right extremist, white supremacist maniac are no more true than the idea of him being a Reagan like conservative.  The TRUTH of matter is that Trump’s policies most closely resemble the compromises that were forced by Newt Gingrich during the Clinton Administration.  By Mid-1990’s standards, Trump is a left/middle Democrat while borrowing some of Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy pillars of “Peace Through Strength” and knowing he had to appoint conservative judges to maintain his Republican “street cred” in DC and for re-election.

Trump (or what he built himself up to be) was the equal and opposite over-reaction to Obama.  The funny thing is that we now have in Joe Biden, a guy who was to the POLITICAL RIGHT of Donald Trump by those same mid-90’s standards.   Democrats (especially racial minorities) have been pointing at the 1994 Crime Bill for decades as proof of “Institutional Racism”, as that law resulted in massive and disproportionate incarceration of minorities.  Joe Biden authored that piece of Institutional Racism, and he’s now your hero replacement for Donald Trump.  Kamala Harris is a former prosecutor who made a name for herself being “tough on crime” by sending hundreds of black-Americans to long prison terms for petty marijuana offenses.

This truth could not be believed if it was packaged as fiction.

So, as we keep our eyes open the next few weeks and months, we need to see how President Biden actually legislates, compromises, and leads.  Heck, people with early stage dementia often wake up not knowing what year it is.  Biden could wake up thinking it’s 1994, and we can get through that version of Joe Biden just fine.  Anything left of that, we need to turn the page from “Trumpism” and lean on the young talent in national politics to stand on conservative principals to get us through it.

Beyond that, you need to get involved in your local politics.  Your county officials determine who works at polling stations, where they will be, and who counts (and observes) the votes.  Get up, get informed, get involved.

Nathan Kaspar is a native of Ganado, Texas and grew up on a family ranch and enlisted the Navy in 1996.  Nathan later attended the University of Texas at Austin on a fleet ROTC scholarship, lettered in Football as a walk-on, earned a degree in Political Science and a Commission as a Naval Officer.  After Naval Flight School and earning his wings, Nathan had several flying and non-flying tours that took him to garden spots such as Iraq, Bahrain, Dubai, and a nuclear counter-proliferation assignment in Russia.  Now with 24 years of combined active and reserve service, Nathan splits time between his civilian consulting job in Austin, TX and his reserve military duties in Florida.  

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The End of Trump Signals the End of the American Republic

President Donald Trump leaves office at noon today, and America as we have known it leaves with him. The President who never expected to win has spent the last four years trying to save this country from its worst impulses and maladies: Unchecked illegal immigration, military interventionism all over the world, intentional economic decline justified by Climate Change religious dogma, the surrender of jobs and manufacturing capacity under falsely-named “free trade” agreements, political correctness, and the pervasive cancer of fake news spread by the utterly corrupted mainstream news media.

These and other goals that he brought with him into the White House formed the basis of the rank hatred of him by the establishment media and the DC Swamp culture, a culture that thrives on the selling of American economic and national security interests for monetary gain via a vast array of influence peddling schemes. Think of it: In his farewell address last night – which the corrupt networks refused to air – Trump boasted of being the first American President in many decades who will leave office without having started a new war. This is, of course, one of the main reasons why he is so detested by the Swamp culture.

Indeed, the entirety of the congressional legislative process, run as it is today by staffers and lobbyists who essentially order the elected representatives around, has degenerated into nothing more than one big influence game. So it was that the Swamp detested Trump and his promises to drain it, and spent four years concocting and executing a never-ending series of idiotic schemes to rid itself of him.

Trump beat back all of those schemes where lesser men lacking his will and wits would have failed. But he was finally done in by his failure to find and appoint an attorney general who was not himself a captive of the Swamp. Instead, he wasted two years on Jeff Sessions after Sessions betrayed him and allowed Robert Mueller and his American Gestapo to run amuck, and then wasted the final 21 months of his term in office on the worthless William Barr, whose abject refusal to police massive election fraud in the end proved fatal to Trump’s presidency.

And so, America today faces the consequences of Trump’s naivete’, Sessions’ betrayal and Barr’s inaction: The installation of a human sock puppet who will faithfully execute the Swamp’s bidding until the Swamp decides to replace him with Kamala Harris, a younger human sock puppet who isn’t in advanced stages of dementia. Those consequences will be brutal and come at all of us much faster than most imagine.

America as we have known it is leaving with President Trump. Now that they have stolen the presidency in a clearly fraudulent election and know they can get away with it thanks to the cooperation of the news media, the courts and the Big Tech monopolies, no American can assume their votes will ever really matter again. The Democrat Party has achieved its 100-year goal of destroying the nation’s system of free and fair elections, and with that, the notion that America is any longer the democratic republic established by its founders and guaranteed by the constitution. The Democrats have cemented it all this week with a show of massive military force and by turning the nation’s capital into the police state they envision for the rest of the country.

They have the power now. They control the military, and they want to make damn sure you know it. That’s what today’s massive show of force is all about.

President Trump knows all of this, and as a result will refuse to validate it by participating in today’s corrupt inaugural ceremonies. His poor choice of vice president, unfortunately, is firmly bought into the DC Swamp UniParty approach, and plans to join in.

President Trump was able to achieve much during his four years in office despite the Swamp’s never-ending coup efforts; unfortunately, too many of his achievements were made through executive orders that will now simply be reversed by his designated sock puppet successor, China Joe Potato Head Biden, who will sit at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and dutifully sign whatever his elder-abusing handlers set in front of him while slurping down his bowl of tapioca pudding.

And so, the great experiment created by the founders, and for which so many millions of countrymen and women have fought and bled to preserve, will for all intents and purposes come to an end, not with a bang but with a whimper, enforced by 26,000 military personnel and a reported 10,000 more police and other law enforcement officials in the single largest show of brutish force ever seen in the District of Columbia.

Just before he was assassinated in 1935, Louisiana populist Huey Long famously said that if America were to ever have a fascist government, “we’ll have it under the guise of anti-fascism.”

85 years later, Long’s prophecy comes true today. Now that our system of free and fair elections has been destroyed, it’s difficult to see how the nation ever recovers.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Utterly Pathetic: Biden Inauguration Rehearsal Cancelled – You Won’t Believe the Reason Why

Honestly, it’s hard to even know what to say about the utterly pathetic state of this country anymore. Monday morning the DC Swamp was supposed to conduct a rehearsal of the imaginary inauguration ceremony to be conducted for its designated sock-puppet-in-waiting, China Joe Potato Head Biden. But the whole thing got cancelled when dark smoke began rising several blocks away.

The source of the dark smoke? Oh, you have to wait for that – read it in this clip from a story at

The rehearsal on Capitol Hill on Monday for Joe Biden’s inauguration was cancelled and those in attendance were told to evacuate as the result of an “external security threat,” according to news reports and social media posts.

The evacuation from the west side of the U.S. Capitol Building was being reported by The Daily Mail.

Fox News producer Chad Pergram tweeted that the threat was under the bridge near the Capitol building – on I-295 at First and F streets SE – and that staff and other personnel are directed to avoid coming to the Capitol Complex area until further notice.

Another social media post, with a picture, states the fire is at a “homeless encampment.”


Looking at a map of Washington, DC, the intersection from which the homeless camp fire is emanating is about 3,000 feet, or well over half a mile from the front of the Capitol Building, where the inaugural ceremonies will supposedly take place on Wednesday.

So, anyone who wishes apparently can disrupt Wednesday’s ceremonies by simply slipping a fifty to a homeless guy as payment to light the nearest garbage can on fire around noon.

Hell, Biden’s own handlers will probably do it just to avoid the potential embarrassment of the guy referring to his VP as “that gal over there in the funny sneakers.”

You seriously could never make this stuff up, folks. Don’t even try.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Monday News Roundup: FBI Conducts Accidental Florida Sting as its Predicted Violent Riots Fail to Materialize

[Warning: profanity.] Why do you suppose the corrupt, mainstream news media won’t show you this aspect of the “attempted coup” on January 6? – Ok, well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it?

Man, no one could’ve seen this one coming. – Oh, wait…

If your corn starts to taste a little funny and causes you to experience rectal bleeding, nothing to worry about, it’s just the nanobots:

Man, if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, nothing will.

The evolution of China Joe Potato Head Biden’s attitude towards condemning violent riots:


Because, “Unity” or something.

Speaking of “violent riots,” where were they yesterday? – Hey, remember when the FBI held a big press conference 8 or 9 days ago and warned the nation that they had “intelligence” (such an ironic word when used in context of this raging dumpster fire of corruption and incompetence) indicating that the evil Trump supporters were planning to stage “violent riots” in all 50 state capitals on January 17? Yeah, we all remember that, don’t we?

So, yesterday was January 17, and it turned out that the FBI’s warning was just the latest in a long series of instances in which the FBI willingly coordinated with the Democrats and corrupt news media to construct a false narrative designed to slander President Trump and his supporters. The closest thing anyone could dig up was the scene below of some clown with a group called the Boogaloo Bois paling around with his BLM/Antifa buds in Lansing, Michigan:

These people are not Trump supporters. Not any of them. Not one.

I mean, dang, BLM/Antifa domestic terrorists couldn’t even drum up a good riot in Portland, Oregon on Sunday. All they were able to come up with on the FBI’s projected day of infamy was a protest at a book store that is daring to sell a – gasp! – book.:

You seriously could never make this stuff up, folks. You just couldn’t.

Despite all of this calm breaking out around the country, Washington DC remains a capitol police state with National Guard personnel being forced to block entries and exits to and from the city and demand the rabble show proper papers. There, the FBI/Democrat/media’s new false narrative now centers around fears of an “insider attack” on the Biden/Harris sock puppet installation, er, inauguration.

What is meant by an “insider attack” you ask? Oh, you are gonna love this one. From a piece by the despicable associated press:

The FBI is screening all 25,000 National Guard troops heading to D.C. as fears mount among defense officials that those responsible for security at the inauguration could participate in an insider attack, The Associated Press reported Sunday.

The screening effort comes as D.C. has beefed its security ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday and after the deadly pro-Trump raid on the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the AP on Sunday that officials are aware of the potential risk, and commanders have been instructed to keep an eye out for any issues among their troops. National Guard members are also receiving training on how to find any threats within their ranks, he said.


That’s right: The DC Swamp is so utterly depraved that it is now resorting to slandering the heroes who serve this country in the National Guard as a means of trying to drum up fear of an outgoing President and sympathy for its incoming sock puppet.

And of course, the kicker to the story is entirely, hilariously predictable:

But the Army secretary said the FBI’s vetting has not surfaced any problems, and there has not been any evidence of insider attacks after attending a three-hour security drill for the inauguration.

“We’re continually going through the process, and taking second, third looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation,” McCarthy told the AP.


Oh, no evidence that the narrative slandering the National Guard is true? Well, yes, because it’s a false  narrative! 

My goodness, this is not complicated, is it? What am I missing here?

But hey, the Feebs did manage to arrest one violent domestic terrorist. – In Florida, they arrested a “hardcore leftist” terrorist who was … wait for it … planning to attack the pro-Trump demonstrators who the FBI was falsely claiming were about to stage violent riots of their own at the Florida capitol in Tallahassee:

From the story at DailyWire:

Federal law enforcement officials arrested a self-described “hardcore leftist” and alleged Antifa supporter last week for allegedly issuing a call to arms for a violent attack on pro-Trump protesters at Florida’s Capitol.

