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Thursday News Roundup: Even the Media and Democrats Know Biden’s Unstable, and Springsteen Gets a Pass

Today’s China Joe Biden Energy Policy Impact Update. – The price of a gallon of gasoline has now risen by 50 cents since Election Day, 2020.

Thanks, Democrats!

Today’s Authoritarian Thought Control Update. – Facebook last week started censoring linking or cutting and pasting any news stories coming from Australia because the government there is cracking down on its monopolistic practices. This week, Twitter has begun suspending accounts whose messages it clams are “undermining faith in NATO.”

Joseph Goebbels would be so proud.

Here’s the reward for announcing you’re going to start doing a new podcast with Barack Obama:

I think maybe it’s time Bruce Springsteen cuts all those songs about how unfair the justice system is to the “working man” out of his repertoire.

Even the media knows Joe Biden is mentally impaired. – How do you know that’s the case? When you see multiple news reports doing “fact checks” talking about how it is perfectly normal to indefinitely delay delivering a State of the Union – style address to congress.

First, there indeed is not a requirement in the constitution or law for any president to deliver a state of the union speech. The constitution simply requires the president to update congress on the state of the union “from time to time,” and the form of that update could be a speech, or it could just be in writing as several early U.S. presidents chose to do. But over time, it has become an annual tradition for the president to deliver a speech.

In its story making excuses for Biden’s failure to make any such speech, USA Today notes that none of the last 6 presidents have chosen to deliver what was called a “state of the union” speech to congress during their first year in office, although they all, including Donald Trump, chose to make a speech without tagging it with that name. Biden’s White House initially set this past Tuesday as a tentative date for his giving such a speech, but that day came and went with little media notice, because to notice it would be to invite questions about Biden’s capacity for delivering such a speech.

Indeed, when you think about it, why would a Democrat president turn down the opportunity to deliver a nationally-televised speech to a congress in which his own party has nominal control of both the House and Senate? It’s a tailor-made opportunity to show off all the things you’ve already done and all you intend to do for the rest of the year with a captive audience of tens of millions of Americans. That’s certainly how Donald Trump used the opportunity in 2017 and how Barack Obama used it in 2009.

The USA Today excuse-making piece details how the White House initially said the speech would be this month, and how his spokesperson, Jen “Circle Back” Psaki, falsely claims that no such speech was ever contemplated:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Feb. 16 that Biden’s first appearance before a joint session “was never planned to be in February,” even though Biden said in January that it would be, according to Axios.

Pelosi said on Feb. 11 that a joint session wouldn’t likely be convened until after Congress passes a COVID-19 relief bill, potentially delaying Biden’s first address until March, Roll Call reported.

“We won’t be doing any of that until we pass our COVID bill. That’s the first order of business,” she said.


So, why would China Joe’s handlers be reluctant to put their sock puppet out before the American people for such a prime PR opportunity? The answer’s pretty clear, isn’t it? They don’t want the American people en masse to get a good, long look at this guy as he struggles to read text from a teleprompter. Plus, they’re scared to death about what he might blurt out in the middle of the thing, or that he might start repeating the stuff they’re saying to him through the earpiece he constantly wears out loud, something he has already done several times now.

The man is a potential pratfall on feeble legs, and they know it. That is why he hasn’t already delivered a speech to a joint session of congress, and why he most likely never will.

His fellow Democrats in congress know he’s an accident waiting to happen, too. – They’re so worried about Biden’s advancing impairment that they want him to give up sole possession of the nuclear codes.

I swear I’m not making this up:

From the story at

Multiple House Democrats have signed a letter urging President Biden to look at ways he can end his sole authority as president to order the use of America’s nuclear weapons.

“As president, you will have the final say on any changes to U.S. nuclear policy. We respectfully request that you, as president, review ways in which you can end the sole authority you have to launch a nuclear attack, and to install additional checks and balances into the system,” the letter states.

The letter notes that there have been multiple possible systems proposed and lists several of them. One proposal involves “Requiring additional officials in the line of presidential succession, starting with the vice president and the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives — neither of whom can be removed by the president if they disagree — to concur with a launch order, and utilizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s tracking of those officials to ensure prompt communication.”

That’s three dozen House Democrats – Biden’s own Party – tacitly acknowledging how little confidence they have in the sock puppet they helped to install in the White House.

We are so screwed.

The perks of being a federal employee never end in a Democrat administration. – Check this out:

Think about that: You get $1400 one time, they get it every week for 15 weeks. My daughter has been home schooling her two daughters for 11 months now, and hasn’t received a dime from the feds for doing so. But if you’re a federal employee, you’re fixing to get 15 weeks of paid leave, which not coincidentally should get you through the rest of the school year. And my daughter and her husband’s taxes will help pay for that.



That is all.

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Still Waiting for That $2,000 Check? Biden’s Gonna Send You Masks Instead.

Mad because you haven’t gotten your $2,000 COVID check yet? – No worries, the Biden Administration is going to send you a bunch of 25 cent COVID masks instead.

Isn’t that great?

Even better, the Biden administration is going to mandate that you keep wearing your handy 25 cent masks into perpetuity, even after you’ve had one of the array of probably-not-very-effective “vaccines”!

Yes, friends, this is where we are headed, and if you had been reading DBDailyUpdate for the past 10 months, you will know that that is where we have always been headed with this thing. Your DC Swamp UniParty elites don’t want you free and happy, and never really have. They want you masked up, cowering in fear in your homes, subjecting yourselves to whatever medication they wish to administer to you, all in the name of keeping you “safe.”

As for the $2,000 checks they promised you last fall and early winter, those have already been chopped down to $1,400 in China Joe’s preferred $1.9 trillion fake “stimulus” bill, and make up less than 1/3rd of the total price tag of that bill. And guess what? Even though the Democrats have majorities in both houses of congress and could easily pass this atrocity of a bill into law today, the latest word from Chuck Schumer and San Fran Nan is that they think they might – might – be able to get the bill done sometime in March. Which of course means that the real plan is to cut that $1,400 check amount down even further before anything gets done, if it ever really does.

See, the DC Swamp UniParty elites also don’t want you having too much money in your pocket, because money tends to increase mobility, and mobility tends to increase a person’s desire for freedom. Which gets us back to why they prefer you to be cowering in fear in your homes.

