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Here is What Biden’s Promised ‘Return to Normalcy” Actually Means

Much of the Biden/Harris election campaign this year was base on the prospect that the elevation of their planned co-presidency would represent a return to the “normalcy” Americans and America experienced during the four presidencies that preceded the presidency of Donald J. Trump. This prospect was of course echoed in the corrupt news media and presented as a positive thing to America’s voters.

But what did this longed-for “normalcy” look like for the 28 years before Donald Trump took office in January, 2017?

– It looked like the U.S. becoming involved in all manner of needless and deadly wars in the Middle East and Northern Africa, with thousands of military personnel being killed and maimed every year;

– It looked like economic stagnation;

– It looked like high federal personal tax rates;

– It looked like high federal taxes on capital gains and corporate incomes that caused millions of jobs and trillions of dollars in major investments to flow overseas;

– It looked like heavy-handed bureaucracies lording their power over every facet of our personal lives;

– It looked like extremely high rates of unemployment among Blacks, Hispanics and women;

– It looked like a military complex withering on the vine as the ChiComs strove for strategic supremacy with America’s willing assistance;

– It looked like high gasoline prices at the pump that were regularly $1.00 per gallon or more higher than they are today as a result of much higher dependency on foreign oil;

– It looked like making deals with that enriched the despotic Iranian Mullahs and allowed them to pursue development of nuclear weapons without international penalties;

– It looked like entering into multi-lateral trade agreements that enrich other nations at the expense of main street America;

– It looked like entering into multi-lateral arrangements like the Paris Climate Accords that were nothing more than wealth redistribution schemes that benefit everyone but America;

– It looked like constantly rising costs of medical care and prescription drugs, both of which have decreased the last two years for the first time in half a century;

– It looked like the U.S. government bowing to the will of globalist groups like the EU and the UN, where China, Cuba and Mexico sit in judgment of U.S. human rights this week;

– Open borders and mass migration that steadily erodes the standard of living in the United States.

That is what we will be returning to if Joe Biden/Kamala Harris are certified as the “winners” of this election.

Oh boy.

That is all.

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Fracking Ban is Just One of Many Ways for Biden/Harris to Attack Oil and Gas

Assuming that the various challenges being filed by President Donald Trump this week to election results in several states fail and Democrat Joe Biden does become the next President of the United States, the potential impacts to the oil and gas industry in the U.S. would be numerous and severe. While only one significant oil and gas-related issue was raised to high prominence during the general election campaign – Biden’s promises to ban hydraulic fracturing at various times and levels – it is a mistake to assume that that would be the only way in which a Biden/Harris Administration would impact the industry.

The first tranche of impacts will come in the form of executive orders. Like the Obama/Biden presidency before him, a great deal of President Trump’s energy-related policy has been enacted via executive orders. The obvious vulnerability of any executive order is that it usually can be easily reversed by a successor in office. Thus, the most immediate impacts of a Biden presidency will come in the form of efforts to increase regulation on the energy industry via the reversal of various Trump executive actions. Biden and Harris repeatedly promised to take these actions throughout their campaign, so we should expect a quick follow through on what amounts to low-hanging fruit.

Those likely executive order reversals include:

·        Re-entry of the United States into the Paris Climate Accords

·        Re-entry of the United States into the Obama-era Iran deal, which would free up Iran to dramatically increase its exports and potentially impact crude prices;

·        Trump’s order to end the Council on Environmental Quality’s guidance that all federal permitting decisions and NEPA reviews must consider climate change impacts;

·        Trump’s order to disband the Interagency Working Group on Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases;

·        Trump’s various orders designed to eliminate delays in federal permitting processes.

We can also expect a Biden presidency to follow through on his promises to ban hydraulic fracturing on federal lands and waters, which represent a very sizable percentage of overall U.S. oil and gas production. This can be accomplished by an order from either a President Biden or from his future Secretary of the Interior, although we should also expect Interior to follow up and attempt to frame it in the form of regulations in order to make it more of a permanent change.

It is also important to remember that Sen. Kamala Harris promised to eliminate hydraulic fracturing entirely in the U.S. repeatedly during her own presidential effort in 2019, and never really backed off of that promise during the general election campaign as Biden’s running mate. On the few occasions when she was asked about it, she was always very careful to say that “Joe Biden will not ban fracking,” and no more than that.


