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Just Another Bernie Sanders Staffer Advocating Mass Murder – Nothing to see Here

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

*Sigh*. Another staffer for The Commie talking about sending people to the guillotine. – The corrupt news media will no doubt decide there is nothing to see here and boycott all reporting on it, just as they did with last week’s video released by James O’Keefe and his folks at Project Veritas.

But Today’s Campaign Update doesn’t do news blackouts, so here is the full clip of this clown, who reveals the real nature of the Bernie Sanders support base for all to see. Since the video contains subtitles, I won’t do a transcript. Warning: It’s 2 minutes filled with profanity, because hey, he’s a Commie fan. What else would you expect?

Shortly after the staffer, whose name is Martin Weissgerber, deleted his Twitter account, but O’Keefe and others had the foresight to grab screenshots of some of his more inflammatory messages:

Here’s a good example:


Oh, yeah, this dude is straight-up crazy. So, he’s like the perfect Bernie Sanders staffer.

Here’s another:


Maybe he can host his own show on MSNBC. They can call it “Deep Thoughts by Martin the Maniac.” Hey, he’s no crazier than Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donell.

And besides, pretty much all leftists are anti-Israel, so this tweet just categorizes this nutjob as a standard-issue Democrat, circa 2020.

Reminder: Bernie Sanders is currently the Democrat Party’s front-runner in both Iowa and New Hampshire.


That is all.


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Project Veritas Shows us the America Bernie Sanders Wants to Create [Updated]

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Commie snares the Antifa endorsement. Is anyone surprised? – By now, most readers have seen the clips released on Tuesday by James O’Keefe and the folks at Project Veritas of a paid Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer promising riots, revolution, and all manner of violence and chaos around the July Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee.

For those who haven’t seen any of this, here are some of the clips [Warning: Very strong profanity contained in these clips and subtitles]:

Given the subtitles, I won’t do a transcript of this gutter trash. But let’s talk about why this story is important.

It’s important because this guy illustrates the sort of people who are attracted to the campaign of The Commie: Self-loathing, white, probably upper-middle-class children of great privilege who narcissistically style themselves as “revolutionaries.” Polls consistently show Sanders’ support base skewing very young, because young minds are the easiest to manipulate with thinly-veiled Marxist doctrine.

These people understand that Bernie Sanders isn’t just come harmless old grandpa who just promises to give everyone all manner of free stuff, but a true Marxist believer who wants to turn our country into an instant replay of Venezuela, complete with empty supermarkets, empty roads, empty buildings that formerly housed productive businesses and breadlines full of people with empty stomachs.

So, the young fellow travelers gravitate to the Commie’s campaign like mindless moths to a dim, filthy street lamp.

The Commie wasn’t asked about these videos featuring one of his paid campaign organizers by the corrupt media moderators in Tuesday night’s debate – because of course he wasn’t – but when someone from Fox News or OANN does eventually ask him about it, he will no doubt respond that this guy is just an isolated anomaly. No one, not even his supporters, will believe that.

This guy is no outlier – he is in fact the heart and soul of the Commie’s support base. If anyone bothers to investigate his background, they will no doubt find either direct ties to Antifa and other violent street protest groups or him voicing support for such groups on his social media accounts. The Commie is the Antifa candidate.

No one should take lightly this guy’s threats of Sanders supporters creating violence and mayhem around the Milwaukee convention and throughout the general election campaign should Sanders be denied the party’s nomination once again. Nevermind that the Commie is extremely unlikely to accumulate the majority of delegates needed to actually win: These self-loathing “revolutionaries” consider this nomination some sort of birthright. They are all still filled with rage over the DNC’s fixing of the nomination process for the Pantsuit Princess in 2016, and bent on exacting revenge, one way or another.

That’s what this guy is telegraphing to the public. What he is expressing to everyone who will listen is the real nature of the America that Bernie Sanders wants to create. We should take him at his word.

Pay attention.

