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Social Media Giants are a Threat to the Republic

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You seriously cannot make this stuff up, folks. – Democrat activists in Hollywood are planning to release a movie in September in which Trumps supporters are dehumanized by being portrayed as no better than game animals to be hunted for sport by the nation’s “elite.” Breitbart reports that ESPN made the decision over the weekend to pull ads for the film, uncreatively titled “The Hunt,” from its dying channel over the weekend in the wake of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

This film is an obvious, blatant dog-whistle attempt by Hollywood’s ruling leftist community to encourage even more violence against Trump supporters, who are already being targeted by Democrat-affiliated activists like Antifa all around the nation. Interestingly, the Democrat activists who run Facebook apparently understand the potential liability being assumed by any platform that advertises for the hate film, given that, when I attempted to post a link to the Breitbart article linked here on my Facebook feed last night, the post was locked and I received a warning that the article and trailer within it did not meet Facebook’s fake “community standards related to nudity and sexual content.” The problem with that lie is that anyone who views the trailer can clearly see that it contains neither nudity nor sexual content.

When I attempted to post the link a second time, I was put in Facebook prison for 24 hours. Hilarious. But hey, I did break the rules in that second attempt, so I really have no issue with that action and am happy to take my medicine. However, I do object to Facebook’s pretense that it actually has any “community standards,” because “standards” are things that are enforced uniformly. What Facebook actually has are tools that it uses to suppress speech its Democrat activists do not approve of. That isn’t “standards,” that’s censorship.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, the censorship is even more absurd. – When violent protesters, led by local leaders of the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter hate group, descended on Mitch McConnell’s home in Louisville, KY, some of them took video of the obscenity-and-threat-filled festivities and posted them to social media, including on Twitter.

But when @Team_Mitch shared the video on its own account, the Democrat activists who run Twitter suspended the account on the laughable claim that it  “violated our violent threats policy, specifically threats involving physical safety.” Mind you, this was Mitch McConnell simply exposing threats being made on his own person at his own home.

But it gets better. Twitter also suspended the account of Ryan Saavedra, a reporter for Daily Wire, for sharing the ugly video, but has not suspended the account for Black Lives Matter or any other activist who shared it. Twitter also has not suspended anyone who has spread the hateful #MassacreMitch hashtag which went viral on its platform on Wednesday.

As reported by @TheHill,

The video included Black Lives Matter Louisville leader Chanelle Helm repeatedly cursing and stating that she wished the GOP leader had ‘broken his little, raggedy, wrinkled-ass neck’ instead of injuring his shoulder last weekend, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported. Helm later said, ‘Just stab the motherf—er in the heart’ after a man made a reference to a voodoo doll. The comment quickly went viral on social media.

Perhaps Twitter’s reluctance to take any action against Black Lives Matter stems from its well-publicized partnership with the Soros hate group designed to promote exactly this kind of hateful activism across its platform. You think?

These are just two of thousands of incidents that have led the White House to begin drafting an executive order that would somehow address the blatant anti-conservative bias that permeates all the major social media platforms. As Politico reports:

The White House is circulating drafts of a proposed executive order that would address allegations of anti-conservative bias by social media companies, according to a White House official and two other people familiar with the matter — a month after President Donald Trump pledged to explore “all regulatory and legislative solutions” on the issue.

None of the three would describe the contents of the order, which one person cautioned has already taken many different forms and remains in flux. But its existence, and the deliberations surrounding it, are evidence that the administration is taking a serious look at wielding the federal government’s power against Silicon Valley.

An executive order is fine as a first step, but one that is likely to have very little impact on the behavior of these corporate giants. The Administration really needs to step up the efforts at regulatory agencies like the SEC, the FCC, the FEC, the IRS and others to rein them in, because their biased behavior represents a clear and present danger to our constitutional republic at this point.

This is not complicated: If an oil company provided free gasoline and jet fuel to Democrat campaigns, that would be an illegal contribution punishable with severe penalties, and properly so. The same should apply to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other big tech platforms and their tireless efforts to provide billions of dollars in free support across their platforms for Democrat candidates.

