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That Sad Moment When You Realize The FBI Is As Fake As The Fake News Media

  • I want to believe in the FBI.  Hell, who doesn’t?  Who doesn’t want to believe that our nation’s highest federal law enforcement agency is a stand-up deal, that we can trust the agency and its leaders to be honest and do the right thing?  Of course we all hope that is the case.  Which is why it is so distressing this morning to learn that the FBI’s stonewalling of multiple court orders and congressional committees not only continues, but has in fact escalated.
  • Late on Monday, we learned that the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, had suddenly and without real explanation cancelled his long-scheduled appearance to testify before the House  Intelligence Committee today.  There was no immediate response from anyone on the Committee, but Fox News reporter Chad Pergram tweeted Monday night that “congressional sources” told him that a subpoena would likely be issued to try to compel his appearance.  That’s fairly ironic, since it took a threatened subpoena in early November to convince McCabe to agree to testify in the first place.
  • Pergram further reported that his sources believe McCabe cancelled his appearance due to  a concern that he would be questioned about Justice Department muckety-muck Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie, who we also learned on Monday worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 campaign.  Ohr, of course, was recently “reassigned”, i.e., marginalized within the DOJ when it was learned that he held meetings with Fusion GPS – the firm that was hired by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC to collude with Russian officials to compile the fake Trump Dossier – throughout the 2016 election campaign.
  • So, because he was “concerned” that he might be forced to answer questions he obviously does not want to answer, McCabe apparently chose what has become FBI standard policy in 2017, which is to join the agency’s ever-growing stonewalling of any testimony or records production that might reveal the truth about what senior officials at the FBI and the DOJ were up to during the 2016 election cycle.
  • A DOJ spokesman is making the rounds of the TV morning shows claiming it’s all just an innocent “scheduling error,” but that’s just another obvious dodge.  How is any American supposed to have confidence in a “law-enforcement” agency whose obvious working policy is to blatantly and repeatedly stonewall efforts by others to discover if laws were violated?  It’s an absurd expectation that will only be complied with by those who have been brainwashed to believe anything their government tells them to believe.
  • Asking Americans to do that is no different than the hilariously absurd comment by Atlantic Editor David Frum on Sunday that “mistakes are precisely the reason people should trust the media…They get partial pieces of the truth. So in the process there are going to be overshoots and undershoots.”
  • Frum’s idiotic remarks would have some level of validity if there were ever any “undershoots.”  But what we see from our fake national news media where President Trump and his Administration is concerned is a constant stream of laughable “overshoots”, false reports that always, without exception, cast a negative light on the President.
  • Think about it:  over the past 2-1/2 years we have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of instances in which a fake reporter from a fake media outlet like the NYTimes, the WaPo, CNN, and NBC rushes to get out a “bombshell” report that is then repeated throughout the entirety of the fake media as “the beginning of the end for Donald Trump”, only to have said the fake media outlet who filed the initial report have to retract or “correct” it because it turned out to be entirely false.  We saw three such instances last week alone, and pretty much no week has gone by during 2017 in which we have not seen at least one example of this pattern taking place.
  • Yet, you would be at great pains to produce a single example over the last 30 months in which the fake news media made, in Frum’s parlance, a “mistake” that was false in a way that worked to the President’s benefit.
  • Here’s a clue for David Frum:  when a long series of events flow in only one direction, those events are not “mistakes”;  rather, they are the norm.
  • When it comes to the FBI or the fake news media, no American can trust them anymore.  The biggest “mistake” anyone can make is to try to defend their institutionalized behavior.

Just another day in fake FBI America.

That is all.


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Dear DREAMers: Shooting The Finger At America Is Really Bad Strategy

