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The Great Turning of the “Russia Collusion” Tide Continues

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

News you won’t see reported on CNN – Just so you know, your President of the United States of America donated his second quarter salary ($100,000) yesterday to a project that helps rebuild military cemeteries.

Hey, remember all those media-generated rumors that Chief of Staff John Kelly was fed up with the President and going to resign? – Yeah, those were fake.  The White House announced yesterday that President Trump had asked Kelly to commit to staying on through 2020, and that General Kelly has agreed to do so.

This move was intended not only to signal stability in the White House ranks, but to emphasize to the fake news media that the President has no concerns about being caught up in their “Russia Collusion” fantasy or of being impeached by a Democrat congress.  Awesome.

Today’s Required Viewing – Last night, CNN’s fake newsman Anderson Cooper had dimwitted never-Trumper Max Boot on a panel with America’s premier expert on Russia, Prof. Stephen Cohen, to discuss U.S. relations with that country.  The result is five minutes of Cooper and Boot being utterly decimated and made to look like a couple whining children by a vastly superior intellect.  Ever watched your cat toy around with a helpless grasshopper for an hour before finally killing it?  It’s like that.  Just.  Like.  That.

Watch it here.  You’ll be glad you did.

Your Fake News Media in Action! – The fake news media is really running out of scandals to dummy up.  This morning, all the talking heads and fake reporters are attempting to make a big deal out of the President’s claim at his Tampa, Florida rally last night that “you have to show an ID to buy groceries.”  Your fake news media is contending that claim is false, and “THE PRESIDENT’S A LIARRRRRR!!!!!!!!”

Funny, though, I waited for what seemed like an interminable amount of time at the local Albertson’s on Monday as the lady in front of me sllllllooooowly wrote a check for her tab, after which the checker asked her for her driver’s license, which the lady then slooooowwwwwwllllly dug out of her purse.  Which of course is exactly the process that the President was referring to.

So who’s lying?  It’s not hard to figure out.

More news you won’t see on CNN – As you no doubt know by now, since it’s pretty much the only story the fake news media really focused on the last couple of days, the trial of Paul Manafort in Virginia has gotten underway.  While everyone at CNN and the rest of the fake news media continues to claim this is all about their Russia Collusion fantasy play, it is in fact not about Russia or Manafort’s role in the Trump campaign at all.  In fact, is so NOT related to either of those subjects that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s crack team of Clinton/Obama hacks has actually instructed their witnesses to avoid mentioning the T-word.

Yes, that’s right:  the hacks running the “investigation” that’s supposedly designed to prove the Trump Campaign “colluded” with Russian agents to influence the 2016 election are actively instructing their witnesses to avoid that particular subject entirely.  Which is not really surprising given that the charges of tax evasion and bank fraud in the case are over Manafort’s dealings from a decade ago.  You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

Oh, hey, that’s not supposed to be happening, because Blue Wave or something. – A new pair of senate race polls show that the media’s effort to revive its whole “Blue Wave” narrative is a bit premature.  In Nevada, where Democrats are just absolutely certain they’ll knock off unpopular GOP incumbent Dean Heller, a new Suffolk poll has Heller leading his challenger by 1 point.  In Florida, where Democrats are just sure their slimy incumbent Bill Nelson will easily retain a seat that was not supposed to be up for grabs, a new Mason-Dixon poll has GOP candidate Rick Scott leading by 3 points.

There is no “Blue Wave” building, folks.  It just isn’t there.

The great turning of the “Russia Collusion” tide continues. – Eight days ago, the Campaign Update detailed the belief that the July 21 release of the FISA warrant filings by Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch would come to be remembered as the event that heralded the great turning of the tide in the whole Trump/Russia collusion fantasy the Democrats and their media guardians have been using to divide the nation for two years now.

Since that piece was written, we’ve seen ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper tossed his former boss Barack Obama under the bus and we’ve seen Rudy Giuliani casually toss out the fact that prosecutors and the White House are in possession of dozens of recordings of 2016/17 phone calls between ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and reporters/media executives.