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What the Political Landscape Will Look Like In a HarrisBiden Presidency

Guest Piece by Gregg Updike

Now that the active casting of ballots is (hopefully) over, let us assume the worst-case scenario: President Trump is unsuccessful in his myriad court challenges of obvious voter fraud in the half dozen or so Democratically controlled cities in the six states that narrowly went for President Harris, and next year placeholder Biden is sworn in as our 46th president.  Here is what I see happening in the interim

– President Trump pardons all the wrongfully accused people from the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA witch-hunt.  He also issues all kinds of Executive Orders (EOs) which will display for all to see what his true legislative agenda would have eventually been had he been reelected and had a real congress to work with on behalf of his attempts to MAGA and KAG.

– On that future dark day, January 20, 2021, the HarrisBiden presidency officially begins with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holding a 52-48 GOP majority.  That slim majority, however weak it is, will serve to block most of the excesses of Nancy Pelosi’s house legislation rendering congress stalemated.

– Whether it be Pelosi, or some other radical as Speaker, the house will hoot and howl and push the Squad’s radical left-wing agenda, because they will – it is in their DNA.  They will misread the wishes of the majority of America and there is no way they moderate their message or agenda, especially with a Harris Presidency.

– The Left will not tolerate the check of the GOP senate, so look for a vicious campaign against any vulnerable Republican Senator in 2022.  As was the case this year, the GOP will have another difficult election cycle since they have about 22 seats to defend in 2022; the Democrats only have twelve to defend.

–  The vulnerable (or competitive races) senators up for reelection in 2022 are Democrats Bennett of CO, Cortez-Masto of NV, and Hassan of NH; the other Democratic Senators are likely secure.  The vulnerable Republican senators are Murkowski of AK, Burr or whoever has the NC seat, Toomey of PA, and Johnson of WI.

– I see the senate essentially remaining a wash, with the GOP holding a very narrow majority due to the historical norm where the party that does not have the presidency generally gains seats in both chambers in congress during the first midterm election after the new president comes to power.

Now let us switch to the Democratically controlled house:  It appears they will retain a very narrow majority when all is said and done this year.  Since 1994, that first mid-term house majority is always in question.  President Clinton’s agenda was much too radical in 1994 and he lost the Dem controlled house for the first time in forty (40) years.

I see the Harris and Pelosi agenda having the same effect or outcome with the Democrats again taking a similar shellacking as happened during President Obama’s first mid-term in 2010 and the aforementioned Clinton first mid-term election in 1994.  This flipping of the house also happened During President Trump’s first mid-term election in 2018.  This is how congress was designed: The House (the people’s house) was meant to reflect the whims of the moment and the senate was designed to be a much more politically stable institution.

Even if the Democrats are successful in flipping the Senate in 2022, they are likely to lose the house.  The net result is congress remains split or under total GOP leadership and we are left with a repeat of the Obama Administration’s rule via Executive Order for the last two years of the Harris’ Administration.

Getting back to President Trump and speculation about his future:

If Trump promulgates a series of EOs in his last two month in office, it will force President HarrisBiden to undo them with their own series of EOs which would further highlight the differences between the two administrations.  The big one, Obamacare, will revert to how it was pre-President Trump, with the individual mandate being restored.  That difference will finally register in a big way on the radar of most Americans who were screwed under Obamacare.  Remember the worst of the IRS penalties for not having GOVERNMENT MANDATED HEALTH INSURANCE were not realized when Trump eliminated them via his first day EO.

As the full extent of the radical Nature of HarriBiden comes into focus with pocketbook issues becoming more and more apparent the warm glow of their takeover will quickly fade.  Here is what I see happening come January 2021:

  1. Peace will magically return to the Democratically Controlled Cities and the political machine and the media responsible for the “mostly peaceful protests” will temporally suspend them until they are again needed.
  2. All the Obamagate “investigations” will quietly go away, with all the known and unknown coup d’état players getting a permanent get out of jail free card.
  3. Gas and energy prices will soon rise and the move to “renewable” energy sources will be put on steroids. Fracking and coal will be severely slowed if not banned outright and we will once again be dependent/vulnerable on oil from adversarial foreign sources.
  4. There will be renewed violence on the world stage and a reengaging of America in pointless, never ending loser wars with ridiculous “rules of engagement” being foisted upon our Troops
  5. There will be one last major bailout of the Blue States via a comprehensive and massive relief bill (that the weak GOP senate will not dare block) under the guise of COVID-19 “stimulus”; the “science” will say COVID has been “cured” and all the mask and other mandates will magically go away as soon as the relief bill passes. However, COVID, like the “mostly peaceful protests” are always going to be available arrows in the Democratic Party’s “quiver” when they are needed to create another “crisis”.

