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Important Info on Texas “COVID-19 Related” Hospitalizations

Some continue to doubt me when I write that, in Texas, every person who goes into a hospital for any reason is being tested for COVID-19 and, if they test positive, their “case” is being listed as “COVID-19 Related.”

Check out this Twitter thread from this morning orginated by Alex Berenson:

Here is a reply from Amanda Carlson:

Here is the full screenshot of the reply she received from TDSHS:


Clear enough?

So, whether you have checked into the hospital for elective surgery, a car accident, the chicken pox or a facelift, if you test positive for COVID-19 in Texas your “case” gets added to the grossly-inflated number referred to as “COVID-19 Related” in the Lone Star State whether you are showing any symptoms or not.

This explains why, as Berenson points out, the number of “cases” keeps rising while the numbers of available ICU beds and ventilators remains unchanged. It also explains why the number of daily deaths continues to fall despite the rising number of “cases”. Because a whole bunch of Texans with active antibodies but no symptoms are being classified as COVID-19 “cases” by a money-grubbing hospital system.

That is all.

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Wednesday News Roundup: Texans Can Take Care of Texans; The Rest of the Country Needs Help

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

In case you’re wondering why Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in a press conference yesterday with the police chiefs and mayors of Fort Worth and Dallas, said that he would not be asking for military assistance from the federal government to quell any out-of-control demonstrations in our state, all you need to see is this photo taken last night in the halls of the Texas Capitol Building by Glenn DeShields:

Image may contain: indoor

Those are Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, sleeping on the marble floors. I have walked those floors many times. They are 100% firm – they don’t give an inch, just like the officers getting a few moments of rest on them.

“So we will not be asking the United States military to come into the state of Texas because we know that Texans can take care of Texans. We have tremendous police forces in Dallas, in Fort Worth, in the surrounding suburbs across the entire state. We have an abundance of resources that are being provided by the Texas Department of Public safety,” said Abbott.

God Bless Texas.

Why doesn’t this Black life matter? – Dave Dorn, a retired captain of the St. Louis Metro Police Department, was murdered by thugs who were looting a pawn shop where he was working security on Tuesday. Mr. Dorn happened to be a Black man, as were the vicious thugs who killed him.

Because Captain Dorn was killed by black men, the national news media is essentially ignoring this story. A web search indicates that only ABC News bothered to file even an online story about this senseless killing, and it was reported in the context of several police killings and injuries that happened on Tuesday, with this headline: “Small-town police chief killed as officers in 3 cities wounded during violence at George Floyd protests.”

To make the story even more demeaning to Captain Floyd’s memory, it does not even mention the fact that he was a Black man. I kid you not. Read it for yourself.

Our news media is an existential threat to our country.

Here’s your Ironic Story of the Day. – Check out this tweet issued by the Associated Press on Tuesday:

Just a reminder that Joe Biden has already spent 16,089 days of his life in public office. In all of that time, his main contribution to addressing “institutional racism” was to co-author the 1993 crime bill that… wait for it … targeted Black men.

But he’s now the Democrat Party’s Great White Hope for solving all the problems faced by America’s Black community. If you’re Black and you fall for this, you truly do get what you deserve. Stop this madness.

Speaking of corrupt news media… – The Secret Service guard station that sits just outside the White House grounds was burned last night by the rioters in Washington DC:

A web search shows not a single story on this incident from our national news media. NOT ONE.

But hey, that’s not fake news, so… – One story that the entire national media focused on Tuesday is – predictably – completely fake. It is the story still being pushed this morning that the federal Park Police, in clearing the path for President Trump and his entourage to make the walk from the White House to St. John’s Church on Monday afternoon, used “tear gas and rubber bullets” to intimidate the violent rioters who have caused so much damage and injured at least 60 Secret Service and other law enforcement personnel.

I watched it all happen live, and it was very clear that none of that happened. The Park Police issued a statement Tuesday clarifying what actually did happen:

“At approximately 6:33 pm, violent protestors on H Street NW began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles and caustic liquids,” the USPP said in a statement. “The protestors also climbed onto a historic building at the north end of Lafayette Park that was destroyed by arson days prior. Intelligence had revealed calls for violence against the police, and officers found caches of glass bottles, baseball bats and metal poles hidden along the street.