Hey, remember Tony Podesta?  You know, the brother of John Podesta, the spirit cooking chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign?  The high-powered DC lobbyist who mysteriously shut down his practice, fired all his employees and disappeared from public view last November when his former business dealings with Paul Manafort started making the news?

Yeah, that Tony Podesta.  Now comes this little bit of news, quietly rolled out by the hacks at NBC on their low-traffic website:  It turns out that Mr. Podesta, along with former lobbying partners Vin Weber and former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig have for months now been under investigation by U.S. attorneys working out of the Southern District of New York.


The rumor that this investigation had been initiated was first reported way back in November, but then quickly quashed by a fake news media desperate to focus solely on reports negative to President Trump.  But now that the tide is clearly turning in the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy play, NBC suddenly felt the urge to “update” its previous reporting on this little matter.

The real fun is going to come after DOJ IG Michael Horowitz issues his upcoming FISA abuse report, and all the fake news hacks at NBC and the rest of the #fakenews universe start figuring out what U.S. Attorney John Huber and his 400+ staff of attorneys and investigators have been up to out in Salt Lake City since last summer.  That’ll all start taking place in late August/early September, just when the mid-term election campaigns all get started in earnest.

The only “wave” building in this country is the turning tide in the Russia Collusion fantasy play.

Just another day in the bad guys are losing America.

That is all.

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Democrat Hysteria Over Helsinki Has Failed. New Hysteria Coming Soon.

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Presiding over the fakest news operation on earth turns out to be a high-stress gig. – CNN President Jeff Zucker is taking time off to have heart surgery.

If you watch The View, you should really reconsider your bad life choices. – The Democrat campaign to bully, harass and assault Trump supporters in public venues has now been extended into the realm of TV talk shows.  Appearing with the cackling shrews on The View on Thursday, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro was harassed and bullied by the execrable Whoopi Goldberg while on air, and then assaulted by Goldberg backstage during a commercial break.  You can read all about it here.

Because when you can’t indict anybody real, you indict ham sandwiches.  It’s the DOJ way. – Our oily Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, speaking at the Aspen Institute’s annual gathering of globalist freaks Thursday, defended his and Robert Mueller’s practice of indicting Russian nationals as a way to pretend they’re actually making progress on their Democrat/media invented “Russia Collusion” fantasy.

Ignoring the fact that Mueller’s team was completely unprepared to make even a semblance of a case when one of the indicted Russian entities actually showed up voluntarily for trial back in May, Rosenstein pretended this practice is somehow crucial to our rule of law or something:  “Exposing schemes to the public is an important way to neutralize them,” he said. “The American people have a right to know if foreign governments are targeting them with propaganda.”

That much is true.  But the American people also have a right to know why this special counsel exists in the first place, documents for which Rosenstein has now stonewalled in producing for more than a year now, and whether that special counsel and his band of Clinton/Obama hacks are abusing our legal system, as the judges presiding over the cases of Michael Flynn and the Russian firm Concord Management appear to believe.

But Mueller’s corruption of the process isn’t limited to indicting ham sandwiches – far from it.  Now, he’s in the process of attempting to protect several Clinton/Obama cronies from prosecution by asking a judge to grant them “use” immunity in the case against Paul Manafort.  Fox News host Tucker Carlson confirmed on his program last night that one of those cronies is …wait for it…Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Here we should remember that the Mueller case against Manafort involves alleged crimes that supposedly took place long before Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015.  Tony Podesta and Manafort worked together for some Ukrainian clients way back in 2012, when some of the alleged crimes supposedly happened.

Thus, Mueller’s thought process here is that if you worked for 60-odd days for Donald Trump in 2016, you get prosecuted, but if you’re a crony of anyone named Clinton or Obama, you get use immunity.

Don’t believe me?  Another name rumored to be on Mueller’s immunity list is…wait for it…John Podesta.

If you were still laboring under the illusion that our country doesn’t have a two-tiered justice system, stop it.  Now.