Authorities “arrested Daniel Baker of Tallahassee for transmission, in interstate commerce, of a communication containing a threat to kidnap or to injure,” U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida announced in a statement. “Baker issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront protestors gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday. He specifically called for others to join him in encircling any protestors and confining them at the Capitol complex using firearms.”

The criminal complaint filed by prosecutors shows that Baker describes himself as a “hardcore leftist” and allegedly has shown support for Antifa, a far-left extremist group. The criminal complaint also said that Baker participated in the far-left protests over the summer which included joining the “CHOP/CHAZ movement in Seattle, Washington during the summer of 2020.” The charging document says that Baker used “social media as a way to promote, circulate, encourage and educate followers on how to incapacitate law enforcement officers while at a protest.”

Charging documents highlight alleged social media posts from Baker where Baker calls for people to take up arms against President Donald Trump and called for “Trump terrorists” to be corralled “into the Capitol building.”


So, think this through: The FBI just completed a totally accidental sting operation on a Biden/Harris supporter. It floated a false narrative with the sole intention of slandering Trump and his supporters. But this dimwit leftist took the false narrative to heart and took to social media to issue a “call to arms” for “like-minded individuals” to arm themselves and show up at the Capitol building in Tallahassee to assault the non-existent violent Trump supporters who he was too stupid to realize the FBI had made up out of whole cloth. The intrepid FBI gumshoes then see the idiot’s Facebook posts, and have no choice but to go arrest him.

It’s like an episode of one of those really awful network cop dramas.

But no worries, Violent Leftist Guy: You will no doubt be back out on the streets without having to post bail before today is over, and the FBI will never make the mistake of hassling you again, since the agents who took you into custody have no doubt been reprimanded by their superiors in DC.

Because that’s how the system of “justice” works in America today.

That is all.

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Georgia Proves That The Politics Of Anarchy And Deprivation Work

Here’s what Georgia voted for on Tuesday:

That’s really the bottom line here: Georgia and the rest of America want anarchy, and that’s what the Democrat Party will bring us over the next four years, and, if they have their way in congress, into perpetuity here in the United States. Because make no mistake about it: The 2020 elections were an endorsement for the politics of anarchy and deprivation.

The Democrat Party used riots, looting and the burning of formerly great American cities that their mayors control as political tools throughout 2020. Their calculation was that their friends in the corrupt news media would blame it all on President Donald Trump – which they did – on the pretense that viewers couldn’t believe what was happening before their own eyes, and it worked.

Admit it: It did work. If the results of this election prove nothing else, they prove the wisdom of this stunningly depraved political calculation by the Democrat Party. That should not surprise you, since the Democrat Party has been stunningly depraved since its inception.

Anarchy works. At the same time they pursue insane policies of defunding and otherwise hamstringing the police, Democrat mayors across the country are still releasing violent criminals from their prisons en masse, using COVID as their excuse, and then they and their media toadies shrug their shoulders and shift blame to Republicans for the fact that rates of sex crimes and other violent crimes are rocketing skywards up to early 1990s levels.

Anarchy works. While all that is going on, Democrat county and district attorneys funded by George Soros front groups refuse to hold violent criminals on bail when they are arrested or prosecute them when the time for trial comes. And then they and their media toadies shrug their shoulders and blame Republicans for the resultant skyrocketing crime rate.

Deprivation works, especially the brutish kind. Democrat governors across the country spent the final 9 months of 2020 depriving their populations of their basic constitutional freedoms of religion, assembly, speech and the pursuit of happiness, and they all won. Their states all remained blue states in November. Think of the signal that sends to depraved politicians who are mad for power.

Deprivation works. Democrat politicians running in the general election promised to massively increase your taxes and to restore the federal government to what they see as its rightful role of micro-controlling every aspect of your daily existence. They promised more defunding of the police, more releasing of violent criminals, the elimination of bail and more refusals to prosecute those few who are arrested, and voters said “cool!” and voted for them.

So now, although neither David Perdue nor Kelly Loeffler have conceded their losses in Georgia as of this writing, the outcome is crystal clear: Democrats will control every lever of power in Washington, DC for at least the coming two years. That is baked into the cake, folks, and think of the signal that sends to depraved politicians who are mad for power.

The signal it sends is that the politics of anarchy and deprivation works. It tells them that using riots as just another arrow in their political quiver now has the endorsement of a majority of Americans, at least when you let Dominion Systems count the ballots. It tells them that a majority of Americans are not only ok with being deprived of their basic rights under the constitution, but that most Americans don’t even know what those rights are, thanks to the raging dumpster fire that is our public school system.

America is back to the horror of 2009 all over again, only worse. This time our incoming President is an elderly, life-long circus clown buffoon of a human being who doesn’t know where he is much of the time. Where Barack Obama was a scheming, anti-American Machiavellian monster, Biden is merely a sock puppet for a vast array of such monsters who will write his every spoken word and control his every action, while feeding him his tapioca pudding in the morning.

Worse than that, Biden’s designated successor, who will take over for him when he resigns in a few months, is a combination of a scheming, anti-American Machiavellian monster and a sock puppet for the same vast array who will control Biden. That’s quite the combination of skillsets for someone who will soon hold the most powerful job on earth.

The coming two years will be filled with rising levels of anarchy and deprivation, the tools the globalists have desperately sought to use to achieve their Great Reset and turn the formerly free nation of America into a socialist police state. Now, they have it all for one simple reason: Because the politics of anarchy and deprivation work, and have now been fully endorsed by the American public.

At least according to Dominion Systems, America’s new ultimate election authority.

That is all.

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Some Predictions for 2021

I’m an optimist by nature. When you come from where I came from and end up where I’ve ended up in life, you almost could not be otherwise. And boy, that’s a good thing, given the year we have just been through and the year we all are facing in 2021.

Of all the times and places in world history to be born, I was born in 1956 in the United States of America. Not only that, I was born in Texas and have been blessed to live my entire life here. Folks, it don’t get no luckier than that. I was raised by two wonderful parents, have been married for 39 years to a wonderful, loving woman and have been blessed with two wonderful children and two wonderful granddaughters.

It’s important to take a step back and reflect on the blessings we’ve had in life as we end this bizarre and distressing year of 2020, because, as bad as the past 12 months have been, things could have always been worse. Looking ahead, we all should pray that 2021 doesn’t turn to 2020 and say, “hold my beer.”

Because things surely could get worse.

Unless something dramatic happens between now and January 20, the presidency will be assumed by China Joe Potato Head Biden, a life-long circus clown of a human being who has sold his soul – and America’s international interests – for money and who is now clearly and unambiguously suffering from the effects of advancing dementia. As bad as that sounds, we have to also hope and pray that he is somehow able to hold the office for four full years, because the alternative – his incoming Vice President, Kamala Harris – is a radical leftwing ideologue who would be even more dangerous to the nation’s future survival than China Joe is.

China Joe has gone about naming a pack of cabinet appointees whose politics range from radical leftist to full-on Marxist Alinskyite, and makes no bones about his plans to re-regulate every facet of your lives that he and Barack Obama had regulated before President Donald Trump came along and started rolling everything back. If you thought the regulatory barrage that came at you during Obama’s final two years in office was something to behold, well, trust me: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Let’s go to the predictions…

Prediction #1: The cost of gasoline and electricity will begin to rise rapidly. Biden’s climate regulatory agenda, fracking bans and mindless foreign policy choices will make sure of that.

Prediction #2: The U.S. military will become involved in a new shooting conflict somewhere in the Middle East or North Africa during 2021. We were entangled in 7 such conflicts when the Obama/Biden administration came to an end, and you can be sure China Joe will be anxious to re-start the party. Biden policies targeting the rapid destruction of the U.S. domestic oil and gas industry will help to ensure this outcome, as our energy security diminishes and our dependence on Arab oil rises.

Prediction #3: We will all still be living under mask and social distancing mandates when 2021 comes to an end. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise: Once this freedom-destroying genie has been let out of the bottle, it won’t be going back in anytime soon. Anthony Fauci made this very promise earlier today, and you can be sure he will be leading China Joe around on a leash where COVID is concerned.

Besides, we now have this “new strain” of COVID that Fauci and his corrupt media friends can lord over us for the next 12 months, and as soon as we have 3 or 4 new vaccines for that one, yet another “new strain” will suddenly appear to start the cycle all over again.

Prediction #4: The reality of #3 above means that the rate of unemployment will be higher a year from now than it is today, and the economy will begin to contract at some point towards the beginning of the 2nd quarter, as the government’s ability to keep passing multi-trillion dollar relief bills fades away and the full impacts of all the job and business destruction taking place mainly in blue states start to really take hold.

Prediction #5: As China’s iron grip on the Biden presidency and most of congress becomes increasingly evident, Alec Baldwin’s white-bread wife Hilaria will stop pretending to affect a Spanish accent and learn to speak Mandarin instead.

Prediction #6: During an appearance on CNN next September, Bill Gates’s central processing unit will short circuit when the host asks him to vouch for the safety of one of the new COVID vaccines, causing sparks to fly from his ears and horns to grow from the top of his head. CNN and the rest of the corrupt news media will assure us all that this is perfectly normal and kill the story within a few hours. Twitter will immediately start banning anyone who shares clips from the video.

Prediction #7: During his inaugural address on January 20, China Joe Potato Head Biden will pause for non-existent applause from a non-existent audience 42 times, refer to Kamala Harris as “my good friend, Ella Fitzgerald,” and turn to Nancy Pelosi and ask her where his tapioca pudding has gone. Twitter will immediately ban anyone who shares clips from the video.

Prediction #8: In April it will be revealed that Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow have become engaged to be married, and America will cringe in unison in response. Twitter will immediately ban anyone who posts a tweet showing a photo of the couple as being against its community standards.

Prediction #9: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will drop all charges against Ghislaine Maxwell on January 21. CNN and MSNBC will engage in a fierce bidding war to sign her up to be a paid contributor.

Prediction #10: AG Cuomo will fire Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham on January 22 and hold a national bonfire of all of Durham’s investigative files on the East lawn of the White House that evening. Neither CNN nor MSNBC will show any interest in signing Durham up to be a paid contributor.

Prediction #11: Kelly Loeffler will defeat that lunatic clown she’s running against in the January 5 runoff in Georgia, but Dominion Systems will ensure that John Ossoff prevails over Republican David Perdue in the other race. Ossoff will thus become the nation’s first hipster pajama boy U.S. Senator and will immediately try to convince his colleagues to let him open a Starbucks in the basement of the Capitol Building.

Prediction #12: The petition drive to force a recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom will succeed. However, California voters are such raging morons that they will just re-elect him all over again.

And finally…

Prediction #13: No later than June 1, China Joe Potato Head Biden will read a nationally-televised speech written for him by his elder-abusing handlers in which he mistakenly says he is being forced to resign from the United States Senate because he is suffering from detention. Twitter will immediately invoke a policy of banning any user who shares clips from the speech and that fat little bald guy at CNN will suffer stroke on his Sunday show in the midst of excoriating Fox News for repeatedly and falsely claiming that Biden was actually the President, not a Senator.

Because that’s the world we live in now, folks, like it or not.

Here’s wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Be careful out there.

That is all.

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China Joe Biden May Never Take the Oath of Office

You know what’s really irresponsible? Stealing a damn election and pretending you are the President-elect when you don’t even know what town you’re in half the time.