“As many of the protestors became more combative, continued to throw projectiles, and attempted to grab officers’ weapons, officers then employed the use of smoke canisters and pepper balls when protestors did scatter from the area.”


Reporters from NBC and the Washington Post continue to spread their fiction this morning. Because they are corrupt, fake-news-promoting enemies of the people. That’s what they are.

For those of you still holding out hope that Salt Lake City U.S. Attorney John Huber might still produce some shocking indictments of Obamagate bad actors, the President of the United States would like to disabuse you of that silly notion:

Remember, Huber was supposedly appointed by former AG Jeff Sessions to investigate the Obama FBI’s fake investigation of the Clinton email scandal way back in late 2017. He has to date produced nothing because that’s really what Sessions appointed him to do.

Now do you understand why President Trump detests Mr. Sessions, and supports his opponent in the upcoming runoff election, Tommy Tubberville? It really isn’t complicated.

Reminder: None of this rioting ever really was about George Floyd. – Rioters in Boston last night defaced a monument called “Glory.” The monument depicts heroic Union solders during the U.S. Civil War.

The solders all have one thing in common: They’re Black. They’re the members of the 54th Regiment who became the first Black soldiers to fight in the Civil War.

You could never make this stuff up.

That is all.

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Texas Supreme Court Orders Shelley Luther Released From Jail [3rd UPDATE]

The Mid-Day Campaign Update

***UPDATE 3: Here is a video of her leaving the jail:

***UPDATE 2: Governor Abbott, in a meeting with President Trump at the White House, just announced that Mrs. Luther has been released from the Dallas County Jail.

***UPDATE: I had a bad feeling about this. The Dallas County Sheriff, Democrat Marion Brown, is now saying that because Mrs. Luther is being jailed for contempt of court, corrupt Judge Eric Moye’ must order her to be released. Also, Gov. Abbott does not have the authority to pardon someone who is being jailed for a contempt order.

This has now turned into a full-fledged Democrat attack on the State of Texas.

Do not be surprised if you read about the Governor sending Texas Rangers to the Dallas County Jail to force the release of this abused woman if Moye’ does not relent.

[End Update]

The Texas Supreme Court has now intervened in the ongoing travesty of justice in which salon owner Shelley Luther was sentence to 7 days in the Dallas County Jail by an overbearing Democrat judge. Late Thursday morning, Judge Eric Moye’ was ordered by the Supremes to release Ms. Luther from jail, where she was sentenced for contempt of court.


The Supreme Court intervened after Texas Governor Greg Abbott amended his shut-down order to prohibit authoritarian judges like Moye’ from throwing people in jail, an unintended consequence that the Governor obviously failed to consider when he issued his hasty and clearly unconstitutional order in March.

“Throwing Texans in jail who have had their businesses shut down through no fault of their own is nonsensical, and I will not allow it to happen,” Abbott said in a statement, adding that his order is retroactive to April 2 and supersedes local directives. “As some county judges advocate for releasing hardened criminals from jail to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is absurd to have these business owners take their place.”

It is indeed absurd, but it is also fair to again point out that it was Abbott’s order that set up the conditions under which corrupt judges could engage in such abusive behavior. Abbott, along with governors all over the country, acted hastily and without real forethought in shutting down their respective economies on the pretense of “flattening the curve” of the Wuhan Virus in March. He took that action without the need for a 13-committee, 39-member “Strike Force” similar to the one he is using for political cover during his carefully-planned, phased reopening now.

One of the unintended consequences of that rash action is that Mrs. Luther, along with several other business owners in Texas, have been forced by abusive judges to spend time in jail under what is in all likelihood an illegal order to begin with. In Ms. Luther’s case, she has spent 2 nights in a jail in which more than 240 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed.

This is a travesty and a scandal, and it must never be allowed to happen again.

That is all.

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Gov. Abbott: Texans Can Get a Haircut on Friday! Yee-hah!

The Evening Campaign Update

Yeeee-hah!!!! – In a press conference held Tuesday afternoon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that a raft of additional businesses are fixin’ to be allowed to reopen on Friday, May 8. Those businesses include barbers, hair salons, cosmetologists and tanning salons. He also announced that gyms will be able to reopen on May 18, albeit at 25% capacity.

