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The Oil And Gas Situation – New Price, Production, Policy, Pipeline Targets Arise

Some thoughts on the domestic oil and gas situation as we move into May…

More rigs, more jobs, more drilling, but for how much longer…:  As I pointed out at the beginning of April, the U.S. oil and gas industry added more than 200 new active drilling rigs during the first quarter of 2017.  The pace of new rig activation slowed somewhat during April, but the count continued to rise as a total of 46 new rigs came online during the month.  The current U.S. domestic rig count of 870 is more than double the count of 420 at the end of April, 2016.

It will be interesting to see how much longer this upwards trend in the rig count will continue, given the softening oil price.  The corporate upstream companies have now implemented their capital plans for the first half of 2017, and are beginning the process of evaluating how those plans should be adjusted for the second half of the year.  The rising drilling activity and increasing demand for service companies and their products has predictably resulted in corresponding increases in service costs.  One would expect that, combined with a sub-$50 oil price, to result in a leveling off and possibly even a falling rig count for the last two quarters of the year.

But so much of that depends what OPEC does.: Will OPEC extend its current agreement to curtail production, which expires on June 30, or won’t they?  The answer to this question, more than any other single factor, will determine where the price of crude goes, and thus where the U.S. rig count and drilling budgets go for the second half of 2017.

 The 2017 capital budgets for the majors and the large independent producers who drill the great majority of wells in the U.S. were put into place in anticipation of a crude price at or above $50/bbl.  But the price for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) has recently fallen below that level due in large part to uncertainty about where OPEC will head beginning July 1.


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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.3.2017

  • If he worked at Fox, he’d be fired for blatant homophobia.:  Stephen Colbert, the un-funny late night host on CBS, targeted President Trump with an obscene homophobic slur during his un-funny monologue Monday evening.  Many observers questioned whether this meets CBS’s standards, and why the Federal Communications Commission remained silent on this clear violation of broadcast television rules, forgetting, of course, that CBS no longer has any standards and the FCC rules – like all other rules of civil discourse in our society – no longer exist after eight years of Barack Obama and his utter corruption of every nook and cranny of the federal government.
  • If the manure is still steaming, it still stinks.  Trust me.:  The Trump Administration and congressional Republicans did their best on Tuesday to defend the smelly pile of horse manure (it’s ok to say that under FCC rules) that they are calling a “budget deal”.  It didn’t work.  The pile of manure still smells.  Sorry, it just does.
  • She really knows how to cheer Republicans up.:  But no matter how awful this budget bill is, The Most Corrupt Woman In America reminded us how much more awful it could have been with a very timely interview with the fawning fake reporter Christian Amanpour.  After saying she takes “full responsibility” for the horrible campaign she ran in 2016, The Most Corrupt Woman then went on to blame everyone else on earth for her loss.  The woman really is incapable of uttering a true statement in public.  She also touted the book she is writing about the campaign, describing the process as “incredibly painful.”  Because uttering a few dozen lies in public comes very easy, but having to make up 80,000 words worth of lies is, like, hard.
  • Can we get Dennis Rodman to moderate the discussion?:  President Trump stated on Monday that he would meet with the Crazy Little Fat Guy who runs North Korea “under the right circumstances.”  On Tuesday, fake journalists who thought it was fantastic when Barack Obama said exactly the same things about evil dictators in Iran and other despotic countries went all tsk-tsk on this President.  Why?  Because that’s what they do.
  • Our news here at CNN is not just fake, it’s really, really fake.:  CNN has become so transparently and proudly fake that it is now refusing to run Republican ads on its channel.  After CNN refused to run a GOP ad touting the President’s many achievements during his first 100 days in office, President Trump tweeted the ad out and it went viral across social media platforms.  How long can it be before CNN decides to designate May or June or some other month as Fake News Pride Month?
  • That uncomfortable moment when you’re asked a question for which you have no good answer.:  CEOs of four of the nation’s airlines, including United’s incredibly incompetent Oscar Munoz, were called to testify before the House Transportation Committee.  Predictably, it did not go well.  California Republican Duncan Hunter summed the entire hearing up in a single sentence when he asked Munoz, “Why do you hate the American people?”  It’s a good question.
  • We here at the United Nations like to just joke around sometimes.:  Yesterday, Saudi Arabia was granted a seat on the United Nations’ worthless Women’s Rights Committee, and that’s pretty much all you need to know about the United Nations.
  • The writer also forgets that this President owns his own jumbo jet.:  HeatStreet ran with an article with the headline “Donald Trump Calls For A Shutdown That Could Kill His Mar-a-Lago Trips.”  Yeah…no.  The writer forgets that a government “shutdown” only shuts down non-essential services, which do not include the Secret Service or Air Force One.

Just another day in Everything is Fake America, even the government shutdowns.

That is all.

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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.2.2017

  • Panicked over Democrat threats to shut down the government if they did not get each and every one of their spending priorities, congressional Republicans did what they pretty much always do and caved like a bunch of Frenchmen at the first sign of adversity, spent more than a trillion dollars of your money, and allowed Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to hold celebratory press conferences declaring victory for their tiny minority party.  Even worse, President Donald Trump signed the atrocity, which spends your money like a drunken sailor on shore leave through the end of September, into law.  It’s a disgrace, plain and simple, and if you don’t have utter contempt for the GOP congress after this latest in a long, long line of budgetary fiascos, I don’t know what to say to you.
  • This was an enormous lost opportunity for President Trump, who should have laughed at the bill, which does not contain a single one of his stated spending priorities, and sent it back to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in shreds.  There is absolutely no smart political reason for Donald Trump to fear the shut down of what amounts to 14% of the federal government.  What, is he going to get some bad press if he lets the Democrats do that?  My God, bad press is the only kind of press he gets.  It’s how he got elected, for crying out loud.
  • I have no idea which of his senior people advised him to capitulate in this way, but whomever it is needs firing.  Because these people have no earthly idea why Donald Trump is president in the first place (Clue:  He got elected to SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT in situations exactly like this), and is sadly succeeding in making the President forget why as well.
  • Yesterday was a really bad day for President Trump, and a truly awful day for America, because it showed the President is losing focus on why he was elected in the first place.  We’d all better hope he gets that focus back very quickly.  You expect this kind of limp-wristed nonsense from congressional Republicans, but you didn’t vote for Donald Trump so that he could sign onto it as well.
  • I’m too pissed off to write about anything else.  Sorry.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

Just another day in RINO congress America.

That is all.

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President Trump’s First 100 Days In Oil And Gas: Elections Really Do Matter

President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office is this Saturday, and the debate is raging about what he has or has not accomplished during that short period of time, which in the past has traditionally been a sort of “honeymoon” period for new presidential administrations.  It’s highly debatable whether or not this particular President received any sort of honeymoon at all, since such periods in the past have involved semi-favorable coverage from the press and a good deal of cooperation from congress, but that’s another subject for another writer.

My mission here at is to talk about public policy related to energy in general, and oil and natural gas in particular.  Focusing strictly on that area of policy, it seems to me that President Trump, through his 98th day in office, has already become the most impactful president in my lifetime , which, since I’m pretty old, goes back to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Shortly after he took office in 2009, former President Barack Obama famously told the Republican congressional leaders, “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” Those words are as true today as they were then, and those who deal with public policy matters in the oil and gas industry are finding out that the 2016 election mattered in a really big way.  You might even say it was “Yuge”.

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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 5.1.2017

  • We here in the Fake News Media want you to think today is something noble.:  Today is May Day, which our fake news media will tell you all means it is “International Workers Day”.  What the fake news media won’t tell you is that May Day is a celebration that originated in the Soviet Union, and is actually a celebration of communism.  Which means all the progressives, social justice warriors and Bernie Sanders will be breaking the bubbly.
  • She didn’t leave the commies, the commies left her.:  Speaking of commies, even San Fran Nan Pelosi, that doddering, terminally confused leader of the congressional Democrats, is not radical enough for those celebrating Lenin and Stalin today.  Her apparent lack of being quite stupid and out of touch with anyone outside of San Francisco enough for the Party’s ruling commie faction has led Senator Bernie Sanders to recruit a commie challenger for her when she runs for re-election next year.  Man, it really is tough times to be in the Democrat “leadership” these days.
  • It’s called projection.:  Speaking of the Fake News Media, they had their annual celebration of faking the news in Washington DC on Saturday evening.  Some really bad comic who no one over 16 has ever heard of emceed the event, at one point referring to Trump supporters as “his back country hick voters.”  Meanwhile, speaker after speaker – including the Washington Posts’s Bob Woodward, who also used his speech to give out a commercial for Amazon stock – got up and felt the need to assure the audience that “we are not fake news.”  Note to those speakers:  If you feel the need to publicly claim you aren’t “fake news”, you probably are.
  • Fake, but predictable.:  In other words, the Fake News Media did exactly what President Donald Trump predicted they would do:  They gave themselves a big congratulatory hug, profanely attacked the Administration, demonstrated zero sense of self-awareness or introspection about their collective abandonment of their intended role in this society as the protector of the public interest, and proved that they are indeed, in coordination with the Democrats, the Opposition Party.  Then again, expecting these people to engage in introspection is like expecting your cat to quit shedding on your favorite pillow.  Ain’t gonna happen.
  • They reached that point around November 9, Mike.:  Meanwhile, President Trump held a rally before a huge and raucus crowd in Pennsylvania to celebrate the end of his first 100 days in office.  Vice President Mike Pence, while warming up the crowd, blamed “left-wing activists and their willing allies in the media” for “ignoring the facts and spreading that fake news. He’s driving them all a little bit crazy.”  Which just proves that our Vice President remains a master of under-statement.
  • She’s a feminist hero, after all.:  HeatStreet reports that Linda Sarsour, a pro-terrorist, pro-sharia law activist who has ironically served as a major organizer of “women’s” marches around the country, is now a protected client of the Democrat National Committee.  DNC Vice Chairman Michael Blake – a radical holdover of the Obama Administration – Tweeted this out over the weekend:  “Making it real clear. If you keep coming after [Linda Sarsour], we’re going to respond directly, consistently, and with all heart and soul.”  Thus, the very public and transparent co-option of the Democratic Party by radical Islam proceeds apace.
  • Has anyone seen Joe Biden recently?:  PJ Media reports that someone in Waynesboro, VA has been going around kidnapping cats, shaving their underbellies and then returning them home in the dead of night.  No word if this guy – or gal – was an attendee at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, but he would have fit right in at the MSNBC table.