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • You know, it would be easier to have more sympathy for these DACA recipients if we didn’t keep seeing photos and videos of them shooting the finger while holding up profanity-laced, anti-American signs all over social media.  They sort of go against the Democrat/fake news media narrative that these are all just wonderful, smart, patriotic “children” who want to stay in the only country they’ve ever known.
  • In reality, most of them aren’t “children” at all.  Per U.S. government data from 2014, more than half of DACA applicants that year were over the age of 20.  While no one appears to be able to discover the average age of all 800,000 DACA qualifiers in the country – the government obviously wants to keep that a secret since it agitates against the Democrat/fake news media narrative – the best estimates are that it is somewhere around 25-26 years old.  Go figure.
  • Indeed, even the Democrats/media get their narrative confused on the issue constantly, as they alternately pretend that these are just poor, helpless children, or are doctors, scientists and member of the U.S. military.  “Children” do not hold such jobs.
  • Newsweek reports that a recent Center for American Progress study conducted among 3,000 DACA recipients found that fully 9/10ths of the respondents said they are employed, and that their average wage is $17.46 per hour.  Again, “children” do not sport such statistics.
  • Then there is the myth that applicants for DACA benefits have to file their applications before they reach the age of 16.  I saw at least 3 different leftists spout this myth on cable TV on Tuesday.  The fact is that, while DACA applicants must have been brought to the U.S. by their illegal alien parents before they reached the age of 16 in order to qualify, they have until the not-so-childlike age of 31 to get their applications in.
  • Here’s the truth about DACA:  It is an unconstitutional mess created by Barack Obama in an effort to placate the immigration activist segment of the Democrat voter base during the 2012 campaign against Mitt Romney.  It was a cynical move by Obama, who publicly acknowledged on dozens of occasions the did not have the power to change immigration law via executive order.  But knowing the he didn’t have to worry about any critical coverage by the fake news media, he did it anyway, allowing these 800,000 illegal immigrants to cling to a “legal” status that has no real basis in the law.  This is what Democrats refer to as “compassion.”
  • Faced with having to try to defend this unconstitutional atrocity in federal court, Attorney General Jeff Sessions correctly advised President Trump to rescind the clearly illegal order, and put the ball in congress’s court, where it has always belonged.  Surely, fake Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake can come to some sort of consensus deal with enough senate Democrats to get a fix done in the  next six months, right?
  • Well, don’t just jump to that conclusion.  It is not at all clear that the Democrat Party really wants to make this change to immigration law in a way that would withstand constitutional scrutiny.  After all, the Democrats had near-super majority status in both houses of congress in 2009-10, and Barack Obama in the White House, and did not lift a finger or spend a moment of time trying to address what they now tearfully claim is an issue of compassion and decency.
  • Instead, the Democrats focused all of their efforts on nationalizing 1/6th of the U.S. economy through Obamacare, in hopes that the Saul Alinsky principle that if you control people’s healthcare, you control their votes would hold true.  That sure has worked out well for them, given that their party lost more than 1,110 seats in congress and state legislatures from 2010 through 2016.
  • On Tuesday, President Trump did what any real president should do:  he rescinded a clearly illegal order by his predecessor and told congress to do its damn job.  While we all know what a crap shoot that is, it is the way this stuff is supposed to work.  When they aren’t shooting the finger at some random camera, the DREAMers make for a sympathetic interest group, but they are not above the law.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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Trump’s Warsaw Speech Shows Why The Radical Left’s Rage Won’t Get Better

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Quite often over the last eight months, I’ve been asked this question by friends and contacts disturbed by the increasingly radical and violent reaction by those on the American political left to the election and presidency of Donald Trump:  “When does this get better?  When does it calm down?”

My answer has been consistent:  “It doesn’t as long as Donald Trump is President.”

One great way to understand why it doesn’t, why the left – led by the ongoing tacit approval of every leader of the national Democrat Party – will only continue to become more radical and violent during the four or eight years of the Trump presidency, one need only read this passage from the President’s speech in Warsaw last week:

Finally, on both sides of the Atlantic, our citizens are confronted by yet another danger — one firmly within our control. This danger is invisible to some but familiar to the Poles: the steady creep of government bureaucracy that drains the vitality and wealth of the people. The West became great not because of paperwork and regulations but because people were allowed to chase their dreams and pursue their destinies.

Americans, Poles, and the nations of Europe value individual freedom and sovereignty. We must work together to confront forces, whether they come from inside or out, from the South or the East, that threaten over time to undermine these values and to erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that make us who we are.  If left unchecked, these forces will undermine our courage, sap our spirit, and weaken our will to defend ourselves and our societies.

But just as our adversaries and enemies of the past learned here in Poland, we know that these forces, too, are doomed to fail if we want them to fail. And we do, indeed, want them to fail. They are doomed not only because our alliance is strong, our countries are resilient, and our power is unmatched. Through all of that, you have to say everything is true. Our adversaries, however, are doomed because we will never forget who we are. And if we don’t forget who are, we just can’t be beaten. Americans will never forget.  The nations of Europe will never forget.