Excerpt from a report at the Texas Tribune website:

The businesses will be required to follow certain rules as the state continues to grapple with the coronavirus. Hairstylists will be able to work with only one customer at a time. People waiting in barber shops will have to maintain 6-foot separation or wait outside.

Meanwhile, gyms will be required to operate at a maximum of 25% of capacity. Showers and locker rooms will be closed, and equipment must be disinfected after each use.

Abbott acknowledged people may want to see another type of business reopen — bars — but said the state is still figuring out how they can do so safely and did not offer a timetable.


Finally, I’ll be able to go get my shaggy head trimmed up!

Of note, Governor Abbott’s announcement comes one day after Virginia Governor Ralph KKK Northam extended his own lockdown order through May 16. It also comes as Democrat governors in California, Michigan and Oregon, and Republicans in Alabama and Ohio are finding themselves under increasing pressure to relent on their own draconian orders.

In California, a city councilman has personally sued Gov. Newsom over his idiotic beach-closing order:

Newport Beach City Councilman Kevin Muldoon personally sued Gov. Gavin Newsom in federal court Monday over Newsom’s beach closures targeting Orange County.

Muldoon, a vocal proponent of lifting the weeks-long lockdown imposed to stem the coronavirus pandemic, filed the suit on his own behalf and was footing his own legal costs, he said. He called Newsom’s directive, handed down Thursday and put into effect the next day, unconstitutional.

Newsom’s order applies only toOrange County. A reopening date is unclear.

“Defendants have shown by their actions a willingness to ignore and to violate the fundamental civil rights of California residents,” the lawsuit reads. “Their actions … are persistent and capable of repetition unless they are enjoined by this court.”


In Michigan, the Detroit News published an editorial by its editorial board condemning Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer for her rampant abuse of power and and endorsing the legislature’s decision to file a lawsuit against her:

Whitmer is attempting to assign a noble purpose for her unilateral power grab, saying she needed to continue her emergency powers to protect health care workers from being sued by COVID-19 patients.

But the Legislature Thursday approved a bill that would enshrine that immunity in law, proving lawmakers are capable of working with the governor to protect Michigan.

They had offered to grant her another short-term extension of her powers, with oversight. But she refused to accept any conditions that forced her to collaborate with lawmakers.

The Republican-controlled Legislature Thursday also passed resolutions authorizing the speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader to sue the governor.

That lawsuit should be filed ASAP.

From the beginning of her tenure, Whitmer has show disdain for both the law and regular-order governing, looking for every loophole to avoid dealing with the Legislature.

This time, she’s taken the state to a very dangerous place.

There’s no reasonable defense, in a representative democracy, for a governor to strip the legislative branch of its constitutional authority and assume dictatorial powers in perpetuity.


In Oregon, radical Alinskyite Governor Kate Brown eased some of her own abusive restrictions after coming under intense pressure in recent days:

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has announced a limited opening of some state parks, outdoor recreation facilities, and other areas for day use in a partial easing of restrictions put in place because of the coronavirus.

Officials say day-use will slowly return to other state parks starting next week. The popular Columbia River Gorge parks and recreation areas and coastal areas will remain closed for now. Brown says Oregonians should recreate responsibly.


What all of this is teaching us is something most Texans have known for all of our lives: We are damned lucky to live in the Lone Star State.

Thank you, Governor Abbott, and God Bless Texas.

That is all.

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Gov. Abbott Announces Major Business Reopenings in Texas on May 1 [UPDATED]

The Evening Campaign Update

After being criticized for two weeks as he allowed other state governors to get in front of him in opening their economies, Texas Governor Greg Abbott finally announced at a Monday press conference that he will allow major new business reopenings in his state beginning May 1.

Here are the Highlights:

– Abbott said he would allow the “stay-at-home” order issued on April 1 to expire as scheduled at midnight, April 30.

– What the Governor refers to as “Phase 1” reopenings will include businesses such as restaurants, theaters, salons, retailers and shopping malls being able to open their doors but limiting customer traffic to 25% of their allowed capacity. UPDATE: Salons will not be allowed to reopen on May 1. They may be allowed to reopen in Phase 2, on May 18.

