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That Time Congress Subpoenaed Jeff Sessions Personally and Nobody Noticed

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, wonder what was really going on here? – A friend sent along a link to a 2010 story in the El Paso Times newspaper, chronicling a plea agreement entered into by a business owned by the parents of Irish Bob O’Rourke.  The extremely carefully-worded article says that the plea deal related to charges of “accepting cash payments totaling $630,745 from an unidentified customer and then altering receipts to circumvent IRS disclosure laws.”

The story goes into the following detail:

“By pleading guilty, Charlotte’s admitted that on 15 occasions from May 12, 2005, through October 6, 2006, one or more of its employees separated cash transactions into multiple receipts. The beginning amounts ranged from $22,000 to $50,000.

But the records were manipulated by the store so every receipt listed a transaction of less than $10,000. This meant the cash sales were not reported to the IRS, as they should have been, prosecutors said.”

I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out exactly what was going on here. This story is of course being studiously ignored by the Texas and national news media, because they’re all-in for fake Beto.

And speaking of Texas congress members… – An unpaid intern for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was arrested yesterday by Capitol Police for being the jackass who released private information about several GOP members of the U.S. Senate while the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing was taking place last week.  Interestingly, he was releasing that information onto the Internet right about the same time as Cong. Lee made a surprise appearance in the hearing room, as she walked up to Ford lawyer Mike Bromwich and handed him a white envelope whose contents remain a mystery.

Gosh, wonder what that was about?  Surely it was completely unrelated and Cong. Lee knew nothing – NOTHING – about her intern’s nefarious activities.  Surely.

Cong. Lee claims the envelope contained notes from women who wanted to get into the hearing but could not, which makes pretty much no sense at all, but with Sheila one never knows.  It makes even less sense when you watch the video at this link, which shows that the Congresswoman in fact had a second envelope in her other hand, but the camera cuts away before we see who she handed that one to.

But about this intern, here is my main question:  This guy – his name is Jackson Kosko – is a 27 year-old male of the species who has apparently been kicking around Capitol Hill in various Democrat offices as an unpaid intern for five years.  Nobody does that.  Interns generally last a year, maybe two before they either get a paying job on the Hill or their parents get tired of paying their bills and they have to go get a real job.

Mr. Kosko allegedly committed a felony here and is being arraigned this morning.  I have a feeling there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, over at the Justice Department… – This is happening later this morning:

Now, no one knows what this is all about yet, and it could be entirely unrelated to anything having to do with the Obama-era cabal within the DOJ and FBI that conspired to fix the 2016 election.  But here are few interesting things to note about this:

  • The National Security Division at DOJ has oversight over counter-intelligence operations at the FBI, and the whole “Crossfire Hurricane” operation in 2016 was managed through the FBI’s counter-intel division, headed at the time by infamous ex-FBI super duper agent Peter Strzok.
  • Earlier in the day on Wednesday, former FBI general counsel James Baker gave what some described as “explosive testimony” behind closed doors before a joint House Committee, in which he told lawmakers that the FBI’s handling of the Russia probe was “abnormally” managed and “politically biased” against the Trump Administration.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions was issued a subpoena by the House Judiciary Committee to personally appear on Capitol Hill at noon ET today, and bring with him a bunch of the documents the Committee has been trying to obtain for more than a year, many of which relate back to “Crossfire Hurricane” and other cabal-related actions within the FBI and DOJ.  That subpoena was issued 6 days ago and no one noticed because of the circus surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Again, no way to know if the DOJ press conference this morning relates to any or all of this, but it sure is interesting stuff, regardless.


[UPDATE] Ok, the DOJ presser this morning is a big deal, but not related to the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy.

They’re indicting 7 Russian military officers for cyber-criminal activity against the U.S., the Netherlands and at least one other country. Of course, those Russians will never show up to stand trial, but still, this shows that DOJ is serious about preventing foreign countries from hacking into our national security infrastructure.


Otherwise, Wednesday was a very slow news day and nothing much else happ…oh, wait… – The FBI’s needless investigation into the obviously false allegations being leveled at Judge Kavanaugh is finished, and the report is being made available to all senators starting this morning.  Mitch McConnell filed for cloture on the nomination last night at 10:00 ET, meaning the cloture vote will be held on Friday, with the final confirmation vote possibly taking place as soon as Saturday under the Senate’s “expedited” rules on these nominations.