Court packing and statehood for DC and Puerto Rice won’t happen under a GOP senate.  Unfavorable court rulings will be ignored until enforced which won’t happen under a HarrisBiden Presidency.  However, if the Congress goes completely Democratic, all bets are off.

So ultimately what happens under a HarrisBiden Presidency?  Effectively it will be Obama’s third term, with an attempt to have its agenda on steroids.  Taxes will go up; prosperity prospects will be greatly diminished, and the Swamp will get broader and deeper.  However, there is a potential light at the end of this dark tunnel:

Donald John Trump stays energized and maybe even forms a real TEA Party to directly the feckless Democratic-like GOP. Or:

He runs again in 2024, wins, and sweeps in a huge GOP senate and a large house majority which will render RINO senators and house member irrelevant and ultimately an endangered if not an extinct species.  The senate class of 2024 will have about 24 (many of whom are vulnerable) Democrats up for reelection which could well mean a 60 seat GOP majority.  Then the real Trump agenda, the real conservative agenda, can become a reality.

The net effect of the first term of Trump’s Administration was the blocking of most of the excesses of the Obama Administration from being permanently baked into our culture, by pausing it.  A HarrisBiden presidency will only show and reemphasize to all of America how bad the Left’s agenda is and will cause a massive backlash.

As of today, and assuming a HarrisBiden Administration, the political stars may well align for a massive Donald J. Trump win in 2024.  The country will be ripe for a massive rebirth of conservatism lead by the indefatigable Donald John Trump.   And this time there may well be massive support for constitutional amendments for term limits, Judicial reform, consistent voter requirements and other long needed reforms.

We can only hope for such a future.


That is all.

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Biden Green Jobs Promises: An Epic Fail Waiting to Happen

On February 17, 2009 – less than one month into their first term – then-President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden both flew to Colorado to sign their $787 billion stimulus package into law. They had decided to move the signing venue from Washington, D.C. to Denver in order to emphasize the green-jobs provisions contained in the legislation. Remember, this was at a time when the Democratic Party controlled not just the executive branch of government, but also held super majorities in both houses of congress. They could basically do whatever they wanted, and this is what they chose to do.

As point man on the bill, Biden helped message the Democrats’ stimulus package as a green-jobs creator, promising it would create over 5 million jobs such jobs. The Obama/Biden commitment at the time was all about the creation of a new, “clean energy” economy and “green jobs” similar to what Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders promise today as a part of their “Green New Deal,” although they’ve dressed their $90 Trillion package up with more aggressive terms like “environmental catastrophe” and “climate justice.”

It’s all the same plot today – same actors, new title, updated talking points.

So, how did that Obama/Biden “Green Jobs” plan work out for us? A few years later, Obama/Biden’s own Department of Labor issued four reports on the Green Jobs Program. The first report, issued in September of 2011, was titled “Recovery Act: Slow Pace Placing Workers into Jobs Jeopardizes Employment Goals of the Green Jobs Program.” Its findings were quite telling:


  •  Nearly three-fourths of the way through the anticipated time frame, only 1/3rd of the allotted funding had been expended;
  • Just 42% of the desired 124,000+ participants had even been signed up for the program’s training in “green jobs”;
  • Half of the training programs provided five or fewer days of training. Hardly a robust training for a full career;
  • Over twenty percent of the “degrees” and certificates went to people with only one day of training; and
  • Only 1,336 participants retained employment for at least 6 months, a miniscule 2 percent of the targeted employment retention of 69,717 participants.


Read the Rest Here


That is all.

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Trump Train Waltzes Across Texas With the Biden/Harris Bus

Waltz across Texas with you in my arms; waltz across Texas with you.
Like a storybook ending I’m lost in your charms,
And I could waltz across Texas with you. – Ernest Tubb

The Biden campaign thought it had a bang-up idea to raise awareness of its addled candidate and successor-in-waiting (but not for long) running mate: Let’s send a tour bus across the Lone Start State and show the Party’s colors. And we’ll even send Kamala along with it just for a bonus!