UPDATE: Sole proprietorships may also reopen on May 1. One smart reader asks, what if you’re a sole proprietor who runs a barber shop? Good question.

– In less-populated counties that have experienced 5 or fewer Wuhan Virus cases thus far (which, as we have previously noted, includes more than half of the state’s 254 counties), businesses will be allowed up to 50% of capacity.

– Also allowed to reopen on May 1 are licensed medical practitioners such as doctors and dentists.

– Hospitals will also be allowed to take in additional patients and perform more elective surgical procedures, so long as they continue to reserve 15% of their bed space for COVID-19 patients.

– The Governor conditions these reopenings on the continued observation of social distancing guidelines that have been in effect since mid-March, and recommends – but does not require – citizens to wear masks while venturing outside the home.

He also specifically notes that his guidelines supersede local orders. This would specifically include the order issued last week by Harris County Judge Lina Hildalgo requiring her citizens to wear masks, subject to arrest and fines. Abbott noted that his order disallows local officials the ability to impose such penalties in their local orders.

– Gov. Abbott also said that sports activities will be allowed to resume on May 1, but only to the extent that they involve no more than 4 participants. So basically, we’re talking about golf, tennis and other similar sports.

All of that and more is part of Phase 1. I will update this piece with further information as it comes available.

The Governor also discussed Phase 2 of his plan, which would begin effective May 18, if – and it’s an important IF – the data shows that the state has not seen an increase in the number of Wuhan Virus cases in the two weeks following the beginning of Phase 1 on May 1.

Phase 2 would include the opening of additional businesses, the increasing of capacity usage, and the allowance of additional sports activities involving more participants. It would also include permission to hold summer camps subject to social distancing guidelines.

All in all, the Governor’s plan is exactly what millions of Texans have been waiting to hear from him in recent days: An aggressive, strategic approach to reopening Texas’s economy in a way that makes sense, and clearly demonstrates an awareness of the geographic and demographic diversity of this giant state. Obviously, the voices of those Texans have been heard in Austin, and the Governor and his Strike Force responded in a way that makes sense for everyone.

It’s nice to have some good news to report for a change.

God Bless Texas.

That is all.

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Texas Gov. Abbott Disappoints Yet Again

The Evening Campaign Update

It’s official: Texas Republican Governor Gregg Abbott, who governs a massive state of 28 million people that has seen fewer cases of Wuhan Virus than the city of Newark, New Jersey, has lost the race to reopen the massive Texas economy to…wait for it…radical leftist Colorado Democrat Jared Polis.

Hours after Polis announced he would gradually start to lift his state’s stay-at-home order beginning April 26, Abbott called a press conference to update Texans on the progress he and his timid and apparently paralyzed “strike force” had made since his last disappointing press conference on Friday.

Guess what? They haven’t made any progress to speak of.

From a Houston Chronicle report on the Abbott presser:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott painted a positive picture of the state’s battle against COVID-19, but he said it’s not time yet to open up the economy.

Abbott said on Tuesday the number of people testing positive for the coronavirus is “leveling off” and has remained mostly under 1,000 a day even as testing has accelerated. He said on April 9, Texas had more than 1,000 people test positive for COVID-19, but hasn’t hit that number in 12 straight days.

“It’s not because COVID-19 is suddenly dispersed from the geography of the state of Texas,” he said. “The reason why it is leveling off is because our fellow Texans have done such a great job of reducing their interactions with others.”

Abbott said he is in touch with private sector employers and health professionals and is hoping to have an announcement soon to reopen parts of the economy that have been closed since he issued his initial stay-at-home order on March 31.

He said on Monday he expects to make an announcement about the “next steps for opening up Texas.”

So basically, the Governor of the State of by-God Texas reported absolutely zero progress from his vaunted “strike force” and punted the question of reopening the 10th-largest economic engine on the face of the damn earth for six more days. There was a time when Texans could confidently look to Governor Abbott for strong and decisive leadership in the face of a crisis, as he demonstrated so well in the wake of the devastating passage of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. As of today, that time is apparently gone.

Look, no one is questioning the fact that we needed to take these mitigating steps back in March to try to “lower the curve” of this plague that has been visited upon our country by the communist Chinese government. But a month has now gone by, and all we are asking is for the Governor and his plodding “strike force” to demonstrate that they are at least giving the situation some real, analytical thought.

