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The Left Is Now Eating Its Own – Everybody Stand Back And Don’t Interfere

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The Left is now eating its own. – Hollywood producer of mediocre films and general high muckety-muck Harvey Weinstein was revealed by the news fakers at the New York Times on Wednesday to be a serial woman abuser who has entered into at least 8 settlements of sexual harassment lawsuits over the last quarter century.  This story was apparently real – it’s not about Donald Trump or Russia, after all – because Weinstein felt the need to issue a standard progressive non-apology apology later in the day that sounded like it came right out of the Bill Clinton playbook.  Which is appropriate, given that Weinstein has been a big donor to both Clintons, Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrat luminaries during the same years in which he was abusing women.
  • Progressive activists began demanding that all these Democrat politicians donate any contributions received from Weinstein over  the years to various women’s charities.  Thus far, only Sen. Patrick Leahy has chosen to do so, though we can expect some others to do the same.  But those who expect anyone named Clinton to give back any money for which they spent all those years shamelessly clawing and grasping is likely to be disappointed.  Hell, Bill’s still trying to figure out what all the fuss is about here.
  • And then there’s Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, who has become a hero of the unpatriotic left in recent weeks by engaging in various acts of disrespect to the flag during the playing of the national anthem.  Turns out that one can be a progressive hero only so long as one does not violate the norms of political correctness.  In a press conference on Wednesday, Newton made a snarky, insulting remark in response to a question about receivers running routes from a female reporter, an act for which he definitely deserves to be reprimanded.  But oh, my, a reprimand is the least of Cam’s worries.
  • This is what happens when you lie down with dogs. –  Cam has now become public enemy number 1 among the hard left contingent that now infests America’s sports media at all levels.  So much so that he has begun to lose sponsors as a result of all the negative media he is getting.  Thus, Mr. Newton has now forfeited all the weeks of hard work disrespecting Old Glory and the Star Spangled Banner with a single dim-witted misogynistic slip of the tongue.   These athletes are going to find their new progressive masters to be very demanding of their personal behavior.  Tough.
  • Wait, they’re giving us what we want?  Why, they can’t do that! – All the fake reporters and talking heads in the fake news media spent Tuesday through mid-day Thursday screaming at the top of their fake lungs about the need to get rid of Bump Stocks, the shooter’s toy that enabled the Las Vegas murderer to effectively turn semi-automatic weapons into fully-automatic guns.  But then the NRA, early Thursday afternoon, issued a statement supporting a review by the BATF to determine whether or not these toys really are in compliance with federal law (as someone we all know and love had suggested they do on Wednesday evening), and all the fake reporters and fake talking heads stopped in mid-scream, looked around and said “Wait, what?”
  • So they all fumbled around for about 2 hours until new talking points could be developed at Fake News Central, and by 3:00 they were all saying in unison that “Well, you can ban bump stocks, but don’t think that’s going to be the end of this!”  And then they all started chanting in their best Tibetan Monk tones “We need universal background checks.  We must have universal background checks.  We need universal background checks.  We must have…” ok, you get it.
  • They always go to universal background checks, for two reasons:  1) they don’t really have anything else, and 2) because they love to recite the phrase “Gun show loophole.”  It sort of rhymes, and all progressives are just frustrated poets with very mean streaks.  In the current case, this progressive monk-ish chant ignores the reality that the Las Vegas killer, during the course of his career – which included stints at the IRS and with at least one defense contractor – and in accumulating his  arsenal of firearms has reportedly submitted to more than 2 dozen FBI background checks during his adult life, and passed them all.  In other words, this is just one more meaningless Democrat/fake news media talking point designed to mislead the public.
  • But hey, that is after all what these people do for a living.

Just another day in lefties eating their own America.

That is all.

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