A population that is cowering in fear in its homes is much easier to control than a population that is free to move around and has a little money in its pocket. A population that is free to move around also tends to be free to get together to share ideas that the UniParty elites do not approve of. You know, ideas like questioning why it is that if the Biden people claim to want to “follow the science,” then why aren’t our kids back in school and why aren’t the teachers we pay to teach them back in school with them?

It’s a great question: The “scientists” at the Centers for Disease Control have advised everyone in the Biden administration that your kids should all be back in school and the teachers should be there with them, yet Biden himself again yesterday refused to commit to getting the kids and teachers back into the schools.

Or hey, if we’re following the “science,” why does the head “scientist,” Anthony Fauci, say on one day that we all ought to be wearing two masks instead of one, and then the very next day admit that there really isn’t any “science” or “data” that indicates that’s a good idea? Or dang, if we’re following the “science,” then why haven’t our governors ended their bizarre, ineffective and brutal tactic of keeping all the restaurants and bars closed, given that states like California and New York and Illinois and New Jersey whose Democrat governors have religiously clung to that failed tactic have a far worse record related to the virus than do states like Florida and South Dakota and other states whose Republican governors have rejected it?

The answers to these questions and so many more should be obvious to everyone by now: This is all a political exercise that has nothing to do with anything resembling “science.” This is all about control, and you are the ones being controlled. This is all about preparing the population of the United States to meekly accept the “Great Reset,” in which COVID fear becomes the rationale for implementing brutish fascism/socialism all over the world, something the Biden administration is already well down the road to getting done as we all cower in fear in our homes, many of us wearing our masks (and perhaps two) as we cook lunch or take a whiz.

So, you wanted a $2,000 check? Tough. The Biden people are going to send you masks, which have become the great symbol of your own imprisonment, instead.

This is no different than late 18th Century France. The masses don’t have enough money and want the government to provide more?


Let them wear masks.

That is all.

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Kerry to Laid-Off Oil Workers: Move to China!

The haughty and very, very French-looking failed Presidential candidate John Kerry did his part in advancing the Biden Administration’s “Make China Great Again” agenda at today’s White House press briefing. Asked by a fawning fake reporter what he would say to oil industry workers who correctly believe their jobs are being eliminated by China Joe Potato Head Biden’s mushrooming assault on the domestic energy business, Kerry responded with this:

“What President Biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices… That they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.”

Here’s the problem: The overwhelming majority of solar panels used in the United States are in fact made in China. Matter of fact, 7 of 10 largest solar manufacturers in the world are headquartered in the communist nation, and 2 others are Japanese companies.

Even worse, well over 90% of the components that go into the handful of panels that are assembled in the United States are manufactured in – guess where? – China!

So, basically, John Kerry, China Joe’s “Climate Czar” or whatever fake office they’ve made up for him, is in essence telling oil workers who the President has just thrown out of jobs, “too bad, but there’s lots of work in the solar industry in China.”

You just could never make these despicable people up if they did not already exist. Never in a million years.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever before. is the only real conservative alternative to Drudge. It’s the tool I use to help keep up with all the day’s events, and it should be your tool, too.

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Monday News Roundup: Ute Tribe Strikes Back at Biden Order, and Why is Tulsi Still a Democrat?

Why does the Biden Administration hate Native Americans? – On Sunday I wrote about the negative reaction by officials in New Mexico to China Joe Potato Head Biden’s order halting all oil and gas leasing and permitting actions on federal lands for 60 days. The Land of Enchantment’s officials turn out not to be so enchanted with the idea of shutting down the industry that funds about half of the state’s annual budget. Go figure.

Well, New Mexicans are not the only ones who are more than a little irritated by the new administration’s rash action. See, the Biden ban also applies to oil and gas activities on Indian lands, lands from which massive volumes of natural gas and oil are produced every day in the U.S., and which provide the life’s blood financially to many Indian tribes and nations.

One of those Tribes is the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, most of whose lands are located in Utah. Over the weekend the Tribal leaders made their displeasure known, sending a letter to Scott de la Vega, the Acting Secretary of Interior:

Here is the text of that letter from the story at DailyWire:

The Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation respectfully requests that you immediately amend Order No. 3395 to provide an exception for energy permits and approvals on Indian lands. The Ute Indian Tribe and other energy producing tribes rely on energy development to fund our governments and provide services to our members.

Your order is a direct attack on our economy, sovereignty, and our right to self-determination. Indian lands are not federal public lands. Any action on our lands and interests can only be taken after effective tribal consultation.

Order No. 3395 violates the United States treaty and trust responsibilities to the Ute Indian Tribe and violates important principles of tribal sovereignty and self-determination. Your order was also issued in violation (of) our government-to-government relationship. Executive Order No. 13175 on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments, and Interior’s own Policy on Consultation with Tribal Governments.

The order must be withdrawn or amended to comply with Federal law and policies. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We look forward from hearing from you.


In my professional life, I spent about a decade as a company point person in relations with an array of Tribes and nations across the Mountain West. During that time, I personally witnessed dozens of instances in which the federal government under both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush grossly and intentionally ignored and violated the rules of sovereignty cited in the letter above. The callous disregard for and indifference towards Tribal rights evidenced by employees of those administrations was truly breathtaking to behold, and served as a stark reminder that the federal government’s abuse of the rights of American Indians did not end with the death of Buffalo Bill’s Wild Wild West Show.

Here we see the abuse and disregard starting up again on the very first day of a new administration. Despicable.

Why is Tulsi Gabbard still attaching herself to the Democrat Party? – It’s a great question, since she departs from the Party’s approved dogma on so many matters. Yes, she isn’t a perfect fit for the Republican Party’s approved dogma either, but she certainly would be far more at home with the populist views of Donald J. Trump.

Over the weekend, she appeared with Jesse Waters on Fox News to discuss China Joe Potato Head Biden’s apparent intent to turn Washington, DC into a permanent police state. You can bet her messages were not pre-approved by San Fran Nan or Chuck Schumer.


I find myself agreeing with Tulsi Gabbard most of the time, and I’ll bet most of you do as well. Can any of you say the same of Mitt Romney? Mitch McConnell? Liz Cheney?

