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President Trump Should Scatter the Security Clearance Club to the Winds

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful Global Warming strikes again. – Stevie Wonder blamed the death of Aretha Franklin on “global warming,” whatever that is these days.  The great Queen of Soul actually died of pancreatic cancer, a sad fact no one apparently bothered to let Mr. Wonder know about.

We’ve come a long way from Johnny Carson. – The once-funny comic actor Kevin Hart kicked off the MTV music awards by saying, “In your face, Trump! Suck it!”  Man, that’s some, uh, stuff right there.  Wonder how long it took a team of writers to come up with that?  But hey, he knew MTV’s target audience very well, obviously.  So now we can expect Mr. Hart’s career to go the way of Michelle Wolf, who couldn’t even keep a show on Netflix past its first trimester.

From our ICYMI files… – In case you missed it, Obama era ex-CIA Analyst Philip Mudd went absolutely berserk on CNN Sunday, when a conservative questioned whether or not he should be able to continue profiting from having a security clearance. Go take a look at it at this link before reading on.

Now, folks, that right there is a prime example of leftist, conservative-black-hating, Trump Derangement Syndrome in full bloom.  This is a rank leftist who is infuriated first by the fact that his mode of raking in tons of money through DC Swamp-based privilege is being threatened.  He’s infuriated second by the fact that this black guy debating him extremely well has left the liberal plantation where in his mind all African American people should remain huddled in fear and subservience to the federal government and Democrat Party.  And he’s infuriated every waking moment by the reality that this Trump guy interfered with the Democrat/establishment Republican plan to keep the DC Swamp and its privileges and clubs for people like Phil Mudd open and operating into perpetuity.

Is this really a person who needs a security clearance?  Put another way – the correct way – what possible national purpose does it serve for this raving racist lunatic to hold access to classified information impacting our national security, since he claims he has no existing role with the U.S. government?  Are we to really believe that someone in the Donald Trump Administration believes it is vitally important that Phil Mudd keep his security clearance intact because the CIA might need to call on his brilliant mind in the event of a national emergency?

Really?  My goodness, if our national security truly depends on the services of people like this clown, we are well and truly screwed as a country.

Interestingly, the President himself weighed in on Mudd’s truly disturbing behavior:

Of course it should be revoked.  The clearances of the likes of Mudd, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Ohr, Page, and all the other deep state swamp rats from the Obama years should have been revoked long ago.  Furthermore, the entire system for determining which, if any, fired or retired government employees get to keep these clearances needs to be completely reformed.

The fake news media doesn’t like to focus on this fact, but there are upwards of 5 MILLION people with national security clearances, according to the Washington Post.  That’s more than three times the number of people actively serving in the combined U.S. armed forces.  Let that sink in.

The other little secret the media chooses to ignore is the fact that it costs the U.S. taxpayer about $15,000 each time one of these clearances must be renewed, which normally happens every three years, but can be more frequently than that in specific situations.  That’s $2.5 to $3 billion per year just to conduct the renewals.

This is insanity.  It’s the most expensive good ol’ boys and girls club in the world.  The government hands out these clearances like a doctor’s office hands out Tootsie Pops to kids.  The vast majority of these people never use these clearances in any official way after they leave government, but millions of them profit from having them, which is why this is such an emotional issue for nutjobs like Mudd.  The possession of these clearances is the foundation for a whole cottage industry of consultants, security and analyst positions, all of which pay very well so long as the clearance remains current.

John Brennan and James Clapper are two examples of good ol’ boys who have been richly rewarded by MSNBC and CNN, respectively, for the expectation that they will go on the air and share – or imply to share – “knowledge” based on their possession of current security clearances.  Phil Mudd himself is a paid contributor at CNN – does anyone believe he would have that contract without his security clearance?  Every speculative statrment these guys make, every innuendo or insult they target towards the sitting President of the United States of America is assumed by the viewer and CNN’s army of news fakers to be laced with and based upon insider classified information.  The clearance is their stock in trade.

