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Atlanta’s Police May Be Defunding Themselves

Will Atlanta find out what “Defund the Police” really looks like the hard way? – After the clearly politically-motivated Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard, heinously over-charged police officer Garrett Rolfe in the killing of Rayshard Brooks Wednesday afternoon, dozens, perhaps hundreds of Atlanta police officers either called in sick or walked off the job in protest.

Although the police headquarters denied the reports in an obvious effort to try to maintain order, the Atlanta Police Officers Union confirmed that officers in at least two of the city’s 7 police zones did indeed stage a walk-out:

The head of Atlanta’s police union confirmed Wednesday that officers from the Atlanta Police Department in Zones 3 and 6 walked off the job Wednesday afternoon.

Vince Champion, southeast regional director of the International Brotherhood of Police officers, said that police officers had stopped answering calls midshift, in response to charges against Officer Garrett Rolfe who is accused of murdering Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.

“The union, we would never advocate this. We wouldn’t advocate a blue flu,” Champion said. “We don’t know the numbers. Apparently we’re learning that command staff are asking outlying counties for support and aren’t getting it.”


Should this police walkout continue and even expand, the people in Atlanta are about to be exposed to the chaos and brutality that would come from a real effort by craven Democrat political hacks to follow through on their sloganeering of “defund the police.”

In a softball interview with CNN earlier in the day, Atlanta’s Democrat mayor (the city has had nothing but Democrat mayors for 141 years now) Keisha Lance Bottoms noted that the morale of her police department in the wake of recent anti-police protests is not exactly high:

In an interview with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Wednesday, the mayor said that police morale around the country is down.

“… and I think ours is down ten-fold,” Mayor Bottoms said. “This has been a very tough few weeks in Atlanta and with the tragedy of Mr. Brooks, and then on top of that the excessive force charges that were brought against the officers involved with the college students, there’s a lot happening in our city, and the police officers are receiving the brunt of it quite frankly.”


Oh. You don’t say. Wonder why that would be the case?

Later in the evening, after the police walkout had become apparent, Mayor Bottoms – who is rumored to be on the short list to become Joe Biden’s running mate – said this:

“There’s a lot happening in our cities and our police officers are receiving the brunt of it, quite frankly,” Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. She said the city has committed to the officers through a big pay raise, and “we expect that our officers will keep their commitment to our communities.”

Ok, so, after a near-month of bashing the police and failing to live up to her commitment to support them, Mayor Bottoms suddenly calls on them to honor their own commitment. As always, leftist Democrats want to have everything both ways. Frankly, it seems amazing that police all over the country haven’t walked out on their jobs after all the crap the Democrat Party and BLM have slung their way in the past several weeks.

I said it Tuesday and I’ll say it again today: Rayshard Brooks should not have died after getting drunk and falling asleep in his car. He was shot 3 times in the back. Regardless of his having waved a taser at the officer as he ran away, he should hot have been shot 3 times in the damn back. America no longer lives in an episode of Kojak – this simply cannot be standard police procedure in today’s United States.

But Rolfe was charged yesterday with felony murder, a charge that claims the act was committed intentionally and with forethought. While this was anything but a righteous killing, there is no question whatsoever that it was a spur-of-the-moment decision made in the heat of a violent situation, a situation that became violent only due to the actions of Mr. Brooks. A charge of manslaughter would have been far more appropriate and more likely to be successful in front of an impartial jury.

Of course, after DA Howard basically did his best to inflame emotions throughout the community by very misleadingly trying his case in Wednesday’s press conference, where will the state be able to find an impartial jury for former officer Rolfe? Certainly not anywhere within the confines of Fulton County

Interestingly, DA Howard is up for re-election this year and in obvious peril given that he only finished second in his recent primary election. That poor showing might be due to the fact that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation launched an inquiry in May into allegations that Howard illegally funneled $140,000 of city funds through a sham non-profit organization to supplement his salary.

In case you were wondering, DA Howard is, like Mayor Bottoms, a Democrat. Because of course he is.

One might hope that the voters of Atlanta might awake this morning to the realization that there are no Republican fingerprints anywhere on their city’s current predicament, and resolve to be more careful about how they cast their votes in future elections. But such hopes would be almost certainly futile.

The voters of Atlanta have a long and sorry history of electing corrupt Democrats, realizing later that they are corrupt, and just electing more corrupt Democrats to succeed them in the next election. It’s a vicious, destructive cycle that won’t likely change anytime soon.

That is all.

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Trump Birthday Boat Rallies Display Massive Support All Over the Country

Every four years, the nation’s corrupt news media establishment embarks on a mass brainwashing campaign designed to discourage Republican voters from participating by convincing them their candidate cannot win. We have seen this phenomenon take place in every election cycle in the modern era, starting with the Ford/Carter contest of 1976. This election cycle is certainly no exception: In fact, it may already be the most intense yet.