Just another day in fake news media, cat-shaving America.

That is all.

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Today’s Campaign Update: The Fake News Media’s First 100 Days

Given that every fake reporter, talking head and fake news anchor in the nation’s Fake News Media is busy today handing out grades to President Donald Trump on his first 100 days in office, I thought it would be appropriate for someone to grade the Fake News Media on its own performance during that same 100 days.  So I went back through my Daily Campaign Update files, starting on Inauguration Day and taking it all the way up through Friday, and excerpted every #Fakenews item that has appeared in those 100 Updates.

This is very long – more than 12,000 words – and I don’t expect everyone to go through every word.  But if you just scan through and catch a snippet here and there, I think you will have to agree with my assessment that the Fake News Media, in its coverage of President Trump’s first 100 days in office, has richly earned the grade of:

A Big, fat “F”


Here’s the Review:

January 20:

  • Fake News King CNN aired a segment in which a fake reporter fake analyzed how many officials, in addition to Donald Trump and Mike Pence, would have to be murdered before taking the oath of office in order for an Obama-appointed official to assume the presidency. This is the state of what the fake media likes to call “responsible journalism” in America today.
  • Noted failed prognosticator Nate Silver, who missed each and every critical story during the 2016 election campaign, published a piece titled “The Real Story of 2016.” He’s wrong about that, too.

January 21:

  • After being sworn in as President, Donald Trump immediately signed an executive order directing the U.S. congress to take action to “relieve the American People of the burdens of the Affordable Care Act”. Despite the fact that this order has no force of law, the fake reporters and fake editors at the Washington Post responded to this with a blaring front page headline that reads “Trump Guts Obamacare’s Individual Mandate”. Liars, damned liars, and The Washington Post.
  • Anarchists paid for by George Soros and other DNC-affiliated agitator groups rioted in isolated parts of Washington, DC, breaking windows, turning over trashcans, assaulting police officers and setting cars on fire. This is who our fake news media refer to as “peaceful protestors.”
  • Speaking of fake news, on ABC yesterday, Matthew Dowd, a former advisor to George W. Bush and fervent #NeverTrump advocate, said that in his view, the country today is in “much the same place it was in 1861.” Seriously, I’m not making that up. But it gets better. Or worse, depending on your point of view.
  • On MSNBC, currently the fourth-ranking Fakety Fakey Fake News outlet in the fake news media, tiresome old Marxist Chris Matthews said that Trump’s promise to move power out of Washington DC and transfer it to the American people was “Hitlerian” in its tone. This is what your fake news media likes to call “responsible journalism”.
  • On Twitter, leftwing Clinton shill Neera Tanden, who has spent her career coordinating efforts with and apologizing for violent protest groups funded by George Soros and other DNC affiliates, feigned concern about all the rioting going on in Washington. Of course, the rioters were largely funded by George Soros and other DNC affiliates. *sigh*

January 23:

  • Fake news site Politico ran a piece titled “What Do You Do If A Red State Moves To You?”, in which it chronicles the plaintive wailings of a few Wisconsinites wringing their hands about how the towns and counties they had thought were safely liberal suddenly voted Republican after 8 years of Barack Obama. The piece largely blames this shift to non-natives moving into the state in recent years. Hilariously, at least one of the people the fake reporter interviewed for the piece was herself a transplant from another state. No word if the fake reporters at Politico plan to do a piece “What To Do If A Blue State Moves To You?” in which native Coloradans are asked how they feel about the impacts of hundreds of thousands of Californians moving into their state over the past 20 years, but we won’t be holding our breath, will we?
  • Fake op/ed writers in the fake news media over the weekend ran pieces that variously declared that the swearing in of President Donald J. Trump (never get tired of typing that) represents the “death of” a) Reaganism, b) the conservative movement, c) a free news media, and, most hilariously of all, d) the Republican Party. Nevermind that, in the wake of the 2016 elections, the GOP controls 2/3rds of the nation’s governorships, 2/3rds of state legislative chambers, almost 60% of the seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, a majority of the Senate, and the presidency.

January 24:

  • The gang of nitwits on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program began Monday’s show by stating right up front that the size of the crowd at the Trump Inauguration – which, at the very least, was easily the largest ever to witness a Republican assume office – “doesn’t matter.” Naturally, they then proceeded to spend the entire show discussing the size of the crowd at the Trump Inauguration. #smdh

January 25:

  • The fake reporters and editors at the New York Times filed a fake report announcing that President Trump has decided to keep FBI Director James Comey in his position. The truth is that FBI Directors are appointed for 10 year terms, and Mr. Comey is right in the middle of that 10 years at this point, so President Trump has no authority to remove the Director from his position. The Times story does mention the 10 year term waaaaaay down past the middle of the story, and also claims “The President can fire the Director, though.” Well, if there is legitimate cause for firing, yes. The Times specifies no such cause. Naturally, the “sources” for the Times’ story “spoke on condition of anonymity”. Imagine that. Fake news, defined.
  • Speaking of fake news, the fake news media went berserk yesterday with a story that the Trump Administration had “frozen the EPA!!!!!!!”. Many outlets attempted to portray this as a climate Armageddon, with the new Administration halting all work at the “Agency that protects us from poisoning the air and water!!!!!” as one especially fake reporter put it. What really happened was that the Trump Administration ordered the Agency – and many other agencies of the federal government – to freeze all new contracts and grants until the new, incoming leaders of those agencies have had time to review such programs. This is a very standard action that all new incoming presidencies – including the Obama Administration – take upon assuming office. Fake news, defined yet again.
  • Meanwhile, while everyone in the fake news media was distracted with these and other fake news stories, President Trump signed a raft of new executive orders, met with leaders of the auto industry, conducted calls with leaders of at least three other countries, released a list of 50 high-priority infrastructure projects he’d like to see funded in an infrastructure bill, and let it be known he would sign a bunch more executive orders related to immigration on Wednesday. All the fake reporters in the White House press pool just mainly want to know when he’s going to go on vacation. Wait till they find out that Trump really doesn’t take vacations…

January 26:

  • MSNBC resident leftwing nitwit Rachel Maddow issued a tweet in which she stated that “President Trump needs to be taken out before he ruins the country.” No word yet on whether the Secret Service is investigating this threat, but a sure sign that they are will come when and if Ms. Maddow issues a Madonna-esque “clarification” in which she claims that her tweet was “taken out of context.”
  • On Sunday, Senior Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway told an interviewer that Sean Spicer had presented “alternative facts” in his press statement on Saturday addressing the size of the crowd at the Inauguration last Friday. Yesterday, she came under fire for this explanation from….wait for it….wait for it….seriously, you have got to wait for this one….Dan Rather!!!!!! I swear I didn’t make that up. By the way, if you fail to see the irony here, you probably voted for Al Gore, John Kerry and The Most Corrupt Woman in America.

January 27:

  • All those senior State Department people who the fake reporters at the Washington Post claimed “resigned en masse” yesterday? Yeah, they were fired. #fakenews defined.

January 28:

  • All the fake reporters and fake editors and fake talking heads in the fake national news media were tut-tutting on Friday over White House advisor Steve Bannon’s comments that the news media was “the opposition party”, and that maybe they all should “shut up and listen for awhile”, because they “still don’t get why Donald Trump was elected.” The first and third quotes there are absolute truth, but all those fake reporters, editors and talking heads can never admit to it, since they all still apparently think (incorrectly) they have some shred of professional credibility remaining in their lives. And, as to the second quote, expecting these people to engage in even a moment of serious introspection is like asking your dog Bowser to quit licking himself. Not gonna happen.

January 30:

  • A headline at the Drudge Report read “World Order Shaken Up By Trump Immigration Orders”, and that was certainly true. Leftist heads all over the earth began exploding late Friday in the wake of those orders, and groups funded by George Soros and Democratic Party-affiliated support groups – including the fake national news media – organized large protests at many major U.S. airports. Democrat politicians showed up at the protests – usually accompanied by TV crews from CNN or MSNBC – to make sure they got a lot of face time in front of the teeming masses. The fake media naturally characterized these highly-organized events that were obviously coordinated with and by the Democratic Party as “spontaneous.”
  • At JFK Airport in New Jersey, CNN made the mistake of interviewing one man who had been detained for three hours, hoping he would bash President Trump’s policy. Turned out he was a Trump supporter. Ooops.
  • ABC aired some of CNN’s footage later in the day, and edited out the part about his being a Trump supporter. #Fakenews, defined.

January 31:

  • White House press spokesman Sean Spicer described the fake news media’s outrage over the President’s immigration orders as “pathetic”. Well, yeah, that’s a very good word for it. We can expect the fake reporters and fake editors and fake talking heads to double down on the pathetic-ness in response. Because that’s all they know how to do.
  • New York City’s Communist Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, told Jake Tapper on CNN that his sanctuary city actually actively shields illegal immigrants accused of drunk driving from the INS. Hey, remember when Democrats spent 30 years pretending they thought drunk driving was a major offense that needed to be effectively policed? Good times….good times….

