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Thursday News Roundup: Trump’s Only Recourse to Police Democrat Voter Fraud is the Courts

Here’s where things stand this morning on the only story that really matters:

– Wisconsin is gone, with Joe Biden holding a lead of about 20,000 votes.

– Michigan is gone, with Joe Biden holding a lead of about 150,000 votes.

– President Trump leads by a quarter of a million votes in Pennsylvania, but can there be any doubt that the vote “counters” in Philadelphia will manufacture that many votes and more before this day is through?

– Georgia is trending badly, with President Trump clinging to a lead of 19,000 votes with maybe another 100,000 still to be “counted”, mostly in Fulton County, home to heavily-Democrat Atlanta.

– North Carolina is still not fully done, with the President holding a 77,000 vote lead that appears to be solid to hold up at the end of the day.

– Arizona is still up for grabs, with Biden clinging to a tenuous lead of about 69,000 votes with half a million still to be counted.

– Nevada is still up for grabs as well, with Biden leading by about 8,000 but a quarter million or more votes remaining uncounted.

What do all of these states but Arizona and Georgia have in common? Democrat governors. So, if the Trump campaign is looking for any effective, diligent policing of obvious, blatant voter fraud efforts that took place and are still taking place from state officials, they are looking in vain.

Well, then, what about getting assistance from the FBI and the Federal Elections Commission? Yeah, if your name is Trump it’s pretty obvious you won’t be getting any help from the FBI, right? And the FEC is an anachronistic institution that hasn’t done anything real to police and prevent voter fraud in a generation or more.

Thus, Trump’s only resort is to the federal courts, and to do what the campaign did yesterday: Call out an army of lawyers led by Rudy Giuliani, a former U.S. attorney who knows how to root out organized crime like we have witnessed in Michigan and Pennsylvania and Georgia and Wisconsin related to the conduct of elections in this cycle.

Giuliani, accompanied by Eric Trump, held a press conference yesterday to kick off  his efforts in Pennsylvania.

From a report at the New York Post:

At a hastily called together press conference in Philadelphia, the president’s son Eric Trump and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani announced Trump 2020 was taking legal action to stop what they called “rampant corruption.”

“We’re gonna win Pennsylvania, but they’re trying to cheat us out of it because they know it’s their only path to victory, they know it’s the only path to victory,” Eric Trump said.

The campaign filed a lawsuit in the swing commonwealth of Pennsylvania earlier Wednesday calling for a halt to vote counting until their Republican poll observers were given better access at polling centers.

In a tweet fired-off during the event, Trump said he was declaring himself the winner of Pennsylvania, Georgia and [North] Carolina and claimed he would have also seized Michigan if not for “a large number of secretly dumped ballots.”

“We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the state of Georgia and the State of North Carolina, each of which has a BIG Trump lead,” he tweeted.

“This is among one of the most anti-democratic things I’ve ever seen or encountered and it’s not just here in Philadelphia, it is going on all over the country,” Giuliani claimed.


Giuliani’s last statement there is of course true. In Michigan, for example, a tranche of 138,000 votes were dumped early yesterday morning by vote “counters,”  and each and every one of them was supposedly for Joe Biden. Officials came in later in the day and oh, gee, well that was just a “typo” – someone had added an extra zero. Sure, but that still amounts to almost 14,000 votes, all for a single candidate, a statistical impossibility.

In another instance in Michigan, the county vote totals in one county showed Biden winning that county by 3,000 votes. It turned out the total had been “transposed” and that Trump had actually rolled up a 3,000 vote win there. Officials wrote it off to a simple clerical errors, but it is passing strange how all of the “errors,” each and every one of them, only go in one direction.

Can anyone doubt that the Democrats in Wisconsin falsified at least 20,000 votes in that state? Please, that’s a walk in the park for these people. A recanvassing of the dead voters in state would no doubt turn up at least that many votes in Madison and Milwaukee alone. There are lots and lots of cemeteries in those towns.

In Pennsylvania, as Eric Trump and Giuliani noted, GOP election observers have been shut out of vote counting operations, and big dumps of all-Biden ballots took place throughout the day on Wednesday. Here is how Nate Silver’s Democrat-shilling operation noted one of them:

“23,277 votes in Philadelphia, all for Biden,” noted without critical comment. Again, a statistical impossibility. The odds of that being legitimate would be in the billions or trillions to 1, and a guy who styles himself to be a statistical geek just puts it out there without comment.


Twitter, of course, was feverishly censoring all mention of the massive vote-stealing operations, as noted by Newt Gingrich:

If you click on that tweet to try to get to the report at the Federalist, Twitter won’t allow you to go there, and takes you to one of its false disclaimers that were likely written by the Biden/Harris campaign instead.

Of course, we were warned about all of this repeatedly over the last 6 months. I noted time after time that the Democrats were not even really hiding their intention to steal this election through  massive vote fraud using the easily-subverted mail-in ballots as their main vehicle. Biden himself noted at one point in a call with fundraisers that his campaign had built the “largest voter fraud operation in history.” Apologists in the media wrote it off as a gaffe, but what it really was was a slip of the tongue, a rare moment of honesty from a pathological liar.

And the entire operation has been facilitated by the Democrat governors. The same governors who have used the China Virus as an excuse to keep their economies shut down for political gain are the governors who mass-mailed ballots to every person in their states, and they’re the same governors who jointly paused the vote counting in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday as the President was on the verge of securing his victory with wins in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Once they had assessed exactly how many votes they would have to manufacture, those same governors – all Democrats – restarted the vote “counting” with a singular goal in mind.

This is why GOP election observers have been denied access to counting operations in places like Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee and Atlanta, and it is why those Democrat governors refuse to forthrightly explain the processes in their states in clear and concise terms to the public.

The only recourse is the courts, and ultimately that means the U.S. Supreme Court. That is why the media/Democrat Axis of Propaganda has mounted such a furious campaign to claim that new Justice Amy Coney Barrett should recuse herself from any election-related decisions. They know that Chief Justice John Roberts is compromised, and that a 4-4 vote at the Supreme Court would in fact be a denial of the Trump campaign’s complaints.

At the end of the day, the stalwart effort by Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham to ensure Justice Barrett’s confirmation could end up saving the Republic from its first-ever dementia-riddled Presidency.

This will all take weeks, not days, so hunker down and stay safe.

That is all.

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