There are still over 60 counties in Texas that have seen zero cases of this virus, and well over 100 that have seen no more than 5. Anyone who wishes can go look right now and easily determine that more than 70% of the Wuhan Virus cases in Texas are centered in 11 of the state’s 254 counties. Why are the members of this “strike force” and the Governor insisting on treating all 254 of those counties the same?

For example, Brewster County covers a geographical area that is larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware, yet its population is just a little more than 9,000 people. Brewster County has yet to report a single case of COVID-19, but its 9,000 residents are subject to the same stay-at-home order as the millions of residents of the City of Houston. The “non-essential” businesses in Brewster County are shut down just like those in the City of Dallas. People in Brewster County are being thrown out of jobs just like people in San Antonio.

Does that really make sense to you? Because it doesn’t make sense to me, and it shouldn’t make sense to anyone with functioning synapses in their cranial cavities. How in the hell can it possibly make sense to the plodding people on the “strike force,” who are apparently working under the Michael Horowitz model of moving forward, which is roughly at the speed of Brian Stelter savoring a box of jelly donuts.

This is maddening, and all I can say to Governor Abbott right now is that if you’ve lost me, you’ve lost Texas, and you are right on the cusp of losing me. The Governor is very, very fortunate not to be running for re-election this year.

That is all.

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GOP Governor Greg Abbott Disappoints With a Timid Reopening Plan for Texas

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

In a series of Executive Orders issued on Friday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott laid out the initial aspects of his plan for re-opening the Texas economy. The plan will be managed by what Gov. Abbott is calling a “statewide strike force” chaired by Austin banker James Huffines. If these initial steps and the governor’s statements about them are any indication, the reopening in red-state Texas will be little different than the process in many blue states around the country.

First what the Governor did do:

– He allows all retail businesses to reopen, but most will be limited to “drive-up” shopping – where customers place orders over the phone or online and then pick the merchandise up at the curb outside the store – or delivery;

– He left all public and private schools closed for the remainder of the school year, with a target for reopening in August for the fall semester;

– He reopened all state parks beginning on Monday, but with the same social distancing restrictions in place;

– He loosened restrictions on medical appointments and elective procedures, which will be a godsend to the mostly-empty hospitals around the state, many of which have had to lay off workers due to lack of activity;

– He said that updates on places that host large gatherings, like restaurants, churches and entertainment venues, will come “later.”

All of which is in line with the guidelines coming out of the Trump Coronavirus Task Force, which is fine. Sadly, these actions will do precious little to begin restoring the jobs and livelihoods of the hundreds of thousands of Texans who have been thrown out of work by the government’s response to the Wuhan Virus.

The disappointment comes in the lack of any effort whatsoever to distinguish Texas, which has had far fewer cases of the Wuhan Virus than much smaller states on the East and West Coasts and even Louisiana, from the approaches that will be taken by those other states. For example, why no attempt to treat the 100+ Texas counties who have had 5 or fewer cases of the virus differently than the big-city epicenters of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin? 64 counties have reported ZERO cases of COVID-19. Why continue the absurd situation in which residents of small communities with names like Skidmore and Papalote and Poteet and Post and Troy remain subject to stay-at-home restrictions that make no real sense in their communities?

That latter may be more of a criticism of the Trump Task Force, which promised to deliver geographically-targeted guidelines but so far has not done so. But let’s also admit that 8 governors, all Republicans like Abbott, have never issued a stay-at-home order for their states. So, the President has certainly given governors a lot of leeway in dealing with these guidelines.

But that’s a leeway that Gov. Abbott was unwilling on Friday to take advantage of for his state. Equally as disappointing was the Governor’s apparent failure to attempt to balance his ongoing restrictions and mandated deprivations with the fundamental rights of all citizens. Indeed, in his statement on the orders, he laid out only two factors that would influence his decision-making:

“This [reopening] will be driven by two things: what our medical team advises and what the data shows,” Abbott said.

If it’s disturbing when a Democrat governor like New Jersey’s Phil Murphy admits he “wasn’t thinking about the bill of rights” when issuing his own draconian shutdown orders, it is perhaps even more disturbing when the Republican Governor of Texas admits he won’t be thinking about the fundamental rights of all Americans as he moves timidly forward to reopen his state. At least give it some lip service, Governor.