February 2:

  • NBC Today Show fake talking head Tamron Hall abruptly quit the show yesterday over the news that new NBC hire Megyn Kelly would be taking over as host of either the 3rd or 4th hour of the daily program. Ms. Hall had been hosting an hour-long segment with Al Roker called “Today’s Take”, but it was axed to make way for the overwhelmingly ambitious Ms. Kelly. So, one fake talking head walks, another fake talking head takes her place, and Al Roker goes back to reporting the weather. Only in your fakety fakey fake news media.
  • Meanwhile, over at CNN, the reigning king of all the fakety fakey fake news universe, the natives are getting a little restless over the realization that the fake news network is being frozen out by the Trump Administration. CNN’s fake staff is complaining that the Administration won’t send representatives over to be fake-interviewed by their fake reporters and fake anchors, and their fake reporters aren’t getting to ask questions at White House press briefings. One even complained that other members of the fake media should be defending CNN, but aren’t. Hey, now CNN knows how Fox News felt for the last 8 years! Hilarious.
  • Speaking of the fake news media, all the fake reporters and fake talking heads went even more berserk than usual (I know, hard to imagine, right?) when President Donald Trump, without prior announcement, boarded Marine One with his daughter Ivanka and flew away from the White House to destination unknown. All sorts of wild speculation in the fake media ensued, with all manner of bad motives attributed to the POTUS, until the fake reporters and fake talking heads were finally informed that his destination was Dover, Delaware, where he would privately pay tribute to the member of Seal Team Six who was killed in action over the weekend. At which point all the fake reporters and fake talking heads collectively said, ‘Oh, nevermind’, and went back to creating more fake stories. Because that’s all the fake news media knows how to do.

February 3:

  • Don’t look now, but John McCain has decided he wants to go back to being The Senator From The News Media, a role he skillfully played for 8 years during the presidency of George W. Bush, and ultimately parlayed into a presidential nomination. Having just won re-election and safe for the next six years from any voter retributions, McCain has become almost as vocal a critic of President Donald Trump as Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer, criticizing many of Trump’s early moves in order to get more face time on MSNBC and CNN. After Trump held what the fake news media is claiming to have been an adversarial telephone call with Australia’s Prime Minister, McCain even took it upon himself the next day to phone the Aussie Ambassador to the U.S. to reassure him that the senate would make sure that America’s relations with the Down Under would remain strong. He then immediately bragged about the call to a reporter with The Hill. The man is shameless.

February 4:

  • The reigning king of the Fakety Fakey Fake news universe, CNN, set the Twitterverse on fire when it sent out a Tweet claiming that country singer Faith Hill was releasing an album of duets she’d recorded with rapper Notorious B.I.G., 20 years after his death. The Tweet was accompanied by photos of both Mr. Notorious and a female person, who in fact turns out to be soul/jazz/hip-hop singer Faith Evans. Which just goes to show that CNN cannot help putting out fake news, even when it doesn’t want to.
  • But speaking of CNN and intentional fake news, the network’s fake news fake anchor Don Lemon engaged in an incredibly inflammatory exchange with former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich – now a leftwing professor at Cal Berkeley – in which both supported the conspiracy theory that the rioters who set the Cal Berkeley campus afire on Wednesday evening were in fact a “false flag” bunch of right-wing agitators who were put up to it by the Trump-supporting Mr. Reich offered as “proof” of his claim that he “didn’t recognize” any of the 150 or so rioters, all of whom wore masks. Ummmm…ok. For the record, there are 38,000 students currently enrolled at Cal Berkeley. I kind of doubt Mr. Reich personally knows every one of them, or would recognize those he does know when they are wearing a mask. But the fake Don Lemon not only hung on every word, he actually helped expand on the concept. Because (in my best James Earl Jones voice) This is CNN.
  • Speaking of fake news outlets, Buzzfeed, which currently resides in the top 5 of in the Fakety Fakey Fake New rankings, was sued for its publication of a completely faked “dossier” of salacious allegations against Donald Trump. The suit was not brought by Trump, but by a Russian tech firm that the fake dossier falsely claimed had been involved in an effort to “hack” the presidential election. Of course, the suit is unlikely to succeed. U.S. law obviously allows news fakery to go on pretty much without limits; otherwise, outlets like Buzzfeed, MSNBC and CNN wouldn’t be in business.

February 6:

  • The main fake news surrounding the Super Bowl was what didn’t happen. The fake news media spent all week claiming there would be significant disruptions by anti-Trump activists at the NFL Experience activities being held in Downtown Houston, that there would be major protests at NRG Stadium, and that Lady Gaga would use her halftime performance to make nasty remarks about President Trump. Yeah…none of those things happened, triggering all the purveyors of fake news in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, and causing them to flee to their safe spaces.

February 7:

  • The fake news media would have you all believe that the President’s temporary halt to immigration from a handful of Muslim-governed terrorist states is hugely unpopular with the general population. Trouble is, we now have three national polls – including two from heavily left-leaning polling organizations – that show a majority of Americans in support of the policy. You know the fake news media is really in trouble when it can’t even reliably fake up its own polls.

February 9:

  • It was a bad news day for the minions who infest the fake news media. Despite the fake news media’s efforts to do everything in its collective power to delegitimize President Trump and his Administration, Emerson University released a poll showing that Trump’s Administration is significantly more trusted by the public at large than is….wait for it…the fake news media. 49% of those polled believe the Administration is truthful, while 48% disagree; meanwhile, only 39% believe the fake media is truthful, while 53% believe they are a pack of scumbag liars.

February 10:

  • Meanwhile, MSNBC aired an hour-long discussion in which a parade of fake talking heads and the host of the program questioned President Donald Trump’s honesty. The host, by the way, was none other than…wait for it…wait for it….Brian Williams! No, really, I swear I am not making that up. Really, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you wanted to.

February 13:

  • And speaking of Trump Derangement Syndrome, columnist Kathleen Parker, who is one of the Washington Posts’s resident fake “conservative” writers, wrote a piece in which she has decided that Trump will only last two years in the office. This, of course, was the fake media narrative for the weekend: that Trump’s administration is already such a disaster that the GOP will lose both houses of congress in the 2018 midterms and the President will be impeached by a vengeful bunch of Democrats. That’s asking for an awful lot of performance and energy from a political party whose entire leadership has been eligible for Social Security benefits for a decade, whose minority leader in the House thinks George W. Bush is still president, and is so bereft of younger talent that it is now reportedly trying to convince The Most Corrupt Woman in America to run for the presidency again in 2020.
  • Fake journalist Andrew Sullivan, who spent half a decade promoting the conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin actually was the mother of her grandchild, Trig Palin, published a column in which he claims that President Trump is mentally deranged. He offers as evidence the behavior of one of his neighbors. Naturally, he was given all sorts of air time over the weekend by CNN, which will always support any effort to dehumanize this President, after having spent the prior 8 years demonizing anyone who questioned any aspect of the previous president’s sketchy biography. Can anyone doubt that we will soon see the deranged Mr. Sullivan on CNN to talk about his latest theory that the President is actually the real father of every one of his own grandchildren? It’s just a matter of time.

February 14:

  • The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and other top fake news outlets tossed a fit yesterday afternoon, after President Trump chose to call on two smaller news outlets during his joint press conference with Canada’s child Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. These big news outlets, who felt entitled to lead the pack of those being called upon during past administrations, are having a real hard time adjusting to the new crowd of news outlets that the Trump people have allowed into the press pool.
  • This presents a really great opportunity to clarify a crucial point about the president’s responsibility: The President of the United States has a responsibility to tell the truth to the American people. He can choose how to do that as he sees fit. The President of the United States has exactly no responsibility whatsoever to legitimize media outlets, like the Times, the Post, CNN and the major networks, who have consciously and intentionally abandoned their proper role as protectors of the public’s interest, choosing instead to become nothing more than propaganda outlets for the Democratic Party. President Trump’s obligation is to the public, not any specific media outlets. He appears to understand that – the fake news media obviously does not.
  • Speaking of the fake news media, President Trump drove them all to drinking when he failed to issue a single Tweet until 11:15 in the morning. All the fake reporters and fake editors had gotten used to his normal routine of issuing a series of Tweets before 8:00 a.m. And just as any deviation from progressive orthodoxy drives all these fake journalists nuts, so does any deviation from Trump Twitter orthodoxy. It’s like a rule or something with these people.
  • The New York Times ran a puff piece about how all the poor, down-trodden federal bureaucrats are all depressed because they see congress and the Trump Administration working to reverse some of the economy-killing regulations they’ve spent years forcing into place, often in blatant disregard for the statues that are supposed to govern them. At one point, this awesome piece of fake journalism quotes a guy from the Department of Interior after a pet regulation that he’d spent seven years working was reversed by congress under the Congressional Review Act: “My biggest disappointment is a majority of congress ignored the will of the people,” the bureaucrat said. Very predictably, the fake reporter for the New York Times didn’t point out that that majority in congress was actually elected to their jobs by real voters. In fact, we can be 100% certain that that reality never entered the fake journalist’s tiny mind.

February 15:

  • Some guy named Richard Epstein authored a piece at titled “Time for Trump to Resign”. Really? After 3 weeks? Seriously???? Mr. Epstein’s basic argument is that, because Trump’s opponents are screaming and demonstrating and basically behaving so hysterically, it must mean Trump is too “divisive”, and thus, should resign. This reasoning is so utterly devoid of the slightest shred of logic or critical thought that it doesn’t even qualify as fake news. Now, that’s an accomplishment.
  • The fake journalists and fake editors at the New York Times, along with congressional Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings, got punked by a fake Twitter account that pretends to be General Mike Flynn. All three cited fake Tweets put out by that account in their various rants about his resignation. Ironically, it turned out to be the least “fake” news the New York Times ran with all day long.,

February 16:

  • There was a group exploding head demonstration on social media by the fake journalists from the big fake media outlets like CNN, NBC, ABC and the NYTimes, who tossed another fit yesterday when President Trump didn’t call on any of their fake reporters at his joint press conference with Bibi Netanyahu. Instead, the President called on reporters from and the Christian Broadcast Network.
  • Obviously, in the view of the fake news media, the world is about to come to an end if a Christian in America gets to ask a question of the President.Speaking of fake journalists, the king of all the fake journalists in fake news history, Mr. “fake but accurate” himself, Dan Rather, obviously needs work, because he was making the rounds of the fake talking head shows claiming that the resignation of Mike Flynn is in fact “bigger than Watergate”. No, really, he actually said that.
  • Hey, here’s a thought: let’s get Dan Rather over on MSNBC so he could team up with the disgraced Brian Williams to do what would be the ultimate tag team fake news show! Yeah, the ratings would suck, and Chet Huntley and David Brinkley would be rolling over in their graves, but in today’s atmosphere in Washington, it is a literally perfect concept.