Tulsi Gabbard is clearly in the wrong political party. If he really does want to maintain and grow a political movement of his own, Donald Trump would do well to reach out to Ms. Gabbard to see if they can’t form an America First, anti-globalist partnership. There are the makings of a truly viable third party effort here.

Here is what hard-hitting journalism is going to look like for the next four years:

Sure glad to know that China Joe had a bagel, but what about his morning bowl of tapioca pudding? Did his handlers get that to him on time? That’s what America truly needs to know, because missing out on his morning tapioca makes China Joe grumpy.


In a just world they would all be fired and Chicago would start over from scratch. – Remember when Americans could accurately praise their school teachers for being so dedicated to making sure their students learned what they needed to learn to be prepared for real life? Yeah, those were good times, weren’t they?

Those times no longer exist, of course, as has become increasingly evident across the country during our national panic over COVID-19. Nowhere is the shift in teacher attitudes more blatantly apparent than in Chicago, where unionized teachers voted to stage an illegal strike rather than follow orders to return to actually teaching kids in classrooms instead of loafing through “online learning” exercises in which few are actually learning a damn thing:

From the story at the Chicago Sun Times:

Chicago Teachers Union members have voted to defy Chicago Public Schools’ reopening plans and continue working from home Monday because of health and safety concerns.

City officials had said in recent days they would view the collective refusal of in-person work as a strike, but in response to Sunday’s vote results said they will delay the scheduled return of thousands of teachers and staff until Wednesday “to ensure we have the time needed to resolve our discussions without risking disruption to student learning.”

The CTU’s move to reject in-person work marks the culmination of a months-long fight between the union and the nation’s third-largest school system over how and when to reopen schools during the pandemic — a disagreement that threatens to plunge the city’s education into deeper turmoil if a deal isn’t reached over the next few days.

“So what does this mean? It means the overwhelming majority of you have chosen safety,” the union told teachers and staff as they announced the vote results. “CPS did everything possible to divide us by instilling fear through threats of retaliation, but you still chose unity, solidarity and to collectively act as one.”

About 86% of the 25,000 rank-and-file CTU members participated in the electronic vote over the past three days, with 71% favoring the rejection of in-person work in an unusually close vote for CTU labor actions. When the CTU voted to strike in 2019, 94% of members who voted chose to walk out.


Now, there is zero “science” or “data” about COVID-19 that supports this illegal union action. You have roughly the same chance of contracting the viral gift from China while hunkered down in your basement as you do while in a grade school classroom. In fact, we have seen studies that your chance of getting it at home are far higher, depending on where you live.

This illegal action is nothing more than an organized effort to institutionalize distance learning on a permanent basis. That’s what it is, and if officials in Chicago and other cities throughout America don’t start dealing with such illegal actions harshly, that is where we are going to end up as a society.

If you think your kids weren’t learning much in school before COVID came around, just wait until they’ve gone through several years of this kind of “education.”

This action and others like it simply cannot be allowed to stand, because what we have been doing to our school children for the last 11 months is nothing more or less than child abuse.

That is all.

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Biden Buyer’s Remorse: Biden Minimum Wage Plan Causes More Outrage Mob Angst

The Perpetual Outrage Mob on Twitter is outraged again. – But now, in a dose of high irony, the Perpetual Outrage Mob (POM) has turned it’s ire towards the elderly Sock Puppet who was their hero just days ago. Such is the result of the POM learning that the reality of China Joe Potato Head Biden’s policy does not come close to matching the wild promises he and Kamala Lala Ding Dong made during their fake campaign.

First, the POM went berserk when it discovered that the “$2,000 checks” for COVID relief that China Joe and Kamala promised during the campaign had somehow been cut to just $1,400 in the draft bill sent over to congress by the Sock Puppet In Chief’s elder-abusing handlers. The outrage was especially focused among the nitwit Democrat voters of Georgia, who had been sold that bill of goods in the senate special elections there.

From a story at Fox News:

Georgia Democrats have reportedly already begun fuming over their two new senators, the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, who were sworn in Wednesday by Vice President Kamala Harris, according to a new report.

Both men narrowly won hard-fought races against Republican incumbents in the Peach State, winning control of the Senate for the Democrats in the process.

But a major issue raised by critics is that President Biden espoused a coronavirus relief plan that would send $1,400 checks to many Americans – while Warnock and Ossoff campaigned on a $2,000 promise.

“Warnock and Ossoff made it a point to endorse and exclusively say ‘$2,000 checks,’” Georgia Democrat Oscar Zaro told Mediaite. “A lot of the people in my district voted blue in the runoff for two main reasons. One: Loeffler and Perdue denying us relief during COVID while profiting millions themselves; and two, $2,000 checks.”

Leading into the Jan. 5 runoff elections were a series of campaign events espousing the $2,000 stimulus check proposal in the days after former President Trump signed a $600-check plan in late December.


Funny how that works, huh?

Then came the POM’s outrage over the fact that it turns out that neither China Joe nor Kamala Lala have any actual plan to magically make the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly go away, despite having made constant false promises in that regard throughout their campaign:

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says ' @disclosetv 0٥0 JUST IN President Biden now says "there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in next several months." RECOUNT 0:06 117 9K views 3:20 PM Jan 22, 2021 Twitter Web App 1K Retweets 1.1K Quote Tweets 2K Likes'

I mean, golly, who could have possibly seen that one coming, right? Oh, wait, we saw that all coming right here at DBDailyUpdate, as we constantly warned readers that the “plans” to fight the China Virus that China Joe and Kamala were touting during the campaign were simply repeating the things the Trump Administration was already doing.

But the SJW’s and snowflakes who make up the POM weren’t paying attention, were they? Nope.

Then you have the angst among the anti-war crowd who thought they were voting for an anti-war candidate, completely ignoring the reality that Donald Trump was the single most anti-war president since our great-great-grandparents were riding around in horses and buggies. This segment of the POM is all verklempt at the realization that China Joe, who was an inveterate war-monger for the last half century in the senate and as Barack Obama’s vice president, is already cranking that perpetual war machine back up, having ordered additional U.S. forces into both Syria and Iraq during his first 48 hours in office:


Yes, Jen, you did vote for that. You most certainly did, but were too damn dumb to understand that hard fact.

