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Thursday News Roundup: Minneapolis Burns, Trump Expels and Orders, and Biden Passes Gas

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Because looting a Target and burning a McDonald’s is always the right answer to social injustice. – What you need to understand about the images coming out of Minneapolis this morning is that they are only partially organic in nature.They are being urged on by social unrest groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both created by the Democrat Party and largely funded by George Soros and his myriad array of front groups in this country.

Antifa/BLM staged a large protest in downtown Minneapolis yesterday in response to the brutal cop killing of a suspected check forger named George Floyd, who was African American. Minneapolis police responded by dispersing the crowd with tear gas:

Hours after that took place, South Minneapolis erupted in riots and looting:


One local TV station is reporting that Minnesota’s feckless Democrat Governor Tim Walz requested National Guard support in containing these riots late last night.

Minneapolis is reaping the rewards of decades of leftwing Democrat governance right now: A captive, poverty-stricken, largely-minority population, angered by decades of neglect, discrimination and no opportunity; a corrupt, under-manned and poorly-trained police force; and state and local leaders who are useless in a crisis. There is a reason why scenes like this invariably come from big cities that have been run by Democrat machine politics for decades. Minneapolis is Baltimore is Chicago is St. Louis is Detroit is Philly is Portland is Berkeley, is Los Angeles, etc.

History tells us this situation will get much worse before it gets better, an outcome the involvement of Antifa/BLM thugs will ensure. Stay tuned.

Houston has an enforcement strike. – Things have certainly not turned violent in Houston, but Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner is reaping what he has sown as well. has a good write-up about the fact that Turner, who has spent his entire term in office abusing and defaming the city’s police and fire departments, is suddenly having a hard time getting those departments to enforce his mindless and baseless orders restricting business reopenings that go well beyond the orders of Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott. Funny how that works, huh? It’s a good read.

Speaking of reaping what you sow… – President Donald J. Trump will issue an executive order today that will serve to facilitate increased regulation of and lawsuits against big, monopolistic social media firms who have spent the last 20 years censoring conservative speech and thought. From a report at the Wall Street Journal:

As drafted, the White House order would seek to reshape the way that federal regulators view Twitter and other social-media companies—not as hosts of speech but as monopolies that control millions of Americans’ daily experiences on their platforms, according to one of the people. It could also lay groundwork for treating them as public squares where individuals’ First Amendment rights are protected. The draft order is far-reaching in scope, the people said.

The current federal legal protections for social-media companies were adopted by Congress in Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. That law gives online companies broad immunity from liability for their users’ actions, as well as wide latitude to police content on their sites. Critics across the political spectrum have argued that the law now provides the tech giants too much power.


It’s a good start, one that should have been taken a couple of years ago.

The braindead simpletons in the NeverTrump fake conservative crowd have already reacted with the standard “let the marketplace decide” nonsense, ignoring the fact that our country has anti-trust and restraint of trade laws on the books for very good and valid reasons. The foundations of the principles behind those laws developed during the administration of Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican who recognized the potential evils of monopolistic behavior by the big oil, railroad and steel trusts at the turn of the 20th century.

The true conservative position on this is that the laws that have been on the books and enforced for more than a century should be consistently enforced today. Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube are no different than Standard Oil was in 1903.

By signing this executive order today, President Trump is, as usual, taking the true conservative action.

ChinExit continues to rapidly develop. – The New York Times reported last night that the Trump Administration plans to cancel the visas of thousands of Chinese graduate students currently in the U.S. who are affiliated with ChiCom-run universities in their home country. This is the next step in the Administration’s rapidly-evolving effort to de-link the U.S. and its economy from China in the wake of the ChiCom government’s lies about the Wuhan Virus and its ongoing attempt to impose brutal control over Hong Kong in violation of international agreements.

From the Times story:

The Trump administration plans to cancel the visas of thousands of Chinese graduate students and researchers in the United States who have direct ties to universities affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, according to American officials with knowledge of the discussions.

The plan would be the first designed to bar the access of a category of Chinese students, who, over all, form the single largest foreign student population in the United States.

It portends possible further educational restrictions, and the Chinese government could retaliate by imposing its own visa or educational bans on Americans. The two nations have already engaged in rounds of retribution over policies involving trade, technology and media access, and relations are at their worst point in decades.

American officials are discussing ways to punish China for its passage of a new national security law intended to enable crackdowns in Hong Kong, but the plans to cancel student visas were under consideration before the crisis over the law, which was announced last week by Chinese officials. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed the visa plans with President Trump on Tuesday in a White House meeting.


This is clearly the right thing for America to do under the current circumstances, as the ChiCom government grows increasingly unstable and belligerent. And remember this: If China Joe Biden becomes President, everything this President has done with regards to China will be immediately reversed, and America will revert to its previous subservient posture towards the Giant Red Panda.

Speaking of China Joe… – I kid you not, during a livestream interview with feckless Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf yesterday, the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee let loose with a big ol’ fart that was picked up by the mikes:

I guess we’ll have to add “Farty Joe” to his long and growing list of nicknames.

You seriously could never make this stuff up.

That is all.

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Houston Restaurant Proves Texans Have Grown Weary With Their Politicians

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Texans are growing weary of their state’s stay-at-home orders and putting people out of business and jobs. Few are growing more weary of these patently unconstitutional orders than the law enforcement personnel who are tasked by craven county judges, mayors and a weak Governor to enforce those edicts.

We discussed the pushback that Harris County’s child County Judge, Lina Hidalgo, received Wednesday when she issued an order that all residents of the county of 4 million must wear a mask anytime they go out into public. That order was met by immediate responses from Houston police and Harris County sheriff’s deputies associations blasting the Judge and advising their members to refuse to destroy their relationships with the public by enforcing such an absurd, draconian and likely illegal edict.

Today, we have this very important story out of Houston:


Harris County law enforcement officials backed down as the owner of the Federal American Grill decided to re-open his restaurant on the city’s west side despite orders directing restaurants to be closed except for curbside orders. Multiple law enforcement agencies in Houston said they were not responsible for enforcing the ordinance.

“We’ve complied 100 percent until now,” Brice told the Houston Chronicle. “What I don’t like is that the government is picking and choosing which businesses win or lose. They are sinking the economy. We have to stand our ground and get people back to work.”

