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The Coronavirus Lies Just Keep on Coming

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

This is very revealing. – Check out this little video clip from Chicago. Corrupt Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has just finished up holding her latest briefing, during which she and all of the reporters in the room dutifully wore their masks while they knew the TV cameras were rolling. As the presser ends, everyone immediately takes off their masks, as several reporters approach Lightfoot to ask a few more questions.

They just didn’t know the camera was still running. Watch how closely they crowd around the Mayor with their masks off. Does that look like social distancing to you?

What does this tell you? It tells you that neither the mayor nor the reporters believe any of the ongoing fear porn they are all spreading to the public in unison.

You can be sure that exactly the same thing takes place in the White House press room as soon as the briefings are done. Early this week, Fox Reporter John Roberts was outed by Jonathan Karl of ABC, who circulated a photo on Twitter of Roberts seated at an outdoor assembly sans mask a few minutes before the briefing was to begin. Roberts put his mask on as soon as the briefing began, but why? What possible purpose did doing that serve? What possible purpose did Karl’s pedantic tweet serve, other than the spreading of a little more fear porn?

At a presidential briefing on Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci showed up – despite his dramatic “self-quarantine” announcement early in the week – and stood behind the President the entire time wearing a mask that covered not just his face, but all the way down to the base of his neck. He looked like a member of the freaking James Gang.

Fauci had said he would still be coming into the White House when necessary, but why did he feel it was necessary to stand behind the President without saying a word for an hour at that presser? Was that really – as all the despot politicians like to say – “essential?” Or was it just so he could be there in every shot, subtly spreading his fear porn?

Because that’s all it is. Fauci himself has on numerous occasions advised the President and told the media that wearing these masks serves no functional purpose in terms of preventing the spread of the Wuhan Virus. So has Dr. Deborah Birx. Remember that? It was back in March, into early April.

But as he has done on so many things over the course of the past four months, Fauci suddenly switched course in April, as his fear-mongering efforts to keep extending our national economic shut-down stretched out from two weeks to six weeks to indefinite and now until there is a vaccine or a “cure,” either or both of which may never come. Around the first week of April, he and Birx suddenly began including the wearing of masks by anyone who goes out into public as one of the mitigations we need to all take as a condition of slowly reopening the economy.

Why?  It’s obviously false advice and all the politicians everyone in the press corps parroting Fauci’s pronouncements knows it, which is why we saw that scene from Chicago yesterday. They all know it, and as soon as they think the cameras have stopped rolling – or, in Roberts’ case, before he thinks they’ve begun – presto! No more masks.

We’re all being lied to, folks. We’re being lied to over and over again about pretty much every aspect of this Chinese plague.

To its credit, the state health department of Colorado yesterday actually made an effort to begin correcting one of its great lies to the public, lowering its official COVID-related death count from 1150 to 878 as auditors identified 272 cases that were falsely reported.

That announcement ironically came just a few hours after the state’s Democrat Governor, Jared Polis, had somberly announced that the state had passed the milestone of 1,000 deaths. Guess he’ll have to do that announcement all over again in the weeks to come. Or maybe not, since the review of the death count by the state’s health board is ongoing.

This is just one more aspect of all of this that health officials, politicians and the corrupt news media are lying about, and everyone involved knows it. It was an act of compassion, but the decision by the federal government, working with the big insurance companies, to ensure that COVID-19 treatments are free of charge led to a frenzy by doctors and health officials all over the country to attribute almost any death by natural causes to the virus, even when patients had not been tested for it. That 25% reduction in Colorado is just the tip of a huge iceberg, and again, everyone involved knows it.

Yet the media and Democrat politicians continue to use that hyper-inflated death toll as fear porn to support their efforts to keep the economy shut down through election day. With the media, it’s not just what they do say on this subject, but what they don’t report about it.

If you do a Google search on that Colorado story, you won’t find reports on it from any of the major TV networks, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times or the Washington Post. But you will find a 3-week old story from the NY Times whose headline reads “U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll is Far Higher Than Reported.” I swear I do not make this stuff up.

We’re being lied to, folks, just as we have been lied to for four solid years about “Russia Collusion.” It’s all the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies know how to do anymore.

That is all.

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Texas Gov. Abbott Disappoints Yet Again

The Evening Campaign Update

It’s official: Texas Republican Governor Gregg Abbott, who governs a massive state of 28 million people that has seen fewer cases of Wuhan Virus than the city of Newark, New Jersey, has lost the race to reopen the massive Texas economy to…wait for it…radical leftist Colorado Democrat Jared Polis.

Hours after Polis announced he would gradually start to lift his state’s stay-at-home order beginning April 26, Abbott called a press conference to update Texans on the progress he and his timid and apparently paralyzed “strike force” had made since his last disappointing press conference on Friday.

Guess what? They haven’t made any progress to speak of.

From a Houston Chronicle report on the Abbott presser:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott painted a positive picture of the state’s battle against COVID-19, but he said it’s not time yet to open up the economy.

Abbott said on Tuesday the number of people testing positive for the coronavirus is “leveling off” and has remained mostly under 1,000 a day even as testing has accelerated. He said on April 9, Texas had more than 1,000 people test positive for COVID-19, but hasn’t hit that number in 12 straight days.

