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Coronavirus: Threat to Trump, Godsend to Biden

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

While the Trump Administration has dealt as effectively with the coronavirus threat as anyone could have possibly done, there is now no question that the increasing public panic over the virus sown by the Democrats and their corrupt media toadies will end up doing substantial political harm to President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election.

There is no doubt, as leading public health officials have repeatedly confirmed, that President Trump’s quick action to ban travel to the U.S. from China had its desired impact of slowing the spread here in the U.S. The creation of the Coronavirus Task Force led by Vice President Mike Pence has also had its desired result of streamlining the federal government’s response to the crisis. These and other federal actions have ensured that the rate of infection in the U.S. has been dramatically slower than in Italy, Germany and other developed nations who did not implement similar steps.

The whole point of the Administration’s actions has been to minimize the U.S. infection rate during the early weeks of the progression curve that is a feature of  all viral outbreaks. The coronavirus is no different in this regard from the flu or the common cold: The rate of infection rises dramatically early on, levels off, peaks and then falls just as dramatically. That peak has already been reached in China – where the virus originated despite the best efforts of Democrats to convince us the President himself created it during a golf weekend at Mar-a-Lago – and in South Korea, whose government took many of the same early actions that the Trump Administration did.

Think about this for a moment: Worldwide, there have now been a total of 126,660 people confirmed to have contracted coronavirus, and 4,641 confirmed total deaths. In the U.S., those numbers are 1,321 and 38. Meanwhile, in the U.S. since last September, the CDC estimates that the common flu viruses have infected between 34-49 million Americans and killed between 20-52,000.

But no one at CNN is attempting to create a public panic over the flu epidemic, whose death rate this year has not been particularly severe in the U.S. We’re used to the flu, and our society has factored its infection and death rates into being just an aspect of our daily lives. It’s like the 35,000 or so deaths of Americans from car accidents every year – no one at the New York Times is writing idiotic op/eds blaming President Trump for inventing the wheel, which ultimately has killed millions and millions of people around the world.

But these things and other theoretically “preventable” causes of deaths – like trampolines, for example – are known threats, so we remain aware of them, treat those who are ill or have been injured as best we can, and go about our daily lives. Coronavirus, on the other hand, is novel to us: It has this odd name and mysterious origins and thus becomes an easy tool for the depraved Democrats and corrupt journalists to exploit for political gain by sowing public panic.

One big result of the panic is the cancellation of major events now taking place everywhere. Yesterday, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, by far the biggest economic generator for the City of Houston each year, was cancelled. Austin similarly lost the SXSW festival a few days ago.  The National Basketball Association cancelled the remainder of its season when one player tested positive for coronavirus. The Coachella festival was delayed until October. On and on this growing list of cancellations goes, and every one of them will have a negative impact on our economy.

Another big result is the rapidly-falling stock market, which is now on the precipice of officially falling into bear market status for the first time in 11 years. This is largely the result of panic selling by middle class investors who can’t afford to see their retirement funds take a big hit. So, these folks panic and completely get out of stocks and move to cash in an attempt to avoid the impact of the fall. But the problem there is that they won’t know when to get back in, and will almost certainly miss the benefit of much of the ride back up.

Meanwhile, the wealthy investors like Warren Buffett gleefully treat markets such as this as buying opportunities, snatching up big positions in various companies at flea market prices. The net result of the Democrat/media-create panic will thus inevitably become a major transfer of wealth from the middle class to the investor class.

All of this for political gain. All of this so they can point the finger of blame at the man they have all been demonizing for four long years. None of the other hoaxes they have mounted against President Trump have stuck, but this one well could, since the negative impacts of the panic now spreading will cascade throughout the economy during the second and third quarters of the year, at a minimum.

Meanwhile, this is all a literal godsend for the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee, Quid Pro Joe Biden. What a blessing. This is a man who is obviously in a state of advancing cognitive decline, and who will now be able to use concerns over the coronavirus to cancel all future public rallies and other events.

It has been at those rallies where Biden has experienced the preponderance of his “wtf is this guy saying” moments during the course of the campaign. It was at one such public event where he cursed at an autoworker and came close to getting in a literal fist fight with him just two days ago. It was at events like this that he couldn’t distinguish between his wife and his sister, where he referred to God as “you know, the thing,” where he told voters that he was running for the U.S. Senate and told a crowd of Iowans that they were in Ohio and Vermonters that they were in New Hampshire and on and on and on and on and on.

Having now almost run the table through the last 20 primary and caucus states, Biden has just one more hurdle remaining: Sunday night’s debate with Bernie Sanders, the last old geezer standing between him and the nomination. Get through that without claiming to have been the guy who made the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki or having been the guy who wrote the 14th amendment to the Constitution, and the nation’s Unfrozen Caveman Senator will be able to justify sitting out the rest of the primary season at his palatial home and avoiding exposure to the public or the press until the party’s convention in July.

While Biden and his handlers will consider the cancellation of all future rallies – which regularly fail to fill up a small high school gymnasium – as a blessing, President Trump will come under increasing pressure to avoid holding any rallies of his own. Those rallies of tens of thousands of supporters were the life’s blood of his campaign in 2016, and have been his main means of staying in touch with the public during his presidency.

Make no mistake about this: Every aspect of the coronavirus epidemic in the U.S. works to the detriment of President Trump, mainly due to the despicable actions by the corrupt media to create public panic. The President is dealing with the virus in a very effective way in terms of slowing its spread. For that, he deserves the gratitude of every American.

Whether he can find a way to deal with the negative political impacts of the virus in an equally effective way remains to be seen, and will likely ultimately determine whether he wins re-election or loses it to a frail and clearly-impaired old man.

What a thing.

That is all.

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