February 17:

  • President Donald Trump held a 78-minute press conference in which he took and answered 22 questions. He obviously did not come into the event with a prepared list of friendly reporters to be called on for softball questions. In fact, Mr. Trump fielded a greater number of hostile questions from the press yesterday in 78 minutes than Barack Obama fielded in 8 years in office. Naturally, Chuck Todd of NBC called it an “assault on the free press”.
  • It was without question the most unorthodox press conference held by any president in modern times. Yes, he was openly aggressive with an openly hostile press. Yes, he was insulting to CNN, which has been insulting and demeaning to him for the last 20 months. Yes, he called the reporters “dishonest”, because they, as a group, are possibly the single most dishonest class of people in our society today. (Seriously, there are street gangs in Chicago and Los Angeles whose members are more honest as a group than the fake reporters and fake editors who make up the fake news media.) The whole thing was, in a word, awesome.
  • Of course, if America had wanted yet another President who held press conferences at which he or she fielded a small handful of pre-vetted questions from carefully-selected, friendly reporters and gave meandering answers in which every word had been polled in advance, Hillary Clinton would be president right now.
  • If I were advising the President, I would have him do this sort of free-wheeling press conference – which he clearly loves doing – at least once a week, in prime time. Because the only way he is going to be able to get his message out is to take it directly to the people, without a media filter that will always result in a purely negative and dishonest portrayal of anything he has to say. So do it every week – it would easily be the highest rated show on television.
  • In the wake of President Trump’s attacks on CNN’s credibility – or utter and complete lack thereof – CNN President Jeff Zucker said his network’s “brand” is unharmed (which is absolutely true, since #fakenews is CNN’s “brand”) and that the channel’s ratings are “as strong as ever”. For the record, the most current ratings show that CNN has only one program – Anderson Cooper 360 – that rates among the top 15 prime time cable news programs, and it ranks in the bottom five, trailing every Fox News prime time program and even behind every prime time show on the moribund MSNBC. Even the fake news show on Comedy Central ranks above every CNN program but one. But hey, when you do fake news for a living, you just fake everything, including your ratings.

February 20:

  • The fake news media is working quickly to normalize and legitimize the notion of a “deep state”, which had previously been snickered at as a wild conspiracy theory, as actually existing and functioning in the United States government. They are doing this because the fake reporters, fake editors and fake talking heads all know that this “deep state” consists of intel operatives, state department lackeys and other career bureaucrats who are all Obama loyalists. Because of this reality, the fake news media sees this effort to subvert the duly elected government of the United States of America by un-elected seditionists as just being Barack Obama’s latest community organizing effort. Mark these words: within months, if not just weeks, you will start to see stories in the NY Times and Washington Post quoting unidentified “spokespersons for the Deep State”, and Democratic talking heads speaking glowingly of their efforts, as if they are somehow legitimate people doing legitimate work. And most, if not all, of the progressives you know in your daily lives will support this.
  • And if you think I’m crazy when I write that paragraph above, just remember how crazy you thought I was in October of 2015 when I told you Trump was almost certain at that point to win the GOP nomination, and in March of 2016 when I told you Trump would almost certainly become president. All I was doing at those times was applying clear historic trends to current realities. That’s all I’m doing above as well.

February 21:

  • In a fake national news media in which pretty much everyone is dishonest and deranged, it can be a real challenge to stand out from the crowd. But not so for CNN fake contributor Sally Kohn. Ms. Kohn is that special kind of crazy, the kind that just makes all the others look tame. And the great thing is, she can do it in just 140 characters or less on Twitter. Here is how she said, in a Tweet, that The Most Corrupt Woman in America could still, despite having gotten destroyed in the electoral college, become president:

“Straightforward from here:

1. Impeach Trump & Pence
2. Constitutional crisis
3. Call special election
4. Ryan v Clinton
5. President Clinton”

I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

  • No word how Ms. Kohn plans to accomplish #1 with a heavily GOP congress; no word on how she creates a “constitutional crisis” by achieving #1 (Paul Ryan would become president if such a thing were to occur); no word on by whose or what authority the enterprising Ms. Kohn believes a “special election” could or would be called; no word on why such a special election would in any event boil down to “Ryan v. Clinton”, since again, Ryan would in fact already be the president.
  • – Seriously, she might as well have Tweeted:

“Straightforward from here:
1. Peanut Butter
2. Jelly
3. Bread (2 slices)
4. Knife to spread PB & J
5. President Clinton”

It would have been equally as valid. And that, my friends, is Sally Kohn’s special kind of crazy.

February 22:

  • From my “I Swear I Don’t Make This Stuff Up” file: Some guy named Steve Phillips, a fake Op/Ed writer for the fake NYTimes, penned a piece titled “Move Left, Democrats”, in which he posits brilliantly that the answer to the massive fail by the party since 2009 is to double down on more fail! The move to the left the Democrats have made over the last 9 years has been so “successful” that the Party has lost control of more than 1,000 elected state and federal legislative and executive positions, shifting the Party from a clear national majority party to a clear, regional, tiny minority party. So please, all you Democrats, take Mr. Phillips’s advice to heart and just get more radical now! The more out-of-the-mainstream you become, the better it is for America. Consider it your civic duty.

February 23:

  • Noted congressional sleazeball Maxine Waters referred to President Donald Trump and his cabinet choices as a “bunch of scumbags” in an interview on MSNBC. The sharp reader may remember that Ms. Waters is barely two weeks removed from claiming, at a joint presser with San Fran Nan Pelosi, that Russia recently invaded North Korea. She did not update her MSNBC interviewer with a status update on the imaginary Russia/Korean conflict that is apparently playing itself out in her tiny, closed mind.
  • Speaking of the raving lunatics who infest the airwaves at MSNBC, Morning Joe Co-Host Mika Brzezinski fretted that President Trump may be such an effective communicator that “he can actually control exactly what people think!” The reason why she’s so concerned that the President is effective at persuasion is not just that she feverishly opposes everything he’s trying to do but also professional jealousy, as evidenced by her very next exclamation: “And that, that is our job!” I swear I don’t make this stuff up. Really and truly. She later claimed to have been taken out of context. She wasn’t.
  • The insufferable #nevertrump scold George Will, who has been wrong about literally everything related to Donald Trump since his candidacy began 20 months ago, told an interviewer on MSNBC (where he has now been exiled since his contract with Fox News was cancelled) that “conservatives will abandon Trump by mid-summer.” He’s wrong, yet again. But at least he’s consistent.

February 24:

  • Speaking of deranged left-wingers, the fake journalists at the LA Times report that therapists all over the country are overwhelmed with patients coming into their offices to seek refuge from the daily barrage of Trump winning news. “This is so monumental because we are not in normal anymore,” said Randi Gottlieb, a therapist who heads the L.A. chapter of the California Assn. of Marriage and Family Therapists. “It’s putting into flux and questioning how do we practice, what is the best way to support the people we care for. We’re beginning those conversations — we don’t really have good answers.” Well, that’s ok – there are no good answers for rampant Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s an affliction that can only be cured by serious personal introspection by people who are fundamentally incapable of engaging in such behavior.
  • Speaking of fake news (ok, we weren’t, but now we are), the fake morning news readers at CNN this morning breathlessly read a story about how families of illegal immigrants are establishing what the fake news people at CNN are calling “safe houses” for their illegal family and friends. Anyone who has lived in the real world for more than about 48 hours knows that such houses have existed in America for many decades and are nothing new or unusual. But CNN – no doubt taking a cue from their Democrat confidants – sees a negative story angle here to hit a Republican administration with.#Fakenews, defined.
  • Hey, remember when fake CNN news reader Allysin Camerata used to pretend to be kind of a conservative when she was a fake news reader for Fox News? Yeah…me too. She’s a real fake news chameleon – if you put her on the Disney Channel, she’d pretend to be a Mouseketeer.

February 27:

  • Speaking of the Washington Post, the fake newspaper has made the ultimate leap into fake journalism by hiring failed campaign manager and well-known spirit cooker John Podesta to be its newest fake columnist. No doubt his first offering will be titled “The 21 Best Ways to Sacrifice a Goat.”

February 28:

  • Now that they have another Republican President to call Hitler, the fake reporters and fake editors in the fake news media have suddenly discovered a new-found well of respect for former President George W. Bush. Of course, Mr. Bush was Hitler in the fake media’s eyes for eight long years, but now that he’s out there willing to say that “we all need answers” about the ongoing baseless allegations that the Trump campaign had constant contacts with the Russians, he gets the kid-glove treatment in interviews that fake reporters normally reserve for Democrats. Funny how that works.
  • Meanwhile, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) told reporters the truth about this matter, which is that there is literally no evidence whatsoever that there is a shred of truth to any of it. It’s fake news, plain and simple. But that’s what CNN, the Washington Post and the NY Times do for their benefactors in the Democratic Party.


March 1:

  • Oh, yeah, and President Trump gave a speech. Before congress. A joint session. It was one of the best such speeches ever given. Truly, strikingly, great. Hit all the right notes, talked eloquently about all the right policies, had some of the most tear-jerkingly emotional moments in it that any such speech has ever contained. Called all members of congress, of both political parties, to action, to work for the good of the American people. So naturally, the Democrats and the fake news media hated it.

March 2:

  • Tired of winning yet? Here is what fake NY Times columnist Paul Krugman – who the Times loves to bill as a “Nobel Prize-winning economist” – had to say about the victory of Donald J. Trump on Election Night: “If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.” Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average shot up 303 points to close over 21,000 for the first time ever. Obviously, Mr. Krugman’s Nobel Prize was exactly as well-deserved as the one given to Barack Obama for no good reason whatsoever in 2009.