After he announced the re-opening of his restaurant for dining-in, customers flocked to his side. Brice said he is only seating up to 30 percent of his capacity in order to maintain social distancing.

In contrast to Dallas, Houston law enforcement officials chose to not enforce the prohibition against in-house dining at the restaurant.

“No law enforcement officers or agencies attempted to stop or cite Brice for defying Harris County’s stay-at-home order, which limits restaurants to delivery and takeout orders in an effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus,” the Houston Chronicle wrote.

The Houston newspaper contacted several police agencies including the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Harris County Fire Marshal, Precinct 5 Constable’s Office, and the Houston Police Department. Each said that a different agency was responsible for enforcement of the to-go or curbside only orders.

In contrast, law enforcement officials in Dallas ticketed the owner of a hair salon after she re-opened in defiance of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ stay-home order, Breitbart Texas reported.

So, these brave owners of one Houston’s hundreds of fine restaurants have decided to reopen their doors, and the various city and county law enforcement agencies have so far avoided confronting them by passing the buck. What will happen when the owners of those other restaurants, having observed the lack of enforcement, decide to follow suit?

Why, if the refusal to enforce the stupid orders keeps up, people might even eventually be able to get a haircut again, as salon owners inevitably join the trend. Oh, guess what? People are already getting haircuts in Georgia and Colorado, whose Republican (GA) and Democrat (CO) governors aren’t as afraid of their own shadows as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Oh, yeah, and the GOP governors on South Carolina, Nebraska and Oklahoma have also decided to exercise real leadership in their own reopenings.

Abbott, of course, is waiting on approval from his “strike force” consisting of no fewer than 13 committees and subcommittees before taking any action that might put people back to work, reopen businesses and allow people to eat out and have elective surgeries. As a reminder, the Governor didn’t need a single committee at all to convince him to take away people’s jobs, destroy thousands of Texas businesses and basically shut down the state’s hospitals – but for the roughly 1,400 beds in a state of 28 million being used for COVID-19 patients – back in March.

Funny how that works. And Abbott, remember, is a Republican.

The owners of the Federal American Grille are the canaries in Abbott’s coal mine, the first droplets in a very large tsunami coming his way if he doesn’t get his butt in gear and start putting this state back to work. The Governor will hold another “news” conference on Monday. If he doesn’t have some real, bold “news” to report at that conference in terms of putting Texans back to work, he is likely to have a state filled with peaceful civil disobedience on his hands by Friday.

The Texas GOP had better wake up before it loses the state entirely. Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump issued this tweet:

He may as well have been talking directly to Gov. Abbott.

That is all.

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There’s Big Trouble in Houston as the Leftist County Judge Goes off the Rails

The Evening Campaign Update – Early Edition

This just couldn’t wait another couple of hours. In the 2018 election, the people of Harris County – the home county for the City of Houston – made the idiotic decision to deny another term to Ed Emmett, one of the finest County Judges who ever served in that capacity anywhere in Texas. Instead, in their not-so-infinite wisdom, Harris County voters elevated a 27 year-old Soros disciple named Lina Hidalgo to the position of leading a county with a population of roughly 4.6 million people.

Today, the tab for that massive bit of mindless stupidity came due, as young Ms. Hidalgo decided that it would be a great idea to lord her power over the public, now making it a crime to go outside without a mask covering their nose and mouth. Thus have Democrats now, in the span of just a few weeks, gone from screaming that masks are not an effective deterrent to the spread of the Wuhan Virus to making the lack of having one covering your face a criminal act punishable by a fine or arrest.

From a Houston Chronicle report on the Judge’s draconian edict:

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo on Wednesday will order residents to cover their faces in public, county officials with knowledge of the plan said, the latest effort by local government to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The new rules, which will require residents 10 and older to cover the nose and mouth when outside the home, will take effect Monday and last 30 days, three county officials said. Acceptable garments include a homemade mask, scarf, bandana or handkerchief. Medical masks or N-95 respirators are not recommended as they are most needed by first responders and health workers.


First, let’s note that Hidalgo issued this edict less than 24 hours after Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner informed the public that the city of 4 million had recorded only about 20 new cases of the Wuhan Virus on Tuesday, and no one had died from it.

The big question now becomes, who is going to enforce this order, because both the Harris County Deputies’ Organization and the Houston Police Officers’ Union have weighed in to question the order and indicate they would urge their members not to waste their time enforcing it.


Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

This is a community whose law enforcement officers are already stressed to the max thanks to recent actions by Democrat judges to refuse to sentence many violent offenders to prison time, releasing them back into the community to commit more mayhem. As HPOU President Joe Gamaldi notes in his letter above, “Violent crime is up this year (murders up by 35%), property crime is up (burglaries by nearly 30%), and HPD officers are staffing testing centers across the city. We do not have time to be pawns in Hidalgo’s game of attempting to control the actions of law abiding, tax paying individuals of our community. Especially since this idiotic order, is possibly an unconstitutional one, from the County Judge.”

It is fair to note that Texas’s Republican Governor, the increasingly disappointing Greg Abbott, has the authority to step in and overrule Hidalgo’s edict, as does Attorney General Ken Paxton, who could quickly rule it to be unconstitutional. But Abbott’s lack of leadership over the past couple of weeks as he scrambles to cover his butt politically leaves Texans pretty much hopeless that he will do anything here. Paxton is a different story, though, and it would not be surprising if he were to decide to step in with a quick ruling, if for no other reason than to provide even more political cover for the hapless Governor.

In any event, there’s trouble, right there in the Bayou City.

That’s trouble with a “T”, and it rhymes with “D” and that stands for depraved, demented, despicable, disgraceful Democrats.

That is all.

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The Democrat Clown Car is on the Fast Track to a Brokered Convention

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Are you ready for a deadlocked Democrat convention next year? – Because that’s where all of this Democrat traveling clown show is headed.

Fauxcahontas is now an even more-clear favorite to get to the convention with the most delegates next July, although her chances of arriving there with a full majority needed to win on the first ballot remain small. Hell, she’s already playing the role of the front-runner in the debates.

