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Trump Dominates the G7, and the Globalist Community Can’t Stand it

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Godspeed, Charles Krauthammer – I read Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s letter on Friday with feelings fondness and sadness.  I’ve been a big fan of his writing – and later of his commentary on the Fox All-Star panel discussions – for at least 30 years now, so the news that he has only a few more weeks to live in this life is something I find to be profoundly sad, although I’ve had a feeling for months now that this news was coming.

Dr. Krauthammer won a Pulitzer Prize in 1985 for his commentaries, back when Pulitzer Prizes were awarded for actual, outstanding contributions to journalism and not for the sort of fake news hackery for which several CNN employees were awarded a few weeks ago.  Krauthammer won that Prize for good reason:  He was the best in the business, and remained so for many years afterwards.

I did not always agree with Krauthammer – he was a notorious #NeverTrump adherent throughout 2015 and 2016, after all – but I always looked forward to his viewpoint, because he was unerringly able to make his case through supportable logic and wit.  Other #NeverTrumpers whose names I won’t name could learn much from the Doctor in this regard.

Bret Baier and his occasional fill-in hosts have had a difficult time finding adequate replacements for Krauthammer, and the All-Star panel will never be the same without him.  Unlike many of the others who try unsuccessfully to fill the void, the Doctor was always able to disagree without resorting to hyperbole or disagreeable tactics.

Logic, facts and wit were all he ever needed.  He was one of a kind, and will be extremely missed.

He’s good enough, he’s sexy enough, and doggonit, the ladies like him. – Disgraced ex-Senator Al Franken received some defending he probably didn’t want, given the source, on Friday when disgraced ex-President and lifelong woman abuser Bill Clinton decided to weigh in on his case.  Somehow I’m thinking Franken would have preferred for ol’ Slick to just leave bad enough alone.  Just a guess.

Sacre’ bleu – he really means that ‘America first’ nonsense? – Oh, golly, our G7 “allies” are all verklempt at President Donald Trump over the import tariffs he has gone about implementing recently.  The President was singularly unperturbed about all the bitter scorn he was getting from the Angela Merkels and boy leaders of France and Canada, repeatedly expressing his certainty that those countries and others will ultimately come around and negotiate more equitable tariff deals rather than simply endure the reciprocal tariffs the U.S. has recently implemented

Most of these other countries – France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Japan – have enjoyed essentially being on the U.S. dole since the end of World War II.  The U.S. started what has become a 70+ year massive transfer of wealth to those nations with the implementation of the Marshall Plan in 1948, and has expanded on that initial $13 billion outlay ever since.

President after president and congress after congress have agreed to enact one-sided tariff policies that overwhelmingly advantage these other nations’ economies, adding Canada and Mexico to this wealth-and-jobs-draining mix in the mid-1990s with the NAFTA deal and adding China in more recently for good measure.  Our country has, for what were initially valid reasons, also relieved the Europeans and Canada from the burden of having to truly pay for their own military defense, spending hundreds of billions of dollars every year by having our own military personnel bases, missiles and other tools of war stationed on Eastern Europe and Japan even today, long after the Soviet Union disappeared and the economies of Germany and Japan recovered to world power stature.

To make matters even more absurd, Barack Obama and John Kerry chose to elevate this massive transfer of U.S. wealth to these other countries by committing our country to the heinous Paris Climate Accords, which were every bit the massive fraud on the American public that the Iran deal was.  These Accords had literally nothing to do with “climate” and everything to do with transferring trillions more U.S. dollars to the other signatory nations over the course of 15 years.

Want proof?  As of today, the United States is the only nation earth that is not a signatory to this fraudulent agreement, and is also the only nation on earth that has actually met and exceeded its emissions reductions “goals” under the deal.  Of course all those other countries are upset – they were all looking forward to getting their slice of that gigantic pie.

So it’s no surprise that Merkel and Macron and the Boy Prince of Canada are bitter:  They see a money spigot that has flowed from the United States of America for decades beginning to slow and have no idea how they’re going to tell their citizens that their economies are going to have to bear the cost of fielding real militaries and pay their own ways.  They’re like a couple of parents who have sponged off their rich uncle for decades suddenly having to face telling their 30 year-old kids they’re going to have to move out of the house because they’ve been cut off by Uncle Sam.

But here’s the big secret the fake news media in this country won’t tell you:  President Trump isn’t looking to cut all these spoiled children states off completely – he never promised that.  He’s simply looking for concessions from them that are substantial enough to give him the ability to keep his campaign promise of negotiating a “better deal for America.”

Canada is a great example:  The Canadian government has for many years shipped Chinese goods into the U.S. tariff-free under NAFTA due to a specific exemption in that treaty.  All the Boy Prince has to do is concede on that inherently unfair provision and the rest of NAFTA will remain largely intact.  The other countries in the G7 have their own inherently unfair tariff provisions that are unreasonable and should be conceded in order to avoid an outright trade war that benefits no one.

It isn’t 1948 anymore – if Italy’s economy is still a wreck, the United States has no responsibility for that.  If Germany has idiotically assumed the societal burden of importing more than a million Muslim refugees into its country, that was not America’s decision.  If England’s economy is struggling under the growing burdens of creeping fascim, America did not do that.  Sorry.

