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Those 71 Million Americans are Trump Voters, Not Republican Voters

Leaders of the Republican Party establishment had better fall in line and support President Trump’s challenges of these election results. If they don’t, their party will face an almost certain doom.

At last count, fully 71 million Americans cast their votes in this election for President Donald J. Trump, far and away the most votes ever cast for any Republican. Let’s make no mistake about this: Those votes are real votes, not stolen or fabricated ones; And those votes were cast for Donald Trump, not the Republican Party.

The Trump Movement is exactly that: A movement motivated by and loyal to Donald Trump. Any Republican who assumes that these 71 million Americans are going to just blindly follow behind any old Republican is living in an alternative universe.

The truth of the matter is that at least half of those 71 million Americans have complete and utter disdain for the GOP and for most Republican politicians. These Americans would follow Donald Trump to the gates of hell to save this country, but would gladly discard most Republican politicians to the local junk heap if they had their way.

Prominent Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney had better wake up and realize that the one and only reason why most GOP voters chose to vote for them is just that the alternative – a communist Democrat – was so much worse. That’s the only reason they elected George W. Bush twice, and the only reason they held their collective noses and cast votes for the weasel Romney and the even more execrable John McCain.

Every GOP leader had better understand the fact that Donald Trump could destroy their political party forever with the snap of his finger if he chose to do that. If they fail to support the President’s challenges to this blatantly stolen election in the coming weeks – and do so prominently and publicly with every tool and rhetorical flourish at their disposal – the real President could kill the GOP dead by announcing he is going to create his own political party and run again for the presidency in 2024.

If Trump did that, at least 50 million of those 71 million real Americans would follow him into that third party, even with the knowledge that doing so would virtually ensure a second term for Kamala Harris. Make no mistake about this: The vast majority of these 71 million real Americans hold establishment Republicans – RINOs – in every bit as much contempt as they do any Democrat.

The vast political movement we see happening on the right/middle today is a Trump movement. Period. If the GOP leaders wish to retain these tens of millions of real, non-stolen votes in their base of support, they had better get with the program now and demonstrate that they care about the sanctity of the U.S. elections system as the President does.

This is a Trump movement, not a Republican movement. This is a Trump army of 71 million angry Americans, not a bunch of 1970s-era country club Republicans. For the GOP, failure to understand this and get with the program is not an option.

That is all.

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