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4.1% Q4 GDP Growth – and it’s Probably Understated!

So, the U.S. Q4 GDP comes in at a whopping initial estimate of 4.1% growth.  All the fake reporters and talking heads at all the fake news outlets are now busily coordinating with their favorite Democrats to either a) give all the credit for this wonderful economic news to Barack Obama, the only POTUS in U.S. history to never achieve a year of even 3% economic growth; b) pretend that this really isn’t good news at all because PORNSTARSCENTERFOLDSRUSSIANLAWYERS!!!!!!; or c) ignore the story entirely.

But everyone with firing synapses in their cranial cavities knows that this robust economic growth is in fact the outcome of the policies of Donald J. Trump, policies designed to reverse the heavy Obama regulatory actions and take the chains off of the levers of this country’s massive, unrivaled economic growth engine.  This is in fact great news for every American, and our fake news media simply cannot stand to spend any real time reporting on that because it surely does not fit the narrative they’ve so carefully constructed with their Democrat and #NeverTrump dinner club buddies.

Here’s the even better news that literally no one in the fake news media will utter a word about today:  This huge 4.1% GDP number for the 2nd quarter is almost certainly understated.  Many bad actors obviously remain in place at the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, which constructs these estimates, given that literally every initial GDP growth estimate during the Trump presidency thus far has later been revised upwards.

Here are the numbers:

Q1 2018:  In today’s announcement, BEA also notes that Q1 2018 GDP has now been revised upwards from 2.0% to 2.2%.

Q4 2017:  The estimate for the final quarter of 2017 was ultimately revised upward from 2.5% to 2.9%.

Q3 2017:  The estimate for Q3 2017 was revised upwards twice, from an initial 2.8% to 3.2% to a final 3.3%.

Q2 2017:  The estimate for the first full quarter of the Trump presidency was initially estimated at slightly less than 3%, then revised up to 3% and then finally revised up again to 3.1%.

Thus, four straight quarters of pretty significantly understated initial estimates.  Two in a row could be written off as statistical noise; three could be attributed to mere coincidence;  but four?  Four is a pattern, and not a good one, because, given that very few people ever actually hear about the upwards revisions from our eternally fake news media, the pattern is obviously designed to temper the public’s knowledge of just how well the President’s economic policies are working.

Someone in charge over at BEA needs to be taking a close look at whomever it is that is calculating these consistently understated initial estimates.  Here’s a clue: During the Obama years, the consistent downwards revisions of initial GDP estimates became almost legendary.

This kind of subversive nonsense needs to come to an end.

That is all.

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