The Trump Campaign reported yesterday that it has already received more than 300,000 ticket requests for the President’s upcoming rally on June 20 in Tulsa. On Friday, by contrast, Joe Biden at one point had just 68 people tuned into his livestream event broadcast on the Internet from his basement:

That is 68, a two-digit number, watching the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democrat Party. But you are being brainwashed to believe that this corrupt, doddering fool is not just ahead of the President in the current polling data, but somehow way ahead, almost to the point that the election is really already over for all intents and purposes. It’s exactly the same playbook the Democrats and media ran through during the 2016 election campaign, only even more absurd.

The media figures who scoff at these massively-attended Trump rallies as being merely “anecdotal” and “one-off” evidence of the President’s strong support are the same figures who correctly told you that the massive turnouts for Obama rallies in 2008 were an indication of the strong and growing support for the eventual winning candidate. They’ve obviously forgotten the lesson they should have learned that year.

The President hasn’t held any rallies since early March thanks to the viral gift from China, but despite that reality, we have plenty of visual evidence of his strong and growing support happening all over the country today, which happens to be his birthday. Take a look at the pictures and video clips below of huge Trump boat rallies that have been organized by supporters in various locations:

The biggest one appears to be in Jupiter, Florida, where a reported 3,000 boats participated:

Here’s another one in Broward County, Florida – wait for it because it takes a few seconds to unfold:

They tried to organize a competing Biden rally, but it didn’t quite work out:


Check out this one 3,000 miles away in San Diego:

Here’s another view of San Diego:

Here’s a “Trumptilla” forming in Tampa Bay:

They held one yesterday in St. Clair, Michigan:

They’re doing it down in the Floriday Keys, too:

Not to be outdone, here is a clip from Norris Lake, Tennessee:

Here’s Lake Hartwell, South Carolina:

And here’s a shot of the parade on the Detroit River in Michigan:

And here’s a group in San Diego singing happy birthday to President Trump:

So, you won’t see Trump supporters out rioting in the streets and burning down our major cities, but you do see them this weekend on the rivers and lakes all over the nation celebrating their support for President Donald Trump.

The Democrats and their media toadies are in for another very long and disappointing Election Night on November 3.

That is all.

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The BLM Long Knives Come out for Val Demings

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Nobody’s immune from the BLM intolerance mob. – Val Demings, the former police chief of Orlando, Florida and current congresswoman from there, has been getting a ton of attention from the corrupt news media since she has been regularly mentioned as being on the short list to become the running mate of Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden. But in these days of the lunatic cancel culture, that kind of attention can be a dangerous thing.

Demings is finding that out the hard way this morning as she has now become the latest target of the leftist intolerance mob, led by Black Lives Matter. Specifically, she has become the target of one Hawk Newsome, who styles himself as the President of the New York Chapter of Black Lives Matter. Asked by a reporter about Demings, Newsome responded by saying “Joe Biden would be an idiot to put her on his ticket.’People are already on the fence about him. When black people become police officers, they are no longer black. They are blue. And I have been told this by numerous officers.”

Well, golly, there you go. See, to Black Lives Matter, Black lives don’t matter once they’ve turned “blue.” Just as the 30-40 Black lives that are snuffed out every weekend by Black gangsters in Chicago don’t matter. Just as the hundreds of thousands of Black lives that are ended by an abortionist’s knife in a Planned Parenthood facility every year don’t matter.

The only Black lives that matter to Black Lives Matter are Black lives that are politically advantageous to the Democrat Party.

That’s the truth about Black Lives Matter.

Ok, so, who’s next on that list? – Did someone say Senator Kamala Harris? Oh, yeah, girl, they’re coming for you next. Do not doubt it.

See, Kamala Harris spent years serving as the Attorney General of California, otherwise known as that state’s chief law enforcement officer. You think she isn’t “blue” in the racist, bigoted eyes of Black Lives Matter activists? Please.

Harris has already taken a lot of grief over the fact that, while serving in her previous post, she was an avid enforcer of maximum sentencing laws aimed at drug offenders, a disproportionate percentage of whom happen to be Black. Even better for the Black Lives Matter intolerance mob, there are all kinds of video and audio clips out there circulating around the interwebs capturing a smiling, mocking Harris in all her Willie Brown supported glory, bragging about sending all of those Black people off to prison for many years.

So, given that Biden’s handlers are under great pressure now to choose a Black woman to be their elderly, doddering candidate’s running mate, who does that leave on the list?

Well, there’s Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, whose official bio doesn’t really talk at all about what she might have achieved before becoming Mayor. But she spent several years in law practice and as a judge, so you kind of have to wonder what she might be trying to hide right now from the Intolerance Mob. She also was very critical of the recent riots that BLM helped to organize in her city, and, unlike her peers in Minneapolis, New York City, Seattle, Chicago and Portland, made aggressive use of her police force in quelling them.

Bottoms is now faced with even more rioting in her city due to another police killing of a Black suspect, whose only “crime” appears to have been getting drunk and falling asleep in his car, which was parked in a fast food restaurant’s parking lot. Given that Bottoms had her police out in force again last night, she’s obviously got a problem unless she backs off and lets BLM and Antifa set up an autonomous zone around CNN headquarters.