Today’s uproar among the POM has to do with China Joe’s consistent promises during the campaign to immediately raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. How many times did we hear China Joe promise to “act on day one” of his administration to make that decade-long leftist goal a reality?

Naturally, hopelessly naive Democrat voters all over the country just assumed that China Joe meant he would immediately issue an executive order magically raising the minimum wage to that level as soon as he got up from his first nap in the presidential bedroom and enjoyed his evening bowl of tapioca pudding. But that’s not how the DC Swamp Kabuki Theater works, and never has been.

Biden did issue a symbolic executive order on Day 1 to raise the minimum wage for federal workers to $15, but virtually all of those workers were already making far higher than that level. What China Joe did for everyone else  – or rather, what his elder-abusing handlers did – was send over a proposal to congress that would pass the failed 2019 “Raise the Wage Act”, which would slowly raise the minimum wage to $15, but not get to that goal until 6 years after the passage of the bill, which means the lunatic leftist POM would not see its goal achieved until the year 2027, at the earliest.

You don’t have to believe me – here’s an excerpt from a story at BANKRATE:

Low-wage workers could see a boost to their pay for the first time since 2009, if former Vice President Joe Biden has his way.

The president-elect pledged in the run up to the pivotal 2020 presidential election that he would boost the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, from its current level of $7.25. The U.S. labor market might be one step closer to that reality, after a Saturday projection showed Biden winning the race.

Policy analysts and experts say the quickest way to implement that policy might be to renew the “Raise the Wage Act,” which the House of Representatives passed back in July 2019.

If it were renewed in 2021, that piece of legislation most likely wouldn’t take effect until 2022, according to William Spriggs, chief economist at the American Federation of Labor Unions and Congress of Industrial Organizations. At that point, the U.S. economy would also be on more stable footing than it is today, according to Bankrate’s quarterly poll of economists. Even then, that proposal allows for a six-year-long phase in, with the $15 level not reached until six years after the bill is passed, according to the text of the bill.

“It would not be like flipping a switch and going to $15 tomorrow,” says Shai Akabas, director of economic policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. “If consistent with other proposals and states that have phased in, it would be done in a graduated way.”


Now, think about this: Barack Hussein Obama His Own Self began advocating for a $15 minimum wage way back in 2009, and he and his trusty sidekick China Joe Potato Head Biden had 8 long years to get that done, but really never made any effort at all to do it. Why? Because they know the truth is that raising the federal minimum wage destroys jobs, millions of them.

When Obama began that false advocacy, the actual minimum wage was $7.25 per hour. Since 2009, many businesses, including examples like Amazon and Wal-Mart, have voluntarily raised their own minimum wages to that level for many or all of their workers. If you adjust that $7.25 per hour by the rate of inflation, it would very likely amount to more than $15 in real money terms by the year 2027.

But here’s the part that will really outrage the POM if they ever manage to figure it out using their fingers and toes: A $15 per hour minimum wage in 2027 will actually represent less real spending power for minimum wage workers than the $7.25 minimum wage represented in 2009.

That’s right: At the end of the day, China Joe Biden’s much-vaunted $15 minimum wage in fact will amount to a pay cut. No wonder Twitter is filled with tweets like this one from angry SJWs today:

Again, Democrat voters who voted for China Joe Potato Head Biden had no idea whatsoever what they were actually voting for.

That is all.

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Sunday News Roundup: Biden Hates Unions and Democrat Governors Suddenly Decide to Reopen

Remember when Democrats claimed to support union jobs? – Well, those days are gone, as the former heavy influence of the unions on Democrats has been completely overwhelmed by the influence and money from the “climate change” lobby. No better proof of that changed dynamic has ever been offered than with Joe Biden’s cancellation of the cross-border permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline last week, an act that will ultimately cost as many as 10,000 union jobs.

But that is far from the only cost of this rash and unprecedented act of executive fiat. From a story at

The Keystone XL project represents an overall $8 billion investment by TC Energy, the company which owns and operates the Keystone Pipeline System that moves large volumes of crude oil throughout the middle section of the United States and southern Canada. Several hundred miles of the planned 1,200 mile Keystone XL expansion have already been constructed and placed into the ground, including, ironically, the section of the line that crosses the U.S./Canadian border. Upwards of $3 billion of that overall $8 billion investment have already been committed and now represents a sunk cost at the whim of a new President, a very dangerous precedent for any administration to set.

President Biden’s rash decision also puts thousands of union jobs at risk, representing $2.2 billion in lost wages. Keystone XL already employs about 2,000 workers, including members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices, the Teamsters and other major unions. All told, the plan for full construction of Keystone XL would employ as many as 10,000 union workers through its completion.

Barring a successful challenge to Biden’s order, all of those jobs are gone, noted without regret by Buttigeig and his advice that the workers simply seek other employment.

Gone also will be the $1.7 billion TC energy plans to invest in real, actual new clean energy capacity between now and 2030 to provide all of the power the Keystone XL would consume, along with the thousands of direct jobs that investment would produce. According to a TC Energy fact sheet, Indigenous communities along the pipeline’s corridor will also be hard hit: “Indigenous communities lose hundreds of millions of dollars, including more than $1 billion in intergenerational opportunities for equity ownership in KXL that will help them fight poverty and build schools, hospitals, and other essential services.”


Wonder how many Democrat voters knew they were voting for all of that when they cast their ballots for China Joe?

We have a new president now, so all of those Democrat governors who have imposed brutal lockdowns on their people are suddenly figuring out that those were a bad idea. – First it was Andrew Cuomo, who suddenly decided to start reopening his state’s economy now that Donald Trump has been safely disposed of. Now we are seeing a rush of despicable Democrat governors who have killed hundreds of thousands of small businesses and destroyed millions of jobs suddenly deciding to follow suit.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Michigan Gov. Herr Gretchen Whitmer are the latest lying Democrats to join in the reopening parade.

From a story at DailyWire:

Like clockwork, another Democrat governor who placed severe restrictions on their state has begun easing lockdowns now that President Joe Biden was inaugurated.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday that Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) has lifted some coronavirus restrictions in Chicago, allowing restaurants and bars that serve food to reopen for indoor services at 25% capacity.

“Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s health team officially gave the green light Saturday for restaurants and most bars across Chicago and suburban Cook County to invite customers back inside for indoor service,” the outlet reported. “A day after officials said both regions were ‘on track’ for limited reopening, the city and Cook County suburbs saw their coronavirus infection rates improve for a third straight day to officially move from Tier 2 to Tier 1 of the state’s COVID-19 mitigation plan.”


Here’s an excerpt from a story about Herr Whitmer from the Chicago Tribune:

Michigan restaurants and bars can reopen for indoor dining at 25% capacity and with a 10 p.m. curfew starting Feb. 1, and concessions can resume at casinos, movie theaters and stadiums, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Friday.

The state health department’s coronavirus restrictions were loosened again amid a continued drop in cases and hospitalizations. They will be effective for three weeks, through Feb. 21.

The Democratic governor announced last week that restaurants would likely be able to serve dine-in customers beginning Feb. 1 after a two-and-a-half month ban.

“While we must remain vigilant and cautious, we can lift some protocols that were previously in place,” she said. “I know this pandemic has hurt our restaurant owners, our restaurant workers and all of their families. I want to thank those that made incredible sacrifices and did their part.”

Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon’s order limits capacity to 25% — lower than the 50% ceiling that was in effect from June to November — with a maximum of 100 people. Bars and restaurants must close by 10 p.m. and collect customers’ contact information for tracing purposes.


Thus do these despicable Democrat brutes prove what we’ve known all along: That these lockdowns and social/economic destruction have had literally nothing to do with “science” or “data,” and everything to do with soulless politics. If there were any real justice in the world, all of these Democrat governors would be forced to inject themselves with the virus they have wielded as a political tool and denied health care services to address it.

They are without question the very worst people in the world.

Speaking of the very worst people in the world… – Hey, let’s not leave out the little Menace to American Society, Anthony Fauci, from our list of the very worst people in the world. Fauci, after all, was the enabler of all of the actions these Democrat governors took to destroy the economy and people’s lives for purely political purposes, always faithfully providing them cover with his constantly-shifting narrative related to the China virus.

Fauci was able to execute this task through his constant appearances on CNN and MSNBC, during which the talking head fake journalists invariably lobbed him a series of softball questions vetted in advance. This week, Fauci celebrated the opportunity to be the person designated by the DC Swamp to announce America’s re-joining the World Health Organization, the corrupt international body that enabled the globalization of the China Virus in the first place.

As a poke in the eye to every American who has lost a job, lost a business or suffered with the effects of the virus the WHO helped to deliver to us, Fauci actually “credited the organization for its “relentless” work in fighting the coronavirus during a WHO executive board meeting Thursday.” He also went on to add insult to injury when he “praised the WHO for rallying scientific communities to accelerate the development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics; its regular press briefings; and for providing “vital supplies” to dozens of countries.”

Finally, to give his week of abject mendacity a perfect coda, the Little Menace appeared on MSNBC for about the 1,000th time in the last 10 month and whined to host Rachel Maddow that he had been “blocked” from appearing on her show by the Trump administration:

You could never make these people up if they didn’t already exist. It’s a waste of time to even try.

That is all.

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Biden Proves Democrat Voters Have no Idea What They’re Voting For

More proof Democrat voters have no idea what they’re voting for. – How many Democrats who voted for China Joe Potato Head Biden thought they were voting for this when they entered the voting booth?:

Yes, friends, the dementia-addled sock puppet occupying the White House reversed President Trump’s order lowering the cost of a variety of prescription medicines on Friday, including some that are crucial to millions suffering from diabetes and allergic reactions. This from the party that claims to be the advocate for healthcare in America.

From a story at Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden’s United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Thursday stopped executive orders from his predecessor designed to significantly lower prescription drug prices for Americans, including insulin and epinephrine.

The new administration will apparently re-evaluate the executive action from President Donald Trump toward the end of March. It remains unclear if it will be reinstated.

“The HHS Thursday froze the former Trump administration’s December drug policy that requires community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients,” Bloomberg Law reported Thursday. “Centers that don’t pass on the savings wouldn’t qualify for federal grants.”

“This freeze is part of the Biden administration’s large-scale effort announced this week that will scrutinize the Trump administration’s health policies,” the report noted. “If the previous administration’s policies raise ‘fact, law, or policy’ concerns, the Biden HHS will delay them and consult with the Office of Management and Budget about other actions.”

report for Bloomberg Government said the Biden administration is on a “different page” about curbing drug prices than the Trump administration, noting of the Biden team awaiting “at least a dozen lawsuits … over Trump-era moves to lower drug prices”:

Yes, the Biden people are “on a different page,” i.e., they’re reversing a policy that actually worked and will replace it either with a policy that massively increases the cost of these drugs – as the cost of every drug in America increased thanks to Obamacare – or with no new policy at all.

If you’re one of the dimwits who voted for Biden expecting a man who has been in government for half a century without ever making anything better for the American people to somehow now suddenly start making things better, you are the problem. Frankly, you deserve whatever misery he throws your way. But the millions of other Americans who aren’t complicit in this farce don’t deserve it, and that’s on you, too.

Remember this incident, in which Biden told a union factory worker that “I don’t work for you!”? Well, what part of that did you nitwits not understand?


Democrat voters have no idea what it is they’re voting far, Part II – The people of New Mexico are suddenly all verklempt today after the Swamp’s designated Sock Puppet signed an order last week imposing a senseless 60-day moratorium on new leasing on federal lands and waters in the United States. Seems that those New Mexico dimwit voters didn’t realize that about half of the oil and gas production in their state that pays for about half of their state government each year is produced from … wait for it … federal lands, and their state is now facing a big budget gap that will only grow larger thanks to China Joe’s demented act.

From a story at Fox Business:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — President Joe Biden’s 60-day moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits is prompting widespread concerns in New Mexico, where spending on education and other public programs hinges on the industry’s success.

Top Republicans in the state as well as local leaders in communities that border the Permian Basin — one of the most productive regions in the U.S. — say any moves to make permanent the suspension would be economically devastating for the state. Half of New Mexico’s production happens on federal land and amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties each year.

Congressional members from other western states also are raising concerns, saying the ripple effects of the moratorium will hurt small businesses already struggling because of the pandemic.