Last night in Houston, she stood quietly for the most part while also-ran doofuses like Irish Bob O’Rourke and Julian Castro and Amy Klobuchar and Andrew Yang shouted and gesticulated and poured out the “I’m gonna grab your guns” and “Trump’s a racist” red meat for the party’s lunatic Twitter-outraged base. During the debate’s first hour, almost 20 minutes went by in between times when Little Mouth Always Running actually opened her mouth on stage, as all the nitwits around her tried to tear each other apart. That could be an all-time record for Princess 1/1024th.

While Yang was promising to have his campaign illegally pay out $1,000 a month for the next 12 months to twelve families in order to buy their votes, Preacher Pete was trying to get everybody to sing his own particular weird version of Kumbaya, Castro was cracking jokes about Biden’s advanced age, The Commie was trying to croak out some Bolshevik nostrums from his 77 year-old sore throat, Kamala was cackling like an evil character from a 1950s Disney movie, O’Rourke was promising to come grab everybody’s guns and trying to figure out exactly when to toss out an f-bomb and Klobuchar was getting ready to start throwing notebooks at the moderators, the fake Indian was doing her best imitation of Sitting Bull, calmly observing the fray and happy to let her enemies destroy one another.

It was a smart strategy. Whatever else one thinks about Sen. Warren, you cannot deny that she’s strategically smart. I mean, hell, she spent a virtual lifetime pretending to be someone she isn’t in order to advance her career before Trump came along and exposed her fraud to the world. That alone tells you she’s a clever schemer.

She’s clever enough to understand that being a life-long fraud is in fact a badge of honor in a Democrat presidential nominating contest, and so there she was last night, standing right in the middle of that stage next to Biden. She probably came into last night planning to take some shots of her own at Biden, but quickly realized that Castro and Harris and other were doing a fine job of exposing the elderly hack for what he is.

That quick thinking also shows she knows her own limitations. She has to understand that her angry school-marm voice and speaking tone quickly begins to grate and irritate, so why overdo that during a 3-hour debate that was viewed by millions?

As for Biden, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been such a despicable swamp creature hack for so many decades it would be sad watching his visible decline on national television. His cognitive functions are so clearly limited now that it is visible on his face every time he’s asked a question for which he hasn’t been coached, or one that touches on an uncomfortable subject. If you can stand it, go watch a replay of the debate on Youtube. You can see Biden visibly recoil and squeeze his eyes shut whenever he’s asked a question that surprises him, which was typically from another candidate, not the accommodating moderators.

I’ve been telling you since April that Biden’s polling lead would be gone by October and he’d be out of the race entirely after next March 4, Super Tuesday. He’s right on schedule to meet that calendar, especially after his performance last night. The more he gets exposed to the public, the worse he looks.

As for the others, Harris is done. She is an awful campaigner and frankly a horrid debater. Everything about her screams insincerity and meanness.

Sanders will also fade after this croaking performance. Democrat voters are all about optics and the feels, and a 78 year-old croaking at them for three hours will make them feel all nervous and stuff.

Irish Bob is a furry circus clown who just announced the fourth re-boot of his campaign in six months. He’s to the point where even shallow Democrat voters think he’s a shallow opportunist.

Julian Castro never has been in any way relevant in this race, and his low attacks on Biden last night won’t change that.

Preacher Pete is cute as a button and might look good as arm-candy for Fauxcahontas in a general election race.

Cory Booker is Cory Booker and always will be, so no one should take him seriously in this race.

Yang is just weird. What was going on with that top button on his shirt last night? Everyone kept waiting for it to pop open and expose some odd tattoo and thus only heard about 1 out of 7 words he had to say. Again, Democrat voters are all about optics and feels, dude. Get a shirt that fits.

Klobuchar is just the angry version of Kirstin Gillibrand. No reason for her to be up there in the first place. She’s just wasting everybody’s time.

I feel like I’m forgetting somebody here, but honestly, I don’t care.

Here are my updated odds for the 2020 Democrat nomination after last night’s atrocity:

Fauxcahontas – 3 to 1

The Commie – 10 to 1

Biden – 50 to 1

Harris – 100 to 1

Preacher Pete – 100 to 1

The Field – 100 to 1

Someone not yet in the race – Even odds

Brokered convention, here we come.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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To Donald Trump, it’s all About America

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Well, of course she did. – Bad comic Amy Schumer – niece of Chuck Schumer – held a press conference in which she announced all the Democrat candidates who she, in her infinite wisdom, wants everyone else to vote for.  Almost as an afterthought, she also announced she was pregnant.  We all have our priorities in life, and these are hers.

America’s Biggest Mistake suddenly reappears on the campaign trail, and boy is it rich. – Barack Hussein Obama – who had mysteriously disappeared from the campaign trail after making a big announcement promising to campaign all over the country back in early September – suddenly materialized before a mediocre audience out in Las Vegas.  There, in a 38-minute TelePrompter speech in which he referred to his own self 92 times, he also had this to say:

No word if he then went on to say “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Those manufacturing jobs are never coming back. I didn’t know anything about Uranium One.  I found out about Hillary’s private server when everyone else did. Same thing with all that gun-running Eric Holder was doing down in Mexico. You can’t just wave a magic wand and get 3 percent growth…”, but it seems pretty likely.

Why you should be following @GDBlackmon on Twitter, part 5,351 – 

Is that mean-spirited?  Yeah, I guess.  But we put up with waaaayyyyy too much BS in this society, and it’s time to start walking some of it back.

And speaking of walking things back… – The newsfakers at NBCNews continued the steady walking-back of their year-long “Blue Wave!!!!!” fantasy with a Monday article headlined “Republicans Out-pacing Democrats in Early Voting in Key States, NBC News Finds.”  Wow, who knew?

The piece looks at early voting numbers from Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Montana, Indiana and Georgia.  In every state but Nevada, Republican-affiliated voters lead in the preliminary mail-in and early in-person voting totals.  Republicans usually lead in mail-in ballots in most states, but do not normally lead in early in-person voting in some of the states studied.

In this particular analysis, the most crucial states to keep watching are Nevada, where Republican Dean Heller is really the lone GOP incumbent senator in trouble this time around, and in Florida, Montana and Indiana, where it is somewhat unusual for Republicans to be leading in these early totals.  If these leads continue, the Democrat incumbents in those states are in a ton of trouble given that Republicans will dominate the turnout on Election Day itself.