Then there’s Susan Rice, the pathological liar who served as Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor. Aside from being a very poor liar – which most Democrat voters consider to be a real qualification in a vice presidential or presidential candidate – Rice doesn’t appear to have any obvious “blue” disqualifications in her background, which has almost exclusively been spent in appointed political jobs.

As a result, Rice may win the Democrat Veepstakes by default unless something as yet unrevealed about her should come to light.

Should that happen, the Biden elder abusers can always turn their eyes back to Georgia gubernatorial looooooser Stacey Abrams. Abrams was all over the media this week, sadly admitting that she hasn’t received any calls from Biden’s handlers about the job, reminding everyone how eager she is to become the least qualified vice president in American history.

Keep your chin up, Stacey, there’s still hope!

Holy crap.

That is all.

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The Evening Wrap: Alex Berenson Debunks the Media’s Latest Round of Panic Porn

Alex Berenson – that rarest of endangered animals, a real working journalist – has done yeoman’s work on Twitter in debunking the rampant and intentional disinformation spread by the corrupt news media relate to the Wuhan Virus and the government’s response to it. His new book on the subject, “Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns“, was initially blocked by the evil minions at Amazon, and then shot to the top of the bestseller list once the minions relented due to popular demand.

Now that President Donald Trump has announced his plans to renew his massive campaign rallies around the country in the coming weeks and months, the Democrat/Media Axis of Propaganda has once again gone into high gear in an effort to convince the nation that we are suddenly in the middle of a “second wave” of the virus, even though there is zero data to support the claim.

Today, Berenson completely debunked this new round of Covid-19 panic porn in 10 easy tweets. Here is what he said:

2/ So: you’ve heard positive tests are up in several states. True. The media refers to these as “cases,” as if positive tests have clinical significance by themselves. They do not. The vast majority of people with positive tests do not become ill enough to need hospitalization…

3/ Much less intensive care or ventilator support. For people under 50, this is true in the extreme. But the daily age distribution of positive tests is rarely if ever supported…

4/ Second: you’ve heard overall hospitalizations are up in some states. This is also true. THIS IS A FEATURE, NOT A BUG. Overall hospitalizations are rising because people are returning to hospitals for elective (and in some cases very necessary) surgeries that were postponed…

5/ Now, in some of these states COVID-related hospitalizations have also risen (though they make up a tiny fraction of overall hospitalizations). Scary, right? No. When people go to the hospital for elective surgeries they are now routinely tested for COVID…

6/ Whether or not they are symptomatic. Hospitals have financial and legal as well as medical incentives to do this. IF THEY ARE POSITIVE, hospitals will report them as COVID patients (since, technically, they are), EVEN IF THEY HAVE NO COVID SYMPTOMS.

7/ This fact accounts for the bizarre disconnect between the fact the number of people going to emergency rooms with influenza-like or COVID-like symptoms is NOT rising (and remains in the low single digits) even in states reporting more hospitalizations…

8/ As well as the fact that fewer hospitalized cases are now progressing to ventilators (I can’t swear to this in every state, but it appears to be a trend)…
9/ And the fact that deaths no longer seem to have any relationship to case counts in many states (true even accounting for the fact that deaths lag). The question you should be asking yourself: why aren’t Europe and Asia seeing post-lockdown spikes if this trend is real?
10/ And don’t say masks. Masks are not routine in Europe. So either COVID is somehow different post-lockdown in Europe (and different in different states, too)… or this is just one last gasp of panic porn.

There. Wasn’t that easy?

Meanwhile, Creepy Uncle Quid Pro China Joe Biden weighed in with this:

Quote: “You know the rapidly rising…uh, umm, uh…in with, uh…with, uhhhh, I don’t know, uh…”

Terry McAuliffe is right: Hidin’ Biden really is better off staying in the basement.

Thanks, Dr. Fauci! Thanks, Democrat governors! Thanks, corrupt news media! – CBS reports today that fully 40% of Black-owned businesses are not expect to survive the Fauci/Democrat/media-driven response to the coronavirus.

From the CBS piece:

Jameian Selmon kicked off 2020 with a dozen employees and a full slate of weddings and birthday parties booked for her thriving event-planning company in Minneapolis. Less than four months later, her company is gone — one of hundreds of thousands of black-owned businesses around the U.S. that have closed permanently amid the economic rubble caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

After Minnesota shuttered non-essential employers in March, one client after another called to cancel, costing her $120,000 in business. “As more things got shut down, the weddings for May canceled, then the weddings for June canceled, then July,” said Selmon, 42.

“It was really hard for me to let them go,” she added in recounting the day she was forced to fire her workers. “It’s always been my dream to employ people, and the girls cried. The others, they understood.”

Nearly half a million closures

There were more than 1 million black-owned businesses in the U.S. at the beginning of February, according to research from the University of California at Santa Cruz, which drew from Census survey estimates. By mid-April, 440,000 black business owners had shuttered their company for good — a 41% plunge. By comparison, 17% of white-owned businesses closed during the same period, the UC Santa Cruz research shows.


Tragic. But Democrats are fine with this outcome, because many of the owners of those now-closed Black businesses will end up on welfare and other federal assistance and become more reliable Democrat voters. The fact that they are pushing yet another round of utterly false panic porn proves that they simply do not care about individual Americans of any color.

