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With Today’s Racist Ouburst, Joe Biden is now Almost Beyond Parody

“Look, look, here’s the deal: The piggy says ‘oink, oink, oink,’ and if you disagree with me, you ain’t black, Jack.” – Let’s start with this bit of all-too-realistic hilarity from the folks at the Babylon Bee:

Admit it: It’s only funny because you initially think it might be real.

Ok, now, this really is real. – Watch as the Democrat Party’s Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee reveals what he truly does think about America’s Black community:

And here’s the truth: This is not just how Joe Biden really thinks of African Americans – that they’re monolithic thinkers, all the same, all should vote Democrat or “they ain’t Black” as he stated a few weeks ago – it’s really and truly what the Democrat Party as a whole thinks of them, and has for…well, pretty much forever.

The problem Biden as nominee presents to the Democrat Party – well, one of the thousands of problems – is not merely that he is racist: It’s that these old ways of ‘talkin’ to black folks’ are so ingrained in his diminishing mind that he is not able to break the habit. He can’t be trained to engage in the leftist double-speak that now dominates Democrat Party condescension to the Black community.

This is why you likely will never see Biden on a stage debating President Donald Trump for 2 or 3 hours this fall. I saw one TV talking head defend Biden the other day by pointing out the fact that he has already participated in half a dozen televised debates with his Democrat opponents over the past year. There are several reasons why Biden’s participation in those debates does little to prepare him for a debate with the President:

– He was debating fellow Democrats with questions coming only from fawning Democrat activists pretending to be “journalists;”

– His total speaking time during any one of those debates never amounted to more than about 10 minutes and was far less than that in several of them; and

– He was not getting hit with pointed rejoinders by a hostile opponent, with the lone exception coming when Kamala Harris cynically pretended to have been one of the children of the 1970s who was impacted by Biden’s opposition to forced busing [she wasn’t].

It is one thing for an elderly man with a declining mind to keep things together well enough to survive about 10 minutes of actual participation in a debate with a dozen other people. It is pretty easy to just sit back and hide in such a situation, which Biden did throughout most of those debates. And we need to remember that, even with all of that, he still horrifically embarrassed himself time after time after time.

It is quite another thing entirely for such a man to hold things together for 2 or 3 hours on a stage with a single opponent with no place to hide. As we have seen three times now in just the last 24 hours, Biden is simply not capable of avoiding saying embarrassing things even when faced with pure softball questions. On the rare occasion he is faced with an actual semi-tough question – as he was yesterday when the Black reporter asked him if he has ever taken a cognitive test – he is prone to having irrational outbursts and childish temper tantrums.

This is who Joe Biden is, folks. He was a walking gaffe machine decades ago, long before his mind started to decline. Now he has pretty much completely lost his filter, and we see all the racist stuff just come pouring out of his mouth before he even realizes he’s doing it.

I’ll leave you with this wonderful clip of Robin Williams doing a tremendous parody of Biden back in 2009. It was relevant then, and even more relevant today [profanity warning]:

That is all.

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Joe Biden is Losing his Social Filter

The Evening Campaign Update

The nation’s Declining Unfrozen Caveman Presumptive Nominee is losing his social filter. – Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden got himself into hot water today when his elder-abusing handlers pushed him out in front of TV cameras yet again. In his interview with radio host Charlamagne tha God, Biden at one point blurted out “You got more questions but I’ll tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.


Twitter naturally went crazy for a few hours as an array of outraged black tweeters condemned Biden’s remarks while the Biden apologist army waited for approved campaign talking points. #BidenIsARacist was one of several hashtags that were trending. They finally got those talking points late in the afternoon when Biden lamely allowed that “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy.”

In Biden-speak, the term “wise guy” is apparently code for “raging racist.”

This is just another example of Biden progressively losing his social filter, a very common manifestation of an elderly person suffering from some form of dementia. The man is just blurting out his real thoughts he’s held for decades but previously had the sense to suppress in polite society.

Frankly, in this instance he just blurted out the real thought that every liberal Democrat politician in America and pretty much their entire voter base has held for half a century now. These people really do believe they have some sort of right to the votes of Black Americans, and treat any African American who doesn’t vote for them as non-humans. And it isn’t just the white liberals who think like this: The members of the congressional Black Caucus feel the same way, and let people know about it on a regular basis. This is no secret, and so it’s really kind of funny to see all the outrage take place whenever someone like Biden slips up and blurts it out in public.

This is far from the first time Biden himself has done this. During the 2008 campaign he famously referred to Barack Obama as “the American dream…a clean and articulate black man.” During an earlier campaign he joked that you couldn’t “find a 7/11” that wasn’t run by someone from India. Over his 47-year political career, Biden has been famous not only for his inappropriate touching and sniffing of females of all ages, but also for telling off-color jokes and wise cracks targeting women and minorities. This is a guy who originally elected to the senate from Delaware in 1972 as the anti-busing candidate with the support of the mob and the Teamster’s Union.

This is who Joe Biden is, folks. Today’s outburst wasn’t some one-off “wise guy” crack, it was just Biden being Biden. Get used to it.

That is all.

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