Man, nobody could have seen that one coming…oh, wait…

Monday was another bad day for our favorite Creepy Porn Lawyer. – A judge in California has ordered the Creepy Porn Lawyer to pay $4.85 million that he has owed his law partners for several years while living an extravagant lifestyle.  Other reports indicate that CPL was recently evicted from his Los Angeles law offices in relation to the dispute.  The Daily Beast also reported last week that CPL owes $1.2 million in back taxes to the federal government.  Hey, how come CPL doesn’t have his own GoFundMe account?  Surely all those liberal suckers who gave millions to Stormy Daniels and Christine Ford would pony up for their Creepy Porn hero too?

Oh, hey, and President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three blessed words) was in Houston last night! – Boy, was it epic.  You had 19,000 people sitting or standing inside the Toyota Center, and another 19,000 or so watching the event on huge video screens that had been set up outside the arena.  Below is a shot of a portion of the huge crowd that had gathered on the Downtown Houston streets by mid-afternoon:

The President was there stumping on behalf of the guy he used to call “Lyin’ Ted Cruz.”  Before he even left Washington D.C. Monday afternoon, Mr. Trump set the White House fake press corps into a frenzied set of the vapors, telling them as he boarded Marine One that  “He’s not Lyin’ Ted anymore. He’s Beautiful Ted. I call him Texas Ted.”  Much tsk-tsking and tut-tutting immediately materialized on the Twitter accounts of fake journalists all over Washington and New York.

The newsfakers at CNN were further scandalized when the President embraced the fact that he is an American nationalist, saying:

“A globalist is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly not caring about the country so much. You know, we can’t have that,” Trump said, prompting boos from the crowd.  “You know what I am, I’m a nationalist,” he added, as the crowd erupted in “USA! USA!” chants. “Use that word.”

Millions of Americans in Texas and all over the rest of Flyover Country heard that and said, “Hey, #MeToo!” But of course, the leftwingers in the Democrat Party and our fake news media have spent the last 25 years turning the term “nationalist” into a political cussword, so they’re all in a fury about it this morning.

The Houston Chronicle noted that “Trump acknowledged that he and Cruz ‘had our little difficulties’ and ‘it got nasty’ during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, when Trump called Cruz ‘Lyin’ Ted.’ But he commended Cruz for doing a ‘beautiful job staring down an angry left-wing mob’ during the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh,” all of which is absolutely true, but we can be sure that a bunch of leftist “fact-checkers” in the Texas and national news media will determine it isn’t.  Because that’s what our fake news media does to this President.

In the end, having both America’s Biggest Mistake and President Donald Trump book-ending the political day served as a perfect object lesson about why our country is so blessed to have Trump as Obama’s successor: While Obama’s speech was filled with “I” and “me” and carefully read off of a TelePrompter, Trump’s speech was all about “we”, and largely extemporaneous.

For Obama, everything was always all about him. For Trump, it’s all about America.

What else do we really need to know?

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Our Southern Border is Being Invaded

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Warning to all my Houston friends – downtown’s going to be a mess today. – With more than 100,000 ticket requests having now come in for spots in the 19,000-seat Toyota Center, supporters of President Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz began lining up for admission at 8:00 Sunday morning for tonight’s rally.  City officials announced Sunday night that portions of six different downtown streets will be blocked off all day today as part of the Secret Service’s security operation for the event.

Downtown Houston’s traffic scene is a mess on any weekday.  Today, it’s going to be a nightmare.  If your employer lets you work from home, today would be a great day to take advantage of that benefit.

By the way, your fake news media wants you to believe that most of these people lining up to wait more than 24 hours to get into that arena to attend a political rally aren’t going to take the hour or so necessary to actually cast votes in this election.  Your fake news media is in for a very rude awakening over the next couple of weeks.

Um…Jim…we’re “skeptics” because the leftwing bias shows in the media’s reporting, not its social media snark. – Jim VandeHei, the CEO and co-Founder of Axios, has a little piece this morning in which he gives his fellow fakenewsers this advice:

News organizations should ban their reporters from doing anything on social media — especially Twitter — beyond sharing stories. Snark, jokes and blatant opinion are showing your hand, and it always seems to be the left one. This makes it impossible to win back the skeptics.”

As is typical of these fake news media moguls, this completely misses the point.  People are “skeptics” because of all of the news faking that goes on in the media’s reporting, not in its social media snarking.  All the social media activity does is demonstrate clearly what we already know, which is that 98% of our national news media has a strong leftwing, anti-Trump bias, and that bias shows up every day in its fake reporting.  Mr. VandeHei’s advice here is not to do something to get that bias out of the reporting, but to make the confirmation of it stop showing up in social media.

In other words, as has become sadly typical of fake news media executives, his goal is to eliminate transparency in the media.  And these people wonder why tens of millions of ordinary Americans consider them to be an enemy.

This isn’t a “caravan of migrants”, it’s an invasion. – After being briefly halted at the border between Mexico and Guatemala, the invading force of overwhelmingly-military-aged males from Central America was allowed to restart its progress northwards by Mexican officials on Sunday.

The force of supposed “asylum seekers” mainly from Honduras began the day 2,000 strong, but somehow had ballooned to more than 7,000 by nightfall.  So obviously, this is now a caravan made up mainly of Mexican citizens, yet our fake news media continues to characterize it as a bunch of Honduran asylum-seekers.

Let’s be honest about what this really is:  This is not a “caravan of asylum-seekers,” it is an invasion.  Virtually all of the people interviewed by the fake U.S. media openly state they are coming to America for work, not out of any fear or mistreatment in their home country.  Wanting a better job is not a valid reason to seek asylum in the U.S. or pretty much any other country on earth, yet our fake news media continues to misinform the public.

This is an invasion, and the truth is that neither the Democrats nor establishment, Chamber of Commerce Republicans care to do anything about it.  The Republicans want the cheap labor, the Democrats want what they view as future voters, and they’re all just fine with having the public schools in border states overwhelmed with non-English-speaking children and our housing and social services overwhelmed by people who lack the skills to fend for themselves.

Mexican officials have obviously lied to President Trump about their ability – or, more likely, willingness – to prevent the invading force from transiting the length of their country to the U.S./Mexico border, so it appears likely that a force far larger than its current 7,000 will arrive at the border sometime around Election Day.  Which, of course, has been the plan all along by those who have organized and funded the invasion.

