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Jimmy Kimmel: The Left’s Perfect Spokesman

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Jimmy Kimmel is the perfect spokesman for the American Left.  He personifies everything the Left has become over the last 25 years, since the advent of Clintonian/Alinsky dominance of the Democrat Party:  Entitled, snarky, mean, haughty, and above all else, studiously ignorant.
  • The tactics he deploys from his late night pulpit are the tactics Clintonian Democrats have deployed from their political pulpits for a quarter of a century.  You begin with a set of talking points prepared by someone else, but which you memorize and recite as if they were gospel handed down from God himself.  In Kimmel’s case, the talking points were handed down by Chuck Schumer, more a minion of Satan than a god, but hey, the principle is the same.
  • Kimmel’s talking points are pretty simple:  Obama, good.  Obamacare, good.  Republicans, bad.  Anything Republicans want to to with Obamacare, bad.  That’s the sum total of what Kimmel “knows” about the debate over what to do about the collapsing Obamacare system, which has quintupled medical premiums in many areas and thrown millions of Americans off of healthcare insurance entirely.  Kimmel sees none of this, because none of this is in the talking points he’s been fed by Schumer.  Kimmel is abjectly ignorant, and he clings to his ignorance like Linus clings to his security blanket.
  • Every set of leftist talking points comes with the  standard set of leftist tactics, and those tactics always – ALWAYS – follow the same exact progression:  First you start with a sob story, and to his credit, Kimmel and his beautiful little son have a great, very real sob story to relate.  Second comes the name calling, and boy is Kimmel, a veteran comic, good at the name calling.  Next comes the threats, and Kimmel is as good with the threats as he is at the name calling.  Finally, when the left still hasn’t gotten everything it wants, comes the violence, as we have seen the past few years with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the armed and violent wing of the Democrat Party.  Kimmel hasn’t gotten around to the violence part yet, but we can be sure he will next time he runs into Brian Kilmeade.
  • As mentioned above, the sob story is real:  Kimmel does have a precious little boy who has a heart condition which has already required one surgery and will, according to Kimmel, require two more.  This is awful, and everyone should be praying for the child’s full recovery.  Luckily for the child, he is the son of a fabulously wealthy member of the top 1% of the 1%, so he will receive the finest healthcare available in America, which is also the finest available in the world.  Kimmel wants his viewers to believe that the only reason his son will receive such fine healthcare is thanks to the demi-god Obama and Obamacare, which of course is an outright lie.  But lying is what leftwingers like Kimmel do.
  • Anyone who argues with Kimmel on this subject and points out his lies immediately becomes the target of nationally-televised name-calling.  If you disagree with Kimmel, suddenly you are evil, a sexist, a racist, and any other -ist he can attach to what his script-writers consider these days to be a “joke”.   One Louisiana Congressman even became an “inbred” in Kimmel’s Thursday rampage, er, ‘monologue’.  It’s all very predictable, yet very sad coming as it does from a comic who at one time was actually a very funny guy who understood what his show was supposed to be about.
  • Then come the threats.  For leftist politicians, the threats come in the form of taxes, penalties or imprisonment on whatever behaviors they don’t approve of but can’t solve through name-calling.  For Jimmy Kimmel, the threats come in the old-fashioned form of threatening to beat someone up when they call out his rank hypocrisy and lying on their own television program.  Thus, his threat to physically assault Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade next time he runs into him.
  • The final step for any good leftist is, of course, outright violence whenever they can’t get their way through the peaceful, constitutional process.  Kimmel hasn’t gotten there yet – perhaps only because he hasn’t run into Kilmeade – but can anyone doubt that, should the Republicans cobble together 50 votes in the senate to pass the Graham/Cassidy bill, he will use his late night pulpit to urge his viewers to take that route?  Given his down-the-line mindlessly leftist behavior to this point, it seems almost inevitable.
  • Unlike the detestable Stephen Colbert, who actually understands a lot about politics and just chooses consciously to act the idiot in order to attract an audience, Kimmel is not someone to be condemned, but pitied.  Through a highly emotional life experience, he has allowed himself to fall out of the only role he really knows anything about, and be co-opted by evil leftwingers like Chuck Schumer to act as their stooge.  It’s like the modern-day Wizard of Oz – no need to worry about the image you see projected on your screen, it’s the man behind the curtain who is the real villain.

Just another day in evil leftists America.

That is all.


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