All they care about is the obtaining and maintenance of political power. Never forget that.

That is all.

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Thursday News Roundup: Antifa Takes Seattle and Portland, Biden Gets the Deal, Romney is Confused

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

So, that Seattle Autonomous Zone set up by Antifa is going so darn well! Check it out.:

Why are Governor Jay Inslee and his fellow radical Democrats who run the state tolerating this? After all, everything that is taking place here is a crime. For his part, Inslee is so dishonest that he even claimed to a press conference not to even know it is happening:

An obvious, blatant lie.

But think about why Inslee and his government is tolerating this, because the answer is obvious: They’re all Democrats. These were Democrat protests, Democrat riots, Democrat looting and burning of Democrat-controlled cities in Democrat-controlled states.

This is what the Democrat Party is at this point. As I told you back in 2018, the Democrat Party now views looting and rioting and burning vast swaths of major cities as just another political tool in their tool chest. They’ve gone all the way back to 1867, when they created the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize the South.

Here’s another example from yesterday.:

That’s right: An historic statue of Christopher Columbus on the Minnesota state capitol grounds was toppled, ISIS style, by Democrat Antifa clowns. They did this all while the Capitol Police stood around and watched with their thumbs up their a**es, obviously having been ordered to stand down by their Democrat superiors.

Why? Because they’re all Democrats. Seriously, think about how the Capitol Police would have been ordered to respond if a group of freedom protesters attempted to take down a statue of some liberal hero that stands on those same grounds. It would have been an all-out assault complete with riot gear and tear gas and military armored personnel carriers.

You know I’m right.

Democrats don’t just tolerate this stuff, they are actively lying about it even happening and celebrating those who are doing it.

Here’s what President Donald Trump tweeted about the situation in Seattle last night:

Well, Mr. President, the Antifa action in Seattle includes armed paramilitary personnel and participants posting instructions about how to put together and plant explosive devices on social media. This is, in fact, an armed insurrection in a major city of the United States of America. Maybe it’s time to quit tweeting about it at 1:00 in the morning and invoke the Insurrection Act whether your panty-waist Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff approves of it or not.

Just a thought.

Oh, hey, now we have Antifa nitwits trying to do the same thing in the People’s Republic of Portland Oregon:

The hilarious part of all of this is that the Antifa terrorists are too pea-brained to understand the fact that they have just built a high-fence prison for themselves. Sure, there’s no way in. But when the food runs out and they need to go pee, there’s no way out, either.

Well, of course he does. – Hey, y’all, even Joe Biden knows he won’t be president for long if he stumbles to an election victory on November 3. Yesterday, he told an interviewer that his choice of a running mate needs to be “…someone strong. I want someone strong, and someone who can — who is ready to be president on day one.”

Right. Because whomever he picks will most likely become president within a month of his inauguration day.

So, take a look at the various lists of potential Biden running mates, and think about which one you would have any confidence in at all should she become president:

– Kamala Harris

– Elizabeth Warren

– Amy Klobuchar

– Val Demings

– Frau Gretchen Whitmer

– Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

– Susan Rice

– Tammy Baldwin

– Tammy Duckworth

– New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham

It’s like a list of the lame, the halt and the blind. Outside of possibly Klobuchar and maybe Demings, each and every one of the rest of that list would be an unmitigated disaster in the office of the presidency. Given majorities in both houses of congress, they all would turn the U.S. into a socialist nation on the Venezuelan model, which is essentially what Antifa and BLM agitate for.

Hey Joe: If you really want to choose a running mate who would be ready on Day One, see if Condi Rice will agree to the role. Otherwise, you are SOL, buddy.

Speaking of the election… – Over the weekend, all the news was how Mitt Romney, George W. Bush and Colin Powell were all going to vote for Biden. Yesterday, Romney indicated that, despite his non-support for a President of his own political party, he still expects President Trump to be re-elected. No kidding:

“I’m confident that we will keep the majority in the Senate,” Romney told a group of reporters following a Senate GOP luncheon. “And I actually have long predicted the president will be reelected. I continue to think that’s the case.”

Oh. If you’re confused, think about what Romney’s state of mind must look like.

So does Bill Clinton. – Commie Bernie Sanders says he has a better relationship with Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden than he did with Hillary Clinton.

He’s not alone.

That is all.

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McAuliffe: Hidin’ Biden Will Move Into The General Election

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Hidin’ Biden has worked so well that they’re just gonna keep on doing it. – In a recording leaked last night, former Clinton bag man and past and future ruler of Northern Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, provides a blow-by-blow description of the Democrat/media strategy to saddle the nation with Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden as its president.

What does a political party do when it is knowingly putting up a feeble, elderly nominee who is clearly suffering from advancing dementia? Why, you keep him in his basement and let the corrupt news media and social media monopolies construct what the CIA would call “a legend” around him.