We broke up Standard Oil 115 years ago and AT&T 35 years ago. There is no reason we should not do the same with these social media giants in 2019. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy, they should be broken into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds.

That is all.

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Robert Mueller and his Team: Riding the Clown Car

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The death of the final paltry remnants of customer service is upon us.  –  A federal judge has ruled against the Jeff Sessions Justice Department, approving the merger of Time Warner and AT&T, in what will be the largest merger of media/entertainment giants in American history.  It will also be the merger of two of the three worst customer service organizations – in addition to Comcast – ever conceived by evil human brains.

Fair warning:  If you are already sick of the horrible, demented, disgraceful lack of service you receive as a customer of one of these two behemoths, just wait until you see how you feel once this merger is completed, your bill has doubled, and the very predicable layoffs and other “streamlining” and “right-sizing” measures have been implemented in the newly-merged “customer service” department.  Waterboarding will have nothing on what these people have planned for you.

Why hasn’t this guy been indicted yet?  In all seriousness, how is he still walking around a free man? – Despicable former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe pulled a stunt designed to attract fake news media sympathy on Tuesday, filing suit in federal court against the DOJ and the FBI for “violating procedures” in firing him back in March.  McCabe’s skunky lawyers complained to in their court filings that DOJ is “withholding documents” from the defense in the case, to which House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley no doubt responded, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

Before anyone gets to feeling too sorry for this imperious jackass, let’s all remember that the causes for his firing are incredibly well-documented in a 40-page report issued by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz a few days prior to his being escorted from the premises.  That report meticulously lays out a case in which McCabe is revealed to be a serial liar who perjured himself multiple times during the course of 2016 and 2017, as he worked feverishly to protect the Pantsuit Princess and damage a duly-elected President of the United States.

It is important to note that Horowitz also issued a criminal referral to Jeff Sessions related to McCabe’s actions, and that that referral is yet to be acted upon.  While we can hope – and may be even likely –  that this is just a case of the wheels of justice turning slowly, it is fair to note that McCabe – whose despicable behavior on the job began to come to light early in 2017 – has already been walking around a free and unindicted man far longer than any ordinary American accused of similar crimes would have been.

So if you’re looking for sympathy, Andy, you’ll have to go to CNN and the New York Times, where serial liars get to host hour-long shows in prime time and reporters are sanctioned to sleep around with government officials so they can leak national secrets to their depraved, brainwashed audiences.  You won’t be getting any from any of us hicks out here in flyover country.

Speaking of DOJ lawyers hiding the ball… – Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of aspiring circus clowns took their efforts to save face in their fake indictments of several Russian nationals to new heights on Tuesday.  They filed a motion asking the judge in their fake case against Concord Management and Consulting to allow them to hide the evidence they have supposedly collected against the Russian company until trial.

This of course is a breathtaking departure from normal rules of disclosure, in which the prosecution is required to timely provide the defendants the evidence upon which they built their case.  In case you’re wondering why Mueller would take this extraordinary step, the answer is obvious:  The charges against Concorde and the other Russian national defendants are extremely flimsy – perhaps completely unsupportable – and Mueller and his evil minions never expected any of them to actually show up for trial, given that the U.S. and Russia do not have a reciprocal extradition treaty in place.

Mueller’s motion hilariously claims that the documents in question are highly sensitive, even resorting to the standard DOJ dodge that some of them identify “sources, methods and techniques used to identify the foreign actors behind these interference operations.”

Let’s all remember what these Russian defendants are accused of:  They are accused of spending a paltry sum of money that didn’t amount to a pinprick in the context of 2016’s $2 billion presidential contest to create a bunch of fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook and spread propaganda designed to create confusion and discord among the U.S. electorate.  They are also accused of organizing a handful of protest rallies, alternately opposing both Donald Trump and the Fainting Felon.

Any 20-something year-old kid living in his grandmother’s basement could have figured all this out in about 2 days, but Mueller would have us and the judge believe that doing so required the Justice Department and FBI to engage in all manner of top secret skullduggery that would make a great John LeCarre’ novel.