Biden’s statement in that clip, of course, is completely false, as the Secretary of Defense pointed out later in the day:

Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller slammed the claims from Biden, noting that the department has given Biden’s team more access to resources than they initially requested.

“The Department of Defense has conducted 164 interviews with over 400 officials, and provided over 5,000 pages of documents – far more than initially requested by Biden’s transition team,” Miller said in a statement. “DOD’s efforts already surpass those of recent administrations with over three weeks to go and we continue to schedule additional meetings for the remainder of the transition and answer any and all requests for information in our purview.”

“Our DOD political and career officials have been working with the utmost professionalism to support transition activities in a compressed time schedule and they will continue to do so in a transparent and collegial manner that upholds the finest traditions of the Department,” the statement continued. “The American people expect nothing less and that is what I remain committed to.”


Naturally, no one at Twitter or Facebook fact-checked China Joe’s lies or tagged them with a disclaimer.

Here’s another gem China Joe Potato Head let loose during Tuesday’s TelePrompter reading:

From the story at the New York Post:

Come on, man!

Joe Biden raised eyebrows Tuesday when he accidentally referred to Kamala Harris as “president-elect.”

The real president-elect was delivering remarks on the COVID-19 crisis in Wilmington, Del., when he gave his incoming vice president a massive promotion.

“I hope the president will clearly and unambiguously urge all Americans to take the vaccine once it’s available,” Biden said.

“I took it to instill public confidence in the vaccine. President-elect Harris took hers today for the same reason,” he went on after Harris received the jab earlier Tuesday.

Biden, 78, has been dogged by suggestions he is experiencing cognitive decline following a White House run blemished by repeated gaffes and other instances of Biden becoming confused or tongue-tied.


China Joe Potato Head just cannot help saying the quiet parts out loud, even while reading a text prepared by his elder-abusing staff from his handy TelePrompter. Remember, it was just a few weeks ago when, speaking off script, he talked about having to come up with a fake health issue and resign so Harris can take over in 2021. His puppet masters laughed it all off as just crazy ol’ Joe joking around, but it was far more likely just another case of his advancing dementia kicking in at an inopportune time.

I have thus far functioned under the assumption that the Democrats would allow China Joe to at least take the oath of office and maybe serve in that office for some period of weeks or perhaps even months before making up a health-related reason to resign – or maybe just admit to the real reason that has been clearly evident to anyone paying any real attention for going on two years now. But I’m beginning to wonder if that might be too big a risk for even these despicable people to take with our nation’s security.

China Joe is so unstable that his handlers dare not ever allow him to take any real questions from the media, carefully limiting his press availabilities and preparing him a list of pre-approved reporters who will ask him only pre-approved questions vetted in advance. This has been the model deployed throughout his entire campaign, during which he spoke to the press only a handful of times across 18 months.

How long can that continue in an actual presidential administration? Sure, the corrupt news media is fully bought-into the scam, but there is always the threat of some outlier, some actual working reporting somehow sneaking into the mix to ask a real question of the Commander in-Chief. What happens then?

Or what happens when the handlers lose control of the puppet during some global confab like the G7 or G20 summits? What happens when China Joe shakes hands with Xi Jinping and starks rambling on about missing his morning tapioca pudding?

Maintaining this “Weekend at Bernie’s”-style scam during a campaign was one thing: Keeping it going during an actual presidency is something else entirely.

With just 21 days to go, you really have to wonder if China Joe Potato Head will ever make it January 20.

That is all.

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Saturday News Roundup: Joe Potato Head Biden and San Fran Nan Say the Quiet Parts Out Loud

China Quid Pro Joe Potato Head Biden and San Fran Nan Pelosi both violated the cardinal rule of DC Swamp Kabuki Theater on Friday: They said the parts that are supposed to remain quiet out loud.

For the last 6 months I and many others have written about the probability that Biden is just a place-holder, selected by the Democrat Party to “win” the office only because Kamala Harris – their preferred choice – was to awful a candidate to have any hope of winning. Once installed in the Oval Office, Joe Potato Head would quickly develop some “health-related issue” to use as a reason for resigning and deeding the presidency to the sock puppet Harris. There never really has been any mystery about this being the Democrat plan: It’s been obvious from the day they fixed the South Carolina primary for Biden.

On Friday, Joe Potato Head’s creeping dementia took over his mouth and he just came right out and admitted that’s going to happen at the first sign of disagreement with his designated successor.

Watch with the sound turned on:

Oh. You don’t say. If you think Joe Potato Head was just joking around there, just give it ’til March or so and watch what happens. You’ll be welcoming President Kamala before you know it.

Then there was San Fran Nan, speaking to the assembled lapdog press a little bit later in the day, looking and sounding for all the world like a villain out of a Batman movie. Pelosi spent the entirety of August through Election Day personally serving as a decrepit, doddering, slobbering roadblock to any and all Covid-related stimulus legislation. She also spent every day of those three months lying about what she was doing.

Well, on Friday, she not only admitted what she’s done, she bragged that she is really quite proud of it all. You don’t have to believe me – just watch and listen:


In other unintentionally hilarious news, Joe Potato Head told Fake Jake Tapper on CNN that he will make sure that his crook son Hunter doesn’t do anything to mess up his presidency, because of course he says that.

From a story at the New York Post:

President-elect Joe Biden said Thursday his son Hunter Biden won’t reap an overseas business windfall from his new job as commander-in-chief.

“My son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict with where there’s appropriate distance from the presidency and government,” Biden told CNN journalist Jake Tapper in a taped interview.

Hunter Biden’s business relationships in China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine became a major focus in the weeks ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

An abandoned laptop provided by a Delaware computer repairman to President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani contained bombshell documents appearing to implicate Joe Biden in his son’s business relationships in China and Ukraine.


Of course, Biden gave similar assurances to the fawning media and the public that he wouldn’t use the office of the Vice Presidency for personal financial gain, and we saw how that all worked out. If you beliee him when he says it now, you’re even dumber than you looked when you voted for him.

From our Yeah, Sure, Right, Uh-huh, You Betcha file… – Fat, lazy, do-nothing Attorney General William Barr says his DOJ is on the job!


On the China Virus front, the news is not all bad and depressing. – After all, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County promised yesterday to defy Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest draconian shutdown order. From a story at DailyWire:

On Thursday, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva reportedly asserted that he won’t force his deputies to enforce a new statewide stay-at-home order against businesses issued by California Governor Gavin Newsom and state health officials.

Bill Melugin of KTTV tweeted that Sheriff Villanueva “tells me he found out about the new stay at home orders from Governor Newsom’s press conference, and there was no coordination with law enforcement beforehand, which he says is concerning when the Governor is expecting enforcement of his orders.”

Villanueva told KTTV, “I want to stay away from business[es] that are trying to comply, they bent over backwards to modify their operations to conform to these orders and then they have the rug yanked out from under them, that’s a disservice. I don’t want to make them more miserable.”

Melugin added, “Sheriff Villanueva says he believes the Lakers & Dodgers celebrations and Thanksgiving played a part in our recent surges, and that the civil unrest protests earlier in the year contributed to an earlier surge. Doesn’t believe restaurants, etc, are to blame.”


So, not all California public officials are despicable fascists. Good to know.

Yeah, they might all end up in prison. – Meanwhile, down in the Devil’s playpen that is Georgia, election officials are begging a judge to allow them to purge the general election data from their Dominion Systems voting machines, claiming that a failure to do so could result in “grave and serious consequences”:

Good lord. What a cesspool Fulton County has become.

That is all.

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Here is What Biden’s Promised ‘Return to Normalcy” Actually Means

Much of the Biden/Harris election campaign this year was base on the prospect that the elevation of their planned co-presidency would represent a return to the “normalcy” Americans and America experienced during the four presidencies that preceded the presidency of Donald J. Trump. This prospect was of course echoed in the corrupt news media and presented as a positive thing to America’s voters.

But what did this longed-for “normalcy” look like for the 28 years before Donald Trump took office in January, 2017?

– It looked like the U.S. becoming involved in all manner of needless and deadly wars in the Middle East and Northern Africa, with thousands of military personnel being killed and maimed every year;

– It looked like economic stagnation;

– It looked like high federal personal tax rates;

– It looked like high federal taxes on capital gains and corporate incomes that caused millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in major investments to flow overseas;

– It looked like heavy-handed bureaucracies lording their power over every facet of our personal lives;

– It looked like extremely high rates of unemployment among Blacks, Hispanics and women;

– It looked like a military complex withering on the vine as the ChiComs strove for strategic supremacy with America’s willing assistance;

– It looked like high gasoline prices at the pump that were regularly $1.00 per gallon or more higher than they are today as a result of much higher dependency on foreign oil;

– It looked like making deals with that enriched the despotic Iranian Mullahs and allowed them to pursue development of nuclear weapons without international penalties;

– It looked like entering into multi-lateral trade agreements that enrich other nations at the expense of main street America;

– It looked like entering into multi-lateral arrangements like the Paris Climate Accords that were nothing more than wealth redistribution schemes that benefit everyone but America;

– It looked like constantly rising costs of medical care and prescription drugs, both of which have decreased the last two years for the first time in half a century;

– It looked like the U.S. government bowing to the will of globalist groups like the EU and the UN, where China, Cuba and Mexico sit in judgment of U.S. human rights this week;

– Open borders and mass migration that steadily erodes the standard of living in the United States.

That is what we will be returning to if Joe Biden/Kamala Harris are certified as the “winners” of this election.

Oh boy.

That is all.

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Fracking Ban is Just One of Many Ways for Biden/Harris to Attack Oil and Gas

Assuming that the various challenges being filed by President Donald Trump this week to election results in several states fail and Democrat Joe Biden does become the next President of the United States, the potential impacts to the oil and gas industry in the U.S. would be numerous and severe. While only one significant oil and gas-related issue was raised to high prominence during the general election campaign – Biden’s promises to ban hydraulic fracturing at various times and levels – it is a mistake to assume that that would be the only way in which a Biden/Harris Administration would impact the industry.

The first tranche of impacts will come in the form of executive orders. Like the Obama/Biden presidency before him, a great deal of President Trump’s energy-related policy has been enacted via executive orders. The obvious vulnerability of any executive order is that it usually can be easily reversed by a successor in office. Thus, the most immediate impacts of a Biden presidency will come in the form of efforts to increase regulation on the energy industry via the reversal of various Trump executive actions. Biden and Harris repeatedly promised to take these actions throughout their campaign, so we should expect a quick follow through on what amounts to low-hanging fruit.

Those likely executive order reversals include:

·        Re-entry of the United States into the Paris Climate Accords

·        Re-entry of the United States into the Obama-era Iran deal, which would free up Iran to dramatically increase its exports and potentially impact crude prices;

·        Trump’s order to end the Council on Environmental Quality’s guidance that all federal permitting decisions and NEPA reviews must consider climate change impacts;

·        Trump’s order to disband the Interagency Working Group on Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases;

·        Trump’s various orders designed to eliminate delays in federal permitting processes.

We can also expect a Biden presidency to follow through on his promises to ban hydraulic fracturing on federal lands and waters, which represent a very sizable percentage of overall U.S. oil and gas production. This can be accomplished by an order from either a President Biden or from his future Secretary of the Interior, although we should also expect Interior to follow up and attempt to frame it in the form of regulations in order to make it more of a permanent change.