That is exactly the strategy laid out by McAuliffe during a videoconference with Northern Virginia Democrats, as reported by Fox News:

“People say all the time, ‘Oh, we got to get the vice president out of the basement,'” McAuliffe told the “monthly breakfast” of the Norfolk City Democratic Committee. “He’s fine in the basement. Two people see him a day: his two body people. That’s it. Let Trump keep doing what Trump’s doing.”

“It’s hard for the vice president to break through,” McAuliffe told the group. “You’ve got the COVID crisis. He’s not a governor, doesn’t have the National Guard. He’s not the president, doesn’t have the briefing room. He needs to come out strategically. And when he says something like he did on race relations two days ago, it needs to have a big impact — thoughtful, and that’s what we’re preferring that he actually do at the time.”

“He’s doing a lot of local,” McAuliffe added. “He’s talking to two, three governors a day. He’s doing roundtables, Zoom calls. A lot of it’s being done in those six battleground states that we have going forward.”

In his comments, McAuliffe also assured the Democrats the 2020 election would be different than 2016’s, when nominee Hillary Clinton was hampered over the FBI’s investigation of her emails: “We’re not gonna have crazy Jim Comey coming out 12 days before the election with that ridiculous thing he did.”

But, McAuliffe conceded, “We’re building the digital today, which Trump has a huge lead on, he’s got like 88 million Twitter followers, so that’s a big emphasis for us.” McAuliffe also said during the video it’s “likely” he’ll run again for governor of Virginia in 2021.


So, it’s official: Democrats have made the decision to move ahead with a clearly addled man as their nominee. There will be no effort to replace Biden on the ticket, because the truth is that anyone else they put up this year would have zero chance of winning, and winning is all that matters even if the winner keeps asking his Secret Service guys to tie the laces on his loafers. This reality has several implications we all need to be aware of:

  • It means the Democrats are starting to believe the raft of Trump vote suppression polls that they and their corrupt media partners have commissioned over the past several weeks. In case you missed it, pollster John McLaughlin wrote a detailed memo to President Trump on Sunday detailing exactly how these polls have been rigged in an obvious campaign to diminish enthusiasm among Trump voters by creating an impression that his candidacy is a lost cause:

The latest skewed media polls must be intentional. It’s clear that NBC, ABC and CNN who have Democrat operatives like Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos and other Democrats in their news operations are consistently under-polling Republicans and therefore, reporting biased polls. They continue to poll adults or registered voters that skew away from likely voters. So instead of the 33% Republican turnout which actually happened in 2016, they are reporting polls on only 26%, 25% or even 24% Republicans. Since you get over 90% of the Republican vote, for every point fewer Republicans that they do not poll, they reduce your vote total by a point. In contrast CBS polled likely voters. CBS had 32% Republicans and a close national race. The bias seems to be an intentional strategy to suppress your vote. The latest media spin is that it’s too late to define Joe Biden and it’s too late for President Trump to win. We can hardly wait until they start spinning a “Biden electoral lock”. It has to be a strategy to counter the enthusiasm of Trump voters.

For, example, the CNN poll out today is another skewed anti-Trump poll of only 25% Republican. It’s a poll of 1,259 adults – not even registered voters, let alone likely voters. Also, it was done between June 2nd and 5th, before the great economic news from last Friday. In their questionnaire between asking about your job approval and the ballot, they had questions on issues including race relations, not job creation, which could have biased the poll further. It appears that the CNN poll is biased in both sample and questionnaire design to manufacture an anti-Trump outcome.

Specifically, the NBC/WSJ poll on Sunday was among registered voters, not likely voters, and is only 26% Republican. Again this shorts Republicans about 7 points from the 2016 exit polls which had 33% Republicans. This poll was done May 28th through June 2nd and would not have a Friday’s great jobs impact.

The refusal to screen for actual likely voters is creating an under-polling of Republicans and therefore Trump voters. It seems intentional. It’s exactly what the media did in 2016. Let’s prove them wrong again.


As McLaughlin states, this is exactly the same tactic deployed by the Dems in the 2016 campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

  • It means without question that the person chosen by the Party and Biden’s handlers as the vice presidential nominee would become president very quickly after Biden’s inauguration day should he win in November. Looking at the lists of potential picks being tossed around, there is no least bad option there. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise. Any of them would be just another tool for the implementation of Venezuela-style socialism in the United States.
  • It means there will be no presidential debates in the general election; at least, not in the traditional format we have seen in the past. Democrats know Biden is simply not capable of standing on a stage with the President, so they will either insist on some sort of videoconference format in which Biden will easily be able to wear a hidden earpiece, or they will refuse to participate based on their always-effective Orange Man Bad rationale.
  • It means that the Party is confident that the social media giants will continue to step up their censorship of conservative voices and messages on their various platforms.
  • It means that the Party’s leadership is supremely confident of its firm control of the nation’s news media and its ability to influence public opinion, at least for a while in the midst of disaster scenarios, which leads to this final point…
  • It means that our nation will be subjected to a continuing series of crisis and disaster scenarios between now and November. If such disasters don’t occur naturally, we have just seen that the Democrats and their support groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have the ability to quickly stage them on cue.

This is where we are headed, folks. Try to stay safe and get out and vote in November.