“It’s not because COVID-19 is suddenly dispersed from the geography of the state of Texas,” he said. “The reason why it is leveling off is because our fellow Texans have done such a great job of reducing their interactions with others.”

Abbott said he is in touch with private sector employers and health professionals and is hoping to have an announcement soon to reopen parts of the economy that have been closed since he issued his initial stay-at-home order on March 31.

He said on Monday he expects to make an announcement about the “next steps for opening up Texas.”

So basically, the Governor of the State of by-God Texas reported absolutely zero progress from his vaunted “strike force” and punted the question of reopening the 10th-largest economic engine on the face of the damn earth for six more days. There was a time when Texans could confidently look to Governor Abbott for strong and decisive leadership in the face of a crisis, as he demonstrated so well in the wake of the devastating passage of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. As of today, that time is apparently gone.

Look, no one is questioning the fact that we needed to take these mitigating steps back in March to try to “lower the curve” of this plague that has been visited upon our country by the communist Chinese government. But a month has now gone by, and all we are asking is for the Governor and his plodding “strike force” to demonstrate that they are at least giving the situation some real, analytical thought.

There are still over 60 counties in Texas that have seen zero cases of this virus, and well over 100 that have seen no more than 5. Anyone who wishes can go look right now and easily determine that more than 70% of the Wuhan Virus cases in Texas are centered in 11 of the state’s 254 counties. Why are the members of this “strike force” and the Governor insisting on treating all 254 of those counties the same?

For example, Brewster County covers a geographical area that is larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware, yet its population is just a little more than 9,000 people. Brewster County has yet to report a single case of COVID-19, but its 9,000 residents are subject to the same stay-at-home order as the millions of residents of the City of Houston. The “non-essential” businesses in Brewster County are shut down just like those in the City of Dallas. People in Brewster County are being thrown out of jobs just like people in San Antonio.

Does that really make sense to you? Because it doesn’t make sense to me, and it shouldn’t make sense to anyone with functioning synapses in their cranial cavities. How in the hell can it possibly make sense to the plodding people on the “strike force,” who are apparently working under the Michael Horowitz model of moving forward, which is roughly at the speed of Brian Stelter savoring a box of jelly donuts.

This is maddening, and all I can say to Governor Abbott right now is that if you’ve lost me, you’ve lost Texas, and you are right on the cusp of losing me. The Governor is very, very fortunate not to be running for re-election this year.

That is all.

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The People Answer the Mayday Call of Distress

Guest Piece by Karen Kataline

In the beloved film, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy learns that she never needed a phony wizard to help her go home. She had the power all along.

Asked why she didn’t tell Dorothy this in the first place, the Witch of the North explains that Dorothy had to find that out for herself.

Under the guise of the changing facts of coronavirus, false and misleading statistics, inflated projections and even more inflated egos, elected officials and un-elected bureaucrats have robbed healthy, law-abiding citizens of their liberties.

After compliance, patience, and reasonable concern about the unknown effects of the virus, a growing number of Americans have discovered that they don’t have to beg bureaucrats for their freedoms. They had the power to reclaim them all along, but they had to find it out for themselves.

Numerous Constitutional Law experts have said that even a state of emergency does not entitle a Governor to suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have the responsibility to impose the least possible restrictions on our fundamental freedoms. According to Rob Natelson of the Independence Institute, this has been tested in two cases, and governors’ orders have lost both.

Democrat Governors, in particular, have done just the opposite. By the time a case like this would ever reach the Supreme Court, bankruptcies abound and businesses would be long gone.

Is it any wonder that Democrats have been going for broke to overthrow Donald Trump in part, so we will have a Supreme Court of activist Justices rather than originalists?

The landmark “Gridlock Event” that began in Michigan spurred similar events around the country. They have flummoxed Democrat Governors, many of whom have continued to tighten restrictions on citizens despite any new or changing information.

Some, like Colorado Governor,  Jared Polis responded to the Gridlock Denver event the next day and announced that he was lifting most Stay-at-Home orders on April 27th. But he included a long list of demands and recommendations along with it and continued to suggest that saying at home was safer. He must not have read the latest information that sunshine kills the virus.

Among the numerous groups that have cropped up from the rallies is one called which isn’t letting up.  They are encouraging businesses to open on or before May 1 with or without the government’s permission. They encourage precautions but respect the rights of business owners to make those decisions for themselves.

The significance of the 1st day of May carries with it a long and varied history. “Mayday” is an internationally known call of distress.  “May Day” has also been a celebration of spring, and Socialists and Communists chose the day to commemorate the Haymarket Affair on May 4, 1886.

MaydayUSA endeavors to add a new meaning to May Day.  It was the day in 2020, when free markets, individual freedom capitalism won out over socialism, government control and tyranny.

Communism vs. Freedom. Liberty vs. Tyranny. That is destined to be the overriding issue in the re-election campaign of Donald Trump on November 3.

Does anyone remember that? I don’t think the Democrats have ever forgotten.

Learn more at:

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio.



That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.








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