With protests now beginning to spring up in Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota, California, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Virginia over the deprivations of rights of assembly, speech and religion by the Democrat governors in those states, it is only a matter of time before we see similar protest actions begin to take place in many red states as well. Abbott was sued on Friday by a group of pastors on the grounds that the Governor’s edicts violate the religious liberties of their parishioners, a contention that is manifestly true.

Yes, the governors in Texas and other states do possess extraordinary powers during declared emergencies, powers that are important for them to possess when fast decisions must be made to save lives. But there is no real “emergency” in the vast majority of the state of Texas. The seasonal flu has taken hundreds more Texas lives than the Wuhan Virus will, but there was no similar declaration of any emergency. Texas has seen 459 Wuhan Virus related deaths thus far; yet, we lose roughly 3,600 people every year to car accidents without reacting by closing down a single business or school or highway in response.

Texans like me expected more from Gov. Abbott on Friday, in large part because he has always done a fine job of delivering so much more for Texas during his time as the state’s Attorney General and Governor. Hopefully he will use the weekend to give some real thought to the fundamental rights of his citizens and start delivering more come Monday.

That is all.

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HUGE: Gov. Greg Abbott Preparing Order to Begin Re-Opening Texas Businesses

The Evening Campaign Update

Living in Texas is a blessing in so many ways. One of the best of those ways has been to enjoy the blessings of a state run by Republicans for the last 26 years, and current Governor Greg Abbott is proving in many ways to be the best of them.

At a news conference today, Gov. Abbott announced that he will be among the first governors in the nation to issue an executive order to authorize businesses in our state shut down due to the Wuhan Virus to begin re-opening as soon as next week. Texas has been blessed to have been fairly lightly hit by the virus, with most of its counties outside of the major population centers experiencing either no cases or just a handful. Even the state’s huge cities, like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, have been extremely lightly impacted compared to cities in other states.

Like President Donald Trump, Abbott promises the reopening will be strategically done in order to protect human life, and will no doubt include measures like self-quarantining by those who are most vulnerable to the virus. But the existence of a clearly effective treatment regime, thanks to the hydroxychloroquine/zinc combination, and social distancing measures that can be practiced by those in the workplace now make it possible for states to begin shifting from a shelter-in-place strategy to a quarantine-plus-treatment approach.

Here is an excerpt from a Fox News story on the matter:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday he plans to sign an executive order next week outlining guidelines for how businesses in the state can start to reopen after being shut down over coronavirus.

“Next week I will be providing an executive order talking about what will be done in Texas about reopening Texas businesses,” Abbott said during a Friday news conference, saying it will be done “in a way that will be safe for that economic revitalization.”


He added: “We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods. We can and we must do this,”


As President Trump has consistently emphasized, a strategy designed to safely reopen the nation’s economy will not involve a one-size-fits-all timeline. Texas, in large part to its advanced emergency management practices that have evolved from decades of practice dealing with major storm, fire, drought and hurricane events, has been able to weather this latest storm better than most.

This successful addressing of the front-end of this pandemic now positions the Lone Star State to be on the leading edge of the coming recovery – and make no doubt about it: The recovering is coming.

God Bless Texas, God Bless Gov. Abbott and God Bless America on this Good Friday.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.


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Trump’s Texas Primary Turnout Was Nothing Short of Amazing

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Yes, friends, Donald Trump did just fine in Texas on Super Tuesday, despite what Lt. Col. Allen West said. – I know this is going back in time a bit now, but readers continue to send me notes of concern about an “analysis” posted by Lt. Col. Allen West at his website after the Super Tuesday primary in Texas. In that piece, with the clickbait headline of “Super Tuesday Results From Texas: It Ain’t Pretty,” Mr. West contends that the President didn’t do well in the Lone Star State, based on vote count comparisons with the field of Democrats, which then still consisted of at least 8 contenders.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Ever since I was a little boy, I have always enjoyed math. It was always a treat solving equations and figuring out solutions based upon formulas. Regardless of the common core math fallacy, there are objective truths, and they can be found in the study of mathematics. I suppose that was why being a US Army Field Artillery officer was the perfect fit for me, figuring out firing solutions to put “steel on target.” Back in the day, we had to do our computations, under time constraints, with tabular firing tables and slide rules . . . those were the days.

