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Sunday News Roundup: Joe Biden is not President-Elect Yet; Not by a Long Shot

Shortly after every corrupt national media outlet declared within 5 minutes of one another on Saturday that Joe Biden had “won” the 2020 presidential election – even though literally nothing had changed in the vote counting since Friday – Jake Tapper proclaimed that “our long national nightmare is over,” parrotting Gerald Ford’s statement as he assumed the presidency from Richard Nixon in 1974.

Of course, Tapper was speaking for the entirety of our corrupt national media monolith – Fox News included – which feels that way at the end of every Republican presidency. They’ve all spent the last four years doing nothing but tearing President Donald Trump down and pushing hoaxes designed to get rid of him, and they’ve spent the entirety of this year supporting Democrat efforts to intentionally destroy our economy and commit massive vote fraud as a part of that unending campaign to get the Bad Orange Man out of the White House.

So, now they think they’ve succeeded and they’re all positively giddy. Just one problem here: The news media has no authority to declare anyone to be the president of the United States. That is a decision for the various state legislatures, the Electoral College and the courts to make.

At this moment in time, it is instructive to remember that the news media in 1948 spent two days calling Thomas Dewey the “president-elect”. Do any of you remember the Dewey Administration? No? Good, that means you paid attention in your history class.

It is also instructive to remember at this moment in time that, in November and December, 2000, the media monolith spent 37 days referring to Al Gore as the “president-elect.” Then, the court-ordered recount of the vote in Florida happened, and that all changed.

We already know that we are going to have a recount of votes in Georgia, and probably a canvassing of the vote as well, which is even more likely to uncover fraud. The real President’s legal team has also filed various lawsuits in Georgia demanding an audit of the votes and documenting an array of instances of outright fraud in that state.

With the gap closing rapidly between the two candidates in Arizona, the same scenario is almost certain to take place there, and Nevada and Wisconsin are also likely locations for recounts and canvassing and full audits of the votes and the “glitchy” Chinese computer software that magically transformed all the Trump votes to Biden votes in one Michigan county that is – surprise! – used in all of these states.

Pennsylvania is even better: The state courts there literally just changed state law by judicial fiat in order to allow vote “counters” there to count ballots that arrived three full days after election day as a means of facilitating the massive fraud everyone knows is taking place in Philadelphia. The U.S. Supreme Court ordered the state’s election officials to stop counting on Friday and segregate all of those ballots, an order that was apparently simply ignored by those officials. Rudy Giuliani also noted that, in Philadelphia alone, more than 600,000 post-election day ballots were counted without a single Republican being allowed to observe the process, an outrageous violation of U.S. election law.

Add to that all the myriad instances of blatant fraud that have been captured on video, and the massive vote-dumps numbering 6,300 or 23,000 or 138,000, all of which were magically cast for Joe Biden, and you have tons of easily-proved, massive vote fraud for the Trump lawyers to present to courts in these states. Equally important, the Trump lawyers have begun the process of presenting all of this proof of fraud to leaders in the state legislatures in these states, and guess which party has majorities of both houses of the legislatures in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania? The GOP.

So, none of this is over, not by a long shot. The corrupt media monolith decided on Saturday to support Biden by falsely declaring him to be the president-elect in order to create that belief in the public at-large because they know that will increase pressure on the legislators and courts to refuse to do the right thing and demand a full investigation into all the obvious fraud.

The media attempted to do the same thing on Gore’s behalf in 2000, and failed thanks to honest judges who refused to bend to public pressure, and to Florida’s then-Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, who refused to certify the results until a formal recount had taken place.

We are about to find out if honest judges and stalwart public servants like Harris are still the norm in our country 20 years later.

I have been warning you since April that the media was in the process of attempting to brainwash us to blandly accept exactly what is taking place right now: A blatantly stolen presidential election. If we do that, then we will deserve the horrible fate that awaits us.

That is all.

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