President Trump has few real options on how to deal with the problem.  He could honestly declare a state of emergency given that this truly is an invasion of our Southern border, and bring in U.S. military forces to actually shut the border down.  But would shut down not just illegal immigration, but also the massive amounts of trade that takes place across that border every day, exacting a major economic cost.  It’s a real conundrum, but U.S. immigration law leaves the President with few other choices.

Make no mistake about it:  This is what the whole media/Democrat-generated hysteria over “we can’t separate the families!” was all about earlier this year.  They wanted to force the re-implementation of the Bush/Obama-era “catch and release” program in which illegal immigrants are processed, held briefly at the border, and then simply released into the general population, never to be seen again.  And they succeeded in forcing that policy back into place.

Thus, when this invading force – which could grow immensely larger than its current size as it transits Mexico – arrives at the border in early November, this is what the law will require the Trump Administration to do absent shutting down the border.

And remember:  On December 1, a new President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), will take office in Mexico.  Mr. Obrador has long advocated not just that Mexican citizens should be allowed into the United States, but that they have an absolute “human right” to do so at their own volition.  Here is what AMLO had to say about this matter in June:

“Soon, very soon, after the victory of our movement, we will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States,” Lopez Obrador said during a rally in the Mexican city of Culiacán, reports.  “It’s a human right we will defend,” he added.

It’s an invasion, plain and simple:  Highly-organized, well-funded, and President Trump appears to be the only person in Washington, D.C. interested in doing anything to bring it to a halt.


That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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J-Law Shows Us Why Actors Should Never Go Off-Script

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • From our Shut Up And Act files… – Brain-dead actress Jennifer Lawrence, touring the globe promoting her latest sure-to-be box office bomb, told an interviewer on BBC Channel 4 that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were nature’s way of getting back at America for electing Donald Trump to the presidency.  No, really, she said this – I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  No word from Ms. Lawrence on why Mother Nature is currently intent upon punishing her home town of Los Angeles with the largest wildfires in its history.
  • Why not just give Rosie O’Donnell a prime time gig? – The leftward-tilting of Fox News by Ruppert Murcoch’s two simpleton sons continues, as the network’s 5:00 ET offering called “The Specialists” was unceremoniously cancelled on Friday and replaced by an hour-long news segment anchored by the very oh-so-progressive Shepherd Smith, who wears his political biases quite emotionally each day on the sleeves of his tightly-tailored suits.    But hey, this is just keeping with the program at Fox these days, as even the formerly balanced Bret Baier has lately taken to stacking his nightly panels with virulent anti-Trump talking heads like Guy Benson, A.B. Stoddard, Jonah Goldberg and the super-entertaining Stephen Hayes, who hasn’t been right about anything since the introduction of Apple’s first IPhone.
  • Ok, so, is this one of those “The End of Trump!” events, or one of those “This is Just the Beginning!” events?  It’s always so hard to tell… – Speaking of the #NeverTrump idiot lobby, the temper tantrums from that part of the DC establishment over the President’s deal with Pelosi and Schumer continued unabated through Friday.  Especially entertaining is a piece at by Jay Caruso titled “Trump was wrong on the debt ceiling agreement, and he got owned.”   As with everything written about Mr. Trump by every #NeverTrump nitwit over the past 28 months, it is laughably wrong on every point because it was obviously written in a state of witless rage.
  • But the very best part of the whole thing is the closing:  “Don’t get mad that many of us were right about Trump. This is only the beginning.”  Seriously, Jay, if supporters of President Trump had a dollar for every time we have heard those two sentences from NeverTrumpians like you since 2015, we would all be fabulously wealthy people.
  • All that talk about free speech and balanced budgets is just bound to set people off, you know. – In preparation for an upcoming campus speech by conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, officials at Cal-Berkeley have posted notice that the school will be offering “support services” for any campus snowflake who might be upset by Shapiro’s remarks.  The school is silent, however, on whether or not it will offer any similar “support services” for students who will be assaulted and beaten by masked Antifa and other leftist thugs who will inevitably show up and try to cause a riot.
  • Roger Goodell’s solution is to now have TWO months of pink stuff on uniforms instead of just one. – Ratings for Thursday night’s kickoff of the NFL season were down by 13% when compared to last season’s opener, despite the fact that the game featured two of the league’s ten best teams, including the reigning Super Champion New England Patriots.  This of course continues a trend from 2016, as football fans continue to abandon the league in droves due to all the politically correct BS that now pervades its broadcasts and league policies.
  • Yes, because, you know, all Hispanics provide one another lavish vacations via private jets to lush Dominican resorts and appointments with high-end call girls.  It’s just part of the culture, your Honor! – The defense of Senator Robert Menedenez appears to be lurching off into an O.J. Simpson-type of strategy, in which the defense will try to make society the defendant rather than the accused.  This became apparent on Friday, as the Senator’s defense attorney began his defense by arguing that the charges against Sen. Menendez are in fact an attack on Hispanic culture.  The problem for this strategic approach is that the judge in this case appears to be anything but the sad, attention-seeking dupe that Judge Lance Ito turned out to be for O.J.  If this is the best Sen. Menendez’s lawyers have, he is well and truly screwed.

Just another day in Donald Trump’s America.

That is all.

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When Will Soros-Funded Activists Invade Houston? Soon.