That is all.

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The Evening Wrap: Fudd Disarmed, CNN Fakes a Poll, DOJ Demands a Prince and More

From our “Leftists Destroy Everything They Touch” file… – The evil propagandists at HBO are doing a remake of the old Looney Tunes cartoons that I loved as a kid, and as soon as I heard that would be happening I knew they would find a way to ruin the greatest cartoon franchise in American history.

Sure enough, they did. At a rollout event last week, the PC police producing the coming atrocities announced that neither Elmer Fudd – whose character is a hunter – nor the gunfighter Yosemite Sam will have … wait for it … their GUNS. To make this even more of an utter and complete farcical enterprise, HBO’s social justice warrior spokesperson said that, instead of his trusty double-barrel shotgun, Elmer Fudd will carry a scythe. So I guess he’s going to spend his time harvesting wheat instead of hunting that wascally wabbit.

View image on Twitter

No word on what Yosemite Sam might be carrying, but I suppose we should all be happy if the producers don’t try to re-imagine him as a drag queen conducting story time hours at elementary schools in the Bronx.

Then again, who really cares, given the reality that, without the late, great Mel Blanc performing the voices of the characters, it’s all going to be unwatchable trash in any event.

About that “scary” CNN poll… – CNN today provides a textbook reason why no one should pay the slightest attention to any poll that is affiliated with any corrupt media outlet. This particular CNN poll claims to show Creepy Uncle Quid Pro Farty China Joe Biden with a 55-41 lead over President Donald Trump.

Scary, right?

Except that, when you look into the bowels of the poll, it has significantly over-sampled Democrats, under-sampled independents, and massively over-sampled “non-Hispanic minority voters” by almost 100%. Had this poll’s sample been appropriately structured to actually reflect the American public, it would likely have produced a result similar to the poll released today by Zogby Analytics.

That Zogby poll pegs the presidential race in a statistical tie at 46/46. It measures President Trump’s public approval rating at 48%, right in line with other non-media-outlet polls like Rasmussen and Gallup and HarrisX. Perhaps even more telling, Zogby finds that fully 53% of those surveyed agree that Democrat governors around the country are keeping their non-scientific shutdowns in place in order to try to damage the President’s re-election chances.

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Any time you see a poll that is affiliated with any media operation, whether it’s CNN or Fox News or the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, that poll was not created to try to gauge real public sentiment on whatever its’ subject might be. Those polls are created for one reason only, which is to create “news” stories.

So, please stop  emailing and private messaging me to see what I think about the CNN and Fox polls. What I think is that you need to ignore them and focus on something real.

Photo op? What photo op? – I’m old enough to remember last Monday, when every Democrat, SJW, snowflake and corrupt reporter screamed to high heaven about the President holding a photo op. Obviously, that’s all been forgotten:

Tired of all this WINNING yet? – The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 461 points to close at 27,572, and the NASDAQ set yet another all-time record high in heavy trading today.

Imagine what is going to happen once the Democrats finally give up on their failing Wuhan Virus-related lockdown strategy. It’s going to be absolutely glorious.

Speaking of the Wuhan Virus… – I kid you not, CNN ran a chyron this morning that read “Experts Fear Trump May Release Vaccine Too Early To Help Campaign.”  You don’t have to believe me – just look at the screen shot:

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Talk about giving the game away. Here we have CNN and some nitwit named Peter Hotez actually expressing fear that President Trump would not wait until after the damn election to release a vaccine should one be developed in the next few months. What kind of ghoul even has such a thought spring into his head, much less express it verbally on semi-national airport TV?

It truly boggles the mind.

Would have been nice for you to admit this in February. – But, of course, the WHO was too busy at that time trying to help China execute its cover up. That corrupt international organization admitted today that transmission of the Wuhan Virus by those who are not exhibiting any symptoms is “very rare.”

Oh. Maybe that explains why not one of the hundreds of people filmed 3 weeks ago having fun in a pool in Lake of the Ozarks has tested positive for the virus.

If you feel sick, get tested and stay home. If you have no symptoms, go live your damn life and stop listening to idiots like Gretchen Whitmer.

Dear DOJ:  Bill and Hillary Clinton are right up the road in Chappaqua. – In case you missed it, the DOJ officially notified the British Government that it needs to hand over Prince Andrew, a long-time associate of Jeffrey Epstein, for questioning in its ongoing investigation:

Look, I get why the Justice Department lawyers want to talk with Andrew, as he no doubt has gobs of information about Epstein’s illicit activities. But the question must be asked, why are Bill and Hillary Clinton, and other well-known close friends of Epstein (can you say Bloomberg?) seemingly getting a pass here?

The long-time relationship between Bill Clinton and Epstein has been public knowledge since late in Clinton’s own presidency, for crying out loud. Epstein was a man who ran a massive pedophilia human trafficking operation for 25 years, and Bill Clinton’s name is all over his private jet’s flight logs.

If the DOJ really is looking to bust Epstein’s pedophile ring, it would simply be unacceptable for the Clintons and other prominent Americans who spent years snuggling up to Epstein to get a pass.