March 3:

  • Desperate to find a means of distracting attention from President Trump’s great speech of Tuesday night, the fake reporters and fake editors at the Washington Post trotted out a fake new “outrage” involving – gasp! – the Russians!!!!!!!  The Post ran a story early Thursday morning in blaring headlines designed to make the reader believe that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had personally conspired with Vladimir Putin to somehow fix the election.  Naturally, the rest of the fake news media immediately jumped on the story, with congressional Democrats soon calling for Mr. Sessions’ resignation.  This is what is known as “coordinating the daily narrative” among the fake news media and the DC Democrats.
  • The trouble was, once the air had cleared a bit, it turned out that all there was to this story was that Sessions, in his capacity as a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, had taken a meeting with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S.  – at the ambassador’s request – in early September, and then had run into him in an airport terminal shortly thereafter.  That’s it.  That’s all there was.  This is what the fake news media turns into a feeding frenzy when it doesn’t have any actual negative news about the President and his administration to feed upon.
  • By the day’s end, Mr. Sessions had done what any responsible Attorney General should do, announcing that, because he did serve as a surrogate to the Trump campaign, he would recuse himself from any investigations the Justice Department might perform into campaign-related matters.  It has been so long since the country had an Attorney General who actually would do what he or she is supposed to do in such a situation that all the fake reporters and fake talking heads in the fake news media had no real idea how to react to that action, so they tried to turn that into some sort of scandal as well.

March 4:

  • #FakeNews busted, yet again – You may have noticed that the fake news media has been implying that the recent spate of bomb threats being phoned into Jewish centers just has to be the work of nebulous, unidentified Trump supporters.  Yeah…that’s not happening.  Yesterday,  the FBI finally made its first arrest of a suspect in these cases.  He is one Juan Thompson, a former fake reporter for, of all places, NPR, who spent most of the election campaign comparing President Trump to Adolph Hitler, and bragged on Twitter about being a Bernie Sanders voter.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  Seriously.

March 6:

  • Our reporting is fake, but without evidence.  Wait, what? – The fake news media spent the entire weekend claiming President Trump had accused former President Barack Hussein Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower “without evidence.”  This was the narrative that literally every fake news outlet, from CNN to the NY Times, used in its fake reporting on the matter, in yet another obviously joint effort with the Democratic Party.  The trouble with the fake media suddenly wanting “evidence” in this entire fake ‘Trump coordinated with Russia to fix the election’ narrative that it and the Democrats have now been pushing for five months is that their own fake reporting has been based entirely on the alleged “FBI intercepts” of alleged communications between the two camps.  The term “FBI intercepts” – which the NY Times has repeatedly used in its fake reports on this fake issue since January – is simply another term for “wiretaps.”   Thus, if the fake media wants to claim that the President made his allegation “without evidence”, that is a tacit admission that all the fake reporting on this fake issue by the fake media is, well, fake.  But then again, that is what the fake news media does.

March 7:

  • Hey, with all the journalistic fakery going on around him, what’s a guy to do? – The Washington Post has been giving us fake reporters, fake editors and fake op/ed writers for many years, but yesterday it was revealed – not by the WaPo, but the NY Daily News – that the fake newspaper is now branching out into giving us fake ICE agents.  Itai Ozderman, identified only as a “tech worker” at the WaPo, was arrested a month ago for impersonating an ICE agent in the state of Virginia multiple times, even to the point of trying to enforce criminal laws.  No word if the managers at the WaPo plan to promote Mr. Ozderman and give him a raise, as they do with all their fake journalists whenever they’re caught faking the news.

March 8:

  • Hey, maybe you guys should try reporting real news instead.  Hah-hah!  Man, I’m cracking myself up here!:  Having been totally burned by their use of the whole #fakenews thing, the fake news purveyors at CNN yesterday attempted to invent a different Internet meme, using the term “Viral Deception” instead.  The fake news network abandoned use of that term a handful of minutes later, after the term’s acronym – “VD” – went viral on Twitter and then the entire Internet.  Oopsie.

March 10:

  • You don’t say… – The fake news site BuzzFeed, which has shamelessly promoted the absurdly fake “Trump coordinated with the Russians” story for months now, quietly ran a report in which it quotes Democrat sources on the House and Senate Intelligence Committees expressing concerns that their ridiculous investigations into this fake matter are going nowhere fast.  “I don’t think the conclusions are going to meet people’s expectations,” one of the sources said.  Well, let’s clarify – they aren’t going to meet the expectations of the Democrats and the fake media reporters who have so shamefully promoted this fake story since last October, but they are going to exactly meet the expectations held by me and many, many others.

March 12:

  • Proof that even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. – Shortly after Bharara’s firing, CNN fake anchor Jake Tapper sent out a Tweet that stated, “Acting deputy Attorney General Dana Boente just called US Attorney Preet Bharara and told him President Trump was firing him.”  It was the first non-fake news Mr. Tapper has reported since 2015.

March 14:

  • MSNBC will no doubt soon be offering him his own prime time talk show.:  The irresponsible nitwits who run Austin’s SXSW drunk-and-traffic-fest provided a platform for the debut of an absurdly plotted “documentary” by a Michael Moore disciple named Jason Pollock, which claims to reveal ‘new evidence’ in the Michael Brown case.  Despite the easily-discerned fact the film is an abject work of fiction that reveals nothing but the dishonesty of the filmmaker and incredible gullibility of its audience, riots very predictably broke out in Ferguson, MO.  This gave the talking heads at CNN something to talk about other than President Trump, so I guess we should be grateful for that.

March 15:

  • The Twitter-verse went all…ummm…a-twitter yesterday around 7:00 when fake MSNBC host Rachel Maddow Tweeted out that she had obtained “Trump tax returns”, and would reveal them on her program at 8:00.  The big reveal?  It turns out that, in 2005, Mr. Trump paid $38 million in income tax on $150 million in income.  To which most thinking people responded, “man, sure wish I had the chance to to pay $38 million in income tax, just one time.”  After that “big reveal”, the Twitter-verse went all…ummm…a-twitter about how embarrassing it all was for Rachel Maddow.

March 18:

  • That noise you heard around noon Friday was fake reporters heads exploding all across the fake news media:  Finally, President Trump got a big laugh during the presser when he tripled-down on his claim that Trump Tower was wire-tapped during the campaign, stating that being wire-tapped by the Obama Administration gave him “something in common” with Chancellor Merkel, who was also famously wire-tapped by the evil Obama minions, a truth the fake media has gone out of its way to forget.

March 23:

  • Because that’s what the Fake News Media does.:  The fake reporters, fake analysts, and fake anchors across the fake news media naturally did their best to toss cold water on Rep. Nunes’ allegations, but no matter how hard they try to support their Democrat benefactors, the fake media cannot escape the reality that all Nunes’ information does is confirm the accuracy of this report from the Jan. 19 edition of the NY Times.  The key paragraph of that report is here:

The F.B.I. is leading the investigations, aided by the National Security Agency, the C.I.A. and the Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit. The investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks but have found no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, the officials said. One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House.

  • Remember, that was Jan. 19, and the “White House” that passage refers to was the Obama White House.  That report by the NY Times was re-published by hundreds of its fellow fake news media outlets, including CNN, MSNBC, all three major networks, and pretty much every major daily newspaper in this country.  Thus, despite their whole Claude Rains “I am shocked, shocked!” acts today, they all have already admitted that Trump’s tweets were true.  They’re hoping you will all forget that reality, and honestly, most Democrats either will or already have.

March 27:

  • Back when America’s leftwingers knew how to conduct a peaceful demonstration: reminsces on its blog about the fact that 10,000 Americans congregated in Central Park on March 26, 1967 to celebrate a “Human Be-in.”  The Grateful Dead played, and Timothy Leary distributed vast quantities of LSD.  No one shot anyone else with pepper spray.  CNN didn’t exist.  Coincidence?

March 28:

  • Hey, ABC keeps out-faking us – whadda we gonna do?:  Management at NBC/MSNBC obviously became worried their news was just not fake enough last week, so they decided to hire former Obama White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest as a new political contributor.  Thus Mr. Earnest follows in the #FakeNews footsteps of George Stephanopoulous, who pretends to be a news anchor on rival ABC.  Who can doubt that Mr. Earnest will be pretending to host his own fake news program in the very near future?
  • The Dumbest Thing You Will Read This Week.  Promise.:  Speaking of fake journalists, fake reporter Norm Ornstein has a new piece in The Atlantic in which he proposes that all these allegations – for which we still have yet to see a single, solitary bit of real evidence – that the Russians and Trump campaign coordinated during the past election mean that we simply must change the rules for presidential succession.  This piece is so breathtakingly devoid of solid reasoning or journalistic ethics that it simply must be read to be believed, so follow the link above if you dare.

March 31:

  • But was her son, Scut, involved?  What about his toady, Grover Dill?:  Speaking of stories you can’t find, a former Obama official named Evelyn Farkas told Mika Brzezenzski (or however you spell that name) on MSNBC early in March that she and many other Obama officials had indeed participated in an organized effort to circulate raw surveillance intelligence involving members of the Trump Transition Team, and had gladly shared the intel with members of the fake news media, unmasking some American citizens in the process.  She told this all to MSNBC gladly, and in a manner that made it obvious she is in fact proud of her actions.  She apparently did not understand that, in the process of that interview, she was potentially admitting to the commission of multiple felonies by herself, other Obama officials and members of the fake news media.  Thus, the fake news media has been jointly sitting on this story hoping it would just fade away.  Trouble is, the story has been getting a ton of attention in the realm of talk radio this week, so suddenly Ms. Farkas felt the need to go back on cable TV on Thursday to deny everything she had told Mika.  And her friends in the fake news media will nod their heads and move on.  Nothing to see here, all is well.
  • Editor:  you really think the public will buy that cock and bull story?  Reporter:  Well, sure, er, the Democrats will, at least.:  Rather than report on the admissions of Ms. Farkas, the fake (literally fake, since it is no longer in print) magazine Newsweek ran with a “blockbuster” story about how our suddenly intrepid (now that he’s bashing a Republican) bi-polar FBI Director James Comey really, truly, no kidding was begging to run to the NY Times late last summer with an op-ed in which he would reveal the Russian efforts to “rig” the elections.  And guess who stopped him?  Why, our hero, Barack Obama, of course!  Also of course, this Newsweek “blockbuster” is based solely on the word of not one, but two (!) source…who naturally remain unidentified.  *sigh*  #Fakenews at its finest.