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the dance: The ever-present Trump Train showed up to shadow Harris and her big blue bus all around the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. It was like a big ol’ country line dance all day long.

Here was the scene in Fort Worth as a long parade of Trump cars and pickups kept the Biden/Harris /Harris/Biden bus cooped up in a parking lot as it vainly tried to escape:

So, what about that trip to Dallas? Oh, it was tons of fun, dancin’ across the Texas prairie:


But what happened once they made it over to Dallas? Welp, by the time they’d made the 30 mile trek, the big blue bus had a following of at least 100 aspiring Trump dancin’ partners:

And, here’s the Biden/Harris/Harris/Biden bus running a red light trying to ditch its Trump Train would-be suitors:

That was quite a dosey do, there pardners. But it ain’t against the law if the law ain’t there, right?


Glorious. Absolutely glorious.

Y’all don’t come back now, hear?

That is all.

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Schweikart: Dem Plan to Steal the Presidency Runs Into a Solid Wall of Harsh Reality

Frequent contributor and America’s history teacher, Larry Schweikart, put up a long thread on Twitter last night that is so good that I ask for and got his permission to share it here. I would give you a summary, but it’s self-explanatory and laid out in a style that only Larry can deliver, so why waste the time?

Just read it – you’ll be glad you did.

Here is the text from the rest of the 22 tweets:

2) They probably thought, “OK, we’ll squirrel him away, keep him out of public sight, and let Kampuchea handle the load.”

Mistake #1. She was an instant bomb, and was actually worse than Demented Perv Biteme.

3) At the same time, they thought they could use the Vote By Mail (VBM) scheme to extend voting way past Nov. 3.

While I don’t think they seriously believed this, some of them no doubt thought they could drag it past Dec. 13.

I think some lawyers finally did some ‘splainin.

4) So initially (again, I’m guessing April/May) their plan was to VBM the hell out of the system then string it along with the complicity of the Blue Govs.

5) Enter the GOP and the courts.

6) This was squashed faster than a Milli Vanilli reunion tour.

7) Moreover, the wizards of smart in the DNC failed to grasp that if they scare the oldsters to death and have them VBM, they won’t have anyone voting on election day.

8) But wait! It gets even better!

Because they have “pre-voted” (like pre-boarding an airplane. As George Carlin says, how do you “pre-board?”), ALL OF THEIR VOTES ARE TALLIED EARLY. They will be the first ones on the board on election day.

9) Moreover, people have been watching these come in for months. Nate Cohnhole has been breathlessly watching the numbers rise, failing to understand it’s like a 440 meter race with staggered starts. The GOP “lane” is mostly on ED. Yeah, it “looks” like the outside lane is ahead.


The DemoKKKrats have no hats from which to pull rabbits on election day.

11) This nullifies another of their poorly thought-out strategy of VBM, namely to claim fraud.

12) Even for their most disingenuous hacks, it will be pretty hard to claim fraud when only 3% of the DemoKKKrat ballots are still outstanding and they are losing by 5%.

13) It will be a case of, “Even if we say ALL the outstanding ballots are for Biteme, he still loses.”

14) So whatever quidspickel genius in the DNC dreamed up this particular scam, he should be Robespierred.

15) And, perhaps juciest of all, the very nature of reporting, even by the punkpidgels at CNN, MSNBC, and Faux, will be to report what is HAPPENING.

16) You know what’s going to be happening on election day?

Republicans are going to be voting.

Pretty much ONLY Republicans are going to be voting. Overwhelmingly Republicans are going to be voting.

17) It will be near impossible for any Hoax News org NOT to report that, no matter how they spin it. The momentum is going to build on election day that the GOP tidal wave has come. “We never expected this!”

18) It will be made manifest in so many states, in so many races, that it will be impossible NOT to call these states for Trump.

They can look forlornly at 1/2% outstanding absentee ballots that amount to 5,000 or to Trump’s 180,000 lead, or 400,000 lead.

19) This is so delicious. They not only screwed their candidate with a moronic strategy that makes Minion’s “ORCA” look like a good idea, but they screwed their post-election day strategy AND their media election day strategy.

20) As per 10/11 court cases so far, they have to stop counting no later than Nov. 6. They gave the Rs time to mount court challenges and, equally important,


21) Amy Coney Barrett.

