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The NFL, Hollywood and DC Swamp are Dying. Tired of Winning Yet?

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The big news out of the dying NFL this weekend is not that the Dallas Cowboys beat the hated Washington Redskins in the first of their two annual rivalry games.  Nor is it that the New England Patriots survived a tough challenge from the recovering San Dieg…er, Los Angeles Chargers.  No, the big news is that the Houston Texans, after having avoided significant controversy during this controversy-filled season, finally joined the rest of the league in staging a silly kneel-in during the national anthem prior to their game with the Seattle Seahawks, a game the Texans naturally went on to lose.
  • It seems the Texans’ snowflake players got all verklempt when they found out that, during an owners’ meeting to address the league’s ongoing anthem protest issues, Texans’ owner Bob McNair told his colleagues that “we can’t have the inmates running the prison.”  Ooops.  Given that the NFL each off-season has a player arrest record that would fill the pages of the average Dan Brown novel, that phrase hits a little too close to home, since so many players figure a prison term might well eventually become a part of their future. And hey, who needs to be reminded of that, right?
  • So the Texans players took their knee, went out and played no defense at all, and lost the game.  And they’re cool with that, because, like, they made a point or something.  Thus, the NFL’s population of potential fans and TV viewers took another significant hit, with the league still failing to do anything effective to resolve its problem.
  • The big news out of dying Hollywood this weekend was…well, several things.  The biggest news, which hit just last night, is that the whole Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment mess might finally be starting to shift over to the Hollywood culture’s massive problem with pedophilia, which has been an open secret since the Great Depression era.  Actor Anthony Rapp publicly accused Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him in 1986, when he was just 14 years old.
  • The incident allegedly took place while both actors were appearing in a Broadway show in New York City, meaning that Mr. Rapp is not subject to California’s libel laws, which are set up to protect Hollywood’s bad actors.  Those libel laws have prevented other child actors who were sexually abused by adult child molesters, like Corey Feldman, from giving names to their stories of having been molested.  Whether Mr. Rapp’s specific naming of Mr. Spacey will spark a flood of similar allegations from the many others who have been abused over the years by film industry adults – similar to the flood we’ve seen related to Weinstein since the NYTimes published its expose’ about his serial woman abuse – remains to be seen.  We can always hope.
  • In other Hollywood-is-dying news, the latest production from George Clooney and Matt Damon, a stinker of a film called “Suburbicon”, opened to abysmal box office, grossing just a little over $3 million for the entire weekend.  Meanwhile, the latest film produced by the Weinstein Company, an indie film called “Amityville, The Awakening”, brought in…wait for it…$742 in limited release at 10 theaters across the country.  That number is not a typo.
  • Finally, the big news out of the dying DC Swamp was of course that Special Counsel Robert Mueller apparently had someone on his staff commit a felony by leaking to CNN the fact that the grand jury convened by Mueller in Washington, DC issued its first indictment on Friday, with the arrest expected to take place today.  This criminal leak of grand jury proceedings was obviously made so that CNN and other Democrat-supporting fake news outlets could spend the entire weekend focusing on this bit of news instead of the mushrooming scandals over Uranium One bribery/money laundering that took place during the Obama years and the Clinton/DNC funding of the fake Trump Dossier.  Because, of course, Robert Mueller is a DC Swamp creature and this is how the Swamp operates.
  • In other DC Swamp news, swamp creatures Sen. Bob Corker and terminally annoying Ohio Gov. John “my Dad was a postman” Kasich both let it be known that they’re so darn mad at mean ol’ Donald Trump that they might just decide to run against him for the GOP nomination in 2020.  Yeah, because picking fights with the President has worked out so well for both men thus far.  Somehow, I don’t think Mr. Trump was quaking in his loafers at either announcement.

Just another day in dying NFL, Hollywood and DC Swamp America. Thank you, Donald Trump.

That is all.


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