So the Democrat/media’s delay game is over, but no one should expect them to give up their campaign to destroy Judge Kavanaugh.  These people are demented, depraved and despicable, and they will keep up their false charges and protest actions so long as they believe it gives them any political benefit at all.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy summed up the Democrats perfectly yesterday:  “Some of my colleagues on the Democratic side are in good faith. Some I’m convinced—I could be convinced, I’m rapidly being convinced—don’t have a soul.”

Exactly.  The sad fact is that there are no decent people remaining in the Democrat Party in our nation’s capitol.  Not one.  Many of them – like Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Cory Booker, Patrick Leahy, Richard Blumenthal and others – are soulless ghouls who are willing to do or say literally anything in order to re-obtain political power.

So even if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed and sworn-in to the Supreme Court, expect the campaign to destroy his life to continue for some time to come.  Because this is who these people are and it is what they do.

That is all.

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The Mueller Smear is Winding Down

The Evening Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Have you noticed you haven’t heard much about “Russia Collusion” lately? –  Come to think of it, you have noticed that, right?

Right.  Over the past month, the fake news stories on the front pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post detailing tales from always unidentified “sources” about how Special Counsel Robert Mueller is “closing in on Donald Trump,” or how some Mueller action is “bad news for Donald Trump,” or how Mueller’s indictments of another dozen or so Russian ham sandwiches spells “the beginning of the end for Donald Trump” have suddenly disappeared.

To some extent that has been because of all the hysteria surrounding the latest Democrat/media mounted smear, this time of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, but that’s far from the only reason.

Know what the other reason – the main reason – for this sudden lack of fake reporting on the Mueller investigation is?  Simple:  It’s because  Mueller is continuing to wind his Russia Collusion smear down.

Today, we saw two big indicators that this is the case:

  • This story at the extremely fake The Hill website, detailing the fact that two more Clinton/Obama hack lawyers have resigned from Mueller’s staff; and
  • The 15,000 word New York Times #fakenews story alleging all manner of tax evasion and tax fraud on Trump’s part back in the 1990s.

Trust me, these two stories are intimately tied to one another.

Think about the Mueller thing for a minute:  This makes five hack lawyers who have left his staff since July.  Lawyers don’t leave a project like the Special Counsel’s office if there is a ton of work left to be done.  Lawyers start bailing out of these things like this when the work starts winding down, along with the billable hours.

Now combine the rapidly diminishing staff with the fact that Mueller agreed a few weeks ago to accept written answers from the White House on the whole Russia Collusion fairy tale, and has since been making noises about being reluctant to really pursue the mounting of what would be a hopeless obstruction of justice case over the firing of James Comey, and what are you left with?  You’re left with a sinking ship from which these hack lawyers are looking to bail out for greener, more billable pastures.

Seeing the Democrat/media-invented Russia Collusion fantasy play winding down and the Democrat/media-mounted smear of Judge Kavanaugh falling apart, into the breach plunges the New York Times with its year-long “investigation” of the Trump family’s financial dealings during the last century.  If you believe the timing of this is purely coincidental, please leave me your phone number in the comments section below because I have some prime, unsaleable property out in West Texas I want to talk with you about.

Obviously, the Times has been holding this story for breaking at exactly the “right” time, since the collapse of one smear always necessitates the mounting of another out there in the fake news world they occupy.

Of course, the fatal flaw in the Times’ latest smear is obvious:  All of the financial transactions about which their fake journalists and editors are alleging fraud were exhaustively audited in real time by not only the IRS but also by the relevant state tax departments and found, with minor adjustments, to be fully in compliance with the state and federal tax laws.

But hey, smears don’t have to be true – if they did, Brett Kavanaugh would have been confirmed to the Supreme Court and already sworn in.  No, a Democrat/media smear merely has to be plausible enough for a few days to create the desired level of outrage among the Democrat Party’s demented, hopelessly ignorant far-left voter base.  When viewed through that outrage lens, the Times story will no doubt produce the desired effect, at least for awhile.

But viewed through the lens of reality, that story plus the news of the latest staff departures means the Mueller investigation is rapidly winding down, and the Democrats and their media toadies are casting about for their next line of attack on President Trump.  The Times tax story will have a very short shelf life, so expect another fake smear to be mounted in about a week.

Just another day in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

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The Participants in the Kavanaugh Smear Must be Punished

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, remember 8 days ago, when Rod Rosenstein was going to be fired?  When he had resigned?  When he had, according to our fake news media, verbally resigned no fewer than five times?  Yeah, those were good times, huh?

Hey, remember when President Trump ordered the declassification of a bunch of documents that have been requested various congressional committees and stonewalled for more than a year by the DOJ and the FBI?  That was, like, 3 weeks ago?  Right?