This all must end.  This good ol’ boys and girls club, based on the trafficking in our national security secrets, must be busted up into a million pieces and scattered to the winds.  Donald Trump, God bless him, is the only President we have ever had who is willing to undertake this task.  John Brennan was a good first step, but there are miles and miles and miles to go before this President sleeps.

Just another day in Obama-era hacks trafficking in our national security secrets America.

That is all.

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Open post

Hollywood Idiots Ruin George Strait’s Noble Idea

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Why do Hollywood leftists have to ruin everything they touch? – My first reaction when I heard that the great George Strait would be putting on a nationally televised hurricane benefit fundraiser was great!  Awesome!  Greatest country music artist ever, native Texan, truly good ol’ boy in every sense of that title, it’ll be a fantastic show and raise a ton of money.  Good for George.
  • But then I saw that he would be joined by notorious cop hater Beyonce’, and I thought, oh, no, here we go.  But hey, Beyonce’ is also a native Houstonian, so I figured she might actually have some real feelings in this game.  So, ok, maybe she’ll keep all the cop-killing symbolism out of this particular performance, and she did.  Good for Beyonce’.
  • But then I saw the execrable Stevie Wonder was going to be included and I slapped my damn forehead.  Holy cow.  This is going downhill fast.  Then the list began to expand to the usual assortment of Hollywood know-nothings (Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney), has-beens (Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts), and malcontents (Jamie Foxx, Robert Deniro) and I knew that what began as a noble effort starring George Strait would now be turned into the classic Hollywood leftist tribute to Mother Gaia that has little to do with helping the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and mostly to do with promoting Al Gore’s Global Warming scam.
  • In the end, the celebrities announced their tribute to their Climate Change god had raised $14 million, and traded high-fives.  J.J. Watt, by himself, raised more than $30 million, a total that is still climbing.  Thanks, Hollywood.  Now go scurry back under your kitchen cabinets, and turn out some more really bad movies.
  • Oh, dear God, can somebody please lock this woman in her office for the next year and feed her through a tube?  Please? – Nancy Pelosi, fresh on the heels from a stuttering, stammering, speech-slurring appearance before a gathering of LGBT leaders in San Francisco, placed her public incoherence on display yet again Tuesday evening in Washington, at an event honoring the playwrite of the Broadway hit, Hamilton.  She repeatedly flubbed the name of Lin-Manuel Miranda (there, that isn’t really so hard to say, is it?), referring to him at various points as “Lin-Manuel Madonna”, “Lin-Manual Ramanda” and “Flim-Flannel Hmphfluglebutt”.  (Ok, I made that last one up, but still.)  For those of you who are into self-flagellation, here is a link to the video.
  • This is the worst deal ever!!! It’s terrible!!!!  It’s awful!!!!  It’s the end of the world as we know it!!!!!!!  I vote ‘yes’. – Hey, remember how all the establishment Republicans in DC spent the entire last week wailing that the deal President Trump made with San Fran Nan and Chuckie Schumer was just the worst thing ever and signals nothing less than the end of the Republic?  Remember how they said it was just soooooooooo awful that only a damn fool would agree to it and that they were just going to be back in December, having to address the debt ceiling yet again?  Yeah, none of that was true.
  • The deal was soooooooo awful that it has already been passed by both houses of congress, thus clearing the playing field for congress to spend the rest of this year addressing tax reform.  And guess what?  Most of those establishment Republicans – just about all of them, in fact – voted in favor of the worstest, awfulest, most republic-endingest deal they had ever seen!  Go figure.
  • As for having to come back and address the debt ceiling yet again right before Christmas, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the leader of the establishment Republican precinct of the DC Swamp, put the lie to that contention, telling an interviewer that, as drafter of that particular provision, he had inserted language that allows the Treasury Secretary to use “emergency measures” to extend the debt ceiling, and that we will be “well into 2018” before congress actually has to do anything with it.
  • All of which proves just one more time that if you believe anything any establishment Republican tells you, you might just be naive.

Just another day in Hollywood Ruins Everything America.

That is all.

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