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RNC Night 4: An Extraordinary Celebration of an Extraordinary President

Just a reminder that this is ok with the same corrupt news media activists who were whining about the lack of masks and “social distancing” on the White House grounds last night:

This is also just fine with your news media:

But this isn’t:

See how this works? Yeah, it isn’t complicated, is it?

Senator Rand Paul, his wife and many other attendees at the RNC’s final night were attacked on the streets of the nation’s capital by shrieking Marxist BLM thugs as the left the White House grounds, and your corrupt news media is of course refusing to show that reality to the American public. If this had been a right-wing mob attacking Democrats leaving last week’s DNC dog and crony show, it would be the lead story for weeks.

But you already knew that.

It was the greatest show on earth. – The final night of the RNC convention, that is. What a truly amazing group of speakers that was. After the heart-wrenching speech by Ann Dorn, the widow of St. Louis officer David Dorn who was murdered by BLM thugs during the July riots there, Rich Lowry tweeted that “Truly remarkable that at this convention the speeches by the “ordinary people” have, by and large, been more memorable and effective than the speeches of the politicians.”

That is very true, and it is a lesson the Democrats, with their parade of lunatic politicians like AOC and Bernie Sanders, emceed by a different un-funny Hollywood hack each night, should have taken to heart. All the polls from that fiasco are in now, and Biden didn’t get a shred of a “bump” out of his convention, a rare occurrence we have seen only a few times in the modern era since polling began.

Mrs. Dorn’s was the most gut-churning speech of the evening, but several others really stood out. My favorite was this lady:

Obviously not a polished public speaker, obviously nervous as she began, Stacy Brightmon, a Marine Corps veteran, powered through with a smile on her face to eloquently convey her very real, very American story of hard work and perseverance through hard times. Times so hard, in fact, that she and her family actually found themselves homeless for awhile before she turned things around. Brightmon gave credit to an apprenticeship program for vets created by the Trump Administration, but the reality is that she made her success happen through the sheer force of her will. A truly great American story.

You won’t see Ms. Brightmon highlighted on CNN or MSNBC or any of our corrupt major fake newspapers. She doesn’t fit their stereotype, doesn’t conform to the narrative.

Then there were Carl and Marsha Mueller, the parents of Kayla Jean Mueller, a 26-year-old humanitarian worker who was kidnapped by ISIS and held captive in Aleppo, Syria, for several years while the Obamaa Administration ignored her plight. She was murdered by those ISIS scum in 2015. The Muellers corrected pointed out that she would likely be alive today had President Obama bothered to take the personal interest in her situation that President Trump has taken in a long series of American hostages throughout his presidency.

You won’t see the Muellers and their story featured by anyone in our corrupt news media. Their story does not fit the narrative about cold-hearted Trump and compassionate Democrats.

Then there was Alice Johnson, the great-grandmother who spent 22 years rotting in prison before she was pardoned by President Trump in 2018 on the pleas from Kim Kardashian West. Her case led President Trump to seek the historic prison reforms passed into law by congress last year. Ms. Johnson’s story is especially compelling given that she was a non-violent drug offender who was given a life plus 25 years sentence under the 1994 sentencing law signed into law by Bill Clinton which targeted the Black community. Joe Biden has spent 26 years bragging about having been “the guy who wrote that law.”


The night was filled with many other outstanding speeches, like those from Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association, Senator Tom Cotton, Debbie Flood, the president of a manufacturing and steel production company in Wisconsin, and First Daughter Ivanka Trump. But the real stars of the show were the ordinary people, these great American stories told by the real Americans who created them.

Every denizen of the DC Swamp, the depraved Democrats, the #NeverTrump fake Republicans and the corrupt fake journalists who serve as their propaganda agents, detest those stories and the people who told them. Because those stories are real, and those stories put the lie to the fantasy world the Swamp has attempted to construct around this presidency.

The President himself spoke too long, as I’m sure you are hearing from everyone in the corrupt news media this morning.

Or did he?

Look, a big part of any acceptance speech consists of the candidate ticking off his accomplishments. Where Joe Biden read through a 22 minute prepared text consisting mainly of the false promises he’s been making to the public for 47 long years, President Trump spent 70 minutes detailing just the major achievements of his first four years in office.

It’s a stark contrast. As the President said himself at one point, “I’ve done more for the Black community in 3 years than Joe Biden has done in 47 years!”

Could there be any truer statement than that? Again, Joe Biden’s main “contribution” to the Black community in 47 years consists of a law that put Alice Johnson in prison for 22 of those years. That’s the truth. That’s the reality the corrupt news media and our increasingly subversive education system cannot allow most Americans to know.

So, is 70 minutes too long? Only in the minds of those who think in Swamp terms. This is a President who has spent four years working day and night to actually keep every promise he made during his 2016 campaign. He is without question the first U.S. president in modern times to have such a laser focus, although Ronald Reagan strove to keep most of his promises as well.

A big part of President Trump’s speech was talking about many of the big promises he has kept. He could have spoken until 3:00 in the morning and not made his way through all of them.

Whatever happens in November, no honest person can deny that this has been a truly extraordinary presidency led by a truly extraordinary American. You can hate his personality, dislike his speaking style and be disturbed by his tweets all you want, but no honest person can deny that he has been a truly consequential President.

And here’s the key to that: The greatness of Donald J. Trump derives from the fact that, despite his wealth and the trappings of his lifestyle and of the office he holds, he always has been and continues to be just an ordinary American. In his heart, he identifies far more with the Ann Dorns and the Stacy Brightmons and the Carl and Marsha Muellers and the Alice Johnsons than he does with the politicians he must deal with every day.

At one point in her speech, Ivanka Trump gushed that “Washington has not changed Donald Trump; Donald Trump has changed Washington.”

That statement is 100% true, and it is extraordinary, just like the ordinary American it describes.

That is all.

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