Hey, remember when every liberal/leftist/socialist/commie in America was telling us that, if you criticize the FBI, you’re committing, like, treason or something?  Yeah, what was that – last month?

Hey, remember when everybody in Washington, DC and your fake news media was telling you how oh, so credible and stuff Ms. Christine Ford was?  That was last Thursday, 6 short days ago.

As of this morning, Ms. Ford’s fairy tale has fallen completely apart.  It turns out that, not only is there no one out there who can verify a single shred of it, but there are people out there who have been able to completely debunk pretty much all of it.  It turns out that Ms. Ford is not just a fabricator, but, if what her former boyfriend attests to in a sworn statement supplied yesterday to the Senate Judiciary Committee, she may even be a bit of a pro at it:

Oh, my.  Oh, my, my, my.  During her testimony, Ms. Ford was asked not once, but three times if she had ever coached anyone about how to take a polygraph test, and every time she replied either “no” or “never.”

Here are other aspects of her story we now know to be completely untrue:

  • She outright lied several times about her interactions with despicable Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her staff.
  • She claimed to have added a new room and second exit to her home in 2012, because of her “claustrophobia” or something.  California records prove that that room and exit were actually added in 2008, and the space was subsequently used for an office and was even rented out to others from time to time.
  • She claimed to have a terrible fear of flying and held up the work of the Judiciary Committee for an entire week using this excuse.  We now know she is in fact a world traveler who flies all the time.
  • She claimed her polygraph test taken in August was very intrusive with the ex-FBI agent who conducted it asking her endless questions about her entire life.  The ex-agent himself says he asked her two questions.
  • She claimed she had no knowledge of the Committee’s offer to fly staff out to California to interview her when she lied about her fear of flying.  Either she or her scumbag lawyers are lying about that.

Speaking of her scumbag lawyers:  Despite all this now-public knowledge about these and other apparent lies Ms. Ford emitted last Thursday in her feigned, trembly 12 year-old valley girl voice, those lawyers sent an angry letter over to Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley last night demanding that their client be interviewed by the FBI yet again before its investigation is shut down:

This is breathtaking malpractice.  It isn’t enough that her testimony has been demonstrated to contain multiple fabrications or that it does not line up with the letter she sent to Senator Feinstein; Now, her own lawyers want her to be formally interviewed by the FBI, creating yet another opportunity for her to perjure herself?

Whatever else happens as this disgusting confirmation fiasco created by the Democrats and their toadies in the fake news media, this behavior must be punished.  All three women who have blatantly, shamelessly lied about Judge Kavanaugh and all of their lawyers – including the Creepy Porn Lawyer – must be punished for putting our country through this disgrace.  Senator Feinstein and her staff should also be put through the wringer for their disgusting roles in this.

Sadly, the Republicans will most likely just confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and let it all go, because they get awful advice from their communications and political advisors, and because most of them are afraid of their own shadows.  We can hold out hope that the few who have shown actual courage through this process – like Lindsey Graham and Grassley – will force ethics investigations of Feinstein, Sen. Chris Coons, Sen. Kamala Harris and others who have obviously coordinated efforts with the accusers and various leftist radical groups, and pound on the Justice Department to pursue criminal actions against the accusers and their lawyers.  But the Republican pattern has always been just let stuff like this go once they’ve won the political battle at hand.

If that happens in this instance, it will forever be a stain on all of them.  Because this wasn’t just a dirty political fight, it is in fact a coordinated effort by the Democrats, their leftist proxy groups and their fake news media toadies to destroy a good man’s life and irrevocably corrupt the confirmation process for Supreme Court justices.  Even worse, it is an effort to forever destroy the presumption of innocence and rights of the accused guaranteed in our constitution, if the accuser is a woman and the accused is a man.  If these people walk away from this unscathed and unpunished, they will only be emboldened to do it all again in the future.

One thing we know for sure, Grassley’s Chief of Staff, Mike Davis, is sick and tired of all of it.  Here is an actual email exchange he had with the Creepy Porn Lawyer on Tuesday:

That’s just 99 varieties of awesome.  And hilarious.

That is all.

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The Democrat/Media Smear Keeps Evolving and Growing More Absurd

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Irish Bob O’Rourke clean-up crew is working overtime these days… –  While Democrats on Capitol Hill in Washington are busy making up stories about what a terrible guy Judge Brett Kavanaugh was in high school and college, it turns out that the Democrat challenger to Ted Cruz for the senate seat in Texas really did have an extraordinarily misspent youth.

On Monday it was revealed that, at the age of 19, Irish Bob kept busy writing nasty reviews of Broadway musicals for his college newspaper, because of course he did.  In one of those reviews, he said that the actresses’ “only qualifications seem to be their phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks.”