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Here is what is fixing to start happening in Houston, probably within the next few days:  You’re going to see a lot of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other Soros-funded activists come in from other parts of the country and begin to infiltrate the community, particularly in minority-heavy neighborhoods.  Their purpose will be to make it appear that the federal and state response to the Hurricane Harvey disaster is racist and ineffective.  We can imagine that these activist groups and their benefactors in the national Democrat Party have had enough of seeing uplifting video from Texas of grateful people praising local, state and federal officials, and thanking everyone who has been helping them.
  • So, in the coming days, you are going to start seeing video on CNN and the networks of mainly younger people loudly complaining that the people in other (presumably white) neighborhoods are getting their help, but nobody’s doing anything for them.  You will start seeing films of such people loudly interrupting public officials who are trying to hold meetings in minority communities around Houston, shouting them down, even threatening them with violence.  You will probably begin seeing groups of mainly younger people staging protests in front of Houston City Hall, with signs accusing President Trump, Governor Abbott and FEMA officials of being racists and trying to commit genocide in the Bayou City.
  • All of these people will claim to be residents of Houston, and no one at CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC will question that, or take film of the caravan of white buses that will likely transport them into the city, if that hasn’t already happened.  Because you can bet your bottom dollar that the folks at CNN and the networks are sick to death of all the public spiritedness we have seen from Houstonians over the last 10 days.  This not good for ratings, or for clickbait to their various websites.
  • Sound cynical?  Sure.  But look, this is the playbook that we have seen over and over and over again over the last dozen years.  These agitators and the fake news media cannot allow what we have seen thus far from Houston and surrounding areas impacted by Harvey to stand.  People of all colors and creeds reaching out, putting themselves in danger to help one another?  That is not the America we see portrayed on CNN 24 hours every day.  If that is the real America, then there is no other conclusion to reach than that CNN is indeed “fake news.”
  • A Republican Governor in a Red State that voted for Donald Trump last November becoming a national star with his even-handed guidance of his state’s recovery efforts?  Does not fit the media/Democrat narrative of incompetent Republican governance.  President Trump and his FEMA Director leading an incredibly well-organized and efficient federal response, and helping the people of Texas in every way possible? Does not fit the narrative that Trump is a racist/lunatic/monster.
  • So the facts and images on the ground have to change in order to fit the media/Democrat narrative, and these George Soros-funded professional agitators are just the people to change them, working in conjunction with the fake news media.  We must remember that these are the same people who have infiltrated Republican congressional townhall meetings all over the country throughout 2016 and 2017, shouting down the elected officials and not allowing them to get their message out.  Why would anyone think they would hesitate to do the same in public gatherings all over Houston in the days and weeks to come?
  • This is standard operating procedure for those on the radical left and in the fake news media.  Frankly, the wonder is we haven’t already seen it happening.

Just another day in Why Isn’t The Justice Department Investigating George Soros? America.

That is all.

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Media’s “Trump Is A Monster” Narrative Dies In Houston

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • We should expect the fake journalists, fake anchors and fake editors at CNN, the NYTimes, the WaPo and the broadcast networks to shift their coverage away from Hurricane Harvey starting today.  The images and films from President Trump’s and First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to Houston on Saturday are simply too compelling and devastating to the media/Democrat concocted “Trump is a monster” narrative for them to continue airing them.  Thus, we can anticipate lots and lots of focus on things like DACA, the debt ceiling and the federal budget this week, even though disaster coverage is without question more lucrative and better for ratings at CNN.  Because this is what the fake news media does in its never-ending role as sad toadies for the Democrat Party.
  • If you want a great example of how the President’s humanizing visit to Houston and Louisiana is destroying the left’s world view, take a look as this piece, which discusses the shock an MSNBC reporter has felt as he’s been assaulted by the angry left  for tweeting a message acknowledging the reality of the President’s visit, and how Houstonians of all ages, colors and genders reacted to him.  Very educational about the true agenda of those on the angry left.
  • Here’s the reality that the fake news media has run smack-dab into over the last week, while covering the recovery efforts in Texas:  Most Americans are just really good, normal people.  They care about one another, they help one another, the rednecks and Cajuns in their fishing boats don’t pick and choose to rescue the people who look just like them first, leaving those with different-colored skin to wait in line.  They rush into harm’s way and start getting people out indiscriminately, take them to safety, and rush back in to do it all over again.
  • For the media people who live in their safe little bubbles in New York, Washington and Los Angeles, this is utterly shocking.  Because their own reporting has constantly informed them that everyone out there in “flyover country”, i.e., the other 98% of America, is a hateful racist, bigots who only want to harm people who aren’t just like they are.
  • I spent most of last week in Las Vegas, at a hotel that did not carry Fox News, and was thus forced to watch the coverage on CNN and, to a much lesser extent, MSNBC.  This turned out to be a very gratifying experience, as reporter after reporter found him- or herself utterly frustrated whenever they would ask any Texan a leading question designed to promote conflict, which is all they ever try to do.  Watching these elitist simpletons try to recover from their shock as Texan after Texan invariably responded with only caring and gratitude towards everyone who was working to help, and to the local, state and federal officials who were organizing shelter and recovery efforts, was a true heart-warming experience for me.
  • These fake news outlets, who have been coordinating with the Democrat Party for the last 10 months to try to create the “next Watergate” out of whole cloth, all went into their coverage of the Harvey catastrophe anticipating being able to create the “next Katrina”.  Now, they’re all down in the mouth be cause a) Houston isn’t New Orleans, b) Texas isn’t Louisiana and has a vastly more competent government, and c) it isn’t 2005 anymore, and FEMA and the rest of the federal government has learned a lot about how to respond to such events over the last dozen years.
  • But for all these left-wingers in the fake news media and the Democrats whose talking points they parrot each and every day, the worst learning out of all of this is that their efforts to portray the current POTUS as a deranged monster cannot survive when they run up against real video of him being himself among a group of struggling, displaced Americans of all colors, sizes, shapes, ages and creeds.
  • Donald Trump isn’t a monster at all.  He’s a real President, and a real American.  And that is a truth the fake news media simply cannot focus on for any length of time.  Thus, ratings and website hits be damned, these fake news sites will now move onto other topics that fit better with their narrative, because that is who they are, and what they do.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.


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Post-Harvey: Will Texas Repeat Louisiana’s 2005 Money Grab?

