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Why No Real Person Sympathizes With Mika

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • The fake news media spent all day Thursday and Friday portraying Morning Joe co-host Mika Brrzzzzeennsski (I have no idea how to spell that name and no desire to Google it) as a modern day combination of Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary, a poor, hapless, helpless persecuted and defenseless woman who was being “bullied” by mean ol’ President Trump.  While this full court press for sympathy no doubt works with Mika’s fellow fake journalists and the upper class of New York City’s Upper East Side, it won’t work with any normal person who becomes acquainted with Mika’s background and personal behavior.
  • Why?  Well, think about it: Before she turned up as the co-host of Morning Joe, had you ever even heard of Mika Brrrzzzzzennsski?  No, of course not. She’s like the Chelsea Clinton of the fake news media, parlaying no talent, little brains and a famous last name into national visibility.  This is not an intrepid journalist who clawed her way to national visibility through hard work and diligence – that would be Sharyl Attkisson – Mika is a person born into great privilege, the daughter of Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser and pedigreed creature of the ruling class.
  • And Mika is not some poor, shrinking violet who never did anything to deserve a little presidential tweet storm:  She’s been the co-host of a national-TV talk show who has for the last six months spent three hours every morning slandering the President, his wife, his 11 year-old son, his other children and their wives at every possible opportunity.  Fox News put together a little 15 second clip of a few of her more recent insults, but the truth is that you could put together a feature-length film and still not cover all the nastiness Poor Miss Mika has tossed at the President and the First Family since he turned her and Joe away at Mar-a-Lago over New Year’s.  This presidential rejection obviously caused a bitterness that neither Mika nor her not-so-secret anymore boyfriend have ever gotten over.
  • So, while her fellow fake journalists and the subscriber base for the NYTimes will no doubt feel terrible for poor, poor Mika, no normal person who learns the truth of her background and behavior will waste a second of concern on her, nor should they.
  • Meanwhile, over at CNN, the ratings continue to tank.  Despite the failing network’s claim to have had its “highest-rated 2nd quarter ever” – an outright lie – it is running a poor third to Fox and MSNBC in both the total ratings and the vaunted 25-54 advertising demographic.  But surely a few more lectures from Brian Stelter and whining from Jim Acosta will turn it all around.
  • From our “Don’t Make Promises You Won’t Keep” file:  Houston congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee took to the floor of the House in outrage after the President’s tweet storm on Thursday, demanding that Mr. Trump resign immediately, and promising to “not vote for a single thing” until he does!  Ms. Jackson Lee continues to be the most unintentionally hilarious member of the House of Representatives.
  • Ms. Jackson Lee also made news by joining 23 other House Democrat lunatics in signing onto a bill that would propose to remove President Trump from office due to mental incapacity.  She even told an interviewer that congress has the power to do this under the 25th amendment.  Of course, congress has no such authority under the 25th amendment – only the Cabinet does – and of course this bill is just another example of how extreme leftist nitwits have come to dominate the Democrat Party.
  • Oh yeah, and finally, both the NYTimes and the Associated Press were forced to walk back multiple reports they issued over the last few months claiming that “17 intelligence agencies” had jointly agreed there was evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 elections.  Turns out that only 4 of the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed with that assessment, and the truth most likely is that it was really just one low-level clerk sitting in a broom-closet office who made that “finding.”

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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