This is not working out the way the Democrat/Media Axis of Propaganda wanted.  Not at all. – If you’re depressed by the heinously biased coverage of the Trump meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, don’t be.  A series of new polls taken after Monday’s summit that were issued yesterday have some highly-disappointing results for liberals trying to use the meeting as a hammer against the President of the United States:

  • The new Economist/YouGov poll has Trump’s approval post-Putin Summit at 44%. The last YouGov poll released last week had him at…wait for it….43%.
  • Thursday’s daily Rasmussen Tracking survey had President Trump’s approval rating at 45%, exactly where it was on Sunday, the day before the Helsinki meeting.
  • The new Reuters/Ipsos poll has the President’s approval at 42%.  Last week’s poll from this group had it at 41%
  • A new Gallup poll asked registered voters to pick the “most important problem” facing America today from a list on which “Situation with Russia” was prominently included.  The results left Gallup stunned:  “The percentage of Americans saying ‘Situation with Russia’ is the most important problem is literally too small to represent with a number.”
  • A new Survey Monkey poll has President Trump’s approval rating sitting at 22% among registered Black voters, and 38% among registered Hispanic voters.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any GOP POTUS with that high a rating among Blacks, and only GW Bush rivaled that rating among Hispanics.

To be clear: If Donald Trump were to win as much as even 15% of the Black vote and 30% of the Hispanic vote in 2020, he’d win 45 states and kill the Democrat Party even deader than it already is for a generation.

So if you’ve been wondering why, starting early on Thursday, Democrats and their coordinating media agents began to slowly walk back all of their “Trump committed TREASON!!!!!” hysteria, this is why.  The Democrats never believed it was true, they thought it would poll well, it isn’t polling well, so they’re dropping it.

Expect the Axis of Propaganda to either go back to their “But the Babies!!!!!!” border hysteria, dig up a new porn star to obsess about, or invent something entirely new to keep their irrational, ignorant voter base whipped up with starting today.  Because this is all they got, and it’s only going to get worse.

Just another day in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Here’s Why Trump is Suddenly Tweeting About Mueller by Name

The Evening Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

So, the fake news media spent most of the past two days focusing on the fact that President Donald Trump, for the first time, issued a series of tweets criticizing Special Counsel Robert Mueller by name over the weekend.  The fake media’s take on this is that the President is nuts, that he just gets upset and for no reason at all blurts stuff like this out on his Twitter feed while drinking Diet Cokes and eating Big Mac’s at 2:00 in the morning.

To understand why that assessment – the conventional wisdom in Washington, DC – is completely, totally, 100% wrong, let’s go back to February 28, and the piece I posted that day explaining why the President had called out both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz in a tweet earlier that same day.

In that piece, I discussed the fact that Mr. Trump really doesn’t just toss inflammatory stuff out onto Twitter for no reason, that there is a long history of there being a method to the seeming (in the media’s eyes) madness.  And I pointed out the likelihood that that particular seeming attack on Sessions and Horowitz’s integrity was in fact designed to elicit the exact response that he ended up getting from the fake news media, which was day after day of defense of both men’s integrity.

Why?  My assumption was that it was because Trump was expecting something big from both men in the coming days.  Specifically, I posited that we were probably going to see the issuance of the IG’s report from his 14 month-long investigation of wrongdoing within the FBI and DOJ during the first week or two of March.  That obviously didn’t happen, but think about what has happened since February 28:

  • First, the Attorney General went to the outlaw state of California and announced that his Justice Department would be withholding funds from and filing suit against the state challenging its clearly unconstitutional “sanctuary state” law;
  • Next, the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) sends Sessions a report recommending the termination of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a recommendation based on – guess what? – a finding from IG Michael Horowitz;
  • Finally, Sessions makes the decision to fire McCabe, as he should have done.

The media’s instinctive reaction was to go on full attack against Sessions, but then, at some point on Sunday, reality began to set in that they  were going after the same guy they were all defending just two weeks ago, and the feeding frenzy began to fall away.