Why? Cuz she is going to be confirmed and they can’t stop it, and ANY of these cases that gets to the USSC after Nov. 3 on an expedited basis will get squashed faster than Cubans in Grenada.

22) I’m telling you, if they thought Cankles’ campaign was a cluster you-know-what, the post-mortems on this one will see DemoKKKrat strategists exiled to horror spots . . .

like Macon, Georgia, or Bullhead City, Arizona.

23) It’s a beautiful thing.
A beautiful thing, indeed. Glorious, even.

That is all.

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The Monday News Roundup: Biden, Harris Lose Control of the Court Packing Narrative

When you’ve lost Jake Tapper, you’ve lost control of the narrative. – The Biden/Harris Harris/Biden campaign lost control of the narrative over packing the Supreme Court over the weekend. It obviously won’t last long, because their pals in the news media won’t allow it to do so, but Sunday was fun nonetheless.

Here is Mr. Tapper, actually having a moment of journalistic integrity with the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Biden/Harris Harris/Biden disinformation campaign, Kate Bedingfield:

Tapper began by pointing out that Biden, who had previously said that adding justices to the Supreme Court was “a bonehead idea,” was suddenly unwilling to answer the question.

“Biden opposes adding more justices to the Supreme Court, he has for decades, so why he is refusing to weigh in on it now?” Tapper asked.

“Because Donald Trump and the Republicans don’t get to set the terms of this debate,” Bedingfield replied, arguing that the question was a play to distract voters while they rushed the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

“It’s not the Trump people who invented this question, right?” Tapper asked. “The idea of adding justices to the Supreme Court came from the progressive side of the Democratic Party. It’s a simple question. He has long been against adding justices to the the court. Has he changed his mind or does he have the same position he’s had since 1983?”

Bedingfield pivoted again, saying again that it was an attempt by Republicans to distract from a nominee who would likely change the balance of the court. That Vice President Mike Pence had pushed the issue of court packing at last week’s debate was further proof of that, she concluded.

“This is a simple — it’s a simple question and it’s one frankly that Trump did not invent,” Tapper pushed back, saying again that the notion of court packing had originally come from progressives in the Democratic Party. “I thought odd when Vice President Biden said the other day in response to a reporter’s question that voters do not deserve an answer on this. Of course, voters deserve an answer on his position — on every issue.”

“But we are not going to play their game,” Bedingfield insisted. “He has given an answer. He has answered the question. He has probably answered this question 15 times over the course of the last week. The answer is I am not going to play Donald Trump’s game. I am not going to allow the terms of this debate to shift to a hypothetical that assumes, by the way, that we, the Democrats, are going to lose here. That is really — that is what at the core of this argument they are making. It assumes we are going to lose. Vice President Biden does not accept that. He does not accept that.”

“I think a serious policy question is not a game and I don’t think it’s Trump’s game, but Kate Bedingfield, we always appreciate you coming on the show and answering the questions or deftly side-stepping them,” Tapper gave up, ending the segment. “Thank you. Appreciate it.”


If you’re expecting Tapper to now bulldog this issue like he would if he was chasing a Republican, you should probably think again. Tapper has now done his pretend journalist-y thing, and will move immediately on to some other topic that is more favorable to Biden. That will allow Tapper to continue getting invited to all the nice cocktail parties in the DC Swamp. Because that’s how all of this works.

As I pointed out yesterday, Biden/Harris Harris/Biden obviously do plan to pack the court if they are elected. If they had no such plan, they would say so. Both of these people were selected by the Democrat power brokers for their willingness to do or say anything the radical left tells them to do and say. The radical left demands the court be packed, because that is the only way its plan to create a communist utopia in America can succeed.

Thus, Biden/Harris Harris/Biden will pack the court.

The only way to avoid that outcome is to re-elect Donald J. Trump. Simple.

Think this isn’t an important election? Think again. – Check out the names on Joe Biden’s short list for Attorney General:

The mass-killer of senior citizens Governor of New York; a former acting AG who was a participant in a coup d’etat on American soil; and a pathetic loser who has no real legal gravitas at all. That’s the list for AG. It’s almost enough to make you long for the days of Janet Reno.

Holy crap.

Pandemic? What pandemic? – I guess the Los Angeles Lakers must have closed out the low-rated NBA finals last night. So, how did the team’s fans celebrate? Why, by staging a mass gathering at the Staples Center and tossing rocks and bottles at police officers:

Love how the corrupt reporter describes the scene as “mostly peaceful.” Orwellian.