UPDATE: Early this morning, O’Keefe tweeted out this additional clip:

QUOTE: “I’m an Anarcho-communist…I’m as far left as you can possibly get…There’s a lot of me’s in the Bernie Sanders  campaign…”

Take this man at his word, folks.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Project Veritas’ Jeffrey Epstein Video Confirms What We Already Knew About the Media

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Here are some things to understand and remember about the video released on Tuesday by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas in the context of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal:

First, for those who haven’t seen it yet, let’s review the video – here’s the clip:

So, there we have the co-anchor of ABC’s 20/20 program – which I honestly thought had been cancelled about 15 years ago – Amy Robach, admitting live and on camera that she had the whole Jeffrey Epstein story, complete with information about his associations with such luminaries as Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz, three solid years ago. But the story was quashed by higher-ups at ABC News and never made it to air. What a surprise, huh?

Ok, what was happening three years ago, during 2016? More to the point, who was running for the office of the presidency on the Democrat Party ticket three years ago? That’s right: The Pantsuit Princess, the nominal wife of Bill Clinton.

Is there anyone out there today who is naive enough to believe that ABC News did not kill the Epstein story as a favor to the Coughing Crook’s campaign? If so, you are hopeless.

But what about Robach’s statement yesterday? Well, she said what she had to say to keep her high-paying job at ABC – no mystery there at all. For grins, here’s what she said:

“As the Epstein story continued to unfold last summer, I was caught in a private moment of frustration. I was upset that an important interview I had conducted with Virginia Roberts [Giuffre] didn’t air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC’s editorial standards about her allegations.”

No doubt, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh laughed his ass off at that part about “ABC’s editorial standards.” ABC certainly had no problem at all throwing any and all “standards” of journalism out the window when it gladly aired multiple abjectly false accusations at him that were unsupported by any “corroborating evidence” whatsoever during his confirmation hearings a year ago.

Nor has ABC had the slightest compunction about airing all manner of completely uncorroborated accusations leveled by a parade of attention-seekers at President Donald Trump over the past four years. Nor did ABC News rely on any standards whatsoever when it participated in the libelous media feeding frenzy related to a bunch of teenagers from Covington Catholic high school.

In today’s news media – not just ABC, but all of our national news media – referring to “editorial standards” is nothing more than the standard dodge used to justify not reporting any damaging information about Democrat politicians and depraved movie stars.

Remember, the Jeffrey Epstein story and Bill Clinton’s involvement with him has been circulating for 20 years now. Two solid decades, and we are to believe that the only person in our national corrupt news media who had the story on it just three years ago is Amy Robach?

Please. Every national news organization in this country has known about Jeffrey Epstein and his connection to Bill Clinton for not just years, but DECADES. Yet, until Epstein was taken into custody in early July, virtually none of them had allowed any reporting on the matter at all.

Then, when the federal government’s most high-profile prisoner dies under circumstances so absurdly suspicious that not even writers for CSI:Miami could have imagined them, our corrupt news media in unison forms a protective circle around the ridiculous narrative issued by the Bureau of Prisons and the interminably corrupt FBI. Not a smidgen of skepticism from not just ABC, but NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN or even from Fox News about an official narrative with so many holes in it that it could be sold in the supermarket as Swiss cheese.

This is a wall of intentional media ignorance. It is the same wall we see formed up today around the identity of Adam Schiff’s fake whistleblower. Eric Ciaramella’s name has now been out there for weeks, but we still have fake journalists throughout the corrupt news media pretending not to know who he is, including Fox’s Bret Baier, who conducted a five-minute panel discussion on the subject last night while pretending not to know how to pronounce “Ciaramella.”

This theater of the absurd on a grand scale.

On my weekly interview with host Greg Budell on Newstalk 93.1 FM in Montgomery, AL on Tuesday, I compared today’s corrupt U.S. media behavior to that of the German press during the years just before and during WWII.

America’s news media today operates on the exact same principles enforced then by Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels. The media has a daily narrative, drawn up in coordination with and supporting the goals of a national political party, and any reporting that conflicts with or would do harm to that narrative or party is quashed by higher-ups.

This is not just despicable behavior by these corrupt media organizations: It is in fact dangerous, a real and compelling threat to the survival of our nation in its current form. The freedom of the press was enshrined in the first amendment to our constitution because the founders of our Republic knew that the Fourth Estate played a vital role as the public’s watchdog, there to hold people in power accountable.

