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DOJ Brings the Hammer Down on the Senate Intelligence Committee

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Here’s what 40 years of Democrats refusing to address the state’s water supply have done for California… – “Californians May Have to Choose Between Showers and Laundry with New 55-Gallon Water Limit.”  That’s the headline of a PJ Media story detailing the looming impacts of two new bills just signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown, the provisions of which would impose draconian new water conservation measures on ordinary Californians, while naturally also providing exemptions for all the state’s wealthy, who are overwhelmingly white Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Gov. Brown.

The bills would impose fines of up to $10,000 per day for violators, while at the same time providing exemptions for swimming pools, spas and those ever-popular “water features” in all the state’s 6-figure swimming pools.  This is the Democrat Party in action, folks, and they want to bring this kind of elitist discrimination to the rest of the country.  Don’t kid yourselves otherwise.

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part I – Tuesday was a really lousy day for the Democrats, with voter enthusiasm and turnout down in Democrat primaries and up in GOP races all over the country.  With the fake news media-promoted “Blue Wave” in danger of fading from memory, the news fakers at the raging dumpster fire that is NBC News felt the need to issue a fake poll  purporting to show the Democrats holding a 10 point lead once again in the congressional generic ballot measure.

As I chronicled during the 2016 campaign, this is a tactic that NBC and ABC seemed be tag-teaming during the general election, issuing some wild outlier poll anytime the RealClearPolitics polling average between the Pantsuit Princess and Donald Trump became uncomfortably close.  Guess this week was NBC’s turn.  It’s truly pathetic, but its what these people do.

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Part II – Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of Tuesdays results in California came in the fact that almost all of the George Soros-backed district attorney candidates got their evil heads handed to them.  Soros has been pouring tens of millions of dollars into local district attorney races all over the country this year in an attempt to put soft-on-crime prosecutors in place in his never-ending efforts to completely destroy American society.

It’s always a great day for America when Soros has a bad day.

And this time he really, really means it!  Promise.  Really.  Seriously, he isn’t kidding this time.  You betcha. – DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz sent a letter to the House Oversight Committee that he will be releasing his report on the FBI’s fake investigation into the Pantsuit Princess’s email scandal on June 14.  He has also agreed to appear before that committee to testify on June 18.

Guess what?  June 14 also happens to be Donald J. Trump’s 72nd birthday.  Happy birthday to you!

Wait, what?  Jeff Sessions is still alive and on the job?  Who knew? – The Justice Department announced on Thursday the indictment of one James A. Wolfe, 58, who has served as the Senate Intelligence Committee’s director of security for nearly three decades, for  allegedly making “false statements to agents in December about his contacts with three reporters.”  Investigators are looking into allegations that Wolfe leaked classified information to his girlfriend, a reporter who works for…wait for it…can you guess?…the New York Times!  Wow, that’s a shocker, right?

Ok, it was a 50/50 shot – the only other logical guess would have been the Washington Post, but the Times had a leg up on the competition for this particular criminal endeavor.  The Senate Intel Committee is that execrable bunch led by deep state Republican Richard Burr and ranking Democrat Mark Warner.  The roster includes a veritable who’s who of deep state Rs and Ds including Dianne Feinstein, Marco Rubio, Roy Blount, Angus King and Kamala Harris.

So, it’s only natural that the senior staffer thought to be leaking national security secrets to some leftwing NYTimes reporter named Ali Watkins – whose leftist resume’ sports previous stops at places like Buzzfeed, Politico and McClatchy News – works for this specific committee.  Remember, this is the same committee that gave us Daniel Jones, the former Feinstein shill who in late 2017 raised $50 million from Democrat donors to pay Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS to start dummying up a second fake Trump Dossier.  No word which NYTimes or WaPo reporter Jones is dating, but it’s apparently a safe bet there is one.

Oh, and guess what?  CNN reported last night that Mr. Jones is also now the subject of a DOJ investigation for alleged leaks of classified information.  Of course, it is CNN, so that report could turn out to be hilariously fake, but at this point it’s all the information we have.

