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James Comey: All Phony, All The Time

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Hey, remember waaaayyyyyy back in July of 2016, when bi-polar former FBI Director James “Leaky” Comey feigned seriousness in his nationally televised statement about his decision not to refer Hillary Clinton for criminal prosecution over her rampant disclosure of national secrets on an illegal email server?  Remember how he got a little choked up with emotion a couple times there, almost looking like he was on the verge of tears?  Remember how he claimed his decision was an excruciating one, a decision based on long months of arduous investigation by himself and dozens of his FBI agents?  Good times…good times….
  • Yeah, that was all fake.  Turns out, he made that decision months before – in April, in fact, and that everything that took place related to the investigation after that was just for show.  This was all quietly revealed on Thursday with the release of transcripts from a closed Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that took place earlier this year.  In the grand pantheon of sleazy American public servants, it is hard to think of anyone more sleazy than James Comey has turned out to be.  But hey, that’s how a career bureaucrat gets himself a multi-million dollar book deal and becomes a hero to those on the political left.
  • And speaking of FBI sleaze…:  Don’t think the systemic corruption at the FBI has ended just because Comey and Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch are no longer in charge.  Earlier this week, the FBI formally announced that it was withholding a mass of documents related to the fake investigation of the Clinton email scandal “due to lack of public interest” in the matter.  Even J. Edgar Hoover, as hopelessly corrupt as he was, rolled over in his grave at that bit of shameless sophistry.
  • But all is not lost:  On Thursday, Federal Judge James Boasberg ordered the agency to immediately release all previously unreleased documents related to the investigation.  While that’s wonderful, the thing that really needs to happen here is for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to get his butt over to the FBI building and fire a bunch of people.
  • Twitter progressives before yesterday:  “Trump is rich!!!! Why won’t he donate his own money to the hurricane relief funds!!!!!!!”  Twitter progressives this morning, after Trump gave $1 million:  “Trump doesn’t care !!!  He’s just doing it for the attention!!!!”
  • Truth about 99.9% of those Twitter progressives:  they haven’t given one thin dime of their own money to any of the relief funds.  If it weren’t for rank hypocrisy, these people would have no discernible personality traits other than undying rage.
  • Barack and Michelle Obama, who already have a home in the outskirts of Washington, DC valued at about $9 million, are now looking to purchase a vacant lot in Martha’s Vineyard valued at $15 million.  This is a couple who have never in their lives earned a combined salary in excess of $400,000 per year.  Politics is obviously great work if you can get it.
  • These are not reasonable people you’re talking to, Senator.:  California’s geriatric Sen. Dianne Feinstein is in big, big trouble with her party’s never-ending rage voter base, after she advised a gathering of her constituents to “be patient” with President Trump at a townhall meeting earlier this week.  Big mistake, saying something like that to a group of people whose only reason for getting up out of bed each morning is so they can project their rage on anyone they happen to run into, either in person or on social media.  So now they’re projecting some of that never-ending rage on the senior Senator from California.  Cool.
  • They need to learn that bigotry is now cool among those on the political left.:  The UK Sun reports that L’Oreal has now fired its first trans-gender model after he…oops…’Ze’ went on a Facebook rant accusing all white people of being inherently racist.  Apparently, the management at L’Oreal needs to undergo a joint sensitivity training session at which they learn that this model was simply parroting the talking points of the Democratic National Committee.

Just another day in Through The Looking Glass America.

That is all.

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