It is also important to remember that Sen. Kamala Harris promised to eliminate hydraulic fracturing entirely in the U.S. repeatedly during her own presidential effort in 2019, and never really backed off of that promise during the general election campaign as Biden’s running mate. On the few occasions when she was asked about it, she was always very careful to say that “Joe Biden will not ban fracking,” and no more than that.


Read the Rest Here


That is all.

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What the Political Landscape Will Look Like In a HarrisBiden Presidency

Guest Piece by Gregg Updike

Now that the active casting of ballots is (hopefully) over, let us assume the worst-case scenario: President Trump is unsuccessful in his myriad court challenges of obvious voter fraud in the half dozen or so Democratically controlled cities in the six states that narrowly went for President Harris, and next year placeholder Biden is sworn in as our 46th president.  Here is what I see happening in the interim

– President Trump pardons all the wrongfully accused people from the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA witch-hunt.  He also issues all kinds of Executive Orders (EOs) which will display for all to see what his true legislative agenda would have eventually been had he been reelected and had a real congress to work with on behalf of his attempts to MAGA and KAG.

– On that future dark day, January 20, 2021, the HarrisBiden presidency officially begins with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holding a 52-48 GOP majority.  That slim majority, however weak it is, will serve to block most of the excesses of Nancy Pelosi’s house legislation rendering congress stalemated.

– Whether it be Pelosi, or some other radical as Speaker, the house will hoot and howl and push the Squad’s radical left-wing agenda, because they will – it is in their DNA.  They will misread the wishes of the majority of America and there is no way they moderate their message or agenda, especially with a Harris Presidency.

– The Left will not tolerate the check of the GOP senate, so look for a vicious campaign against any vulnerable Republican Senator in 2022.  As was the case this year, the GOP will have another difficult election cycle since they have about 22 seats to defend in 2022; the Democrats only have twelve to defend.

–  The vulnerable (or competitive races) senators up for reelection in 2022 are Democrats Bennett of CO, Cortez-Masto of NV, and Hassan of NH; the other Democratic Senators are likely secure.  The vulnerable Republican senators are Murkowski of AK, Burr or whoever has the NC seat, Toomey of PA, and Johnson of WI.

– I see the senate essentially remaining a wash, with the GOP holding a very narrow majority due to the historical norm where the party that does not have the presidency generally gains seats in both chambers in congress during the first midterm election after the new president comes to power.

Now let us switch to the Democratically controlled house:  It appears they will retain a very narrow majority when all is said and done this year.  Since 1994, that first mid-term house majority is always in question.  President Clinton’s agenda was much too radical in 1994 and he lost the Dem controlled house for the first time in forty (40) years.

I see the Harris and Pelosi agenda having the same effect or outcome with the Democrats again taking a similar shellacking as happened during President Obama’s first mid-term in 2010 and the aforementioned Clinton first mid-term election in 1994.  This flipping of the house also happened During President Trump’s first mid-term election in 2018.  This is how congress was designed: The House (the people’s house) was meant to reflect the whims of the moment and the senate was designed to be a much more politically stable institution.

Even if the Democrats are successful in flipping the Senate in 2022, they are likely to lose the house.  The net result is congress remains split or under total GOP leadership and we are left with a repeat of the Obama Administration’s rule via Executive Order for the last two years of the Harris’ Administration.

Getting back to President Trump and speculation about his future:

If Trump promulgates a series of EOs in his last two month in office, it will force President HarrisBiden to undo them with their own series of EOs which would further highlight the differences between the two administrations.  The big one, Obamacare, will revert to how it was pre-President Trump, with the individual mandate being restored.  That difference will finally register in a big way on the radar of most Americans who were screwed under Obamacare.  Remember the worst of the IRS penalties for not having GOVERNMENT MANDATED HEALTH INSURANCE were not realized when Trump eliminated them via his first day EO.

As the full extent of the radical Nature of HarriBiden comes into focus with pocketbook issues becoming more and more apparent the warm glow of their takeover will quickly fade.  Here is what I see happening come January 2021:

  1. Peace will magically return to the Democratically Controlled Cities and the political machine and the media responsible for the “mostly peaceful protests” will temporally suspend them until they are again needed.
  2. All the Obamagate “investigations” will quietly go away, with all the known and unknown coup d’état players getting a permanent get out of jail free card.
  3. Gas and energy prices will soon rise and the move to “renewable” energy sources will be put on steroids. Fracking and coal will be severely slowed if not banned outright and we will once again be dependent/vulnerable on oil from adversarial foreign sources.
  4. There will be renewed violence on the world stage and a reengaging of America in pointless, never ending loser wars with ridiculous “rules of engagement” being foisted upon our Troops
  5. There will be one last major bailout of the Blue States via a comprehensive and massive relief bill (that the weak GOP senate will not dare block) under the guise of COVID-19 “stimulus”; the “science” will say COVID has been “cured” and all the mask and other mandates will magically go away as soon as the relief bill passes. However, COVID, like the “mostly peaceful protests” are always going to be available arrows in the Democratic Party’s “quiver” when they are needed to create another “crisis”.

Court packing and statehood for DC and Puerto Rice won’t happen under a GOP senate.  Unfavorable court rulings will be ignored until enforced which won’t happen under a HarrisBiden Presidency.  However, if the Congress goes completely Democratic, all bets are off.

So ultimately what happens under a HarrisBiden Presidency?  Effectively it will be Obama’s third term, with an attempt to have its agenda on steroids.  Taxes will go up; prosperity prospects will be greatly diminished, and the Swamp will get broader and deeper.  However, there is a potential light at the end of this dark tunnel:

Donald John Trump stays energized and maybe even forms a real TEA Party to directly the feckless Democratic-like GOP. Or:

He runs again in 2024, wins, and sweeps in a huge GOP senate and a large house majority which will render RINO senators and house member irrelevant and ultimately an endangered if not an extinct species.  The senate class of 2024 will have about 24 (many of whom are vulnerable) Democrats up for reelection which could well mean a 60 seat GOP majority.  Then the real Trump agenda, the real conservative agenda, can become a reality.

The net effect of the first term of Trump’s Administration was the blocking of most of the excesses of the Obama Administration from being permanently baked into our culture, by pausing it.  A HarrisBiden presidency will only show and reemphasize to all of America how bad the Left’s agenda is and will cause a massive backlash.

As of today, and assuming a HarrisBiden Administration, the political stars may well align for a massive Donald J. Trump win in 2024.  The country will be ripe for a massive rebirth of conservatism lead by the indefatigable Donald John Trump.   And this time there may well be massive support for constitutional amendments for term limits, Judicial reform, consistent voter requirements and other long needed reforms.

We can only hope for such a future.


That is all.

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Open post

Biden Green Jobs Promises: An Epic Fail Waiting to Happen

On February 17, 2009 – less than one month into their first term – then-President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both flew to Colorado to sign their $787 billion stimulus package into law. They had decided to move the signing venue from Washington, D.C. to Denver in order to emphasize the green-jobs provisions contained in the legislation. Remember, this was at a time when the Democratic Party controlled not just the executive branch of government, but also held super majorities in both houses of congress. They could basically do whatever they wanted, and this is what they chose to do.

As point man on the bill, Biden helped message the Democrats’ stimulus package as a green-jobs creator, promising it would create over 5 million jobs such jobs. The Obama/Biden commitment at the time was all about the creation of a new, “clean energy” economy and “green jobs” similar to what Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders promise today as a part of their “Green New Deal,” although they’ve dressed their $90 Trillion package up with more aggressive terms like “environmental catastrophe” and “climate justice.”

It’s all the same plot today – same actors, new title, updated talking points.

So, how did that Obama/Biden “Green Jobs” plan work out for us? A few years later, Obama/Biden’s own Department of Labor issued four reports on the Green Jobs Program. The first report, issued in September of 2011, was titled “Recovery Act: Slow Pace Placing Workers into Jobs Jeopardizes Employment Goals of the Green Jobs Program.” Its findings were quite telling:


  •  Nearly three-fourths of the way through the anticipated time frame, only 1/3rd of the allotted funding had been expended;
  • Just 42% of the desired 124,000+ participants had even been signed up for the program’s training in “green jobs”;
  • Half of the training programs provided five or fewer days of training. Hardly a robust training for a full career;
  • Over twenty percent of the “degrees” and certificates went to people with only one day of training; and
  • Only 1,336 participants retained employment for at least 6 months, a miniscule 2 percent of the targeted employment retention of 69,717 participants.


Read the Rest Here


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge, and deserves to become everyone’s go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Trump Train Waltzes Across Texas With the Biden/Harris Bus

Waltz across Texas with you in my arms; waltz across Texas with you.
Like a storybook ending I’m lost in your charms,
And I could waltz across Texas with you. – Ernest Tubb

The Biden campaign thought it had a bang-up idea to raise awareness of its addled candidate and successor-in-waiting (but not for long) running mate: Let’s send a tour bus across the Lone Start State and show the Party’s colors. And we’ll even send Kamala along with it just for a bonus!

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the dance: The ever-present Trump Train showed up to shadow Harris and her big blue bus all around the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. It was like a big ol’ country line dance all day long.

Here was the scene in Fort Worth as a long parade of Trump cars and pickups kept the Biden/Harris /Harris/Biden bus cooped up in a parking lot as it vainly tried to escape:

So, what about that trip to Dallas? Oh, it was tons of fun, dancin’ across the Texas prairie:


But what happened once they made it over to Dallas? Welp, by the time they’d made the 30 mile trek, the big blue bus had a following of at least 100 aspiring Trump dancin’ partners:

And, here’s the Biden/Harris/Harris/Biden bus running a red light trying to ditch its Trump Train would-be suitors:

That was quite a dosey do, there pardners. But it ain’t against the law if the law ain’t there, right?


Glorious. Absolutely glorious.

Y’all don’t come back now, hear?

That is all.

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Schweikart: Dem Plan to Steal the Presidency Runs Into a Solid Wall of Harsh Reality

Frequent contributor and America’s history teacher, Larry Schweikart, put up a long thread on Twitter last night that is so good that I ask for and got his permission to share it here. I would give you a summary, but it’s self-explanatory and laid out in a style that only Larry can deliver, so why waste the time?

Just read it – you’ll be glad you did.

Here is the text from the rest of the 22 tweets:

2) They probably thought, “OK, we’ll squirrel him away, keep him out of public sight, and let Kampuchea handle the load.”

Mistake #1. She was an instant bomb, and was actually worse than Demented Perv Biteme.

3) At the same time, they thought they could use the Vote By Mail (VBM) scheme to extend voting way past Nov. 3.

While I don’t think they seriously believed this, some of them no doubt thought they could drag it past Dec. 13.

I think some lawyers finally did some ‘splainin.

4) So initially (again, I’m guessing April/May) their plan was to VBM the hell out of the system then string it along with the complicity of the Blue Govs.

5) Enter the GOP and the courts.

6) This was squashed faster than a Milli Vanilli reunion tour.

7) Moreover, the wizards of smart in the DNC failed to grasp that if they scare the oldsters to death and have them VBM, they won’t have anyone voting on election day.

8) But wait! It gets even better!

Because they have “pre-voted” (like pre-boarding an airplane. As George Carlin says, how do you “pre-board?”), ALL OF THEIR VOTES ARE TALLIED EARLY. They will be the first ones on the board on election day.