These other leaders dislike President Trump because, unlike most of his post-WWII predecessors, he refuses to smile and keep up the globalist lie.  He’s exposing them for the leeches they have long been, and won’t be giving in.  They all know this, they know the difficulties this new reality will cause them at home, and really have no idea how they’re going to deal with it all.

America First.  Finally, a U.S. President who means that when he says it.  Despite all the warnings Trump gave them throughout 2015 and 2016, these other national leaders never believed he would follow through.

Just another day of Trump putting America first.

That is all.

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Open post

Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.18.2017

  • Hey, Angie, how ’bout paying your bills?:  President Trump met with Angela Merkel on Friday, in what observers described as a “tense” meeting.  Gosh, wonder why?  Reportedly, the President pressed the German Chancellor about the need for her wealthy country to actually pay its dues to NATO, which it has been under-paying for basically as long as that organization has existed.  Shockingly, the Chancellor announced during their joint presser afterwards that she is now suddenly committed to doing that.  Turns out, somebody just had to ask.  Or more likely, demand, which would explain the “tenseness”.
  • Of course, “safe” is a matter of perspective.:  Also during the presser, Ms. Merkel laughably claimed that her policy of rampant open borders has made the European Union safe.  As if on cue, a radical Islamic terrorists went on a shooting rampage in the Paris airport.
  • That noise you heard around noon Friday was fake reporters heads exploding all across the fake news media:  Finally, President Trump got a big laugh during the presser when he tripled-down on his claim that Trump Tower was wire-tapped during the campaign, stating that being wire-tapped by the Obama Administration gave him “something in common” with Chancellor Merkel, who was also famously wire-tapped by the evil Obama minions, a truth the fake media has gone out of its way to forget.
  • Google lost hundreds of UK clients yesterday as a result of its ongoing policy of allowing rank anti-Semitic videos to remain active on YouTube.  This happens because Google is owned and run by progressives, and progressives are all about Antisemitism these days.  Sad but true.
  • Hey, remember when the Secret Service was this crack team of impenetrable security?:  Yeah, those days are long gone.  Yesterday, a SS agent in New York City had his laptop stolen when he left it unattended in the seat of his car.  The laptop reportedly contained the floor plans to Trump Tower, along with information about the criminal investigation of The Most Corrupt Woman in America.  Later on Friday, we learned that the fence-jumper who was arrested on the White House grounds last week had actually been roaming around inside the “security” fence for 17 minutes before the SS even realized he was there.  If you’re not worried about the President’s safety, you should reconsider.

Just another day in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

Open post

Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) – 3.14.2017

  • Wooing practice begins at 9:00 sharp, Madam Chancellor.:  The blizzard bearing down on Washington DC caused German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose open borders policies are in the process of utterly destroying her country’s native culture, to postpone her planned meeting with President Trump today.  But whenever they do meet, Der Spiegel reports that the Chancellor is “planning woo Trump, rather than confront him” over his plans to enforce America’s immigration laws.  Somehow, I don’t think Ms. Merkel will find a very receptive audience for this strategy.  Might be best to postpone this meeting until a better approach can be devised.  Like invading Poland, for example.
  • MSNBC will no doubt soon be offering him his own prime time talk show.:  The irresponsible nitwits who run Austin’s SXSW drunk-and-traffic-fest provided a platform for the debut of an absurdly plotted “documentary” by a Michael Moore disciple named Jason Pollock, which claims to reveal ‘new evidence’ in the Michael Brown case.  Despite the easily-discerned fact the film is an abject work of fiction that reveals nothing but the dishonesty of the filmmaker and incredible gullibility of its audience, riots very predictably broke out in Ferguson, MO.  This gave the talking heads at CNN something to talk about other than President Trump, so I guess we should be grateful for that.
  • Yes, in the same sense that a lion loves a zebra.:  Speaking of SXSW, the comical fake editor of the NY Times, Dean Baquet, told an audience there that President Trump “actually loves the New York Times.”  Such fake hubris is fake unbecoming of you, Mr. fake editor.
  • How many different positions will James Comey take on this?  The over/under is currently 3.:  Snoop Dog released a video in which he pretends to shoot President Trump.  Predictably, there is no outrage coming from the fake news media in response.  Imagine how Martha Raddatz or Jake Tapper would have responded if a high-profile artist had released such a video when Barack Obama was President.  Your fake news media in action.
  • Last week they were all claiming the then-unseasonably warm temperatures were due to “global warming.”:  A major blizzard blew into the northeastern seaboard last night, and will blanket everywhere from Washington, DC through Maine with a major late-season snow.  Climate frauds everywhere are blaming this very common periodic occurrence on…wait for it…wait for it… “climate change”.  Because that’s what climate frauds do.
  • Yes, because the Tea Party uprising was a truly organic occurrence, and everything the left is doing is utterly fake.  See the difference here?:  The interminably dense fake journalists who inhabit Nate Silver’s 538.c0m blog published an hilariously dimwitted piece titled, “The Left Might Have a Hard Time Replicating The Tea Party’s Success”.  You don’t say….

Just another day in Fake News Media America.

That is all.

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