Now, the President goes after Mueller on Saturday, and all the Democrats with press passes leap to defend the Special Counsel in glowing terms normally reserved for anyone with the last name of Obama.  And by the way, that all takes place right after they also all leapt to the defense of McCabe as being the second coming of Mother Teresa, which will come back to haunt them should McCabe keep his word and start tossing other media favorites – like James Comey – under the bus.

So what do you all think is probably about to happen next?

Well, what is NOT going to happen is Trump firing Mueller.  All the fake reporters would love that, but that has never been in the President’s plans.

What IS likely going to happen is some move by Mueller that is broadly positive for the President.  No idea what that might be, but here are some possibilities:

  • Announcement of indictments of Tony Podesta and others involved in his now-defunct lobbying firm;
  • Announcement of the vacation of the guilty plea by General Mike Flynn;
  • Announcement that the “setting aside” of Mueller’s investigation into potential obstruction of justice made public a few days ago is actually a permanent dropping of that line of inquiry;
  • Announcement that Mueller no longer feels the need to conduct an interview with the President.

Could be one of those things, could be something entirely different.  In any event, this feels like President Trump preparing the playing field for some significant event involving Mueller.  And when it feels that way, that’s what generally happens.

Buckle up.


That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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The Fake News Media Is Poisoning Our Society

Today’s Campaign Update

  • The fake journalists at the Washington Post took a day off from scandal-mongering and published a hilariously absurd puff piece about the poor, poor Podesta brothers, John and Tony, and their fall from grace.  The Post’s fake reporters appear to be on the verge of immolating themselves over the fact that Tony Podesta’s high-powered lobbying firm is apparently closing its doors on November 15, as its principal has become at least nominally entangled in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “investigation”.  I’ll believe that Podesta is actually in jeopardy in any way whenever charges are actually filed, which of course has yet to happen.
  • As for John Podesta, the Post portrays him as the quiet brother, the brother who would never, never, ever do anything wrong or unethical, despite the fact that the public has been treated to hundreds of his emails that indicate otherwise.  John Podesta, of course, was campaign chairman for the pathetic Hillary Clinton fiasco, and anyone who voluntarily entangles themselves with the Clintons gets the sort of reputational stains they deserve.
  • Speaking of the Mueller investigation, which is supposedly about allegations that the Trump campaign attempted to collude with Russia during the 2016 elections, President Trump chatted with Vladimir Putin for a few minutes at the APEC meetings on Sunday, and all the fake journalists in our fake news media predictably went berserk.  The President was especially slammed for saying that he believes Putin means what he says when he denies having made any effort to influence the U.S. election.
  • Mr. Trump later clarified that statement, saying that, while he believes Mr. Putin sincerely believes what he says, that doesn’t mean that other Russian elements did not spread propaganda during our elections, something they’ve been doing for decades.  Given that no one has presented the public with a shred of evidence personally implicating Putin in any of the Russian influence allegations, that is a very reasonable position for the President to take.
  • The President also very effectively responded to the uproar with a series of tweets, where he now has 280 characters instead of just 140 to make his points:
    • “Met with President Putin of Russia who was at  meetings. Good discussions on Syria. Hope for his help to solve, along with China the dangerous North Korea crisis. Progress being made.”
    • “When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. There always playing politics – bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help!”
    • “Does the Fake News Media remember when Crooked Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, was begging Russia to be our friend with the misspelled reset button? Obama tried also, but he had zero chemistry with Putin.”
  • No rational person would find anything unreasonable in any of that, but our fake national news media has collectively portrayed it as the brayings of a mad jackass.
  • We are in a very, very dangerous place in our country’s relationship with Russia.  We have an entire political party – the Democrats – virtually our entire news media establishment, and rancid Republican war-mongers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, all of whom appear to have a goal of pushing the United States into a shooting war with Russia.  They have all been trying to push us down that road for several years now, and appear to be literally insane with rage that our current POTUS thinks it would be a better idea to form a constructive relationship with such a powerful adversary.
  • Given that President Trump is correct when he says that Russia’s interests are aligned with American interests when it comes to terrorism, Syria, North Korea and other matters, there is absolutely no reason why our country should be constantly assuming the hostile posture towards Russia that the Democrats/media/RINO war-mongers promote.
  • Our national news media is poisoning our society.  They are endangering our future, and the futures of our children and our grandchildren with their constant collusion with the war-mongers and other swamp creatures in our government.  We are going to soon reach a crisis point at which the threat they represent must somehow be dealt with effectively, or we will end up in a conflict that need not happen.