This motion comes a month after Mueller’s request to indefinitely delay the trial was summarily rejected by the judge, so now he and his team of dishonest Clinton- and Obama-donors are scrambling around trying to figure out what in the hell they’re going to do.  After all, you can’t go to trial with a case that doesn’t exist.

Won’t it be fun when Mueller has to drop this case?  President Trump just needs to leave this guy alone, because he’s a clown.

Just another day of Robert Mueller is a clown America.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Fisking The Fake News Media – Opportunities Abound

Today’s Campaign Update 

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

  • Well, we now know what occupies this clown’s mind. – After the magnificent NRA spokesman Dana Loesch said the organization plans to “fisk” the NYTimes, fake Times reporter Adam Goldman got on Twitter in a panic and wailed that the NRA wanted to sexually assault his newspaper.  Mr. Goldman admitted he thought Ms. Loesch had said “fist”.  The word “fisk” is a new media term for going through the fake media reports line by line and refuting them.  Odd that the Millenial Mr. Goldman is unfamiliar with that word.  But then, he obviously has other things on his mind.
  • Oh, you’re so sweet… Maxine Waters told the harpies on The View that, “when we finish with (impeach) Trump, we have to go and get Putin. He’s next.”  When faced with blank stares from the harpies, she then fumbled around and came up with the name of “Pence” to identify her next target.  This is who the Democrats call a “leader”.  Maybe Dana Loesch should target Maxine and The View with her fisking next.  Hilarity would definitely ensue.
  • Their Ad should read “Jim Acosta Diaper Hamper For Sale”… – Deadline Hollywood reports that AT&T is contemplating selling off CNN once its acquisition of CNN parent company Time Warner is consummated.  Really?  What self-respecting company is going to want to purchase a fake news channel that can’t beat re-runs of “Bewitched” in the ratings?  Of course, Jeff Bezos and Amazon could always buy CNN, since they’re buying everything else.  A CNN/Washington Post merger would be the fake news equivalent of the merger of Exxon and Mobil Oil.
  • Tired of Winning Yet?, Part I – The Trump economy created 209,000 jobs in July, beating estimates for the 6th straight month, and running the total jobs created since Donald Trump took office to more than 1 million.  The fake news media largely ignored the story, with Twitter going so far as to shadow ban positive tweets about the report.  No surprise here – the Democrats and fake news media know that they must keep the public focused on fake scandals in order to kill this presidency.  Reporting positive economic news is just not part of the narrative.
  • Tired of Winning Yet?, Part II – The Dow gained more than 70 points on Friday, marking the 8th straight day it has closed at a record high.  Given that the Dow has traditionally been a leading indicator of future economic growth, the Democrats and their fake journalist propaganda agents are going to have a great big pile of good economic news to try to ignore in the coming months.
  • Speaking of the Fake News Media, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Friday that he is finally getting serious about identifying and prosecuting intelligence agency and White House employees responsible for the incessant leaking to major fake media outlets.  As part of that campaign to get serious, Mr. Sessions said he is considering issuing subpoenas to offending fake journalists and fake media outlets who rush to print or air classified information. “We respect the role that the press plays and will give them respect, but it is not unlimited. They cannot place lives at risk with impunity.”  Sure is nice to think that someone is finally going to attempt to enforce some accountability on fake journalists who abuse their privileges, but only time will tell if Mr. Sessions is truly serious here.  Hey, maybe Dana Loesch can help – she’s already got the NYTimes trembling at the knees.
  • This really isn’t rocket scienceThe UK Daily Mail reports that investigators are considering the use of lie detector tests as a tool to ID the leakers.  Here’s a suggestion:  apply the first two lie detectors to Susan Rice’s bestest buddy H.R. McMaster and Obama loyalist Hope Hicks, who somehow remains employed in the White House communications department, and see if the leaks from the West Wing don’t dry up completely over night.  I’ll even give you odds.

Just another day in all fake news, all the time America.

That is all.

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