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NFL Owners: The Dumbest Collection Of 32 People In America

Today’s Campaign Update

  • Be honest, you’ve thought it for a long time:  The owners of teams in the National Football League are, as a collective group, not very bright.  The ham-handed way they and their mouthpiece, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, have handled – or actually, failed to handle – the ongoing player protests of the National Anthem and American Flag proves conclusively that their group decision-making skills rise no higher than those of that herd of cattle out on Farm Road 888.
  • It’s not that they lack intelligence as individuals – they are, as individuals, mostly highly intelligent people.  Yes, some – like the Luries, the Maras, the Irsays, the Halases and the Krafts – are legacy NFL names who inherited their respective franchises and great wealth from their parents.  But most, like Jerry Jones, Tom Benson, Robert McNair and Stan Kroenke, are very smart business people who who earned their money as entrepreneurs.  These are highly-intelligent people who are highly-motivated to maximize their profits, and have long histories of success in doing so.
  • Yet, you put these people into a group setting, and they appear to have no better decision-making skills than the average 3rd-grader.  If you want proof of that, look no further than the ongoing negotiations to extend Goodell’s current contract with the League, where he has now been Commissioner for a dozen years.
  • In those dozen years, Goodell has already managed to loot the NFL’s owners for more than $200 million in various forms of compensation, and his compensation for the current year is an unbelievable $30 million.  So, this collection of owners have already made this clown fabulously wealthy for doing a job that could be performed extremely well by any of 10,000 senior executives in this country, most any of whom would be more than happy to take it on for a fraction of what Goodell is currently knocking down.
  • But the NFL’s owners appear to have literally no interest at all in even talking about finding someone else to take the job, despite Goodell’s utter failure to deal with the anthem protests, which have cost the league about 20% of its viewing audience over the past two seasons, or the myriad other systemic issues that are slowly killing the NFL’s brand.  Nor is there any talk about making Goodell take a cut in pay for his rank incompetence, with the discussions simply centered around how long an extension to grant Goodell, and how much of a raise he gets.
  • Even Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones, who last week threatened to sue the league  if its Compensation Committee approved the most current draft offer to Goodell, isn’t talking about any reduction in overall compensation for the Commish:  He merely wants to make the contract provisions based more on performance than is currently the case.
  • As for Goodell, he obviously completely understands the brand of ownership nitwittery he is dealing with here.  We know that because, according to ESPN, he recently submitted contract demands that would give him a huge raise – to $49.5 million per year – lifetime use of a private jet, and lifetime health insurance coverage for he and his entire family.
  • Some owners, Jones included, appear to understand the threat to the league that extending Goodell’s contract truly does represent at this point.  As one owner told ESPN, “The problem is, no one is talking about games anymore.  It’s about concussions, Jones vs. Goodell, [Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension], the anthem. No one is talking about football. It’s just killing the game.”
  • Yes, it is.  Or rather, Goodell and his inability to properly address all the various controversies swirling around the NFL, is killing the game.  Goodell is not only not a solution to these various problems, he is without doubt a major part of the league’s problem at this point.
  • And yet, this feckless owners group appears unalterably on a course to extend their problem’s contract, probably through the year 2024, and give him a huge raise for being such a problem to boot.  That is almost too stupid for words.

Just another day in dimwitted NFL owners group America.

That is all.


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