9) Moreover, people have been watching these come in for months. Nate Cohnhole has been breathlessly watching the numbers rise, failing to understand it’s like a 440 meter race with staggered starts. The GOP “lane” is mostly on ED. Yeah, it “looks” like the outside lane is ahead.


The DemoKKKrats have no hats from which to pull rabbits on election day.

11) This nullifies another of their poorly thought-out strategy of VBM, namely to claim fraud.

12) Even for their most disingenuous hacks, it will be pretty hard to claim fraud when only 3% of the DemoKKKrat ballots are still outstanding and they are losing by 5%.

13) It will be a case of, “Even if we say ALL the outstanding ballots are for Biteme, he still loses.”

14) So whatever quidspickel genius in the DNC dreamed up this particular scam, he should be Robespierred.

15) And, perhaps juciest of all, the very nature of reporting, even by the punkpidgels at CNN, MSNBC, and Faux, will be to report what is HAPPENING.

16) You know what’s going to be happening on election day?

Republicans are going to be voting.

Pretty much ONLY Republicans are going to be voting. Overwhelmingly Republicans are going to be voting.

17) It will be near impossible for any Hoax News org NOT to report that, no matter how they spin it. The momentum is going to build on election day that the GOP tidal wave has come. “We never expected this!”

18) It will be made manifest in so many states, in so many races, that it will be impossible NOT to call these states for Trump.

They can look forlornly at 1/2% outstanding absentee ballots that amount to 5,000 or to Trump’s 180,000 lead, or 400,000 lead.

19) This is so delicious. They not only screwed their candidate with a moronic strategy that makes Minion’s “ORCA” look like a good idea, but they screwed their post-election day strategy AND their media election day strategy.

20) As per 10/11 court cases so far, they have to stop counting no later than Nov. 6. They gave the Rs time to mount court challenges and, equally important,


21) Amy Coney Barrett.

Why? Cuz she is going to be confirmed and they can’t stop it, and ANY of these cases that gets to the USSC after Nov. 3 on an expedited basis will get squashed faster than Cubans in Grenada.

22) I’m telling you, if they thought Cankles’ campaign was a cluster you-know-what, the post-mortems on this one will see DemoKKKrat strategists exiled to horror spots . . .

like Macon, Georgia, or Bullhead City, Arizona.

23) It’s a beautiful thing.
A beautiful thing, indeed. Glorious, even.

That is all.

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The Monday News Roundup: Biden, Harris Lose Control of the Court Packing Narrative

When you’ve lost Jake Tapper, you’ve lost control of the narrative. – The Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign lost control of the narrative over packing the Supreme Court over the weekend. It obviously won’t last long, because their pals in the news media won’t allow it to do so, but Sunday was fun nonetheless.

Here is Mr. Tapper, actually having a moment of journalistic integrity with the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden disinformation campaign, Kate Bedingfield:

Tapper began by pointing out that Biden, who had previously said that adding justices to the Supreme Court was “a bonehead idea,” was suddenly unwilling to answer the question.

“Biden opposes adding more justices to the Supreme Court, he has for decades, so why he is refusing to weigh in on it now?” Tapper asked.

“Because Donald Trump and the Republicans don’t get to set the terms of this debate,” Bedingfield replied, arguing that the question was a play to distract voters while they rushed the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

“It’s not the Trump people who invented this question, right?” Tapper asked. “The idea of adding justices to the Supreme Court came from the progressive side of the Democratic Party. It’s a simple question. He has long been against adding justices to the the court. Has he changed his mind or does he have the same position he’s had since 1983?”

Bedingfield pivoted again, saying again that it was an attempt by Republicans to distract from a nominee who would likely change the balance of the court. That Vice President Mike Pence had pushed the issue of court packing at last week’s debate was further proof of that, she concluded.

“This is a simple — it’s a simple question and it’s one frankly that Trump did not invent,” Tapper pushed back, saying again that the notion of court packing had originally come from progressives in the Democratic Party. “I thought odd when Vice President Biden said the other day in response to a reporter’s question that voters do not deserve an answer on this. Of course, voters deserve an answer on his position — on every issue.”

“But we are not going to play their game,” Bedingfield insisted. “He has given an answer. He has answered the question. He has probably answered this question 15 times over the course of the last week. The answer is I am not going to play Donald Trump’s game. I am not going to allow the terms of this debate to shift to a hypothetical that assumes, by the way, that we, the Democrats, are going to lose here. That is really — that is what at the core of this argument they are making. It assumes we are going to lose. Vice President Biden does not accept that. He does not accept that.”

“I think a serious policy question is not a game and I don’t think it’s Trump’s game, but Kate Bedingfield, we always appreciate you coming on the show and answering the questions or deftly side-stepping them,” Tapper gave up, ending the segment. “Thank you. Appreciate it.”


If you’re expecting Tapper to now bulldog this issue like he would if he was chasing a Republican, you should probably think again. Tapper has now done his pretend journalist-y thing, and will move immediately on to some other topic that is more favorable to Biden. That will allow Tapper to continue getting invited to all the nice cocktail parties in the DC Swamp. Because that’s how all of this works.

As I pointed out yesterday, Biden/Harris Harris/Biden obviously do plan to pack the court if they are elected. If they had no such plan, they would say so. Both of these people were selected by the Democrat power brokers for their willingness to do or say anything the radical left tells them to do and say. The radical left demands the court be packed, because that is the only way its plan to create a communist utopia in America can succeed.

Thus, Biden/Harris Harris/Biden will pack the court.

The only way to avoid that outcome is to re-elect Donald J. Trump. Simple.

Think this isn’t an important election? Think again. – Check out the names on Joe Biden’s short list for Attorney General:

The mass-killer of senior citizens Governor of New York; a former acting AG who was a participant in a coup d’etat on American soil; and a pathetic loser who has no real legal gravitas at all. That’s the list for AG. It’s almost enough to make you long for the days of Janet Reno.

Holy crap.

Pandemic? What pandemic? – I guess the Los Angeles Lakers must have closed out the low-rated NBA finals last night. So, how did the team’s fans celebrate? Why, by staging a mass gathering at the Staples Center and tossing rocks and bottles at police officers:

Love how the corrupt reporter describes the scene as “mostly peaceful.” Orwellian.

There is only one real question about the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation. – She’s been confirmed by the senate before, just 3 years ago. She is extremely well-qualified for the job, and everyone knows it. Absent some major scandal, her ultimate confirmation along the schedule Lindsey Graham has laid out is a fait accompli.

The only real question related to the hearings that begin today is, what fake scandal will the Democrats and their hand-maidens in the media concoct in an effort to try to derail Judge Barrett? Until we know that, the hearings themselves will be just a posturing, demagoguery opportunity for the Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee, including Kamala Harris, who began her disgusting posturing over the weekend by notifying Graham that she will participate remotely because it’s just too darn dangerous for her to show up in person.

What will that fake scandal be? Who knows? But you know something is in the works, and, with the committee’s process scheduled to end on Thursday, it will most likely break over next weekend in an effort to extend the committee process and thus delay the full senate vote.

So the timing is predictable. As for the nature of the inevitable smear, we will just have to wait and see what these evil people make up.

Stay tuned.

That is all.

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Thursday News Roundup: Trump is NOT Doing a “Virtual Debate”

So, who won last night’s debate in the only measure that matters – public opinion? – The Drudge Report’s snap poll following the debate showed Vice President Mike Pence destroyed Kamala Harris by a 69-31 margin. Yikes.


A similar poll conducted by the Spanish language station Telemundo arrived at an even more-lopsided 76-23 edge for the VEEP:


Thus, because of this very fact that Pence scored a lopsided shellacking of his sneering Valley Girl opponent, the New York Times, CNN and all the other corrupt news outlets are focusing their post-debate coverage this morning on two brief outtakes:

  1. When a fly landed on Pence’s head for a moment; and
  2. When Harris said to Pence “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking” at a point in time in which Pence had not even interrupted her.

That’s it. That is all you are going to see and hear talked about related to this debate in the corrupt mainstream news media today. Had their girl had a good night, we’d be hearing about all the debate points she scored. Trouble is, she didn’t score any points.

Thus, flies and feigned indignation it is.

So. Damn. Tiresome.

Remember, though, that Kamala Harris is the Democrat Party’s de facto presidential candidate. – No one, not even in the Democrat Party’s leadership, expects Joe Biden to remain in office for long should he win this election. Harris was the Obama faction’s favored candidate going into this election cycle, and she was hand-chosen to become Biden’s successor-in-waiting for that very reason after her own campaign for the party’s nomination crashed and burned.

If you’ve been wondering why last night was basically the first thing you have seen from Harris during the general election campaign, there’s a good reason for that. Everyone in the Democrat Party understands that she is an awful candidate who turns off everyone with whom she comes into contact. The reactions by viewers to what they saw last night as measured by those two snap polls did not surprise anyone, which is why corrupt news outlets like CNN and the Times were so prepared to leap into the lurch and try to defend her and push the DNC’s preferred narrative.

With nothing real and positive to point to in terms of Harris’s performance, they rely on these silly deflections instead.

Again, very tiresome, but utterly unsurprising.

On the whole “I’m speaking, Mr. Vice President” thing… – Why is it that feminists are all about strong women being able to stand and compete on exactly the same platform and rules as any man, until there’s a debate, when they pretend that any effort by the man to engage in some real back-and-forth with the woman is somehow “mansplaining” or bullying?

This is an incredibly sexist allegation, not towards Pence, but towards Harris, because the pretense is that, because she’s a woman, she is immune from being questioned during a debate by her opponent. Pence was simply attempting to engage with Harris as he would try to engage with a male opponent, which was exactly what leftist “feminism” pretends to be all about.

But when politics come into play, it is not about that, not at all, not even a little bit.

What made last night’s episode even worse is that Harris, being fully aware of the double-standard her media pals would impose on Pence, chose to play into it by pretending to be offended by his non-interruption. If anything, she may be an even more off-putting candidate than Hillary Clinton was, which again explains why the DNC and Biden campaign have striven so hard to keep her under wraps.

A virtual debate? Isn’t that what they all are? – News broke last night that the next presidential debate will be one of the “virtual” variety, causing the initial question of “so, what will be different?” I mean, we haven’t had a real debate between presidential candidates in this country since 1860.

The difference with this next one will, of course, be technological: Due to the President’s positive test for the China Virus, the Biden camp has insisted that it be held via Zoom or some such platform. From a story at the Washington Examiner:

“The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which the candidates would participate from separate remote locations,” the Commission on Presidential Debates said in a statement Thursday morning about the Oct. 15 event.

The change in format, made “in order to protect the health and safety of all involved with the second presidential debate,” follows the president testing positive for the coronavirus last week just two days after he debated the Democratic presidential nominee, potentially exposing Biden to the virus.

“The town meeting participants and the moderator, Steve Scully, Senior Executive Producer & Political Editor, C-SPAN Networks, will be located at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County in Miami, Florida. The White House Pool will provide coverage of the second presidential debate,” the commission said.

Earlier this week, Biden said that the debate should not be held if Trump still has the virus.



But wait, President Trump has not agreed to that change! – As I was typing the above, President Trump, during an interview with Maria Bartiromo, just said this:

“I heard that the commission a while ago changed debate style, and that is not acceptable to us,” Trump said. He added, “I’m not going to do a virtual debate.”

Bartiromo then followed up to make sure she had heard correctly:

“I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate,” Trump responded. “That’s not what debating is all about. You sit behind a computer and do a debate. It’s ridiculous.”