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Now that Hurricane Harvey has finally passed, leaving behind in Houston and East Texas a level of devastation unprecedented in U.S. history, the political games around securing taxpayer money at the local, state and national levels to help pay for the rebuilding effort will begin.  Given that Harvey wrought destruction from Corpus Christi all the way up the coast through the Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange Golden Triangle and into the Piney Woods communities of East Texas, we are talking about an area that is home to at least 8 million Texans.  Contrast this to Katrina, which, as terrible as it was, impacted New Orleans and surrounding areas that were home to just over 1 million Louisianans.
  • Normally in such situations, the most heated politics revolve around federal funds.  The federal government does have a disaster relief budget in its normal funding, but it will only be able to scratch the surface of a recovery and rebuilding effort that will be required for the nation’s 4th largest city and surrounding areas.  So, it will be up to the Texas congressional delegation to develop a proposal for a supplemental funding bill to shepherd through congress.  As we have seen in the past, such supplemental appropriations bills can become controversial, and vehicles for all members of congress to try to attach their own pet pork-barrel spending proposals.
  • In the wake of Katrina in 2005, the Louisiana congressional delegation, led by then-Senators Mary Landrieu andDavid Vitter, swung for the fences, bringing forward an initial proposal for a massive $250 billion appropriation that included funding for things like $35 million in marketing funds for the state’s seafood industry, $8 million for alligator farms and a $40 billion request for the Army Corps of Engineers, which normally spends about $400 million in the state.  This breathtaking money grab came after the George W. Bush Administration had worked with congressional leaders to push through $62 billion in Katrina-related recovery funding.
  • Twelve years later, now comes Hurricane Harvey, and a trail of devastation that is many times the size of the impact of Katrina.  Partisan politics in the nation’s capital were already polarized in 2005, but the situation today makes the politics of a dozen years ago seem like patty-cake by comparison.  A Texas delegation dominated by Republican members will have their work cut out for them in securing a supplemental appropriation that is sizable enough to truly help, and will need its Democrat members to work to secure vote from their own party, as many, many budget hawks in the GOP caucus will refuse to support any proposed legislation.
  • The Texas delegation will also need to strongly oppose efforts to turn a supplemental bill into a pork-barrel vehicle, as the national news media will be looking for any excuse to demonize members who represent a state that voted heavily for President Donald Trump.  Things could get especially uncomfortable for Senator Ted Cruz if he decides to become a sponsor for a supplemental, as he strongly opposed the supplemental bill for relief efforts for the Northeastern U.S. in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.
  • But as is the case related to any disaster such as Harvey, opportunities present themselves as well.  For example, the Texas delegation will have an opportunity to ally itself with the Louisiana delegation related to a supplemental, given that Harvey also caused widespread damage to the Eastern half of the Pelican State.  Care will have to be taken not to revive some of the hair-brained pork barrel stuff that made its way into the Landrieu/Vitter Katrina bill in 2005, but the alliance of the two state delegations would help to build a strong base of support in congress.
  • For the Trump Administration, the opportunity relates to the President’s campaign promise of a national infrastructure spending bill.  The President has often spoken of his desire for a bill in excess of $1 trillion over ten years to help rebuild the country’s decaying system of roads, bridges and other key infrastructure.  The scale of the devastation in Texas and Louisiana from Harvey could serve as an anchoring point to the building out of a comprehensive national proposal.
  • Never have so many major “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects presented themselves in any region of this country at any single time as we are about to see manifesting themselves in Texas and Louisiana in the weeks to come.  It’s still a little too soon for the politicians to begin talking about all of this now, but as the flood-waters recede and the true scope and scale of the devastation becomes visible to television cameras, the political gamesmanship will and should begin in earnest.

Just another day in everything is politics America.

That is all.

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Why Is The NYTimes Talking About Melania Trump’s Shoe Choices?

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The fake journalists at the NYTimes, always on the cutting edge of news that no one living more than 2 miles from Central Park cares about, carried a feature piece in its fake coverage of Hurricane Harvey  focused on….wait for it…wait for it…the shoes worn by First Lady Melania Trump!  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • The piece, titled “Melania Trump, Off to Texas, Finds Herself on Thin Heels,” was written by some smarmy elitist named Vanessa Friedman, and carried in the fake newspaper’s Fashion and Style section.  The big news the Times found relevant to someone somewhere was that the First Lady wore her traditional spike heels when exiting the White House to board Marine One, but was wearing sneakers by the time she arrived in Corpus Christi, Texas with President Trump in a show of support for the people of Texas.
  • In justifying spending 700 words or so on this insignificant subject, the author pretends to simply be reflecting a major social media controversy. She proves said controversy exists by citing a single tweet from the terminally insipid Chelsea Handler, along with a tweet from some anonymous Twitter user.  Yes, because we all should really, really, really care what Chelsea Handler thinks of the First Lady’s shoe attire.
  • In response to the Times, Stephanie Grisham, the spokesman for the First Lady, said “It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes.”  Yes, exactly.  But this is the NYTimes, and creating fake controversies is apparently the only reason it exists anymore.
  • And can we be really honest about why Chelsea Handler feels the need to take shots at the First Lady’s choice of shoes?  She’s jealous.  Seriously, Chelsea Handler is jealous because – let’s be honest – Melania Trump rocks in stiletto heels, something Ms. Handler would obviously love to be able to do.  The reality is that the First Lady rocked in those sneakers, too, which no doubt drove Ms. Handler into a vodka-fueled rage.
  • Envy and jealousy are ugly emotions.  Nowhere do they reveal themselves more starkly and succinctly than in snarky, 140-character messages on Twitter.  And nowhere do they manifest more pettily than on the Fashion and Style pages of the NYTimes.
  • But it wasn’t just the NYTimes – fake news sites like the Daily Beast, The Washington Post and the Hollywood Reporter also carried similarly snarky commentary on the First Lady’s fashion choice.  It must be sad to have nothing better to do with your time while pretending to be a working journalist.  Really, really sad.
  • Writing for the Washington Post, fake journalist Robin Givhan tried to dress her piece up as semi-serious commentary in which the First Lady’s shoe choices serve as a metaphor for a presidency that is out of touch with the common man, as if a fake journalist with the WaPo has any idea what the “common man” thinks about anything:  “Melania Trump is the kind of woman who travels to a flood-ravaged state in a pair of black snakeskin stilettos. Heels this high are not practical. But Trump is not the kind of woman who has to be practical. Heels this high are not comfortable. Comfort is not the point. Neither hers nor yours…Heading off to Texas, she looked dressed to view a natural disaster from a distance, from on high, not up close. Her ensemble implied that people’s personal stories would be ferried to her after they had been vetted and tidied up.”
  • Wow.  Robert Duval’s character in True Grit would have read that passage and said “I call that bold talk for a fake journalist sitting comfortably in her cube funded by the world’s richest man.”  Again, look at the jealousy flowing out of Ms. Givhan’s sentences.  The envy.  The rage.
  • Here’s reality:  If Melania Trump’s husband were a Democrat, she’d be universally hailed as America’s foremost fashion icon, and praised by the very same jealous liberals who today are bemoaning her choice of shoes.  Melania Trump looks fantastic in anything she wears, and this obviously drives people like Ms. Givhan crazy.
  • Melania Trump is obviously very conscious of the image she projects in her role as America’s First Lady, as any First Lady should be.  She is obviously most comfortable in public wearing high heels.  If this drives fake journalists at the NYTimes and Wapo, and leftist c-list celebrities into jealous rages, so be it.
  • I can’t believe I just wrote 744 words on this subject, but there it is.

