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Impeachment is All About Leverage, and Pelosi Has None

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

In politics, leverage matters.  – San Fran Nan Pelosi is playing at a losing game in her withholding of the House-approved articles of impeachment from the Senate. This is a game she cannot win unless Senate Republicans, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, hand it to her. Simply put, Pelosi has no leverage at all in this situation.

Whatever else one thinks of Leader McConnell, it must be recognized that he is perhaps the most canny user of political leverage who has ever served in his current role. While McConnell is receiving all sorts of advice from the political bleaters on both the right the left right now, no one on earth understands his role, responsibilities and power in this impeachment and removal exercise nearly as well as he does. And no one in modern times has understood the usage of political leverage like McConnell has.

In this current standoff – which actually is a standoff in Pelosi’s mind only – the Speaker is a piker compared to the Majority Leader. Her big hope is that her legion of corrupt toadies in the national news media will be able to apply so much pressure on RINO senators like Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney that they will turn to McConnell and beg him to give in to Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s demands on how a senate trial should be conducted.

First, let’s all join Mitch in having a big, hearty belly laugh at demands from Democrats – who just finished conducting the most shameless, Soviet-style sham trial in the House that our nation has ever seen – that the Senate trial be “fair”:

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, let’s next note the simple fact that the legal language contained in the articles of impeachment bill passed by the House requires Pelosi, by statute, to immediately transmit them over to the Senate. By withholding the articles from the Senate, San Fran Nan is in fact violating the terms of her own bill.


Some observers are pointing out the reality that, if he wanted to do so, McConnell could simply declare the articles to have already been transmitted over to the Senate and go ahead with a trial. After all, the bill has been published by the House in the Federal Record and widely reported verbatim across the depth and breadth of the corrupt national news media. Thus, McConnell and everyone else in the Senate is already fully aware of them.

That makes logical sense, but McConnell is very unlikely to make that move for one reason: Tradition. The formal transmission of bills by couriers from one house of congress to the other is a throwback to a long-ago time before the existence of any form of electronic communication, all the way back to the founding of our nation. It’s a tradition, and no one on the face of the earth has a higher degree of respect for the archaic traditions of congress than Mitch McConnell.

To simply declare the articles to have been transmitted to the Senate without following the traditional process is simply anathema to the Majority Leader. So it’s really hard to see any scenario under which McConnell would take this step.

Besides, as McConnell has said himself, he doesn’t even want to be bothered with the damn things. He and his fellow GOP senators have better things to do, like continuing to confirm a record number of new federal judges who have been nominated by President Trump to all levels of the federal judiciary. A removal trial would tie up the Senate for weeks, perhaps even months if the President demands the ability to call witnesses who were refused during the sham House process. So, McConnell’s view is, who needs that?

But what about public opinion, which is what Pelosi is desperately attempting to move with this silly tactic? All the polls – even the fake polls conducted by CNN and other corrupt media outlets – throughout the month of December have been moving in President Trump’s direction. Unless Pelosi and her media toadies can somehow reverse that national trend, there is no political leverage to be had here, either.

As the situation exists today, Pelosi has unintentionally put President Trump right where he wants to be: Getting up every morning with the ability to throw out Tweets pounding on a very unpopular political foil. That foil right now is San Fran Nan herself.

Thus, as things stand today, Pelosi is fighting a silly, losing battle in which she has no political leverage at all. Unless something major changes over the next week and a half, we should expect her to do one of two things once congress reconvenes on January 7:

  • Formally transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate; or
  • Announce that she plans to withhold them indefinitely pending more investigation and hearings by the House Intelligence and House Judiciary Committees.

The smart move would be to transmit the articles and try to salvage her House majority in the 2020 elections by focusing on an actual policy agenda. But she won’t do that because it would lead to neverending outrage from AOC and her Squad of political nitwits. The Squad and the social media Perpetual Outrage Mob to whom they cater have no understanding of political leverage, or lack thereof.

No, my bet is that Pelosi will try to have it both ways. Within a few days after the House reconvenes, she will go ahead and transmit the articles to the Senate, but also announce that her committees will continue to focus on the continuing impeachment witch hunt.

It’s a bad strategy in which she has no leverage whatsoever, but at this point, it truly is all she has.

2020 is going to be a long, sad year for the political left, which of course means it will be a great year for America.

That is all.

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