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Friends Don’t Let Friends Be Sheep

Guest piece from Red Chair Reflections

[Note: I have known the author at Red Chair Reflections for many years, and she is one of the best writers I have come across. Most of her pieces are not politically-oriented, but her voice is one that deserves to be heard. I thought readers here would especially enjoy this piece.]

It’s an election year in the US. I’ve started thinking more about how much effort is put into influencing our opinions – not just by the political parties and individual campaigns but by all of the intertwined sources of information we consume. It seems like immediately after every debate or televised speech, some variation of the following comes out of my television:

“We’ll break it all down for you.”

“We’ll tell you how the candidates fared tonight.”

“Let’s dive into what this all means to you at home.”

“If you are just tuning in, here’s what you missed.”

Think about these statements objectively, outside of the news cycle.

Next time you hear similar phrases from your television, think how condescending and offensive they are. Yet, they’ve become part of the media lexicon. We’ve been completely dumbed down and collectively convinced somehow that political discourse is as complex as brain surgery, and we shouldn’t form our own opinions without “expert” guidance.

Imagine being in a doctor’s office, for example. If you are reading a copy of your child’s latest bloodwork report or looking at an MRI image or an x-ray, these would seem like perfectly benign and soothing things to say to you. The doctor or assistant is the trained expert, and they understand what they are looking at, and you are depending on their training and expertise to explain something that you are not trained to understand. “Annie’s bilirubin reading is slightly elevated. Let me explain what that means. ” That is a perfectly respectful and reasonable statement.

On the other hand, imagine that you and your spouse are in a parent-teacher meeting, and have just listened to the teacher’s account of your tweenager’s behavior and performance problems in school. At the end of her presentation, a guidance counselor you’ve never met says, “Let’s dive in to what this means to you at home.” I don’t know about you, but my immediate reaction would be something along the lines of, “Oh, we know what this means to us at home, thank you very much. We’re not idiots.”


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Taking a Week Off

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Campaign Never Ends (But it does get a vacation). – It’s been more than a year since The Campaign Update had more than a single day’s interruption, and that was caused by technical issues with the website.  It’s been a heck of a year, and the next year will probably be even more amazing.  The news cycle just keeps speeding up, the issues more numerous and intense, the daily freakouts by those on the left becoming almost hourly in nature.

To be properly prepared for what’s to come, yours truly needs some time off to recharge the batteries.  So, The Campaign Update will be taking an unprecedented 10-day break.  It will return on August 20.  The Republic will probably survive its absence.

Just another day in the Campaign Never Ends, but it does get a vacation America.

That is all.

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Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.17.2017

  • Campus Stupidity of the Week:  Goes to Harvard University, where officials announced yesterday that they are eliminating the term “freshman” – because, you know, it has “man” in it – and replacing it with the far more PC term, “first year”.  As if this action weren’t stupid enough, Harvard’s leadership admitted that they had been fretting about what to do about this awful injustice “for years.” Really?  With all the education-related issues going on in America these days, this is what you spend “years” worrying about?  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • Entertainment Media Stupidity of the Week:  Goes to Netflix, which, in the wake of bad comic Amy Schumer’s new special receiving almost nothing but 1-star reviews from dissatisfied viewers, is now changing its on-line reviews to only allow “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” ratings.  Presumably, they will change the system again after Ms. Schumer’s next not-funny-at-all special receives nothing but “thumbs-down” reviews.  Because that’s what idiots do.
  • Fake News Media Stupidity of the Week:  Goes of course to MSNBC fake host Rachel Maddow, who spent an hour on her show Tuesday night accidentally letting America know what an outstanding taxpayer President Donald Trump happens to be.  Compounding her problem, Ms. Maddow then blamed her problem on her viewers, who she said tuned in the show with “unrealistic expectations.”  It’s a safe bet many of those viewers won’t be making that mistake with her program again.
  • Congressional Stupidity of the Week:  Goes to the news media’s favorite U.S. senator, Cranky Old John McCain, who has decided that anyone who opposes anything he wants to see done is nothing but a tool of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  Spending far too many years in the nation’s capital dealing with liberals, whose favorite tactic is to pick a boogeyman to frighten the public with and refer to that boogeyman at any given opportunity, has obviously rubbed off on the Senator From the News Media.  Thanks to the short-attention-span voters of Arizona, he’s not going anywhere for six long years.
  • Conventional Wisdom Stupidity of the Week:  Goes to all those “experts” in the fake news media telling us that President Trump’s administration is in a “death spiral” (I must have heard this phrase uttered a dozen times this week) due to his low public approval ratings in all the fake polls.  Let’s all take a breath and remember that these are the very same “experts” who were wrong about literally everything during the presidential election campaign, and who obviously have learned absolutely nothing about Donald Trump from that experience.  Anyone who paid attention for the last 20 months knows that, when it comes to President Trump, the DC “conventional wisdom” is pretty much always wrong.

Just another day in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

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