April 1:

  • Note to fake news media:  A pig that has lost a whisker remains a pig.:  A fake journalist named Lissie Lapowsky published a piece at Wired in which she whines that President Donald Trump is “gutting the federal budget.”  For the record, the Trump budget proposal would reduce discretionary federal spending by a not-so-whopping 1.2 percent.  Obviously, the fake editors at Wired agree with their fake writer that 1.2 percent, a percentage that could easily be saved by a simple hiring freeze, amounts to “gutting.”  But the fake media is not biased, oh, no.  Perish the thought.
  • Fake reporter Jeremy Diamond ran a report at CNN with this headline:  “Trump Moves Agenda Forward Even As Russia Controversy Swirls.”  Mr. Diamond is obviously astonished that the President is not hunkered down in a corner sucking his thumb as the fake media continues to focus on a fake “controversy” about which a) no one, not one single person has presented a single piece of evidence of the “controversy’s” existence, and b) every former Obama official who has testified before congress admits they have seen no evidence of the “controversy’s” existence.  But because the fake media insists on reporting all Russia, all the time, the fake reporters at CNN expect the President to stop all work.  Folks, it really has come to the point that, if you spend a moment watching CNN, you are committing an unpatriotic act.  Seriously.

April 2:

  • The ongoing demonization of House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes by the fake news media and Democrat Party is classic Saul Alinsky tactics (Rule 12:  Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.).  They see someone getting to the heart of a scandal that will ultimately cause great harm to the leftist cause, and so they demonize the messenger.  There is absolutely nothing wrong in any action Nunes has taken in getting accurate, truthful information out regarding the Obama Administration’s blatant surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition team, and the illegal unmasking of General Mike Flynn and several others that resulted from that activity.  Thus, having no way to refute the information Nunes has revealed, the fake media and Democrats focus on the messenger and the process in an effort to convince the public that that is the “real” issue at hand.  It isn’t.

April 3:

  • Hey, he’s got more credibility than our people do.:  When the fake editors at the Washington Post wanted an opinion piece to defend what the writer calls “Sound and accurate journalism”, did they reach out to one of their own fake “journalists”?  No.  Did they reach out to any of the thousands of other fake journalists working at other news outlets in the nation’s capital?  Nope.  Did they reach out to any of the tens of thousands of other fake journalists working at other media outlets all across America, or even in other countries?  Nopey.  No, when the WaPo’s fake editors want an opinion piece to defend “Sound and accurate journalism” they do to right, by God:  they go for an actor who once played a real journalist in a movie!  Yes, Robert Redford has an opinion piece in the Sunday WaPo in which he defends “Sound and accurate journalism.”  Mr. Redford apparently hasn’t gotten the memo that you could count the number of “sound and accurate journalists” in Washington today on the fingers of one hand.  All the others are just partisan hacks.  But hey, it’s been 42 years since he made that movie.  Give the guy a break.
  • Because that’s what the fake news media is all about.:  The fake reporters at the NY Times reported over the weekend that Devin Nunes’ sources for the intelligence information on which he has been relying is two “White House staffers”, and even gave their names.  The story naturally received massive attention and repetition in the fake news media. Trouble is, that report, like pretty much everything else in the NY Times these days, was false.  Meanwhile, Adam Housley is reporting on Fox News this morning that his multiple sources inside U.S. intelligence agencies are telling him that the infamous liar Susan Rice was one of the high-ranking Obama officials who led the effort to spy on and unmask several members of the Trump Campaign and Transition Team.  We can bet there will be nothing but crickets on this story from the rest of the fake news media.

April 4:

  • If you expected the major television networks to properly report the bombshell revelation that Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice actively ordered the unmasking of members of the Trump campaign and transition team dozens of times since at least last July, think again.  Neither ABC nor NBC dedicated a second to reporting on what, if proven, would be the biggest presidential scandal of the nation’s history, and CBS aired a report in which their fake reporter actually defended Ms. Rice’s actions.  These people are going to play out this farce in coordination with the Democrats to the very last move.
  • In reaction to the Susan Rice story, Senator Rand Paul suggested the Senate Intelligence Committee should subpoena her to testify under oath.  Senator John McCain, who has been feverishly pushing the Democrats’ “Trump/Russia” fantasy at every opportunity, was noticeably silent on the matter.
  • Eleven Russians are dead thanks to what authorities describe as a suicide bombing that took place in the St. Petersburg subway on Monday.  The attacker was a Muslim man who hails from the Muslim nation of Kyrgyzstan.  The fake anchors and fake reporters at CNN will spend the next couple of weeks pretending not to know what the poor man’s motivations might have been.

April 5:

  • The last refuge of the flummoxed liberal.:  Out of any other means to defend the pathological liar Susan Rice in her growing “unmasking” scandal, MSNBC fake host Chris Matthews very predictably declared the entire episode to be both “racist” and “sexist.”  That will of course appeal greatly to all the social justice warriors out there, but hey, they were already going to ignore the elephant in the room in any event.  That’s what they do.  It will take a better set of talking points and distractions to convince anyone else the elephant is in fact not there.
  • By the way, if you are surprised that the major networks, CNN and MSNBC have not just ignored the growing avalanche of evidence that the Obama Administration was indeed illegally spying on and unmasking members of the Trump campaign and transition team for political purposes, but aggressively assaulted the story, remember this:  Those media outlets are all complicit in the crime.  They all shared the illegally leaked information.  They all actively covered up every major scandal of the Obama years.  They all actively refused to even vet Barack Hussein Obama when he was  a candidate in 2008.  They all parrotted the Obama Administration talking points every day for eight long years.  They all willingly gave up being anything resembling real “news” organizations in order to become a part of the Obama machine.  They cannot now recognize and report on the utter corruption that pervaded every corner of their hero’s regime, because to do so destroys their own credibility.  So they will stick with this sinking ship to the bitter end.  They have no choice.

April 6:

  • These guys couldn’t sneak up on a dead oak tree.:  The fake reporters and fake editors at Reuters ran with a story on Wednesday titled “Window Closing On Republican Stealth Assault on U.S. Regulations.”  “Stealth Assault”????  Really?  Is there really anyone in America who still does not know that President Trump and congressional Republicans are going about reversing many of the most heinous regulatory actions of the Obama Administration?  Has Reuters just not sent any reporters to all of those very high profile press conferences on Capitol Hill during which GOP members of congress have bragged about all the regulations they’re going to de-fund and reverse using the Congressional Review Act?  Have all of Reuters’ fake journalists simply missed the endless television loops and front page newspaper stories with huge photos of President Trump signing dozens of executive orders that reverse Obama regulatory actions?  Is there no one at Reuters who even proof-reads their reports anymore?  Holy cow.  #Fakenews, defined.
  • The Times was for it before they were against it.:  And speaking of #fakenews, the fake editors and fake reporters at the fake NY Times, after praising then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s move in 2013 to abolish the filibuster for federal judicial nominations, published a fake piece on Wednesday in which its fake writer frets about the possibility that Mitch McConnell might do the same for Supreme Court nominees.  The fake writer then frets about whether or not the evil Republicans might then go ahead and just abolish the filibuster for legislation as well.  So much fake fretting going on at the fake NY Times these days, after eight years of never fretting at all.  Funny how that works.

April 8:

  • Someone get this man a straight jacket!:  Meanwhile, over at MSNBC, the certifiable craziness launched into the realm of full-fledged lunacy last night.  Lawrence O’Donnell, one of the fake new network’s fake hosts, was appearing with Rachel Maddow, the network’s star fake host.  One can only assume that they had to fill the time with one another because no one else wanted to become infected with their communicable insanity.  Anyway, during the course of their ranting about the Syria bombing, O’Donnell floated his belief that the use of chemical weapons was in fact orchestrated by none other than…wait for it…wait for it…VLADIMIR PUTIN, so that his great friend, Donald Trump, could then bomb Syria and thus have his public approval ratings in the polls go up.  I swear – I SWEAR – I didn’t make that up.  You can find the video on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

April 9:

  • In a predictably softball interview with the fake NY Times reporter Nicholas Kristoff this week, The Most Corrupt Woman in America predictably blamed a whole bunch of other people for her loss last November.  Taking a share of the blame were our bi-polar FBI Director, James Comey; WikiLeaks; the “weaponization of information”, whatever that means; Bernie Sanders; and of course, the Democrats’ favorite boogeyman, the RUSSIANS!!!!!!!!!  She of course did not blame her incompetent campaign manager John Podesta, who basically made his email account public by falling for an amateurish phishing email.  Nor did she blame the outrageous behavior of supporting celebrities like Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, Samuel L, Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Alec Baldwin and Amy Schumer, who all worked very hard to alienate middle America’s blue collar workers.  And of course she did not blame herself, her own incompetence, her abject lack of appeal as a candidate, her horrible speaking style, her stupid tactical decisions, her illegal email activities, and her pathological lying.  But of course, that last part explains everything, doesn’t it?