There is only one real question about the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation. – She’s been confirmed by the senate before, just 3 years ago. She is extremely well-qualified for the job, and everyone knows it. Absent some major scandal, her ultimate confirmation along the schedule Lindsey Graham has laid out is a fait accompli.

The only real question related to the hearings that begin today is, what fake scandal will the Democrats and their hand-maidens in the media concoct in an effort to try to derail Judge Barrett? Until we know that, the hearings themselves will be just a posturing, demagoguery opportunity for the Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee, including Kamala Harris, who began her disgusting posturing over the weekend by notifying Graham that she will participate remotely because it’s just too darn dangerous for her to show up in person.

What will that fake scandal be? Who knows? But you know something is in the works, and, with the committee’s process scheduled to end on Thursday, it will most likely break over next weekend in an effort to extend the committee process and thus delay the full senate vote.

So the timing is predictable. As for the nature of the inevitable smear, we will just have to wait and see what these evil people make up.

Stay tuned.

That is all.

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Thursday News Roundup: Trump is NOT Doing a “Virtual Debate”

So, who won last night’s debate in the only measure that matters – public opinion? – The Drudge Report’s snap poll following the debate showed Vice President Mike Pence destroyed Kamala Harris by a 69-31 margin. Yikes.


A similar poll conducted by the Spanish language station Telemundo arrived at an even more-lopsided 76-23 edge for the VEEP:


Thus, because of this very fact that Pence scored a lopsided shellacking of his sneering Valley Girl opponent, the New York Times, CNN and all the other corrupt news outlets are focusing their post-debate coverage this morning on two brief outtakes:

  1. When a fly landed on Pence’s head for a moment; and
  2. When Harris said to Pence “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking” at a point in time in which Pence had not even interrupted her.

That’s it. That is all you are going to see and hear talked about related to this debate in the corrupt mainstream news media today. Had their girl had a good night, we’d be hearing about all the debate points she scored. Trouble is, she didn’t score any points.

Thus, flies and feigned indignation it is.

So. Damn. Tiresome.

Remember, though, that Kamala Harris is the Democrat Party’s de facto presidential candidate. – No one, not even in the Democrat Party’s leadership, expects Joe Biden to remain in office for long should he win this election. Harris was the Obama faction’s favored candidate going into this election cycle, and she was hand-chosen to become Biden’s successor-in-waiting for that very reason after her own campaign for the party’s nomination crashed and burned.

If you’ve been wondering why last night was basically the first thing you have seen from Harris during the general election campaign, there’s a good reason for that. Everyone in the Democrat Party understands that she is an awful candidate who turns off everyone with whom she comes into contact. The reactions by viewers to what they saw last night as measured by those two snap polls did not surprise anyone, which is why corrupt news outlets like CNN and the Times were so prepared to leap into the lurch and try to defend her and push the DNC’s preferred narrative.

With nothing real and positive to point to in terms of Harris’s performance, they rely on these silly deflections instead.

Again, very tiresome, but utterly unsurprising.

On the whole “I’m speaking, Mr. Vice President” thing… – Why is it that feminists are all about strong women being able to stand and compete on exactly the same platform and rules as any man, until there’s a debate, when they pretend that any effort by the man to engage in some real back-and-forth with the woman is somehow “mansplaining” or bullying?

This is an incredibly sexist allegation, not towards Pence, but towards Harris, because the pretense is that, because she’s a woman, she is immune from being questioned during a debate by her opponent. Pence was simply attempting to engage with Harris as he would try to engage with a male opponent, which was exactly what leftist “feminism” pretends to be all about.

But when politics come into play, it is not about that, not at all, not even a little bit.

What made last night’s episode even worse is that Harris, being fully aware of the double-standard her media pals would impose on Pence, chose to play into it by pretending to be offended by his non-interruption. If anything, she may be an even more off-putting candidate than Hillary Clinton was, which again explains why the DNC and Biden campaign have striven so hard to keep her under wraps.

A virtual debate? Isn’t that what they all are? – News broke last night that the next presidential debate will be one of the “virtual” variety, causing the initial question of “so, what will be different?” I mean, we haven’t had a real debate between presidential candidates in this country since 1860.