“During his inauguration, President Biden spoke about bringing our nation together. Eliminating drilling on public lands will cost thousands of New Mexicans their jobs and destroy what’s left of our state’s economy,” Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway told The Associated Press on Friday. “How does that bring us together? Environmental efforts should be fair and well-researched, not knee-jerk mandates that just hurt an already impoverished state.”

Steve Pearce, chairman of the state Republican Party, said drilling was beginning to pick up in New Mexico’s share of the Permian Basin because of rising oil prices. But he said he’s concerned that activity could evaporate.

“I think we’re going to see companies choosing not to invest in New Mexico and take their jobs and drilling to Texas just 3 miles away,” Pearce said. “They can just scoot across the border where they don’t have federal lands.”


Chairman Pearce, a former GOP member of congress, hits on a key part of this story that New Mexico Democrat politicians like to ignore: Texas is right next door, and Texas isn’t held hostage by half of the state being owned by the feds. The Permian Basin is a massive geographic area almost as large as the entire state of Wyoming, about 3/4ths of which lies on the Texas size of the border. The impact of Biden’s moratorium on federal leasing and his coming ban on fracking on federal lands will almost certainly result in companies focusing on drilling wells in Texas and reducing their activity in New Mexico.

Whether they realized it or not, this is what New Mexicans voted for when they went 55% for China Joe. After all, it wasn’t as if he and Kamala Harris made any secret about their intentions during the campaign. As is always the case with Democrats, they always telegraph exactly what they plan to do to you – all you have to do is pay attention to exactly what they say.

New Mexicans didn’t pay attention, and so the schools and hospitals and all sorts of programs oil and gas revenues have been delivering to them will suffer, and so will the people. Biden’s attitude about it all? “I don’t work for you.”


That is all.

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Thursday News Roundup: America Moves Into its Brave New Facist World

Interesting little fact this morning… – Go to your browser’s address bar and type in “”. As of 5:30 a.m. today Central Time, you would be redirected to “”.

Weird. But hey, Antifa certainly played a big role in helping to get China Joe Potato Head Biden installed into the White House, so why not?

What Antifa endorses, Antifa destroys. – While that bit of fun symbolism was going on, the Portland, Oregon chapter of Antifa was tossing rocks through the windows of the local Democrat Party headquarters, letting the new party in power know that the terrorist’s group’s support is … ummm …. conditional:

Such a fun bunch of young people.

Speaking of the White House website – it now asks for users to identify their preferred pronouns.

No, really, I swear I do not make this stuff up:

Image may contain: text that says 'PRONOUNS 無血無 -select an item- The Administration -select an item- she/her he/him they/them Other Prefer not to share PHONE' (123) 456-7890 COUNTRY" United States'

Just fyi, my preferred pronouns have been and always will be “Tex” and “Bubba”, but I answer to a variety of cusswords as well.

China Joe just set a new glass ceiling for your school-age girls. – In a flurry of mindless stupidity and mendacity on his first day in office, China Joe Potato Head Biden dutifully performed his job as the designated sock puppet for the DC Swamp, signing a variety of egregious executive orders. As almost an afterthough amid orders to rejoin the worthless Paris Climate Accords and kill the Keystone XL pipeline, our new dementia-ridden POTUS also signed an order that will require schools receiving federal funds to allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports.

No kidding:

Oh, guess what else? All those biological males need only “identify” as female, and will no doubt be allowed to shower with your girls as well.

This is an atrocity. But hey, it’s what you Democrats voted for. Aren’t you proud?

Just in case some of you labor under the illusion that the rank and file in the U.S. armed forces just timidly accept the results of this clearly stolen election, take a look at this view from the Biden motorcade as it proceeded down a Pennsylvania Avenue devoid of ordinary Americans:

Today’s Short-Term Memory Reminder is about Hunter Biden:

Just as a reminder, that crackhead son, who made millions selling U.S. government influence to China while China Joe was Vice President, was allowed to just stand right up there next to Jill Biden as the Big Guy took the oath of office yesterday. Meanwhile, this poor little girl in Arkansas – who will be forced to shower with and compete against boys when she reaches school age thanks to the Big Guy – went to bed with with no father figure in her life.

Unity, my ass.

Required Reading for Today. – Over at DailyWire, Ian Hayworth pens a terrific piece this morning that everyone should spend 5 minutes reading. Hayworth points out the fact that the American electorate rewarded Democrats for holding the nation hostage to brutal COVID edicts, nightly BLM/Antifa riots and destruction of our major cities and previously unthinkable assaults on free speech in 2020, and then asks why anyone would expect the Democrats to ever change?

It’s a great question. Here’s an excerpt from that piece:

In 2020, the Democratic Party applied three strategies with one single objective: to win. These three strategies were hugely — if not irrecoverably — damaging to American society, and were applied with a full understanding of their consequences.

In the end, the Democrats succeeded. Joe Biden will be the president, and the Democratic Party will control the entirety of Congress.

How can we ever expect them to change their tactics when they are clearly so effective?

COVID-19 Lockdowns

When COVID-19 appeared on the international scene in 2020, the Democrat’s quickly recognized it as a political opportunity. “Never waste a crisis,” as the saying goes. Criticism of China’s regime was dismissed as xenophobic, Trump and other Republicans were blamed for every case or death, and Democrat-run cities and states forced businesses to close under draconian lockdowns. Almost overnight, the American economy was intentionally placed on life support and much needed relief was intentionally delayed in Congress, all while Democrat politicians flaunted their own “rules.”


Go read the rest. You’ll be glad you did.

A blue-check dimwit media figure asks the burning question. – Grance Franke-Ruta, a leftist journalist who no doubt voted twice to make communist Democrat Bill de Blasio the Mayor of her city, had a bad experience with her husband trying to get a COVID vaccine shot on Tuesday. So naturally, she did what all leftist dimwits do, and took to Twitter to whine about it.

Here is part of a long thread she posted:

“Why is everything in NYC so badly run?” she asks, obviously without ever taking even a second to step back and examine whether or not her voting decisions might – just might – have something to do with the fact that everything in NYC has gone so horribly wrong in recent years. Meanwhile, the answer to her question is blindingly obvious:


Political leftists are simply incapable of learning. They utterly lack the ability to engage in the introspection necessary to understand that they are in fact the problem, for the simple fact that they have been taught to believe that they are better and smarter than the rest of us.