Hey, maybe the Commission on Presidential Debates – which needs to be completely blown into a million pieces and scattered to the winds – ought to check with both campaigns before issuing statements about format changes.

Seems like a sound business practice, anyway.

That is all.

Open post

The Commission on Presidential Debates Should be Blown up and Scattered to the Wind

So, last night we had a classic presidential/vice presidential debate: A moderator who is a Democrat activist posing as a journalist for a leftist media outlet; a moderator whose every question was slanted in a way to be hostile to the Republican and a puffball to the Democrat; a moderator who constantly interrupted the Republican but not the Democrat.

We also had a Republican candidate who was constantly interrupted and held to time restrictions, but who nonetheless attempted to answer every question that was asked of him; a Democrat candidate who was never interrupted, never held to time restrictions and has yet to answer a single question asked of her; and a Republican candidate who won the debate despite having to play a game of two on one.

Wash, rinse, repeat. This is the template for these quadrennial farces we have come to call “debates.”

Susan Page is a disgrace; Kamala Harris is an obnoxious, smirking valley girl who is really the Democrat Party’s ultimate presidential candidate; and the Commission on Presidential Debates should be blown up into a million pieces and scattered to the winds.

But in two weeks, President Donald Trump will participate in another debate with Joe Biden, one that will be moderated by another Democrat activist posing as a journalist who in fact is a former Biden intern. Yet, you are supposed to suspend your disbelief and mindlessly assume that this moderator will somehow be “fair” to the President, just as you are supposed to assume Chris Wallace was. Because, after all, they’re “journalists.”

It’s like that scene from “Ghostbusters,” where Dr. Peter Venkman is proposing to “clean” a library of ghosts using the team’s nuclear powered entrapment tools. When the facility manager questions whether this is a good idea, Venkman simply responds with “Back off, man…I’m a scientist” as if that is all the answer required.

Dr. Peter Venkman GIFs | Reaction GIFs

At some point, the Republican Party is going to have to stop pretending that “back off, man, I’m a journalist” is a satisfactory answer, because Chris Wallace and Susan Page are not journalists: They are activists for the enemy party. These “debates” are farces, and they must end. I had hoped the extremely unconventional Donald Trump would do that in 2016, but instead he used them to his advantage. He is attempting to do the same thing in this election cycle.

But Trump can do this because of the sheer force of his will and personality; he is far from a standard issue Republican. We have witnessed cycle after cycle in which GOP stiffs like Mitt Romney and John McCain and George W. Bush emerge from these 2 on 1 battles either scarred, or, in the case of Romney and McCain, irreparably damaged.

For his own part, the Vice President fared quite well. Say what we will about Pence being a bit of stiff himself, he is also tough and smart and very concise and careful in the language he uses. The contrast he provides to the smirking, giggling, bald-faced lying Harris is stark and helps the ticket from a public confidence perspective.

But in a fair set-up, one in which we either had a truly-impartial moderator or a second seat like Mollie Hemingway to offer up some tough questions directed at the Democrat, Harris’s facade would fall completely apart.

If the Commission on Presidential Debates cannot find a way to provide a more fair set up in 2024, then it is long past time to blow the entire process up. The GOP needs to quit playing the abused spouse here and refuse to put its candidates through anymore of these farces.

That is all.

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Is the 2020 Campaign Essentially Over? Not Hardly.

The folks at DNC mouthpiece Axios are saying that the 2020 campaign is “essentially over” after President Trump’s China Virus diagnosis. Thus, the instant replay of the 2016 media strategy to discourage Trump voters continues apace.

These people are the slowest learners on the planet.

Ok, to give them credit, half of their equation is manifestly true, given that the campaign of Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester never actually got started, with his elder-abusing handlers keeping the candidate locked away in his basement for weeks at a time and calling daily lids by 9:00 a.m. when Sleepy Joe wakes up thinking he’s on a cruise ship to Tobago. They’ve started letting him off of his IV and out of his safe house more often over the last few weeks, but whenever they do it’s to speak to a series of empty backyards, wheat fields and, as he did yesterday, empty parking lots:

Image may contain: outdoor, text that says 'Ter 30330 BID=N BID HARRIS MICHIGAN'

Not sure what this particular speech was about, but we do know every word in it was completely false, because that is the basis of the entire Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign. In that sense, this campaign is just like every Democrat presidential contest since 1964. The Democrat Party’s tactics become increasingly violent and radical over time, but the overarching strategy never changes.

So, at least where the Democrats are concerned, this campaign has been over for many months now, and only the refusal by corrupt media outlets like Axios to cover Biden and Harris honestly  prevents the public from understanding that fact. Thus, Axios is half-right, which is better than its normal record.

The Trump Campaign is an entirely different story. Even while hospitalized at Walter Reed Hospital and being aggressively treated for the viral gift from China, President Trump has been working, planning campaign strategy and tweeting messages like this to his supporters:

Does this sound like a guy who is ready to stop campaigning to you? Please.

He’s had to cancel some fundraisers and campaign rallies in key states due to his diagnosis, but trust me, when this two-week self-quarantine is over, he will make the final 20 days or so of this race a feeding frenzy of campaigning, just as he did in 2016, when he often visited 3 or more states every day in the final weeks leading to Election Day.

Axios and its fellow Democrat-toadying media outlets want Trump supporters to be discouraged and staying home on Election Day, but it’s obvious that the President’s loyal army is having none of it. The President is unable to stage his usual campaign rallies? Fine. Trump supporters will stage rallies of their own.

In Fort Lauderdale on Friday, thousands showed their support with this massive boat rally:

In Las Vegas, they did it with a Trump Truck Parade:

On the National Mall in Washington, DC, thousands gathered for a #WalkAway rally:

Here, a massive gathering of bikers come together to pray for the President’s and First Lady’s full recovery:

At Walter Reed, the leftist Perpetual Outrage Crowd was horrified that a large crowd of Trump voters gathered to show their support:

Note that the Perpetual Outrage Crowd would have had nothing bad to say if this exact same crowd gathered to support BLM or some other Marxist, domestic terrorist organization.

Is the Trump/Pence campaign “over”? Not hardly. While the President is in the hospital, Vice President Pence continues to run circles around the essentially non-existent Biden/Harris Harris/Biden operation all by himself. You can be sure that Pence fully intends to show up for his debate with Harris in three days, and will make her look like the silly little fascist she truly is.

You can also be sure that the President is eagerly looking forward to Biden and whichever Democrat toadying fake journalist happens to be the moderator on October 22 and 29, as scheduled. Not surprisingly, the moderator for the October 22 debate is some clown who used to be an intern for Joe Biden. Golly, go figure.

Want to know one reason why the corrupt news media is so anxious to discourage Trump voters? Because the polls released late in the week show the President gaining ground after the debate, and the independent polls not affiliated with any American media outlet show him basically even or ahead nationally and in crucial swing states.

The new poll from John Zogby – taken after the debate but before the President’s diagnosis – has Biden clinging to a 2-point national lead.

Creepy Uncle China Quid Pro Joe led by 6 points in the same poll at the end of August. Why would the campaign be over?

Meanwhile, the monthly Democracy Institute Sunday Express poll – the only poll to accurately predict both the outcome of the Brexit election and Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 – now has the President running ahead of Biden, both nationally and, by a larger margin, in key swing states.

From a report at The Express:

The monthly Democracy Institute Sunday Express poll for the Presidential election shows that Mr Trump is still on course for victory with 46 percent of the popular support compared to his Democrat rival Joe Biden’s 45 percent.

The poll was completed after the news broke that President Trump and his wife Melania have been infected by Covid-19.

But 68 percent said the illness would not affect their vote while 19 percent said they were “more likely” to support Trump and only 13 percent “less likely”.

Almost two thirds said they felt sympathy and concern for the President while 38 percent said him getting the disease was “karma” in an indication of the current divisive nature of US politics.

Crucially, Mr Trump’s lead in key swing states including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin remains at 4 percent by 47 percent 43 percent.

This gives a projected Electoral College split of 320 to Trump and 218 to Biden.


Now, that’s all well and good, but here is the truly blockbuster finding from this particular poll:

While other polls have Biden ahead, the Democracy Institute, which correctly predicted Brexit and Trump’s win in 2016, only considers people who identify as “likely voters” rather than all registered voters and also asks about the so called shy vote.

This shows that 77 percent of Trump supporters would not admit it to friends or family members.


If 77% of Trump voters would not admit that to their friends or family, what do you think they are telling pollsters when they call?

So, is the campaign essentially over?

Not hardly. In some ways, it is just now getting started.

That is all.

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Biden Tries Again to Clarify His Fracking Stance, and Fails Again

The Biden/Harris ticket has been the source of a great deal of confusion during this campaign related to the candidates’ stances on the subject of hydraulic fracturing. Senator Kamala Harris firmly stated several times in the past that she is absolutely in favor of banning fracking, but has been attempting to walk all of that back in recent weeks as the polls have tightened in oil and gas states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, has been all over the place on this issue, promising repeatedly to ban fracking in whole or in part during the primary season, and more recently joining Harris’s efforts to modify that position in order to shore up his chances in those and other crucial swing states. Biden was asked the question again by an undecided voter during his CNN town hall appearance in Moosic, Pennsylvania this week, and again attempted to modify and clarify his position. Unfortunately, a reading of the transcript of that exchange doesn’t really clarify much at all.

Here is that transcript:

QUESTIONER: Good evening Mr. Vice President, Mr. Cooper. With the abundance of natural gas in northeast Pennsylvania. Do you support the continuation of fracking safely and with proper guidelines, of course, and growing the industry (garbled) additional jobs to our region?

BIDEN: Yes, I do. I do. In addition to that, we can provide for right now, as you know, for thousands of uncapped wells because a lot of companies gone out of business. Whether they’re gas or oil facilities, we can put to work right away 250,000 people from iron workers and other disciplines, making union wages. Capping those wells that are leaking methane and their danger to the community. And so, not only do I continue to support it.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Thursday News Roundup: Bill de Basio is Non-Essential and Trump Pulls Ahead

Everything the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign does is fake. – Even the parades, as it turns out. Watch as “Dr.” Jill Biden and some staffer wave at a pretend “parade” that involves all of 3 cars:

You just could never make this stuff up, folks.

Here’s what a real parade looks like:

“16 to 20 THOUSAND” cars. Incredible.

Obviously, they’re all non-essential employees. – Speaking of stuff you could never make up, New York City’s Big Doofus, communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, announced on Wednesday that he is going to put his entire staff – including himself – on furlough starting October 1 amid a budget crisis that he himself has created.

Thus does the Mayor of America’s largest city summarily declare himself and his entire staff to be non-essential employees of the city. I swear I do not make this stuff up:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has furloughed the entire mayor’s office, including himself, amid a multi-billion dollar budget crisis in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As of October 1, every mayor’s office employee will be taking a furlough—and that obviously includes myself,” de Blasio said during a Wednesday morning press conference. “This is a step you never want to see for good, hard-working people.”(RELATED: ‘He’s A Commie’: Lisa Kennedy Blasts Bill De Blasio Over Support For Defunding Police)

The furlough of 495 staff members, including the mayor’s wife, is expected to save roughly $860,000 between October 2020 and March 2021, according to the New York Times.