Just another day in jealous liberal rage America.

That is all.

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Houston’s Local Leaders Getting Unfair Rap On Evacuation Decision

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • My wife and I moved to Houston in June, 2004, at the insistence of the company I worked for at the time.  For 18 years prior to that, we had lived and raised our children in Arlington, home of the Texas Rangers and, more recently, the Dallas Cowboys.  We moved back to North Texas a year ago in order to be closer to our kids and grand kids, but during our dozen years in Houston, we developed a great and abiding love for that great city, which is now undergoing its worst flood event in modern times thanks to Hurricane Harvey.
  • Our move to Houston came just a few years after Tropical Storm Allison, the city’s previous record flood event, which made us mindful to select a home that lay outside the 100-year flood plain.  A year after we relocated, Katrina devastated New Orleans, and Houston opened its generous arms to tens of thousands of that city’s displaced residents, many of whom became permanent Houston residents.  Louisiana, San Antonio, Dallas and many other cities are returning that favor this week.
  • A few weeks later, we rode out Hurricane Rita as much of the city’s population needlessly evacuated, creating havoc on highways all over Texas.  Since then, we also hunkered down through Hurricane Ike and a series of severe flooding events.  Over those years and through those events, I learned a lot about how Houston works and doesn’t work, and developed a great deal of admiration for the area’s consistently high quality of leadership during such disasters.  All of which is why it irritates me to no end to see Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett getting criticized for their joint decision to not evacuate Houston and surrounding areas in advance of Hurricane’s Harvey’s landfall.
  • Much of the criticism emanates from the fact that Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a statement last Thursday morning in which he advised citizens from Corpus Christi up to Houston to get to higher ground.  But in that same statement, he said he was leaving the ultimate decision on whether or not to issue a mandatory evacuation order up to Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett, which was appropriate. Sadly, much of the criticism directed at those two local leaders in recent days appears to be politically motivated, coming mainly from outsiders who know little about the situation on the ground.
  • Given Houston’s experience with Rita and Ike, along with other recent flooding events like the Memorial Day 2015 flood, both Turner – a Democrat – and Emmett – a Republican – agreed that the best course of action was not to evacuate, but to advise citizens to hunker down in place and keep the streets and freeways clear for search and rescue teams to operate if necessary.  There are several reasons why this was a completely justifiable decision to make.
  • The first reason is the unpredictability of storms like Harvey.  Even though forecasters were warning on Thursday that the storm could create the flooding we have since seen take place, we must remember that hurricanes are notorious for taking last-minute jogs to the north or south that render the projections of computer models laughably wrong.
  • That is what happened with Hurricane Rita in September of 2005.  Coming just a few weeks after Katrina, most Houstonians panicked and evacuated the city, even those whose homes sat on high ground.  The result was several hundred thousand cars on the roads trying to simultaneously leave the city that should have remained in their garages.  The result was complete gridlock throughout the eastern half of the State of Texas.  I knew one person who took 11 hours to make the drive from Alvin to Sugar Land, just 40 miles away, another couple who took 24 hours to make what is normally a 4 hour drive up to Dallas.
  • Hundreds of thousands of cars remained on these gridlocked roads when Rita made landfall, and had the storm remained on the course the computer models were projecting, a massive loss of human life could have taken place.  Luckily for travelers stuck on the highways, Rita made a last-minute jog to the north and ended up going into deep East Texas and Louisiana instead.  An attempt to evacuate 4 million people out of Houston on Thursday of last week could well have created a similar gridlocked situation as Harvey made landfall – there was no way to know.
  • When Hurricane Ike came through in 2008, again several hundred thousand Houstonians who would have been better off hunkering down decided to evacuate.  Luckily, road improvements and contra-flow lane provisions enacted after Rita helped to make the gridlock related to Ike a shorter-timed event.
  • People need to understand this about Houston:  it is not New Orleans, and comparisons being made between Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans and what Harvey is doing to Houston are asinine.
  • The first difference is one of scale:  In 2005, New Orleans was a city of about 500,000 residents.  There are 6 million people living today in the Houston metropolitan area.  Estimates at the time were that it would have taken about 36 hours to fully evacuate New Orleans, had Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco just acted in time.  Unfortunately, they failed to do so, and disaster resulted.
  • The best estimates available today is that it would take four days to fully evacuate Houston and its surrounding suburbs.  Obviously, Harvey developed so rapidly that Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett could never have made the call in time.
  • Then there is the landscape:  Most of New Orleans lies below sea level, and the city has a long history of being inundated by significant hurricanes.  Katrina was terrible, but far from unprecedented.  In contrast, Houston is above sea-level.  Its flooding issues mainly take place in the low-lying areas that lie near the many creeks, rivers and bayous that run through and around the city, but the vast majority of homes are in reality safe from even this current unprecedented flooding event.
  • Finally, Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett face a problem of communication – most people simply don’t listen.  Local officials in 2005 were very clear in their pleas to Houstonians outside of the low-lying areas in danger from Rita to just stay home and ride out the storm.  Hundreds of thousands of perfectly safe people either did not hear those pleas or ignored them.  The same thing happened with Ike in 2008.
  • Thus, when faced with an option to try to advise only those in low-lying areas to evacuate, while pleading with everyone else to shelter in place, can we doubt that the Mayor and Judge knew what the likely result would be?
  • The reality here is that there was no “right” or “wrong” decision to be made last Thursday.  Governor Abbott’s advice was perfectly sound, and so was the decision-making by Mayor Turner and Judge Emmett.  It should be instructive to all the hindsight-judging critics out there that Governor Abbott and federal officials have all, to a person, steadfastly refused to criticize the decision not to order an evacuation despite having had multiple nationally-televised opportunities to do so.
  • Houston and its people are undergoing a major crisis right now, and officials at every level are doing everything they can to help address the situation.  Criticism coming mainly from people who really know little about the facts on the ground just make their jobs harder, and it needs to stop.

That is all.

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