The difference with this next one will, of course, be technological: Due to the President’s positive test for the China Virus, the Biden camp has insisted that it be held via Zoom or some such platform. From a story at the Washington Examiner:

“The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which the candidates would participate from separate remote locations,” the Commission on Presidential Debates said in a statement Thursday morning about the Oct. 15 event.

The change in format, made “in order to protect the health and safety of all involved with the second presidential debate,” follows the president testing positive for the coronavirus last week just two days after he debated the Democratic presidential nominee, potentially exposing Biden to the virus.

“The town meeting participants and the moderator, Steve Scully, Senior Executive Producer & Political Editor, C-SPAN Networks, will be located at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County in Miami, Florida. The White House Pool will provide coverage of the second presidential debate,” the commission said.

Earlier this week, Biden said that the debate should not be held if Trump still has the virus.



But wait, President Trump has not agreed to that change! – As I was typing the above, President Trump, during an interview with Maria Bartiromo, just said this:

“I heard that the commission a while ago changed debate style, and that is not acceptable to us,” Trump said. He added, “I’m not going to do a virtual debate.”

Bartiromo then followed up to make sure she had heard correctly:

“I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate,” Trump responded. “That’s not what debating is all about. You sit behind a computer and do a debate. It’s ridiculous.”

Hey, maybe the Commission on Presidential Debates – which needs to be completely blown into a million pieces and scattered to the winds – ought to check with both campaigns before issuing statements about format changes.

Seems like a sound business practice, anyway.

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The Commission on Presidential Debates Should be Blown up and Scattered to the Wind

So, last night we had a classic presidential/vice presidential debate: A moderator who is a Democrat activist posing as a journalist for a leftist media outlet; a moderator whose every question was slanted in a way to be hostile to the Republican and a puffball to the Democrat; a moderator who constantly interrupted the Republican but not the Democrat.

We also had a Republican candidate who was constantly interrupted and held to time restrictions, but who nonetheless attempted to answer every question that was asked of him; a Democrat candidate who was never interrupted, never held to time restrictions and has yet to answer a single question asked of her; and a Republican candidate who won the debate despite having to play a game of two on one.

Wash, rinse, repeat. This is the template for these quadrennial farces we have come to call “debates.”

Susan Page is a disgrace; Kamala Harris is an obnoxious, smirking valley girl who is really the Democrat Party’s ultimate presidential candidate; and the Commission on Presidential Debates should be blown up into a million pieces and scattered to the winds.

But in two weeks, President Donald Trump will participate in another debate with Joe Biden, one that will be moderated by another Democrat activist posing as a journalist who in fact is a former Biden intern. Yet, you are supposed to suspend your disbelief and mindlessly assume that this moderator will somehow be “fair” to the President, just as you are supposed to assume Chris Wallace was. Because, after all, they’re “journalists.”

It’s like that scene from “Ghostbusters,” where Dr. Peter Venkman is proposing to “clean” a library of ghosts using the team’s nuclear powered entrapment tools. When the facility manager questions whether this is a good idea, Venkman simply responds with “Back off, man…I’m a scientist” as if that is all the answer required.

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At some point, the Republican Party is going to have to stop pretending that “back off, man, I’m a journalist” is a satisfactory answer, because Chris Wallace and Susan Page are not journalists: They are activists for the enemy party. These “debates” are farces, and they must end. I had hoped the extremely unconventional Donald Trump would do that in 2016, but instead he used them to his advantage. He is attempting to do the same thing in this election cycle.

But Trump can do this because of the sheer force of his will and personality; he is far from a standard issue Republican. We have witnessed cycle after cycle in which GOP stiffs like Mitt Romney and John McCain and George W. Bush emerge from these 2 on 1 battles either scarred, or, in the case of Romney and McCain, irreparably damaged.

For his own part, the Vice President fared quite well. Say what we will about Pence being a bit of stiff himself, he is also tough and smart and very concise and careful in the language he uses. The contrast he provides to the smirking, giggling, bald-faced lying Harris is stark and helps the ticket from a public confidence perspective.

But in a fair set-up, one in which we either had a truly-impartial moderator or a second seat like Mollie Hemingway to offer up some tough questions directed at the Democrat, Harris’s facade would fall completely apart.

If the Commission on Presidential Debates cannot find a way to provide a more fair set up in 2024, then it is long past time to blow the entire process up. The GOP needs to quit playing the abused spouse here and refuse to put its candidates through anymore of these farces.

That is all.

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