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Yet Another Riot In Yet Another Democrat City

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Yet another police stand-down in another Democrat-controlled city took place on Sunday, and yet again the fake news media pretty much ignored the story.  This time, the Antifa-led riot took place in a familiar place – Berkeley California, where an Oregon-based group called “Patriot’s Prayer” had planned to hold a peaceful demonstration of the exercise of free speech, a rapidly-dying concept in our country wherever Democrats are in control.
  • Lacking confidence in the intent of the Berkeley police to provide adequate security, Patriot’s Prayer cancelled its event, but a few of its members showed up anyway to exercise their supposed constitutional right to assemble and speak.  That was when they were set upon by hundreds of black-clad, masked Antifa terrorists.  As is always the case whenever Antifa thugs arrive, beatings and destruction of property ensued.   (Ironically, much of the action took place underneath a banner hung from a light pole that read, “Berkeley Stands United Against Hate.”)
  • And, as has been the case several times previously in Berkeley this year, the police were obviously ordered to stand down and did nothing to curb the violence.  At one point, they abandoned the scene altogether, retreating to a nearby station, where I guess they had a cup of coffee and some donuts.
  • When interviewed by a local news station about the situation, Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwald was nonchalant about his decision to stand down, saying “It’s a little early, we will take a look at what happened today but it doesn’t make sense to fight over something where the conditions have changed. The need for separation simply didn’t exist. And we’ll review the operation and once again learn from what we did. And that’s pretty much all I have to say for you now…And as far as I am concerned there are some deep discussions that need to happen within our community about providing space for Antifa and some of the folks we saw here today.”
  • So, the Democrat Chief of Police, having obviously been ordered to stand down by the Democrat Mayor, is more concerned about “providing space for Antifa” than anything else that took place in his city on Sunday.  This is your Democrat Party today, folks.  You vote for these anti-American idiots – and that’s what these people running Berkeley, Charlottesville and many other cities are – at your own risk.
  • The UK Daily Mail reports that “scientists” have produced a study showing that women with wide faces have a lust for power.  That certainly helps to explain Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz and Elizabeth Warren, but gives us no insight at all on the mouse-faced Nancy Pelosi, or the never-ending clown show that is Maxine Waters.
  • President Trump’s pardon of 85 year-old former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio predictably touched off yet another round of outright crazy from the Trump-hating left and the Trump-hating #neverTrump moron faction of the Republican Party.  The silliest criticism came from political enemies like Arizona senators like John McCain and Jeff Flake, who derided the President for “not following the Justice Department review process” with the pardon, as if there is some “process” that governs what is an absolute authority granted explicitly to all presidents in the Constitution.
  • The best, though, were a set of idiotic op-eds from leftist authors claiming that the pardon was somehow “impeachable” and an “assault on the judiciary”, as a couple of writers did.  The Washington Post felt is was appropriate to publish at least two such pieces.
  • Here’s reality:  This 85 year-old was about to be sentenced to jail time for ignoring the order of a leftist federal judge to stop enforcing immigration law.  That’s the truth.  This judge “convicted” Mr. Arpaio of “contempt” while denying him his right to a trial by jury, something that is also explicitly guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  Her decision would have beyond all doubt been overturned by the U.S. appellate court, but she is so focused on making a political prisoner of Mr. Arpaio that she was moving to sentence him before his appeal could be heard.  This is what fake Republicans like McCain and Flake, and the entirety of the nation’s fake news media are supporting.
  • Meanwhile, Barack Obama, during his 8 years in office, issued 1,715 pardons of a wide variety of murderers, thugs, drug dealers and at least one trans-gender traitor to the nation without generating a peep of protest from McCain, Flake or any of the op-ed writers at the Washington Post. And guess what?  He had an unfettered, explicit constitutional authority to issue those pardons, as repugnant to the sensibilities of most thinking Americans they might have been.
  • But hey, you can’t cure crazy like these people are exhibiting.  Long after we have cures for AIDS, cancer, muscular dystrophy and the heartbreak of psoriasis, Trump Derangement Syndrome-style crazy will endure.

Just another day in stand down cops in Democrat cities America.

That is all.


Photo Credit: KCRA News

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