And by the way, Epstein did not kill himself.

That is all.

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Friday News Roundup: Musk Shames Bezos, Whitmer Shames Herself and de Blasio is Just a Giant Shame

Elon Musk confronts Jeff Bezos: Bezos blinks. – Alex Berenson is a former New York Times reporter who has done yeoman’s work on Twitter exposing all the massive false information that has been spread about the Wuhan Virus by the government and the corrupt news media. His information has been quoted here many times over the past few months.

Berenson has just published a new book exposing these merchants of disinformation, titled “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns”:

Early yesterday, Amazon blocked Berenson’s book from being marketed on its site, citing non-existent “standards” that it does not apply anywhere else. Basically, Berenson was being blocked because his book does not conform to the propaganda being pushed by China and the WHO.

Berenson complained about it on Twitter, where Musk has obviously been following him. Musk responded by tweeting, “This is insane, @JeffBezos,” and “Time to break up @Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!”

Within a few hours, Amazon suddenly restored Berenson’s book to its platform, and a spokesman lamely explained that it had been block due to an “error.” Yeah, sure.

Generalissimo Gretchen Whitmer again violates her own edicts. – Gretchen Whitmer, the aspiring banana republic dictator and barber-hater who currently serves as Governor in Michigan, has apparently decided that all of her stay-at-home and social distancing nonsense is completely optional.

On Thursday, she made that clear by doing this:

So, if you’re a protester or a looter or a rioter in Michigan, hey, no worries about all that social distancing and staying-at-home stuff! Frau Gretchen was just kidding.

He’s gone full AOC. Not a good look, Joe. – Joe Biden told a group of climate alarmists yesterday that he’s going all-in on the Green New Deal as a means of not just saving the earth, but also to solve all the problems of racial injustice.

No, I’m not kidding. From a report at the Washington Examiner:

In a virtual fundraiser on Thursday afternoon hosted by Climate Leaders for Biden, the former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate said addressing climate change is urgent “not just to stop the earth from warming, but to address the environmental injustices that have left so many low-income people and people of color more vulnerable to the coronavirus, to asthma and other respiratory problems, the effects of pollution,” according to a pool report.

Biden also touched on mass unemployment due to coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, saying that “creating millions, over 10 million good-paying jobs” while investing in clean energy is “an enormous opportunity to rebuild the backbone of this country.”

Addressing “a stimulus to create clean energy jobs that will spur the economic recovery,” Biden said that, “I think that we’re on our way, and we can be on our way to a significant economic recovery, not just to build back but to build back better. Building back what we had before this crisis is not enough.”

“Invest in jobs and the technology of the future,” Biden said. “The clean energy infrastructure is at the very top of the list.”


This is all Church of Climate Change dogma straight out of the Green New Deal, a collection of mindless shibboleths that have no basis in reality. But hey, Biden himself is out of touch with reality most days, so what else would we expect from him?

He’s under-shooting here. – Biden created a media kerfuffle for himself on Thursday at another event at which he was speaking to minority supporters. From a New York Times Report:

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. told a group of black supporters on Thursday night that most Americans were good people who think the nation can be improved, while also declaring that “there are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there that are just not very good people.”

Mr. Biden offered his estimate during remarks in which he spoke about the importance of a president setting a positive example for the nation on racial issues. He accused President Trump of dividing the country while pledging that, as president, he would not.

“The words a president says matter, so when a president stands up and divides people all the time, you’re going to get the worst of us to come out,” Mr. Biden said during the discussion, which was moderated by the actor Don Cheadle.

“Do we really think this is as good as we can be as a nation? I don’t think the vast majority of people think that,” the former vice president said. “There are probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there that are just not very good people, but that’s not who we are. The vast majority of the people are decent, and we have to appeal to that and we have to unite people — bring them together. Bring them together.”


Naturally, Biden’s critics jumped on the “10 to 15 percent” remark as if it is some sort of “basket of deplorables” moment, but that’s not going to fly. I doubt there is anyone in the United States who doesn’t believe that at least 15% of the population of this or any other country are “just not very good people.” If anything, Biden is underestimating here.

If you’re looking for ways to take Biden’s campaign out, look elsewhere because this cat don’t flush.

Hey, 2/3rds of them voted for the guy. – I found this incident to be highly ironic:

From the Breitbart piece:

The crowd booed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) during his appearance at Thursdays’s vigil for George Floyd, with some hurling expletives, demanding the Democrat politician to “get the f*ck out of here!”

While Rev. Kevin McCall urged the crowd to treat de Blasio with respect, the mayor did not receive an overwhelmingly warm welcome, as the audience inundated his appearance with boos and shouts of “get the fuck out of here,” “f*ck the mayor’s curfew,” and “shut the f*ck up.” Some reportedly turned their backs to the mayor:

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s speech at the memorial for George Floyd in Brooklyn was met with boos and jeers, despite requests from organizers for the crowd not to do so.