The mayor continued, “The folks who work here, throughout this crisis, they have not been working 35- or 40-hour weeks. They’ve been working 80-hour weeks, 90-hour weeks, 100-hour weeks, because they believe in this city and they’ve been fighting for all of you. So it is with pain that I say they and their families will lose a week’s pay.”

“We have to make tough choices to move this city forward and keep our budget balanced,” he added.

Currently, New York City has a $9 billion budget over two year period with city already having cut $7 billion, according to the mayor. De Blaiso is also seeking billions in federal aid to help avoid having to lay off thousands of government workers. 


Get that last part? This is all theatrics designed to help San Fran Nan support her effort to force all of us out here in Flyover Country to fund a multi-trillion dollar effort to bail out “Blue” cities and states all over America that have been horribly mismanaged by her fellow Democrats, of whom de Blasio is the huge, gandly poster child.

If this first act fails to generate the needed momentum in congress, the Big Doofus’s next step is going to be an outright layoff of thousands of city employees. He is already projecting that next move to come. Being a communist Democrat, de Blasio will of course focus those layoffs disproportionately on the city’s police and fire departments, because that is the kind of depravity that Democrats always resort to in their efforts to maximize the pain on the general citizenry.

If that second act fails to convince congress to bail him out, de Blasio’s third act will be to start completely shutting down parts of the city economy and infrastructure that would negatively impact people in other states, like the city’s port facilities, roads and airports. You may think this is all quite crazy; but if you do, you don’t understand how the depraved Democrat mind works.

This is all very predictable and highly transparent. Now that you know the script, you won’t have to bother watching the rest of the Big Doofus’s play.

Another Schlichter masterpiece at – Kurt Schlichter is one of  the funniest and most incisive conservative commentators working today. The piece he published at on Wednesday, laying out a likely process by which the depraved Democrat Party will shed itself of a President Biden shortly after inauguration day, should be required reading for everyone.

It is interesting to me that there are some Democrats who still believe that the obviously impaired and declining Biden is fully in charge of his own campaign and capable of serving 4 or 8 years as POTUS. These are Democrats who should probably have their own brains examined.

As Schlichter points out in passing – and Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse lays out in great detail this morning – Kamala Harris became Biden’s running mate not because Biden wanted her, but because the Democrat establishment forced her onto the ticket. Why? Because Harris was the choice of the Obama wing of the Party to be the presidential nominee when the nominating process began. Biden only became the Party’s chosen one after Harris’s own campaign came up a crapper last November.

And here’s the thing: The Party leaders went to Biden precisely because they all know he is incapable and will have to be removed shortly after taking office. By putting Harris on the ticket with their Unfrozen Caveman Nominee, the Obama wing ultimately gets the president they wanted all along.

Anyway, Schlichter’s piece is a quick and hilarious read, and if you want all the gory details, you should check out Sundance’s essay as well.

Speaking of Dementia Joe… – The Trump Campaign released a fantastic, devastating ad yesterday focused on Biden’s need to rely on a teleprompter even during his rare press events:

“How far will they go to hide the truth?” As far as they can get away with, because that’s what Democrats do.

For those who obsess over polls… – Here’s the most current finding of the poll that most accurately predicted the outcomes of the last two presidential elections:

Understand this: The Democrats also understand that all of these media based Trump voter depression polls are not real, just like we do. A great example is a poll published yesterday that “finds” that Biden has a lead in Minnesota of … wait for it … 16 points. Literally nobody believes that to be in any way a legitimate finding. That poll and polls like it are published for one reason: to depress and suppress Trump voters in Minnesota, to portray voting for Trump as a lost cause in that state. No other reason for it.

The Democrats and their corrupt media toadies bash Rasmussen incessantly despite its long history of accurate findings precisely because it’s a polling operation they can’t control. They do the same thing with the Trafalgar Group, the other most accurate polling outfit in 2016.

Democrats not only can’t handle the truth, they actively hate the truth. In a world that runs on truth, they cannot win, because their entire philosophy is based on a foundation of lies.

Is the Rasmussen poll’s finding of Trump pulling ahead right? Maybe, maybe not. But that poll is worth paying attention to precisely because the Democrats hate it so deeply.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Monday News Roundup: Biden’s Fracking Lie, Mini-Mike’s Money and Kaepernick Exposes the NFL

When the virtue signaling isn’t virtuous enough. – Opening week NFL games were chock-full of kneeling players and virtue signaling designed to appease activist players and the openly-Marxist Black Lives Matter domestic terror group. But the head activist player – who hasn’t actually played in four years – was not mollified by it all. Not mollified at all.

Colin Kaepernick, still angry that no NFL team wanted his poisonous presence in their locker room after he started the trend of kneeling during the national anthem at the suggestion of his Marxist girlfriend, lashed out at the league on Sunday, calling all of the virtue signaling what it really is: Propaganda.

From a story at Fox News:

Kaepernick appeared to be angered by the NFL pushing its social justice initiatives while his former teammate Eric Reid remained a free agent to start the season.

“While the NFL runs propaganda about how they care about Black Life, they are still actively blackballing Eric Reid (@E_Reid35) for fighting for the Black community. Eric set 2 franchise records last year, and is one of the best defensive players in the league,” Kaepernick wrote.

Reid is one of the best free agents available. He played and started all 16 games for the Carolina Panthers last season. He recorded 130 tackles and four sacks. He joined the Panthers a few weeks into the 2018 season. He recorded 71 tackles and an interception in that season.

Reid and Kaepernick were teammates with the San Francisco 49ers. When Kaepernick started his protest against police brutality and racism, Reid was the first player to kneel with him.

Upon Kaepernick’s departure and elongated free agency, he and Reid filed a grievance against the NFL alleging that owners were conspiring to keep them out of the league because of their protests. The lawsuit was eventually settled and Reid would later sign with the Panthers.


Note the sentence that says, “Reid is one of the best free agents available.” It’s something no one could honestly say about Kaepernick himself, who, after one really stellar season, was a career mediocrity. The lack of interest by any team in signing him after the 49ers released him was not only due to his locker room poison, but due to the fact that his addition to the roster would not improve any of the league’s 32 teams.

The situation with Reid, though, is entirely different. Reid is indeed an outstanding, Pro Bowl-quality talent. Thus, the refusal by a single team to try to sign him out of free agency becomes highly suspicious and reeks of anti-trust behavior by NFL teams.

For once, Colin Kaepernick has a valid point.

What has been the single most useless political asset in this entire election cycle? – If your answer to that question was “What is Mike Bloomberg’s money?” you win today’s edition of Election Jeopardy.

Mini-Mike Bloomberg announced over the weekend that he plans to spend up to $100 million of is own personal fortune on anti-Trump ads in Florida in an effort to try to get the foundering Biden/Harris campaign over the top in the Sunshine State.

From a story at Politico:

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg announced Sunday he would spend as much as $100 million in Florida to defeat President Donald Trump in his must-win state.

The infusion of cash comes as polls indicate a tightening of the race between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who are deadlocked in a recent Marist Poll, and as Floridians start voting by mail at the end of the month.

Biden’s support among Hispanic voters is in double digits yet remains relatively low for a Democrat who wants to carry the state according to surveys of Latinos in Florida and Miami.

To that end, “communicating with Hispanic voters will be a key part” of Bloomberg’s effort, which will primarily focus on digital and TV ads, according to a press release issued on behalf of his Independence USA political committee.


Before any of you goes into a panic over this infusion of cash, let’s all remember that Mini-Mike reportedly wasted $800 million of his own personal fortune on his own run for the Democrat nomination, principally because he believed that none of the other candidates, including Biden, were capable of beating President Trump.

That investment of Mini-Mike cash resulted in ZERO primary victories and the accumulation of a total of 59 delegates to the party’s fake convention. The value of Mini-Mike cash has proven to be nothing to fear.

Well, this doesn’t fit Joe Biden’s fracking narrative at all. Not at all. – During an interview with CNN’s Fake Jake Tapper on Sunday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti revealed the lie in Joe Biden’s denials about wanting to ban hydraulic fracturing:

Well, yeah, that really is clear to pretty much everyone other than lying, dissembling fake journalists like Tapper.

If you live in any oil and gas producing state in America, a vote for Biden/Harris is a vote for economic suicide. That’s clear as well.

Thanks for clearing that up, Mayor.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – The 100+ days of rioting in Riot City USA have been called off by the Democrat Party sponsors due to bad polling. But this video clip from Sunday’s riot in Lancaster, PA captured by real journalist Andy Ngo just made my day:

That’s just glorious.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Tuesday News Roundup: Biden Holds a Garden Party and Portland Rioters Hold a Cocktail Party

Nothing like a good Labor Day garden party. – Creepy Uncle McWifeMolester had a campaign rally in his backyard for Labor Day. This is what it looked like:

The great news was that everyone who wanted to attend was able to get in.

Nothing like being prepared. She must’ve been a girl scout. – While Biden was having a garden party, his running mate was laying the groundwork for who to blame for their looming loss in November. Kamala Harris made it obvious that, for the Democrats, nothing has changed since 2016 when it comes to losing, as she is already pre-blaming the nebulous “Russians” for anything bad that happens to her and China Joe on Election Day.

In an interview on CNN – because of course she was on CNN – Harris said that Russian interference could “theoretically” cost her and her Unfrozen Caveman placeholder running mate the election. “I am clear that Russia interfered in the election of the president of the United States in 2016,” Harris said. “I serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee. We have published detailed reports about exactly what we believe happened. And I do believe that there will be foreign interference in the 2020 election and that Russia will be at the front of the line.”

See, you just think it’s been incredibly tiresome listening to Hillary Clinton rant and rave about “Russian interference” to any poor soul who would listen for four solid years. Just wait until you get to listen to Kamala Lala Ding Dong do it for the next four.

But never fear, the Democrats are planning to save you from having to listen to that by stealing the election themselves. – That plan is proceeding apace in Michigan, where the leftist, Soros-supported Secretary of State is conditioning the public to accept a stolen election.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson addresses the virtual DNC

In an appearance on NBC’s Meet The Press with communist Democrat activist Chuck Todd, Michigan Sec. State Jocelyn Benson warned that her office would not have election results available on Election Night, cautioning that people should be ready to experience an “election week” instead of an “election day.”

From a story at Politico:

“We should be prepared for this to be closer to an election week as opposed to an election day,” Jocelyn Benson said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “The bottom line is we are not going to have the full results and a counting of all of our ballots on election night. We already know that. We’ve asked the legislature to make changes to the laws to give us more ability to be prepared and count those ballots more efficiently.”

But Benson added the legislature hasn’t acted on her requests, though her office has increased tabulators and capacity to count ballots. The most important aspect to this year’s elections, she said, is accuracy.

“If it takes a few extra days to ensure we have a full and accurate counting as a result of every race, that’s what it’s going to take,” Benson said. “We’re going to be transparent throughout that whole process to make sure every citizen knows exactly where we are in the counting process and how many more ballots we have to get through.”


Now, to be clear: There is zero reason why this election thief’s office could not have every ballot legally cast counted early in the evening on Election Day. All it would take to do so would be for the legislature to pass a law requiring mail-in ballots to be postmarked a week prior to November 3.

But of course, rancid Democrat Governor Herr Gretchen Whitmer would veto any such bill for the plain reason that it would lessen her evil political party’s chances of manufacturing thousands of fake ballots post-Election Day.

