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This Weinstein Deal Is Just Getting Started. Fun!

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The king is dead.  It’s safe to talk now. – So, Harvey Weinstein gets fired, loses his power, and suddenly, the Hollywood cockroaches get brave and start scrambling out of the woodwork to “denounce” him.  But of course, some of them claim they didn’t know, in spite of the fact the guy had been abusing women for a quarter century, often in public.  The increasingly disgusting Meryl Streep issued a statement in which she claims to have no knowledge at all of Weinstein’s behavior towards women, a patently unbelievable denial given her longtime close relationship with Weinstein, which includes calling him her “god” at an awards ceremony.  Glenn Close would only admit to having heard “rumors”.  Yeah, right.  Jessica Chastain, Emma Thompson, and Romala Garai all came out with more believable condemnations of the big Hollywood muckety-muck now that he can’t get them jobs.  Great.
  • Meanwhile, actress Rose McGowan, one of the few who was brave enough to start making noise before Weinstein lost all power, continues to use her Twitter account to call out others with knowledge who continue to remain silent.  Alyssa Milano, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe and Casey Affleck have all been targets of her tweets, along with the entire board of directors of the Weinstein Company, who of course had to know about the boss’s behavior since they had been approving all the lawsuit settlements and other payoffs.
  • Late Monday, the Weinstein Company announced that Harvey Weinstein’s name would be removed from all TV shows he has produced over the years, which is the Hollywood version of tearing down monuments to confederate generals.  Hey, at least they’re focusing on their own monuments for once.
  • Those of you who thought this whole scandal would end once you learned Weinstein had been fired from his own company, worry not:  it is just getting started, and a whole bunch of Hollywood scumbags are going to have a lot of explaining to do, as long as Rose McGowan doesn’t lose her nerve.  Fun!  Someone go pop some popcorn.
  • The government’s Vegas narrative is falling apart. – In Las Vegas, Sheriff Joe Lombardo held a press conference that clarified nothing and added a ton of confusion to the public’s knowledge base of what might have really happened there last Sunday:
    • The Sheriff now says that security guard Jesus Campos was shot a full 6 minutes before the gunman began shooting at the crowd below.  For a full week prior to Monday’s presser, authorities had credited Campos for having interrupted the shooter 10 minutes after he started shooting, thus stopping the carnage.  Why did it take a damn week to figure this simple element of the puzzle out?
    • The Sheriff also appeared to admit to having evidence that the shooter may have actually checked into the hotel on September 25 rather than the story of a September 28 check-in that officials have been pushing for a week.  Good lord, does Mandalay Bay keep check-in records or not?  How can this possibly even be a question 8 days after the massacre took place?
    • In spite of half a dozen eye-witnesses who saw the shooter hanging around with an Asian woman at Mandalay Bay in the days prior to the assault, the Sheriff claimed on Monday that investigators have come up with no evidence that the killer was seen with anyone prior to the killing spree.
  • This is absurd.  We are 8 days down the road from one of the biggest mass murders in modern times, and the government obviously can’t get its preferred narrative straight.  I’ve spent the past week thinking Lombardo is the honest broker among law enforcement working the case.  Monday’s press conference did not inspire confidence at all.
  • ESPN fake journalist Jemele Hill a few weeks ago:  “President Trump is a White Supremacist!”
    ESPN management:  “You go, girl!”
    ESPN fake journalist Jemele Hill on Monday:  “Y’all need to boycott sponsors of the Dallas Cowboys!”
    ESPN management:  “You suspended, girl!”
    Money talks.

Just another day in the government’s narrative on the Vegas massacre is falling apart America.

That is all.


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