This passage encapsulates the core beliefs of the Trump Presidency:  that America is a great nation, that the culture that made it great will ultimately prevail, that borders and nationalities are important, that free people pursuing their dreams are what make America and other Western democracies great, that faceless bureaucrats piling burden atop burden on the people are an inhibitor to greatness, that forces who work to erase our values and change our culture are the greatest threat to our survival.  These are the core beliefs of a man and his supporters who truly love America, beliefs that are complete anathema to everyone who has succumbed to leftist doctrine.

The people who populate today’s radical left are by and large people under the age of 40 who bought into the neo-marxist, Alinskyite view of American history that has been taught on most college campuses since the early 1980s, and by craven Democrat politicians – like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Fake Indian Senator from Massachusetts – who seek to benefit politically by supporting their efforts.  In this view, America is the world’s Original Sin, the cause of all problems in the third world, an inherently racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic and every other kind of -phobic they can come up with society, and because of this, Americans do not deserve the prosperity and freedoms we have enjoyed.  Thus, that prosperity must be redistributed to the rest of the world via international scams like the Paris Climate Accords and major multi-lateral trade agreements, and those freedoms systematically diminished by the constant overlay of new, increasingly intrusive regulations from the federal government.

If you’re thinking, hey, that’s what we got from the Obama Administration, well, you’re catching on here.

It’s also what we would have gotten more and more and more from a Hillary Clinton presidency.  This, at its core, is why you have seen this never-ending outrage, this increasingly violent response from the American left, and it is why you will never see any Democrat national leader condemn the increasingly outrageous and violent acts against our society perpetrated by groups like Antifa.  We have to understand that such groups are largely created, organized and funded by George Soros and others who also fund the Democrat Party.   They are all interrelated, all funded and directed by the same people.

Prior to November 8, 2016, these people believed they had everything set up for the ultimate destruction of American culture and the socialization of American democracy.  Barack Obama had kept his 2008 promise to work to “fundamentally transform this nation,” and believed he had everything set in place for his designated successor, Hillary Clinton, to finish the job.  The bureaucracies were firmly in place and constantly growing; the justice department, state department, EPA and intelligence agencies had all been completely corrupted; the federal judiciary had been filled with radical judges who view the Constitution as a minor inconvenience, and the national news media was populated almost entirely by true believers who work hard every day to brainwash the public.  Even better, the borders were wide open, with potential future Democrat voter blocs pouring into the country every day.

It was all there.  Those on the radical left had come so close to their goal that they could taste it.  All that remained was to count the votes, anoint the new leftist strong woman, and complete the job.  Four years of Hillary might get it done; eight years certainly would.

But the vote did not go their way, and the winner was a man who symbolizes everything they hate:  success, wealth, love of country, support for the culture and way of life that made America a great nation to begin with.  It wasn’t just that a Republican had won, it was that the wrong kind of Republican had won:  a Republican who had no fear of them or their propaganda agents in the national news media; a Republican who promised to aggressively go about reversing every policy implemented during the last eight years, and has already made great progress in doing so; a Republican who promised to work to take America out of the international redistributionist scams entered into by Obama, and has already done so; a Republican who promised to replace the feckless Obama policy of “leading from behind” with the renewal of real American leadership in international relations, and has already done so.  They could have lived with another Republican president who feared the fake news media and whose policies were just slower versions of Democrat priorities; they can’t live with Donald Trump, just as they never really could live with Ronald Reagan.

Thus, this is not going to get better as long as Donald Trump remains the President of the United States.  The outrage won’t end – it will only grow stronger.  The invention of phony scandals will not end – they will just constantly shift and grow increasingly absurd.  The constant assassination dog-whistling in the fake news media will only grow more overt and intense.  The radical American left is no different than ISIS:  it cannot be appeased, it cannot be contained, it cannot be negotiated with.  It fundamentally cannot be reasoned with via truth and facts because it fundamentally rejects reason, truth and facts.  It must be defeated, again and again and again, by Americans of good will who want our nation to remain free.  Ultimately, it must be destroyed.

Make no mistake about it:  If the radical left in this country is not ultimately destroyed, it will ultimately destroy America as we know it.  This is the reality in which we live.  These are very, very perilous times.

That is all.

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