Miz Benson also at one point predicted that Michigan voter turnout could be “double or triple” what it was in 2016. For the record, her state’s voter turnout percentage in 2016 was 63%. That means that Benson believes her state could see a “turnout” percentage well in excess of 100% of registered voters, as her “vote counters” find as many boxes filled with fraudulent mail-in ballots as they need to turn a Trump landslide into a narrow Biden “win”.

She’s not even trying to hide what she and her party plan to do to you on November 3 and the weeks that follow.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – The “peaceful protesters” came armed with molotov cocktails as they attempted to burn down a police building during their 102nd straight night of rioting:

This is one is especially telling. Check out the skin color on the “racist” Trump supporters, and compare it to the skin color of the communist BLM rioters:

It’s a point that does not get made nearly often enough: The people conducting these BLM/Antifa riots are buy and large not Black people. They are almost uniformly Millennial-age white people from middle-class to upper-middle-class families. That demographic is where our nation’s real problem is.

Check out the names, faces and ages of the rioters who were arrested in Portland this past week:

These riots are not a Black community issue, folks. The vast majority of the domestic terrorists among us are young white people from privileged upbringings.

That doesn’t say anything good about the parenting skills of Baby Boomers.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Tuesday News Roundup: Biden’s Fracking Lie, Trump Defends Rittenhouse, Portland Riots Rage On

But…but…but….we have been assured by Jake Tapper that voter fraud is a myth! He wouldn’t lie to us, would he? – Well, sure he would. He works for CNN, doesn’t he? What a dumb question.

If you want to learn more about how organized Democrat voter fraud works with mail-in/absentee ballots, the New York Post has a great piece using a long-time New Jersey Democrat operative as its source, who provides chapter and verse of how it all works. Here’s an excerpt from that story:

“An election that is swayed by 500 votes, 1,000 votes — it can make a difference,” the tipster said. “It could be enough to flip states.”

The whisteblower — whose identity, rap sheet and long history working as a consultant to various campaigns were confirmed by The Post — says he not only changed ballots himself over the years, but led teams of fraudsters and mentored at least 20 operatives in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania — a critical 2020 swing state.

“There is no race in New Jersey — from city council to United States Senate — that we haven’t worked on,” the tipster said. “I worked on a fire commissioner’s race in Burlington County. The smaller the race, the easier it is to do.”

A Bernie Sanders die-hard with no horse in the presidential race, he said he felt compelled to come forward in the hope that states would act now to fix the glaring security problems present in mail-in ballots.

“This is a real thing,” he said. “And there is going to be a f–king war coming November 3rd over this stuff … If they knew how the sausage was made, they could fix it.”


Go read the full piece. You will be repulsed, but you will also be better educated for doing so.

Biden’s a fracking liar. – In yesterday evening’s piece, I detailed several times during the primary campaign in which Joe Biden had promised to ban fracking and the use of fossil fuels, in response to Biden’s claim yesterday in Pittsburgh that he had not done so. To add to the evidence, here is a clip of an incident I had forgotten about:

Hydraulic fracturing is a technique that is unique to the production of oil and natural gas, both of which are “fossil fuels.” If you are banning fossil fuels, you are banning fracking. Period.

Here’s another compilation clip of him making similar promises, just for fun:

Oh, and since he will turn the presidency over to his running mate shortly after taking office should he win the election, here is a similar clip of Kamala Harris making the same promise:

Joe Biden is a shameless liar, and not a very effective one at that.

Today’s domestic terrorism Public Service Announcement. – Watch the video clip below. While you are watching it, remember this:

This is who the NBA is supporting.

This is who MLB is supporting.

This is who the NHL is supporting.

This is who the NFL is supporting.

This is who Hollywood is supporting.

This is who the Democrats are funding.

What more do you need to know?

About Kyle Rittenhouse… – As stupid as Kyle Rittenhouse was to be running around Kenosha carrying a semi-automatic rifle last week, he was doing so within  his rights, and there is no question he was being attacked by multiple domestic terrorists and acted in self-defense. The video clips of the incident are clear and unambigious: If Rittenhouse had not defended himself, he almost certainly would have been killed by those terrorists.

Asked about Rittenhouse at his press conference last night, President Trump noted the obvious:

“We’re looking at all of it,” Mr. Trump said, when he was asked by a reporter if he would condemn Rittenhouse’s alleged actions. “That was an interesting situation. You saw the same tape as I saw. He was trying to get away from them, I guess, looks like. And he fell and then they very violently attacked him. And it was something that we’re looking at right now, and it’s under investigation, but I guess he was in very big trouble. He probably would have been killed. It’s under investigation.”

Naturally, the corrupt news media, which has been parroting the Democrat narrative that Rittenhouse was the aggressor and had no reason to discharge his firearm, went into yet another hissy fit:

Rittenhouse has been charged by a corrupt prosecutor with first-degree murder, a charge from which he will obviously be acquitted. Notably, he is being represented by the same lawyer, L. Lin Wood, who represents Nicholas Sandmann, and who has been able to obtain huge settlements from several media organizations who slandered Sandmann a couple of years ago.

Hilariously, these same corrupt media outlets are now setting themselves up for a similar round of lawsuits and major settlements with their serial slandering of Rittenhouse. These people are too corrupt to ever learn.

Meanwhile, in Portland, Oregon… – 97 nights, 97 riots in Portland, Oregon organized and funded by front groups for the Democrat Party. Communist Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler, after playing the tough guy on Sunday with a completely false statement blaming President Trump, was nowhere to be seen, nor were the National Guard, who will need to be called in at some point to put these violent, murdering rioters down.

Here are some of the highlights from last night’s shenanigans, captured by real journalist Andy Ngo:

In case you’ve been thinking Ted Wheeler is somehow an exception to Portland’s mayoral rule, well, think again:

The rioters’ fake press ruse is losing its luster:

On and on it goes. These scenes repeat themselves every night, like a bad off-Broadway play.

This is a violent insurrection on American soil. Sooner or later, President Trump will have to invoke the Insurrection Act and bring in the National Guard and federal law enforcement to put these riots down. If this mounting violence is allowed to build all the way through election day, many of these domestic terrorist animals might have to be put down for good.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Rumblin’ Bumblin’ Stumblin’ Joe Biden Lies His Way Through Pittsburgh

Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Dementia China Joe Biden was allowed by his handlers to venture out of the basement Monday on an emergency mission to Pittsburgh, as his campaign’s polling tanks due to the big-city riots his Party has been sponsoring around the country. Biden, who couldn’t be bothered to even acknowledge the mayhem being created by his Party’s domestic terrorist support groups at his convention two weeks ago, took the stage in Pittsburgh to try to convince the public that it’s all Trump’s fault.

“Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” Biden’s speech in Pittsburgh said. “We need justice in America. And we need safety in America. We are facing multiple crises – crises that, under Donald Trump, keep multiplying.”

Well, yes, the crises keep multiplying because the Democrat Party and its corrupt toadies in the Nazi-style news media keep inventing them out of whole cloth. And let’s notice that that first sentence is in fact a direct threat to the American voter – a threat that the Party and media will only ramp up the violence and mayhem should they re-elect the President. That threat is seditious, and it is evil.

But things only went downhill from there. At one point, the Democrats’ Unfrozen Caveman Nominee tried his hand at China Virus math, and hilarity ensued:

Please marvel at the fact that Joe Biden was in fact standing there reading a damn speech off of a TelePrompter. And that, friends, is why you will never see Joe Biden on the same stage with President Trump in a debate. He can’t even be trusted to properly read a script.

Biden also at one point during his speech had this to say about allegations that he would ban fracking if elected:

“I am not banning fracking,” he said. “Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking, no matter how much Donald Trump lies about me.”

In fact, during the Democrats’ debate last August, Joe Biden raised his hand with everyone else on the stage when asked by the moderator if he would ban fracking. Raising your hand means “yes”, Joe.

But more recently, he has gone even further than that, promising to ban fossil fuels altogether:

So, yes, all you good people in Pennsylvania and other oil, gas and coal-producing states, Joe Biden would indeed ban not only fracking, but your entire way of life if he is elected in November. Just as importantly, once he resigns and hands the office over to his running mate, Kamala Harris, know that she has also repeatedly promised to ban fracking and indeed, all fossil fuels.

These people are liars, and they’re not really very good at it.

*** UPDATE *** The Trump campaign has already released this:


That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Democrats Turn on a Dime, Suddenly Admit These are Violent Riots

It’s like magic. Depraved, despicable magic. – In case you missed it, the Democrat/media talking points turned on a dime over the weekend. As if like magic, every Democrat/lefitist/communist talking head on your television did a 180 from the talking point “these are peaceful protests” to “these are violent riots and they’re all Trump’s fault”.

You seriously could never make this stuff up.

Yes, friends, the Democrat Party, after 90 days of funding and organizing the mass destruction of American cities run by Democrats by their armed terrorist groups Antifa and BLM, have now decided that you, the American people are so damn stupid that you will believe this is all somehow the President’s doing. You don’t have to believe me when I say that the Democrats have been applauding the violence and encouraging it: Just believe your own eyes and ears:

Communist Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler led the parade of Democrat Despicables in a press conference he held after his personally sponsored riots led to the murder of a Trump supporter who had the temerity to wear a cap with the words “patriot” and “prayer” written on it.

Here is what this depraved lunatic had to say:

This is what Marxist/Alinskyite insurgents do: Create havoc, kill innocent people and then blame it all on their enemy. That’s who Ted Wheeler is.

But who, then, is Joe Biden? – Well, Joe Biden is whoever his handlers tell him to be on any given day. On Sunday, he took the Marxist/Alinskyite insurgent route and issued a statement that also blamed President Trump for the death and destruction these Democrat-sponsored terrorist groups have wrought in Democrat-run cities:

“The job of a President is to lower the temperature. To bring people who disagree with one another together…Donald Trump has been president for almost four years. The temperature in the country is higher, tensions run stronger, divisions run deeper. And all of us are less safe because Donald Trump can’t do the job of the American president.”

Pure Alinskyite projection there. Let’s remember that at least 13 of Joe Biden’s elder-abusing handlers have given money to support Antifa and BLM domestic terrorism in recent weeks.

It is the Democrats, not the President, who have refused for four years to accept the legitimate results of the 2016 election.

It is the Democrats and their media toadies who have spent four years pushing the Russia Collusion fantasy, pushing it even after their hand-chosen special prosecutor found nothing.

It is the Democrats who held our country hostage for five full months last year with their fake impeachment scam.

It is the Democrats and their holdover operatives in the CDC and National Institutes of Health who have sown panic and divided the nation as the administration has dealt with a pandemic created by the ChiCom government that owns so many members of their party, including their presidential nominee.

It is the Democrats who created and funded Antifa the day after the 2016 election as a tool for fomenting chaos and violence on the America’s streets.

It is exclusively Democrat mayors  who have allowed the Antifa and BLM terrorists to run wild in their streets.

It is Democrat mayors and governors who have refused to accept help from the federal government to deal with the violence and destruction taking place in their cities.

This is what Alinskyite radicals and Marxist insurgents do: Create a steadily-rising level of chaos and violence and then, when it leads directly to murder, blame the enemy.

You may think the enemy of these Democrat insurgents is the President, but it’s not. Their enemy is you. And, as I have been telling you since January, the chaos and violence is only going to keep growing.

These people will not stop until they are stopped. Once you understand what their real goals are – the forcible destruction of the American republic – everything they do makes perfect, if despicable, sense.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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