April 12:

  • Ok, just shoot me now – I can’t take anymore of this.:  LA Times fake writer Micheal Hitzak, a winner of the fake Pulitzer fake Prize for fake journalism, theorized on Tuesday that President Trump and United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz conspired to create the airline’s current fiasco in order to distract attention from other Administration controversies.  Honest.  I swear.  You just.  can’t.  make.  this.  stuff.  up.
  • Trump was right.  Again.:  The WaPo reported last night that the FBI was indeed spying on the Trump Campaign.  The Post no doubt reluctantly reported that the FBI did obtain a FISA Warrant so it could spy on Carter Page, who was a foreign policy advisor to the Trump Campaign.  The fake reporters at the Post naturally portray this as evidence of Trump collusion with Russia, but what it really is is additional proof that Trump’s Tweet about having been surveilled by the Obama Administration was correct.  It’s obvious that if the FBI had obtained any evidence that Page had somehow engaged in improper communications with the Russians, we would damn sure know it by now through illegal leaks from Obama holdovers in that agency.

April 13:

  • She thinks MSNBC is just too darn conservative.:  Former Clinton advisor Jennifer Palmieri, in a discussion panel in Washington DC yesterday, made the hilarious claim that the fake news media is “much harder” on Democrats than Republicans, and was highly biased AGAINST The Most Corrupt Woman in America during the campaign.  No word if Ms. Palmieri also believes that up is down, black is white, that there really is an alien mother ship deep beneath the ice in Antarctica, or that Colonel Sanders is still alive and partnering with the Illuminati to dominate the globe, but it seems likely.

April 14:

  • Finally, I wrote the basics of this piece 18 months ago, but it was about Trump:  The New York Sun published a piece by Ira Stoll, in which he posits that Mitch McConnell has shown Republicans the light in the manner in which he managed the ultimate filling of the Antonin Scalia seat on the Supreme Court with Neil Gorsuch.  By refusing to give Barack Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, a hearing, and then being willing to use the “nuclear option” to get Gorsuch confirmed, all in the face of a very predictably withering assault by the fake news media, McConnell proved that the GOP can enact its priorities if it just stops giving a damn what the fake news media has to say.  For those who missed it all, this is the essence of how Donald Trump got elected to the presidency, and how he has already become a very, very consequential president in just over 80 days in office.  I keep hoping that, someday, somehow, Speaker Ryan and the rest of the congressional Republicans will figure out that the public trusts the fake news media even less than it trusts congress at this point.  Just go about your work, get the job done, and quit worrying about what MSNBC or CNN say about you, because nobody who matters really cares.

April 15:

  • It’s not our job to tell both sides…well, unless we agree with the liar.:  ABC’s fake journalist and life-long Clinton sycophant George Stephanopolous, in a panel discussion on Friday, said it is not the fake news media’s job to report both sides of a story, and that it should in fact silence anyone who does not “accept reality.”  Interestingly, he was not asked by the moderator why, given his belief, he spent years as the press spokesman for the nation’s first pathologically lying sociopath president.  Nor was he asked why he didn’t act to silence Susan Rice when she spent half an hour on his Sunday morning fake news show in September 2012 blaming the assault on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi on an Internet video.  Nor was he asked why he didn’t act to silence Barack Obama when he claimed his administration didn’t spy on fake journalists just like him.  Nor was he asked why he didn’t act to silence Hillary Clinton when she claimed she didn’t know anything about the illegal email server she used for four years.  Funny how these panel discussions work.
  • Is this kind of content really why people subscribe to the Financial Times?:  Unendingly obnoxious minor celebrity Lena Dunham told an interviewer with the Financial Times that Hillary Clinton’s loss was “heartbreaking” for her.  I know, I know, you’re as sick of hearing about Lena Dunham’s bed-wetting over the election outcome as I am.  But this blurb just made me think, why in the hell is the Financial Times interviewing Lena Dunham?  Seriously.

April 17:

  • Um, well, seems like you might have wanted to figure this out BEFORE you published the piece.:  This may be the greatest fake news media story ever.  Late last week, the fake editors at the Huffington Post fake news site gave the green light to a guest opinion piece titled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?”  As one might guess, a piece proposing to deny the vote to white men (seriously, how racist and sexist can one be?) in America generated a great deal of controversy, but the HuffPo fake editors held firm and even publicly defended the piece and its author.  But then, on Sunday, the piece was removed from the HuffPo site.  The fake Huffpo editors did release a statement that hilariously reads, in part “We have done this because the blog submission from an individual who called herself Shelley Garland, who claimed to be an MA student at UCT, cannot be traced and appears not to exist.”  #Fakenews, defined.

April 18:

  • Polls show nobody cares.  CNN suddenly doesn’t care about polls.:  While the North Korea situation was coming to a boiling point, a key special election was taking place in Georgia, and with all manner of other huge issues facing the country and the world, the fake journalists at CNN spent the entire day wondering why President Trump doesn’t release his tax returns.  Nobody cares about this issue, which helps to explain why nobody watches CNN anymore.

April 19:

  • A mind is a terrible thing to lose.:  Speaking of nitwit members of congress from the Golden State, California congresswoman Maxine Waters told a fake interviewer with MSNBC that she had never called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.  That statement came just a day after she had promised an audience during a speech that she will do everything she can to impeach the President, and just moments after she had issued a Tweet that said “The President is a liar, his actions are contemptible, & I’m going to fight everyday until he’s impeached.”  Again, I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

April 20:

  • The other 11% was Fox News.:  The Media Research Center published a report showing that 89% of the fake news media coverage of President Trump thus far has been negative in nature.  Frankly, I’m surprised it is that low.
  • She should be placed on the Endangered Species List.:  Noted feminist writer Camile Paglia, one of the few honest left-wing leaders in the world today, told an audience at a NYTimes-sponsored panel discussion that President Trump is on his way to being re-elected already, and that “the Democrats have overplayed their hand.”  Interestingly, she repeatedly referred to the Democrat Party and the fake news media as a single, unified entity in her remarks, which are linked here.  Like I said, she’s honest.

April 21:

  • You know he’s lying because he still has a job at CNN.:  CNN fake journalist Jake Tapper, who drank the Obama Kool-aid for 8 long years, told an interviewer that too many in his profession were “too friendly” to Mr. Obama, and “drank the Kool-aid.”  In his next breath, the putz claimed that he was “very tough” on Obama.  No word if Mr. Tapper also thinks Harry Potter is, like, a real person.

April 24:

  • The poll also found that water is wet.:  67% of respondents to a new ABC/WaPo poll said that the Democrat Party is “out of touch with ordinary Americans.”  The other 33% are Democrats.
  • Nothing to see here, folks, move along.:  The sponsoring fake news outlets did their best to hide it from their dwindling audiences, but that same poll also contained yet another humiliating result for The Most Corrupt Woman in America.  Respondents said that, while they favored The Most Corrupt Woman when they voted last November by a 46-43 margin, if they had it to do over again, they would vote for Donald Trump by a 43-40 margin.  No word if The Most Corrupt Woman blamed that result on a) her inept staff, b) misogyny, c) James Comey, or d) the Russians, but it seems likely that she would.
  • Hey, stupid sells.:  Queen of MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, told her nitwit-filled audience that the civil war that is breaking out in Venezuela is all due to the fact that the country’s state-run oil company made a contribution to the Trump Inauguration festivities.  That may be the fakest news ever reported by any outlet in the fakety fakey fake national news media.  Can there be any doubt she will win a fake award from her colleagues for this fake report?
  • And speaking of stupid, CBS is with her.:  CBS Morning News fake host Gayle King told an Access Hollywood interviewer that her extended vacay with the Obamas “was not political at all.”  For the record, Ms. King gave more than $34,000 to Obama’s presidential campaign, and her daughter worked as a staffer in his White House.

April 26:

  • Maybe Politico should’ve hired me the write the piece – at least it would have been shorter.:  Some fake reporter named Alex Cantoni wrote a thousand-word piece at Politico in an attempt to explain why it is that Democrats have suddenly begun cussing in unison in their speeches and other public appearances.  He literally twists himself up like a Hanover pretzel in coming up with rationalizations to explain the phenomenon while never landing on the truth.  The real answer, of course, is that the Democrats have obtained polling and focus group data that indicates they will gain votes by cussing publicly.  This is always the overriding reason why Democrats do anything publicly, because their entire political strategy is focused on the acquisition and maintenance of political power, which is always the motivating force behind totalitarians anywhere.  It really is that simple.

April 27:

  • This is CNN.:  President Trump held a briefing for all 100 members of the U.S. Senate regarding the situation with North Korea, which his military chiefs characterized as “very grave.”  The only aspect of the meeting that CNN and the fake media wanted to talk about was why the meeting was held in the White House offices instead of on Capitol Hill.  Likewise, after the President’s tax reform proposal was introduced, all the fake media wanted to talk about was the President’s tax returns.  #Fakenews is their life.
  • How long before the Nobel Committee gives in to the Clinton pressure?:  The well-coordinated effort between the Clinton machine and the fake news media to convince you that Chelsea Clinton really, truly is a serious person who you should make your president someday continued to escalate, as the achievement-devoid, dimwitted daughter of The Most Corrupt Woman in America was given yet another award for doing pretty much nothing of note.  This time it was something called the “City Harvest Award For Commitment to Fighting Hunger” in New York City.  Why did this award go to Chelsea?  Well, it turns out that she once spent half a day loading grapefruit into boxes so they could be distributed to New York’s poor residents.  Now, we should never belittle any efforts to help the poor, but this is such an insult to those who volunteer so much of their time to assist operations like The Vineyard in my old hometown of Beeville, or volunteer every week at the United Way, the Salvation Army or Goodwill distribution centers in cities across the country, and seldom if ever receive any recognition for doing so.  Please, Democrats, make the Clintons, especially their dimwitted daughter, slink off into the ash bin of history where they belong.  You have better people to waste your votes on, don’t you?