Just another day in poisonous fake news media America.

That is all.


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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever.  is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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When Fake Russia Collusion Collides With Real Russia Collusion

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • I hate to say I told you so, but… – I warned you on Monday that the leak from Robert Mueller’s staff that the Special Counsel’s office was “investigating” The Podesta Group Democrat lobbying firm was just a tactic to lend the investigation a pretense of impartiality, and likely meant that indictments would be coming down soon from the grand juries Mueller has had convened since summer.  Well, sure enough, as the week wound down Friday evening, Mueller’s staff leaked to CNN the information that one of its grand juries had in fact issued its first charges in this sham investigation of the Democrat/fake news media promoted Russia collusion fantasy.
  • According to the leaker, the plan is to place anyone charged under arrest “as soon as Monday.”  So, basically, Mueller’s pretense at impartiality will last a week, give the fake journalists who infest the national fake news media a fake talking point with which to give Mueller cover for these indictments, and we will never hear another peep about any investigation into The Podesta Group by the Special Counsel’s office again.
  • Speaking of Russia collusion – real Russia collusion, not the fantasy Mueller has been chasing – we also found out late on Friday (it always seems to be late on Friday, doesn’t it?) that the “unidentified Republican” who was an initial funder for the activities of the Fusion GPS firm, creator of the fake Trump Dossier, was none other than major Marco Rubio supporter and owner of the Washington Free Beacon, billionaire Paul Singer.  The Free Beacon took full credit (or blame), claiming that its funding of the Fusion GPS firm was pure opposition research that looked into several of Rubio’s GOP primary opponents, and that the funding ended before the DNC and Hillary Clinton employed Fusion to collude with the Russian government in creating the fake Trump Dossier.
  • No one associated with the Free Beacon bothered to explain why in the hell a supposed “newspaper” was involved in funding opposition research on behalf of a GOP presidential candidate, and Marco Rubio, in an interview in CNN, did not address whether or not his campaign properly disclosed the Free Beacon’s expenditures on his behalf in its campaign filings with the Federal Elections Commissions.  So many questions, and not a real journalist around to ask any of them.
  • It sure seems to me that everyone involved here – Singer, his minions at the Free Beacon, and Rubio will have much to answer to in the coming days, if an actual journalist with actual curiosity can be found to ask the real, relevant questions here.  I wonder what Sharyl Atkisson has on her plate right now.
  • At any rate, while Mueller continues to do the Deep State’s bidding in chasing the fake Trump/Russia fantasy, the real Democrat Russia Collusion scandal continues to balloon.  Friday’s disclosure by the Free Beacon is in fact an effort by Singer to get ahead of the coming revelations in this real scandal, as a federal district judge will rule any day now on whether or not Fusion GPS must disclose its bank records, which have been subpoenaed by multiple congressional committees.  It seems very likely that that will happen, unless the judge is an Obama appointee, in which case he will simply ignore the law and rule as he pleases.  But even in that case, the decision will only be delayed a few weeks until an appeals court can overturn the ruling.
  • Once that happens, this dam is truly going to burst, as investigators will then be able to discover exactly whom Fusion paid off in order to accumulate the salacious material it included in its fake Dossier.  No telling where those tentacles will lead, but it sure will be fun to find out.
  • But that’s not all, oh no.  This coming week, the FBI has promised to finally disclose its own files related to the Trump Dossier after months of stonewalling congressional investigators.  Assuming the FBI makes a full disclosure – which is never a safe assumption with this still-corrupt organization – we will find out whether that agency, under former Director James Comey, actually helped to pay for the Dossier itself, as has long been rumored.  And if the FBI attempts to withhold documents, that will become a scandal in and of itself.
  • The Democrats and their fake news media agents are going to be working over time to concoct new distractions for all the real scandals that are about to be coming at them.  It’s going to be a joy to watch.