Anyway, as a part of the investigation into Mr. Wolfe, Justice Department lawyers “notified Watkins on Feb. 13 that the DOJ had obtained information on her Google email accounts and Verizon phone, the Times reported. The seized records spanned years before and after Watkins joined the Times in 2017 to cover federal law enforcement.” The Times and the rest of the fake news media is in a big uproar about this tactic this morning.  Funny, they didn’t seem to care much when the Obama DOJ did that and far, far worse to Fox News reporter James Rosen and the dogged Sharryl Atkisson, who then worked for CBS.

But now that a Republican is in the White House, suddenly the fake news media gives a damn about the first amendment.  Funny how that works, huh?

But here’s the thing about that first amendment deal:  It is there to protect a free and independent press so it can serve as the public’s watchdog.  It was not intended to protect a bunch of hyper-partisan hacks who work every day to negatively impact the national security of the United States.

News organs that refuse to live up to that responsibility deserve what they get.

Just another day in Jeff Sessions Lives! America.

That is all.

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The SJWs Had A Really Bad Weekend

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Hey, remember when campus Social Justice Warriors, the Texas news media and the management at UT-Austin claimed that the implementation of Texas’s new “Campus Carry” law would be a disaster and lead to all sorts of death, violence, and just general mayhem?  Yeah, predictably, that didn’t happen.  UT reported yesterday that, in the year since the law went into effect, its’ campus police have had to investigate just 4 gun-related incidents on campus (Oklahoma’s football team alone averages more than that per semester), and just 1 of those incidents could even theoretically be somehow tied to the new law.  That single incident came when a grad student, posing for a photo for the campus newspaper The Daily Texan, lifted his shirt to reveal the pistol he was legally carrying.  Because the gun was no longer “concealed” when he briefly lifted his shirt, some campus snowflake called the campus cops and fled to his safe space.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • Social Justice Warriors have also tossed a fit in recent days due to the fact that the movie “Dunkirk” – which apparently does a great job of portraying the famous WWII Battle of Dunkirk – doesn’t have enough women and people of color in its cast.  Another legacy of our nation’s refusal to teach recent generations anything about history – someone needs to inform these simpletons that almost everyone who fought and died at Dunkirk was – gasp! – a white male.  The same is true of most – but not all – of the famous battles of WWII fought by British and U.S. forces.  Can someone please put these SJW nitwits in a remedial history program?
  • After 9 illegal immigrants tragically died from heat exposure in the back of a large truck in San Antonio over the weekend, liberals and their fake news media agents speculated that this just had to have happened because of President Trump’s new policy of actually enforcing immigration laws.  The trouble with this argument is that, during the George W. Bush era of open borders in 2003, 19 illegal immigrants suffered the exact same fate in the back of another large truck in Victoria, Texas.  Folks, the ranches of deep south Texas are littered with the bodies of illegal immigrants who have died from overexposure to heat, starvation, lack of water and from being shot by the “coyotes” who smuggle them into the country.  Perhaps the real problem here is the thoughtless scofflaw policies followed by craven liberal leaders of the nation’s “sanctuary cities”, which serve as beacons of false hope for those who wish to enter the country illegally.  But hey, that thought process is logical, and thus could never be followed by anyone on the American left or in our fake national news media.
  • With Republicans like Richard Burr, who needs Democrats? – North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, who tragically chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the following to CNN when questioned about the refusal of Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice to testify:  “The unmasking thing was all created by Devin Nunes, and I’ll wait to go through our full evaluation to see if there was anything improper that happened.  But clearly there were individuals unmasked. Some of that became public which it’s not supposed to, and our business is to understand that, and explain it.”  Honestly, why even bother to try fix our government anymore, if this is the attitude of the supposed “good guys”?  A pox on all their houses.
  • With Democrats like this, who needs fascists? – NY City’s “man of the people,” i.e., commie/Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio reportedly had a subway train cleared of the homeless people who normally occupy it so that he could take a photo-op ride on it and declare that it and the train station it was rolling into “looks clean.”  Aren’t these Democrats just wonderful people?
  • Finally, some drug dealer in South Florida named David Blackmon became so distraught after his huge stash of cocaine was stolen from his car – along with $50 in cash – that he did the only logical thing anyone named David Blackmon would do:  He phoned 911, and was promptly tossed in the slammer.  I swear it’s not me, although he is a handsome devil.

Just another day in Unfortunate Namesakes America.

That is all.



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