Because, when politicians hungry for power have no one there to hold them accountable, their behavior invariably becomes increasingly depraved and despotic. This is exactly the dynamic we have seen from the leaders of the Democrat Party since early 2016, when they had our FBI, DOJ and intelligence community actively attempting to fix a national election, and then lead a literal coup d’etat effort on U.S. soil.

That effort continues to this day in the form of the Schiff/Pelosi impeachment circus. These people are power-mad and will never stop because literally no one in our corrupt national news media makes any real effort to hold them accountable for their seditious actions.

Yesterday’s Project Veritas video is a landmark event, mainly because it only confirms yet again what we already knew: Our news media is hopelessly corrupt and a true danger to our society.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Project Veritas Publishes First Video on the Epstein Killing

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Expect Amy Robach to be fired soonest. – Project Veritas just published the first of its expose’ videos on the Jeffrey Epstein killing. In it, ABC Anchor Amy Robach is caught live on a hot mic telling her producer that she had the entire Epstein story, including allegations against Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz, three years ago, and the powers that be at ABC News spiked the story.

You can see Robach’s compelling, bitter testimony here:

She concludes: “I believe it. I really believe it.”

Project Veritas promises more to come. Awesome.

That is all.


Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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This Election is the Easiest Decision Americans Have Ever Faced

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Fake news media declares Luis Bracamontes to be a “race”. –  President Trump tweeted out a video on Wednesday featuring admitted, convicted multi-murderer Luis Bracamontes on Wednesday, and naturally our fake news media immediately declared the President’s tweet to be the worst thing any person in the history of mankind has ever done.  This declaration becomes the 14,982nd time President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those glorious words) has done something that our fake news media has declared to be the worst thing any person in the history of mankind has ever done.  You’d think they might find a different approach after 3 years of abject failure, but these are not the smartest people in the world here.

You may remember Mr. Bracamontes: He murdered two sheriff’s deputies and wounded another in California in 2014. The murders were of course committed after he had illegally entered the country and been deported after committing other crimes multiple times during the Bush and Obama Administrations.  So, your basic model citizen in the sanctuary state of California.

The Bracamontes case became famous when he was filmed laughing during his trial and loudly bragging that he wished he had killed more people. He also shouted at one point that “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me … There’s no need for a f—— trial.” You know, just one of the poor, downtrodden types who Democrats blame on white guys, or more recently, white women.

The ad the President tweeted intersperses video of Bracamontes and his boyish hijinks with cuts of the fake “migrant caravan” breaking down border gates and throwing rocks and bottles at law enforcement as it forced its way into Mexico, and correctly warns that this caravan – which the fake media itself now admits is comprised of roughly 85% military aged males – probably contains many more Bracamontes-types in its midst. It also correctly blames the current insane state of our country’s immigration laws on the Democrat Party.

There is nothing “racist” about this ad, which happens to be a presentation of reality. Most of the people in this fake “migrant caravan” that someone on the political left is funding and organizing are good, harmless people.  But the Border Patrol knows that any mass of people coming across our southern border is going to be infiltrated by a certain percentage of gang members and people from terrorism-promoting nations. This is the reality that the Democrat Party desperately wants us all to ignore.

Here’s the President’s tweet containing the ad:

Watch it for yourself. If you think it’s racist, tell me about it below.

So, Andrew Gillum will be attacking Project Veritas today. – Project Veritas released video late Wednesday of campaign staffers for Andrew Gillum making some pretty unfortunate remarks. Some of the remarks might even be considered to be “racist” by people who understand what the word means:

The guy calling Florida a “F***ed up” “cracker state” is a campaign staffer for Gillum who has also been a friend of the Democrat gubernatorial candidate since they went to college together.  Expect Gillum to respond today that he barely knows the guy and to attack Project Veritas, because that is always the strategy the Democrats employ when faced with revelatory videos like this one.


Meanwhile, out in fake media Beto-land… – The editorial board at the Houston Chronicle very predictably endorses Irish Bob O’Rourke on the absurd theory that he plays nice with others:

This is the reasoning of a kindergarten teacher.  How embarrassing.