Embedded video

Let’s be honest here: New Yorkers get what they deserve in a mayor. In the 2013 election, they elected this giant Marxist boob over his Republican opponent by a margin of 73% to 24%. When he ran for re-election in 2017, after four years of abject failure and rampant nit-wittery, these same New York City voters gave him another four-year term by a margin of 67% to 28%.

According to NYC law, de Blasio is now term-limited out, but the reality is that if he could run for a third term, the very same people who tried to boo him off the stage on Thursday would overwhelmingly re-elect him again for the simple fact that he would have a “D” next to his name.

There is a word for the process of doing the same stupid thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result. That word is “insanity,” and it perfectly describes the voter of New York City and other major cities that have been controlled by Democrat machine politics for many decades.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Wednesday News Roundup: Texans Can Take Care of Texans; The Rest of the Country Needs Help

Today’s Campaign Update (Because the Campaign Never Ends)

In case you’re wondering why Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in a press conference yesterday with the police chiefs and mayors of Fort Worth and Dallas, said that he would not be asking for military assistance from the federal government to quell any out-of-control demonstrations in our state, all you need to see is this photo taken last night in the halls of the Texas Capitol Building by Glenn DeShields:

Image may contain: indoor

Those are Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, sleeping on the marble floors. I have walked those floors many times. They are 100% firm – they don’t give an inch, just like the officers getting a few moments of rest on them.

“So we will not be asking the United States military to come into the state of Texas because we know that Texans can take care of Texans. We have tremendous police forces in Dallas, in Fort Worth, in the surrounding suburbs across the entire state. We have an abundance of resources that are being provided by the Texas Department of Public safety,” said Abbott.

God Bless Texas.

Why doesn’t this Black life matter? – Dave Dorn, a retired captain of the St. Louis Metro Police Department, was murdered by thugs who were looting a pawn shop where he was working security on Tuesday. Mr. Dorn happened to be a Black man, as were the vicious thugs who killed him.

Because Captain Dorn was killed by black men, the national news media is essentially ignoring this story. A web search indicates that only ABC News bothered to file even an online story about this senseless killing, and it was reported in the context of several police killings and injuries that happened on Tuesday, with this headline: “Small-town police chief killed as officers in 3 cities wounded during violence at George Floyd protests.”

To make the story even more demeaning to Captain Floyd’s memory, it does not even mention the fact that he was a Black man. I kid you not. Read it for yourself.

Our news media is an existential threat to our country.

Here’s your Ironic Story of the Day. – Check out this tweet issued by the Associated Press on Tuesday:

Just a reminder that Joe Biden has already spent 16,089 days of his life in public office. In all of that time, his main contribution to addressing “institutional racism” was to co-author the 1993 crime bill that… wait for it … targeted Black men.

But he’s now the Democrat Party’s Great White Hope for solving all the problems faced by America’s Black community. If you’re Black and you fall for this, you truly do get what you deserve. Stop this madness.

Speaking of corrupt news media… – The Secret Service guard station that sits just outside the White House grounds was burned last night by the rioters in Washington DC:

A web search shows not a single story on this incident from our national news media. NOT ONE.

But hey, that’s not fake news, so… – One story that the entire national media focused on Tuesday is – predictably – completely fake. It is the story still being pushed this morning that the federal Park Police, in clearing the path for President Trump and his entourage to make the walk from the White House to St. John’s Church on Monday afternoon, used “tear gas and rubber bullets” to intimidate the violent rioters who have caused so much damage and injured at least 60 Secret Service and other law enforcement personnel.

I watched it all happen live, and it was very clear that none of that happened. The Park Police issued a statement Tuesday clarifying what actually did happen:

“At approximately 6:33 pm, violent protestors on H Street NW began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles and caustic liquids,” the USPP said in a statement. “The protestors also climbed onto a historic building at the north end of Lafayette Park that was destroyed by arson days prior. Intelligence had revealed calls for violence against the police, and officers found caches of glass bottles, baseball bats and metal poles hidden along the street.

“As many of the protestors became more combative, continued to throw projectiles, and attempted to grab officers’ weapons, officers then employed the use of smoke canisters and pepper balls when protestors did scatter from the area.”


Reporters from NBC and the Washington Post continue to spread their fiction this morning. Because they are corrupt, fake-news-promoting enemies of the people. That’s what they are.

For those of you still holding out hope that Salt Lake City U.S. Attorney John Huber might still produce some shocking indictments of Obamagate bad actors, the President of the United States would like to disabuse you of that silly notion:

Remember, Huber was supposedly appointed by former AG Jeff Sessions to investigate the Obama FBI’s fake investigation of the Clinton email scandal way back in late 2017. He has to date produced nothing because that’s really what Sessions appointed him to do.

Now do you understand why President Trump detests Mr. Sessions, and supports his opponent in the upcoming runoff election, Tommy Tubberville? It really isn’t complicated.

Reminder: None of this rioting ever really was about George Floyd. – Rioters in Boston last night defaced a monument called “Glory.” The monument depicts heroic Union solders during the U.S. Civil War.

The solders all have one thing in common: They’re Black. They’re the members of the 54th Regiment who became the first Black soldiers to fight in the Civil War.

You could never make this stuff up.

That is all.

Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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