Numbers tell a story when you know what to analyze, and they provide insight and the ability to develop plans and strategies. Therefore, our campaign staff for Texas GOP Chairman decided to take a look at some numbers from the Super Tuesday primary election here in the Lone Star State. We believed the results would tell us a story, but the story we uncovered is not a good one.

I think it is time those living in a delusional fantasy land stop kidding themselves, and realize that, well, yes, “Houston, we have a problem.” Now, I am not an alarmist, certainly not one to panic, but I am a realist. And, it is time we get real about what is happening, politically, in Texas.

It is, sad to say, a repeat of what the progressive socialist left has been doing in other once strong, conservative states.

The data found below comes from the Texas Secretary of State website. You can also see the results by county by party. This is all open-source data that anyone can find, research, analyze, and assess. What we did was to look at the major population centers in Texas, by county, and several surrounding counties, to provide a picture of what happened in this primary election cycle.

By comparison, we looked at three rural (lower population) counties. This is the data we found posted as of Thursday, March 5th. Here is what we found, with “us” meaning Republicans:

STATEWIDE (Texas) – updated 
D – votes cast – 2,076,046
R – votes cast – 2,008,385
THEY OUT VOTED us by roughly 68K
Harris (Houston) – registered voters 2,385,906
D – 321,903 votes cast 13.49% turnout
R – 192,985 votes cast 8.09%  turnout
THEY OUT VOTED us by roughly 129k people 

The piece goes on and on, detailing the turnout in several other big counties in Texas, but you get the picture: Because the 8 Democrats pulled more total votes than a President running essentially unopposed for re-election, that means Trump is in trouble in the Red State of Texas.

No, not really.

Look, this is really kind of simple. Texans have a long history of cross-over voting in the GOP and Democrat primaries, especially in years in which an incumbent president is running for re-election and the other party has a contested primary going on. We have a couple of 21st century examples to look at in this regard.

First, there was 2012, when Barack Hussien Obama His Own Self was running unopposed for re-election. Here are the official vote totals in that primary election:

Democrats: 590,164

Republicans: 1,449,447

So, in a state in which the Republicans that year held a statewide advantage of about 10-15% of the vote, the contested GOP primary between Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and an assortment of others out-polled Obama by roughly 160%, as hundreds of thousands of Democrats crossed over to vote in the GOP presidential primary, and thousands of others just stayed at home.

Then, there was 2004, when incumbent Texan George W. Bush was running for his re-election against a Democrat field consisting of John Kerry, John Edwards, Howard Dean and assorted other miscreants and grifters. Here are the official vote totals in that primary:

Democrats: 839,231

Republicans: 687,615

Here we see Democrats out-drawing the Republicans by about 33% in a state in which the GOP held an even larger overall advantage than in 2012. Why? Because thousands of people who would normally vote Republican either crossed over to participate in the contested Democrat primary or stayed at home due to lack of interest. That 33% margin for the contested Democrat race that year compares to an edge of just 1.7% in 2020. 

Now, let’s compare total turnout increase between 2020 and 2004, which is the most relevant case given that we have a GOP incumbent president in both years. Where the Democrat vote total was up by an impressive 150%, Trump’s total votes were right at 200% higher than the total Bush received in 2004. That is an amazing shift in just 16 years.

Col. West is right when he says that “we must be concerned about the progressive socialist expansion from these major population centers.” That’s nothing new in Texas, but its advance has been reducing the GOP advantage in the state over time. But let’s be honest: Overall, his post is a fright piece containing little if any real analysis designed mainly to attract clicks from readers.

Judging from our own readers here at the Campaign Update, West’s piece did have its desired effect of raising a great deal of concern from conservative Texas voters, and hey, that’s not a bad thing. But when you look at this year’s results and examine them through the prism of history and the dynamics of this year’s campaign, the ability of President Trump to accumulate more than 2 million votes in a basically uncontested primary in Texas this year is nothing short of amazing.

Texas is a Red state, and it is going to remain a Red state for the foreseeable future.

That is all.

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