Yes, Texans, if you want a senator who will represent the values of California and play nice with Chuck Schumer, vote for Irish Bob O’Rourke.


Meanwhile, in the real world, these things are happening:

Donald Trump and his administration did that.

Donald Trump’s economy is booming.  Barack Obama, whose policies Irish Bob supports, had written off those mining, construction and manufacturing jobs, telling the nation “those jobs are never coming back.”

They’re back.

Donald Trump and his administration did that.

This election is the easiest decision Americans have ever had. You can either go vote based on the kindergarten report card-logic promoted by the Houston Chronicle’s vacuous board of editors, or you can go vote to preserve the peace and prosperity that have been created by the current presidential administration and congress.

This isn’t hard.  Vote Republican.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Van Jones Video Makes Fake News CNN “The Story”

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It’s never a good things for any news outlet when it becomes “the story,” but that’s what has happened to the Fake News-purveying CNN.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

  • It’s official:  The Fake News Network, aka CNN, has now become “The Story.”  The Story is no longer Russia Collusion, or  Obstruction, or Obamacare Repeal and Replace, or Tax Reform, or whatever President Donald Trump happened to tweet out this morning.  CNN is now The Story, in the wake of the release of a second expository video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, in which communist former Obama advisor and long-time CNN contributor Van Jones calls the Fake News Network’s focus on Russia Collusion “A big nothing burger.”  That’s all he said in the very brief clip, but it’s all he needed to say.
  • Suddenly, nobody is talking about Russia or Obstruction anymore, and everyone is talking about CNN and Project Veritas.  The fake journalists at CNN spent more time defending themselves and their Fake News Network on Wednesday than they did attempting to slander the POTUS.  Yes, much of the media noise about CNN/Veritas was slamming Veritas and defending CNN, but that misses the point.  The point is that this was The Story that everyone in the fake national news media was focused on.  Given that O’Keefe says he plans to release another new CNN-exposing video every day for the rest of this week, it’s a safe bet that this will continue to be the case.
  • The bad news for the rest of the fake news media is that CNN is not the only fake news outlet getting such attention. Legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, in remarks he gave following a screen of “All The President’s Men” in New York City, chastised the fake journalists at the NYTimes and other big media outlets for engaging in the same sort of unmitigated bias that characterizes CNN’s 24 hours of fake journalism every day.  Sharyl Attkisson, another fantastic real journalist who was fired by CBS News for actually investigating the Obama-era abuse of the IRS, told a Fox News panel that the national news media gives the public a “false sense of reality”, and that many of those posing as journalists on TV and in social media are nothing more than “well-funded actors.”  Ouch.
  • Amidst all of this, CNN is being stalked by AT&T, and rumors abound that CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s head might be on the chopping block should that buyout take place.
  • Of course, CNN’s on-air fake talent tried desperately to shift the focus, smearing O’Keefe and his “heavily-edited” videos, and laughably claiming that Jones was “taken out of context”.  Wolf Blitzer, who was captured on film sharing wine and snacks with the Clinton staff at the Democrat National Convention, tried to shift focus back to President Trump, claiming that his calling the fake news media “the enemy of the people” back in January is putting fake journalists like him in danger.  *sigh*
  • Predictably, CNN’s ratings continued to crash and burn, with the Tuesday night ratings showing a significant drop from Monday’s.  Fox News continued to increase its renewed dominance of CNN and MSNBC, with its total audience very nearly equaling both of its main competitors combined.
  • Make no mistake about it, CNN is in deep trouble at the moment.  Its reputation is dead to anyone with functioning synapses in their cranial cavity, its leadership is in peril, its ratings are tanking, and it may soon be bought out and have to answer to new overlords.
  • Meanwhile, President Donald Trump held meetings with energy leaders and victims of illegal immigrant crime, hosted the Chicago Cubs at the White House, and continued to press GOP senators for their support for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, hinting at the end of the day that the senate was about to produce a “big surprise” on the Obamacare issue.

Just another day in fake news media becoming The Story America.

That is all.