Just another day in Russia-obsessed America.

That is all.

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Robert Mueller’s Pretense of Impartiality Means Indictments Are Soon to Come

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Hey, distract yourself with this shiny object over here! – NBC reports this morning that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his crew of Clinton/Obama shills is now investigating… wait for it…the Podesta Group!  No, that’s not John Podesta, who managed The Most Corrupt Woman in America’s presidential campaign, but his brother Tony Podesta, who runs a high-powered lobbying firm for Democrat interests in the nation’s capital.
  • It seems the Podesta Group neglected to properly disclose its lobbying activities on behalf of something called the European Center for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU) to the federal government, doing so only after its activities on behalf of this entity were disclosed in the fake news media.  That’s a felony, if the oversight was intentional.  Of course, it will be pretty much impossible for Mueller’s team to prove intent absent some sudden come-to-Jesus moment by someone at the Podesta Group, something that is about as likely to happen as the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl.
  • If you’re getting excited about this news that Mueller’s sham investigation into a Democrat/Media-created fantasy of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is suddenly aiming its guns in the direction of the Democrats, where we know real Russia collusion took place, well, cool your jets.  The NBC report is “news” based on leaks from the Mueller team, and is most likely just an effort by the Special Counsel’s office to try to build some public credibility.
  • Think about it:  Mueller is anything but stupid, a creature of the DC Swamp for 30+ years.  He knows that any findings against any Trump-related people by his investigation will be hopelessly tainted due to the fact that he has stacked his team with hyper-partisan hacks.  Given that his goal from the start has been to find something, anything with which to charge someone, anyone associated with the President with some kind of criminal activity in order to damage Mr. Trump, he knows that credibility with the public is crucial to achieving that goal.
  • The last thing he wants to do is turn his fantasy-based investigation in the direction where it really should be aimed, i.e., reality, but he knows he must at least put up the pretense of impartiality.  What better way to do that than by leaking to the very willing Democrat accomplices at NBC that he and his crack team of Clinton/Obama donors are “investigating” potential wrongdoing by a high-powered lobbying firm with a very familiar Democrat name at the top for possible crimes that will be pretty much impossible to prove?
  • If you don’t believe that this is how these swamp creatures and their media hack supporters think, I give you the response mid-week last week by MSNBC fake journalist Andrea Mitchell to the current reporting on the Clinton/Russia/Uranium scandal by reporters for The Hill.   When asked why MSNBC and NBC were maintaining radio silence on that scandal’s new revelations, Ms. Mitchell responded that her network had “already reported” the story in the past.  The Media Research Center determined that that “previous reporting” to which Mitchell referred amounted to NBC having spent all of 92 seconds reporting on earlier revelations in 2013.
  • This is what these fake media outlets do whenever they’re faced with an inconvenient scandal involving one or more of their Democrat heroes:  they file a single, perfunctory report on the matter, giving it the most biased slant possible, and then spend the next 20 years claiming that “we already reported that story.”  It’s like getting a flu shot – you take just a smidgen of the nasty stuff in order to make yourself immune from having to go through the full-blown illness.
  • This inoculation strategy is as old as the DC Swamp itself, and this is most likely exactly what the Special Counsel’s office is implementing with its “investigation” into disclosures by the Podesta Group.  By putting up the pretense of looking at a high-powered Democrat lobbying firm for possible technical violations, Mueller and his team are most likely setting the stage for announcing indictments of former Trump campaign adviser Paul Manafort or others who were involved in the campaign.  Not surprisingly, the NBC story even runs a photo of Manafort, and mentions the Mueller team’s early morning raid of his home that took place in July.  Coincidence?  Don’t kid yourself.
  • Thus, when accusations of the Special Counsel’s office’s obvious bias start to come, Mueller will now be able to defend himself and his team by saying “hey, we also looked at this Democrat firm over here.”  See this shiny object?
  • Simple.  Utterly corrupt, but elegantly simple.

Just another day in DC Swamp America.

That is all.

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