April 28:

  • Why the whole “Russia hacked the election” thing has disappeared from the headlines.:  The evil minions at Facebook issued a report yesterday on the supposed “impacts” of “fake news” reports carried on that platform during the 2016 election campaign.  The report’s conclusion is that such reports constituted less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the overall political discourse at Facebook, a tiny percentage that had no impact at all on voter decision-making.  Very predictably, the fake news media is making no mention of that conclusion.  Doesn’t fit the Democrat narrative, after all.
  • News you won’t see in the fake news media.:  A new poll from YouGov indicates that just 35% of Americans believe the fake news media exercises its guaranteed press freedoms responsibly.  Those are the Democrats who responded to the poll.
  • So unabashedly fake they’ve become a parody of themselves.:  Ok, lessee here…Trump’s tax cuts eliminate the income tax entirely for couples making $24,000; they cut the rate for the next $26,000 by 33%; they cut the rate of tax on the middle class by 40%; and they cut the rate on the upper class by 11%.  Fake media strategy?  Scream that IT’S A TAX CUT FOR THE RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s just the first 100 days in Fake News Media, Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.25.2017

  • I have to admit that this whole fake media construct about how Donald Trump should have been able to keep every campaign promise he made during his first 100 days in office is incredibly annoying to me.  Even Brett Baeir at Fox News put up a graphic on his newscast last night purporting to show that the President has “only” followed through on a third of about 55 promises made during his campaign.
  • This fake media fetish flies in the face of the reality that Donald Trump, if he never accomplishes another thing during his first term, has already become an amazingly impactful President, and the impacts will be felt for decades to come.  Here’s just a partial list of what he has already achieved – with virtually no help from his GOP congressional colleagues – during his first 96 days in office:
    • The nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court would on its own render Trump’s first term a successful one.  Think about it this way:  For as along as Gorsuch serves on the Court – which could be 30 years or more – every 5-4 decision rendered in the favor of the Constitution will be the direct result of Donald Trump’s defeat of The Most Corrupt Woman in America last November.  This more than anything else will be Trump’s enduring legacy to the nation.
    • He’s put the disgusting, semi-human scum who infest the United Nations Security Council on notice that the United States will no longer be a lapdog for their mistreatment of Israel and other U.S. allies.  A huge change in direction from the previous 8 years.
    • He’s put our NATO allies on notice that the United States expects them all to begin paying their fair share of the costs of that organization, and several of those countries have already lined up to start paying the piper.  Yuge.
    • He’s put Syria and its Russian benefactors on notice that the United States will no longer stand limp-wristed by as they commit war crimes on the Syrian population.
    • He’s put the fake Climate Change subsidy industry on notice that the subsidy gravy train is about to start running dry, and the international Climate Fraud community that the U.S. is no longer going to engage in the massive redistribution of wealth that is at the very heart of the Paris Climate Accords.
    • He’s put the crazy little fat guy in Pyong Yang on notice that the U.S. is no longer going to stand by limp-wristed as he pops off missiles into the Sea of Japan and threatens our cities with nuclear annihilation.
    • His policy of actually enforcing U.S. immigration laws has already reduced the flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border by more than 70%.
    • His pro-business policy actions have already lowered new unemployment claims to a 17 year low.
    • His reversals of Obama-era regulations have already saved the U.S. economy over $80 billion.
    • Where energy policy is concerned, he has in a few short months completely altered the nation’s course from one of short supply, increasing imports, and heavier and heavier regulations designed to kill domestic industries, to one of abundance, less reliance on foreign providers, and massive new investments in jobs and infrastructure.  I know I’m a wonk about energy, folks, but energy – how we source it, how we produce it, how we distribute it and how much it costs us as a society, is one of the very most crucial issues we face as a country.
  • All of those things and many, many more have already been accomplished with very little help and much obstruction from congress, with a “deep state” consisting of Obama holdovers in our intel agencies, state department and EPA doing everything they can to obstruct his efforts, with a fake news media mis-reporting on pretty much every aspect of it, and with an FBI slow-playing background checks for his proposed appointees, which is still forcing the Administration to operate on a skeleton crew.  It’s all been done through the sheer force of his own will.
  • Bottom line: This has already been an amazingly impactful presidency.  Which of course explains why the fake journalists in the fake news media are so anxious for you all to believe otherwise.

Just the first 100 days in Trump Derangement Syndrome, fake news media America.

That is all.

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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.24.2017

  • Thank God he’s not being divisive.:  In between shouting his focus-grouped cusswords, DNC Chairman Tom Perez told an audience in Las Vegas Saturday that his Party has no room anymore for anyone who is pro-life.  This is part of what Mr. Perez – who Democrats said was brought in to bring “stability” to their dying Party – calls his “National Unity Tour.”  Yeah…that isn’t really working out.
  • The poll also found that water is wet.:  67% of respondents to a new ABC/WaPo poll said that the Democrat Party is “out of touch with ordinary Americans.”  The other 33% are Democrats.
  • Nothing to see here, folks, move along.:  The sponsoring fake news outlets did their best to hide it from their dwindling audiences, but that same poll also contained yet another humiliating result for The Most Corrupt Woman in America.  Respondents said that, while they favored The Most Corrupt Woman when they voted last November by a 46-43 margin, if they had it to do over again, they would vote for Donald Trump by a 43-40 margin.  No word if The Most Corrupt Woman blamed that result on a) her inept staff, b) misogyny, c) James Comey, or d) the Russians, but it seems likely that she would.
  • Hey, stupid sells.:  Queen of MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, told her nitwit-filled audience that the civil war that is breaking out in Venezuela is all due to the fact that the country’s state-run oil company made a contribution to the Trump Inauguration festivities.  That may be the fakest news ever reported by any outlet in the fakety fakey fake national news media.  Can there be any doubt she will win a fake award from her colleagues for this fake report?
  • And speaking of stupid, CBS is with her.:  CBS Morning News fake host Gayle King told an Access Hollywood interviewer that her extended vacay with the Obamas “was not political at all.”  For the record, Ms. King gave more than $34,000 to Obama’s presidential campaign, and her daughter worked as a staffer in his White House.
  • “I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man.”:  Ok, this guy’s not one-eyed and fat, but I just wanted to use that great Robert Duval line from “True Grit.”  But some guy named Curtis Kalin, writing in the Washington Examiner, says that the “Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas is one of the worst taxpayer-funded fiscal sins of all time.”  He’s obviously never heard of federal subsidies for corn-based ethanol.
  • Our science is the kind you can’t do without a whole bunch of federal dollars.:  Speaking of atrocious taxpayer subsidies, a bunch of people claiming to be “scientists”, led by Billy Nye the “science” guy – who is actually an engineer – held a demonstration on the National Mall in support of “science”.  Very predictably, this “non-partisan” gathering immediately turned into a series of ugly, profane attacks on the Trump Administration, and was really nothing more than a demonstration in favor of continuing the billions in federal subsidies to any researcher whose “research” toes the partisan line on “climate change”.  In reality, this demonstration had as much to do with “science” as any episode of “Mystery Science Theatre 3000.”
  • Sounds like a classic Obama non-solution, all right.:  Ex-Obama official Cass Sunstein suggested on Sunday that Facebook and other social media outlets should experiment with using an “opposing viewpoints” button instead of attempting to censor and curate content.  Yeah, that is probably not going to work with people who throw daily temper tantrums on their Facebook feeds, and then put on masks, grab their pepper spray and go out looking for someone to assault in public.

Just another day in Everything is Fake, Even Science America.

That is all.


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Open post

Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 4.21.2017


  • Who you gonna believe, us or your lyin’ eyes?:  There was another Islamic terrorist attack in Paris for which ISIS has taken credit, and everyone in authority and in the fake media in that country and in America is doing everything they can to pretend it has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.  Who could’ve ever seen that coming?
  • Hey, whatever happened to that Jill Stein?  Isn’t she a pistol?:  Turns out that the insufferable Ms. Stein and her Green Party are now coordinating efforts with the Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) to “fight Islamophobia”.  CAIR, of course, has long served as an apologist group for Islamic terrorists and is known to have many ties to terrorist organizations.  Hey, maybe ol’ Jill can get her new friends to demand a recount of the number of their ISIS buddies were killed by that MOAB we dropped Afghanistan last week.  That’d be great.
  • Speaking of prominent radical Islamists…:  Keith Ellison, the Islamist Vice Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, told an audience on Thursday that his Party would be in far better shape if Barack Obama hadn’t been such a bad Party leader.  That is absolutely true, and everyone should appreciate such a rare moment of abject honesty coming from any Democrat leader.
  • Here at the DNC, we are unified in our separate-ness.:  Speaking of the DNC, Chairman Tom Perez, the DNC’s serial-cussing Chairman, and Commie Senator Bernie Sanders kicked off their “Democratic Party Unity Tour” this week, with the stated goal of unifying the Democrats behind a far-leftists agenda and turning it into “a 50-state party”.  Because, you know, right now it’s about a 12-state party at best.  The problem is, in his first interview on the tour, the Commie Senator told the interviewer that he is “not a Democrat”, which kind of puts the lie to the whole deal, doesn’t it?
  • You know he’s lying because he still has a job at CNN.:  CNN fake journalist Jake Tapper, who drank the Obama Kool-aid for 8 long years, told an interviewer that too many in his profession were “too friendly” to Mr. Obama, and “drank the Kool-aid.”  In his next breath, the putz claimed that he was “very tough” on Obama.  No word if Mr. Tapper also thinks Harry Potter is, like, a real person.
  • Tired of winning yet?  Part I:  The Labor Department reports that continuing jobless claims fell below the 2 million mark in April for just the second time since 2017, a 17 year low.  Democrats and fake journalists across the country hate this news with a passion, trust me.
  • Tired of winning yet?  Part II:  The American Action Forum reports that the actions taken by President Donald Trump to rescind Obama-era regulations in just his first 85 days in office have already saved the American people more than $86 billion, a pace of more than a billion dollars every day.  Elections matter.
  • God Bless Texas.:  Today is San Jacinto Day, the 181st anniversary of the 18-minute battle that won Texas’s independence from Mexico.  If you’re a Texan, take a minute out of your day to remember the brave individuals whose actions led to all that this great state gives you today.  If you’re an American, you should also take a moment to reflect on these events, because the Battle of San Jacinto was not just a great day for Texas, it was a great day for America as well.

Just another day in God Blessed America.

That is all.


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