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Fake News CNN In Full Meltdown Thanks To James O’Keefe

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

CNN found itself in full meltdown mode on Tuesday over its latest in a long line of fake news embarrassments, and a James O’Keefe “Project Veritas” video of one of its producers admitting the network fakes the news for ratings.  O’Keefe promises more videos are yet to come.

  • Despite the public pronouncements of CEO Jeff Zucker, all is not well at CNN, the fakest news outlet in the fake news universe.  Despite Mr. Zucker’s Monday claim that his network is “more trusted than ever”, the cable channel’s ratings are in full tank mode vs. its main competitors at Fox and MSNBC in ratings released on Monday.  CNN has just one daily program among the top 20 in that mix, and it comes in at #20.  It’s key to remember that those ratings reflect viewership for the week before CNN was forced to pull down and apologize for a fake story alleging collusion between a Trump advisor and Russia, and before Project Veritas released its video showing a senior producer at CNN admitting that the channel fakes the news in a quest for…wait for it…higher ratings!  Hey, Jeff, it isn’t working, dude.
  • Making matters worse for Zucker, White House spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders went off on CNN in her daily press briefing, calling the network and other outlets who have been faking the news over the last year “a disgrace to journalism”, among other things.  When a gum-chomping reporter for Playboy Magazine interrupted her answer to a question, she called his behavior “outrageous”. Which it was.  You go, girl!
  • But it gets even worse for the beleaguered Mr. Zucker.  O’Keefe announced on Twitter yesterday that he has not just one, but several more, even more revealing videos of CNN employees caught in rare moments of honesty, and he plans to trickle them out into the public domain in coming days, perhaps starting today.  Quick, somebody get me some popcorn!!!!
  • So what does it all mean?  Well, the travails at CNN are just one of many indicators out there right now that the worm has begun to turn in the Trump Administration’s favor.  If you look at those TV ratings, you see Fox News, after two months running in second place to MSNBC as the public began to think there might actually be something real in the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy play invented by the Democrats and promoted by the fake news media, now back firmly in first place, where it had dominated for more than a decade.  You also have the late night TV ratings that were released on Tuesday in which Jimmy Fallon is suddenly besting the execrable, Trump-bashing Stephen Colbert, ending a two-month losing streak.  Then you have rank and file Democrats, in the wake of the humiliating loss by Pajama Boy in GA HD 6 last week, pounding on San Fran Nan, Chuck Schumer and the rest of their leadership to stop even talking about the Russia Collusion fantasy and start talking about real issues that people actually give a damn about.
  • All of these things and many more are indicators that the public has by and large realized that the Russia story is nothing but a huge hoax – as Ms. Sanders described it yesterday – and has grown so weary of hearing about it that they are starting to abandon support for any media outlet or Democrat who continues to focus on it.
  • Then you have Bob Mueller, who has done his former credibility enormous harm by going out and hiring a procession of Clinton-and-Obama-supporting lawyers to form up his team of “investigators”.  He has so tainted his own investigation at this point that even some Democrat members of congress and leftist talking heads have begun to express concern about it.  Unless he makes some additional hires that indicate he is at least trying to form up a balanced team, no one is going to take anything he finds seriously at the end of the day.
  • Finally, you have the fact that suddenly, it’s not just Trump and his people who find themselves the subject of congressional, FBI and Justice Department investigations. Over the last couple of weeks, the headlines have been sprinkled with announcements that investigators are now targeting Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, John Podesta, Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane, Congressman John Conyers, even FBI interim Director Andrew McCabe, an Obama loyalist holdover.  You can expect the list of Democrats under investigation to grow substantially in coming weeks, especially as the investigations into Obama-era abuse of intelligence information get fully underway.
  • All of which places Zucker and CNN in even more of a bind, since they have so firmly established themselves as the propaganda arm of the national Democrat Party.  Would it surprise anyone if we soon discover that CNN, the network whose employee was caught passing debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance, was also coordinating talking points and coverage with elements of the Democrat Party?  If you’re honest, the answer to that question is a firm “no.”  And that one-word answer perfectly encapsulates why CNN finds itself in full meltdown mode today.
  • Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Just another day in melting-down CNN America.

That is all.

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