And so, after four years of Bill de Blasio and all of his epic failings, they go out to the voting booth and re-elect the Big Doofus to screw up their city for four more years, and then act surprised when that happens. Or they watch communist Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler presides over 100 straight nights of violent riots and go out and vote to re-elect him for four more years. Or they go out and mindlessly vote for an addled lifetime politician who has been in federal office for 47 years and never solved a single problem, and then are shocked to learn that he’s going to make their daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters take showers with boys who are sporting penises.

Yes, it’s bizarre behavior, but that’s who these people really are. Sadly for the rest of  us, it’s the sort of mindless, bizarre behavior that takes free countries and turns them into fascist prison states that look exactly like Washington, DC looked on inauguration day.

That is all.

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Some Predictions for 2021

I’m an optimist by nature. When you come from where I came from and end up where I’ve ended up in life, you almost could not be otherwise. And boy, that’s a good thing, given the year we have just been through and the year we all are facing in 2021.

Of all the times and places in world history to be born, I was born in 1956 in the United States of America. Not only that, I was born in Texas and have been blessed to live my entire life here. Folks, it don’t get no luckier than that. I was raised by two wonderful parents, have been married for 39 years to a wonderful, loving woman and have been blessed with two wonderful children and two wonderful granddaughters.

It’s important to take a step back and reflect on the blessings we’ve had in life as we end this bizarre and distressing year of 2020, because, as bad as the past 12 months have been, things could have always been worse. Looking ahead, we all should pray that 2021 doesn’t turn to 2020 and say, “hold my beer.”

Because things surely could get worse.

Unless something dramatic happens between now and January 20, the presidency will be assumed by China Joe Potato Head Biden, a life-long circus clown of a human being who has sold his soul – and America’s international interests – for money and who is now clearly and unambiguously suffering from the effects of advancing dementia. As bad as that sounds, we have to also hope and pray that he is somehow able to hold the office for four full years, because the alternative – his incoming Vice President, Kamala Harris – is a radical leftwing ideologue who would be even more dangerous to the nation’s future survival than China Joe is.

China Joe has gone about naming a pack of cabinet appointees whose politics range from radical leftist to full-on Marxist Alinskyite, and makes no bones about his plans to re-regulate every facet of your lives that he and Barack Obama had regulated before President Donald Trump came along and started rolling everything back. If you thought the regulatory barrage that came at you during Obama’s final two years in office was something to behold, well, trust me: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Let’s go to the predictions…

Prediction #1: The cost of gasoline and electricity will begin to rise rapidly. Biden’s climate regulatory agenda, fracking bans and mindless foreign policy choices will make sure of that.

Prediction #2: The U.S. military will become involved in a new shooting conflict somewhere in the Middle East or North Africa during 2021. We were entangled in 7 such conflicts when the Obama/Biden administration came to an end, and you can be sure China Joe will be anxious to re-start the party. Biden policies targeting the rapid destruction of the U.S. domestic oil and gas industry will help to ensure this outcome, as our energy security diminishes and our dependence on Arab oil rises.

Prediction #3: We will all still be living under mask and social distancing mandates when 2021 comes to an end. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise: Once this freedom-destroying genie has been let out of the bottle, it won’t be going back in anytime soon. Anthony Fauci made this very promise earlier today, and you can be sure he will be leading China Joe around on a leash where COVID is concerned.

Besides, we now have this “new strain” of COVID that Fauci and his corrupt media friends can lord over us for the next 12 months, and as soon as we have 3 or 4 new vaccines for that one, yet another “new strain” will suddenly appear to start the cycle all over again.

Prediction #4: The reality of #3 above means that the rate of unemployment will be higher a year from now than it is today, and the economy will begin to contract at some point towards the beginning of the 2nd quarter, as the government’s ability to keep passing multi-trillion dollar relief bills fades away and the full impacts of all the job and business destruction taking place mainly in blue states start to really take hold.

Prediction #5: As China’s iron grip on the Biden presidency and most of congress becomes increasingly evident, Alec Baldwin’s white-bread wife Hilaria will stop pretending to affect a Spanish accent and learn to speak Mandarin instead.

Prediction #6: During an appearance on CNN next September, Bill Gates’s central processing unit will short circuit when the host asks him to vouch for the safety of one of the new COVID vaccines, causing sparks to fly from his ears and horns to grow from the top of his head. CNN and the rest of the corrupt news media will assure us all that this is perfectly normal and kill the story within a few hours. Twitter will immediately start banning anyone who shares clips from the video.

Prediction #7: During his inaugural address on January 20, China Joe Potato Head Biden will pause for non-existent applause from a non-existent audience 42 times, refer to Kamala Harris as “my good friend, Ella Fitzgerald,” and turn to Nancy Pelosi and ask her where his tapioca pudding has gone. Twitter will immediately ban anyone who shares clips from the video.

Prediction #8: In April it will be revealed that Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow have become engaged to be married, and America will cringe in unison in response. Twitter will immediately ban anyone who posts a tweet showing a photo of the couple as being against its community standards.

Prediction #9: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will drop all charges against Ghislaine Maxwell on January 21. CNN and MSNBC will engage in a fierce bidding war to sign her up to be a paid contributor.

Prediction #10: AG Cuomo will fire Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham on January 22 and hold a national bonfire of all of Durham’s investigative files on the East lawn of the White House that evening. Neither CNN nor MSNBC will show any interest in signing Durham up to be a paid contributor.

Prediction #11: Kelly Loeffler will defeat that lunatic clown she’s running against in the January 5 runoff in Georgia, but Dominion Systems will ensure that John Ossoff prevails over Republican David Perdue in the other race. Ossoff will thus become the nation’s first hipster pajama boy U.S. Senator and will immediately try to convince his colleagues to let him open a Starbucks in the basement of the Capitol Building.

Prediction #12: The petition drive to force a recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom will succeed. However, California voters are such raging morons that they will just re-elect him all over again.

And finally…

Prediction #13: No later than June 1, China Joe Potato Head Biden will read a nationally-televised speech written for him by his elder-abusing handlers in which he mistakenly says he is being forced to resign from the United States Senate because he is suffering from detention. Twitter will immediately invoke a policy of banning any user who shares clips from the speech and that fat little bald guy at CNN will suffer stroke on his Sunday show in the midst of excoriating Fox News for repeatedly and falsely claiming that Biden was actually the President, not a Senator.

Because that’s the world we live in now, folks, like it or not.

Here’s wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Be careful out there.

That is all.

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With Today’s Racist Ouburst, Joe Biden is now Almost Beyond Parody

“Look, look, here’s the deal: The piggy says ‘oink, oink, oink,’ and if you disagree with me, you ain’t black, Jack.” – Let’s start with this bit of all-too-realistic hilarity from the folks at the Babylon Bee:

Admit it: It’s only funny because you initially think it might be real.

Ok, now, this really is real. – Watch as the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee reveals what he truly does think about America’s Black community:

And here’s the truth: This is not just how Joe Biden really thinks of African Americans – that they’re monolithic thinkers, all the same, all should vote Democrat or “they ain’t Black” as he stated a few weeks ago – it’s really and truly what the Democrat Party as a whole thinks of them, and has for…well, pretty much forever.

The problem Biden as nominee presents to the Democrat Party – well, one of the thousands of problems – is not merely that he is racist: It’s that these old ways of ‘talkin’ to black folks’ are so ingrained in his diminishing mind that he is not able to break the habit. He can’t be trained to engage in the leftist double-speak that now dominates Democrat Party condescension to the Black community.

This is why you likely will never see Biden on a stage debating President Donald Trump for 2 or 3 hours this fall. I saw one TV talking head defend Biden the other day by pointing out the fact that he has already participated in half a dozen televised debates with his Democrat opponents over the past year. There are several reasons why Biden’s participation in those debates does little to prepare him for a debate with the President:

– He was debating fellow Democrats with questions coming only from fawning Democrat activists pretending to be “journalists;”

– His total speaking time during any one of those debates never amounted to more than about 10 minutes and was far less than that in several of them; and

– He was not getting hit with pointed rejoinders by a hostile opponent, with the lone exception coming when Kamala Harris cynically pretended to have been one of the children of the 1970s who was impacted by Biden’s opposition to forced busing [she wasn’t].

It is one thing for an elderly man with a declining mind to keep things together well enough to survive about 10 minutes of actual participation in a debate with a dozen other people. It is pretty easy to just sit back and hide in such a situation, which Biden did throughout most of those debates. And we need to remember that, even with all of that, he still horrifically embarrassed himself time after time after time.

It is quite another thing entirely for such a man to hold things together for 2 or 3 hours on a stage with a single opponent with no place to hide. As we have seen three times now in just the last 24 hours, Biden is simply not capable of avoiding saying embarrassing things even when faced with pure softball questions. On the rare occasion he is faced with an actual semi-tough question – as he was yesterday when the Black reporter asked him if he has ever taken a cognitive test – he is prone to having irrational outbursts and childish temper tantrums.

This is who Joe Biden is, folks. He was a walking gaffe machine decades ago, long before his mind started to decline. Now he has pretty much completely lost his filter, and we see all the racist stuff just come pouring out of his mouth before he even realizes he’s doing it.

I’ll leave you with this wonderful clip of Robin Williams doing a tremendous parody of Biden back in 2009. It was relevant then, and even more relevant today [profanity warning]:

That is all.

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When Will Democrats Abandon the China Joe Biden Charade?

The Mid-Day Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Doesn’t Break for Lunch)

Those few who have paid attention to China Joe Biden’s recent TV appearances and live-streams will have noticed that his wife has now become a constant presence at his side. Whether on-camera or remaining off of it, she is there.

Why do you think that’s the case? Do you think she is there because the campaign has some nifty new polling information that shows that the American public just can’t get enough of [checks notes for name] Jill Biden? Please.

Isn’t it much more likely, given China Joe’s obvious advancing impairment, that she literally hangs on his arm during these media events in order to try to keep him focused? Don’t you think she is there to pinch him when he starts wandering off on tangents or forgets what he was saying in mid-sentence? Isn’t that the kind of thing you have seen wives do when their husbands are suffering with advancing dementia?

The reality our country is facing is that the Democrat Party is attempting to pass this guy off as someone who is capable of conducting himself in the most intense and stressful office in the country. The Party is in lockstep running yet another scam, hoping it can somehow get this guy elected in November and sworn in next January before everyone finally is forced to admit that he is grimly impaired, after which whomever he [the Party] chooses as his running mate this summer can then step in to replace him.

To deluded Democrats, that obviously must sound like a great plan, because, with the exceptions of some percentage of the Bernie Bros, they are all on board with it. But it has one huge, gaping flaw that must somehow be overcome, which is the fact that accepting a nomination and running a general election campaign requires a candidate to make it competently through an array of long, live appearances on national television, the most obvious of which would be Biden’s acceptance speech and mostly likely a series of three debates with President Donald Trump.

Obviously, China Joe could probably get away with having Jill up there on the podium with him at the convention, pinching and prodding him as he struggles to focus on reading his acceptance speech. But what about the debates?

This is a guy who can barely make it through a 3-5 minute segment on Good Morning America with the toady hosts floating in Wiffle Ball questions that any competent person could win the Home Run Derby with. How is he going to possibly make it through a series of 2-hour debates with President Trump blasting in bombs on his position?

In those debates, there will be no prepared texts to read from a teleprompter, no one up there on stage with him to pinch him when he starts claiming to be the guy who wrote the Magna Carta or the Yalta agreement. Yes, the moderators will all be donors to his campaign who will do what they can to be helpful, but Donald Trump is not Mitt Romney: He won’t be up there looking to play nice and throw the election to his opponent.

At some point in the near future these realities are going to slap the leaders of the Democrat Party in the face, and they’re all going to be looking around at one another saying ‘what in the hell have we done to ourselves?’ Bernie Sanders obviously hopes that that moment will come well before the convention, which explains why he merely suspended his campaign, but refuses to release the delegates he’s already won and those he hopes to continue to collect in upcoming primaries.

Even The Commie understands that this latest Democrat scam is a bad plan that is bound to hit a brick wall at some point. The only real question is whether that moment will arrive before the convention, when the Party will have time to toss China Joe aside and hand its nomination to someone who actually knows where they are on most days, or after, when it will be too late to do anything about it.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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