Now, if Irish Bob were a Republican, this noticing of young womens’ physiques would be turned into a week-long scandal of immense proportions.  The wailing from social justice warriors and virtue signaling from the #NeverTrump contingent at the National Review and the Weekly Standard alone would probably crash the New York Stock Exchange.

But Irish Bob is a Democrat, and because of that fact this got a posting on CNN’s website in an obvious effort by his campaign to get this pre-emptively into the public domain with a friendly media outlet to inoculate the candidate against any effort by his opponent to raise it.  Think of it as similar to you going to the local CVS to get a flu shot.

Just another example of your Democrat/fake news media axis of propaganda in action, folks.

ummm…don’t we need an FBI investigation on this?  If not, why not? – Lunatic Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick, the client of the Creepy Porn Lawyer, was interviewed by some fake journalist at NBC on Monday.  During the course of the interview, she changed major, key parts of what she claimed in her sworn affidavit, meaning that she committed perjury in the document she filed with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

At about the same time she was being interviewed, President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three glorious words) was authorizing the FBI to go ahead and include Ms. Swetnick in their list of people to be interviewed this week.  She was left off of the initial list, presumably because everyone with functioning synapses in their cranial cavities knows she’s lying her creepy ass off, but the ongoing demands from Democrats to expand the investigation led the President to act accordingly.

What this means is that, thanks to the Democrats who are perfectly happy to toss this woman to the wolves to support their daily narrative, the FBI will now formally interview Ms. Swetnick under oath, and compare what she says in that interview with what she said in her affidavit and what she told NBC.  This nutjob is in a world of trouble, and her creepy lawyer should be as well for giving her such awful advice.

We interrupt this program for a little #Winning found Monday on Twitter:

Hey, y’all, Trump’s calendar from July, 1982 has been found!

C’mon, that’s funny.  Admit it.


The evolution of a Democrat smear.

  • Democrats Friday:  He’s a rapist!
  • Democrats Saturday:  He drank too much in college!
  • Democrats Sunday:  He was belligerent when he drank too much in college!
  • Democrats Monday:  He threw ice at some guy in a bar when he was in college!
  • Democrats Today:  [Turn page in narrative manual] He lied under oath!

Yes, friends, that is where we are going today – that he “lied” when trying to recall a bunch of stuff that happened – or didn’t happen – 36 years ago.  He “lied” because some leftwing college professor who hates his guts claims that he saw Kavanaugh pass out on several occasions, something Kavanaugh and many people who knew him at the time all deny.

He “lied” because some other guy claims he saw Kavanaugh get violently aggressive when drinking, a claim that Kavanaugh and many people who knew him at the time all deny.

My personal favorite, though, is this one you will see being shopped by the fake news media today:

Mr. Griffin, who is a producer at the execrable MSNBC, is all giddy because he thinks this amounts to “lying under oath.”  But even if what the “two friends” are saying is true, it is no such thing.

Before I go on, a little background:  I spent years doing expert testimony as part of my job.  I’ve been deposed under oath many times, and testified in both civil and criminal cases.  I fully understand the position Judge Kavanaugh was in last Friday.

He was asked when he first learned of Ms. Ramirez’s allegations.  If what the two “friends” are claiming is true, he apparently heard rumors they were coming sometime before the New Yorker irresponsibly ran with its unverified and unverifiable story.

But, the most honest answer to the question that was asked was that the first time he truly learned of the specific allegations Ms. Ramirez was making was when he – and everyone else – read the New Yorker online posting.  That moment was when he first learned of the specific details of what Ms. Ramirez was alleging.

There’s no “lie” there at all – he in fact gave the most direct and truthful answer to the question that was asked, and did not expand on that answer.  That is exactly what any witness is always instructed to do.  He wasn’t asked when he first heard rumors these allegations might be coming – he was asked when he first learned of them.  Had he been asked when he first heard the rumors, he would have no doubt given a different answer.  Not because he was lying, but because he was telling the absolute truth.

But you can’t expect leftwing fake journalists at NBC or anywhere else to understand any of this, or care about it even if they do.  They’re carrying the water for the approved Democrat narrative, and today’s narrative will be that Judge Kavanaugh “lied under oath.”

Once that fails, the narratives for Wednesday and Thursday will only become even more absurd. Because that’s how Democrat/media narratives always evolve.

That is all.

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Trump Disrupts Democrat War on U.S. Workers With New NAFTA Deal

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, remember when all the “experts” were telling you that President Donald Trump could not possibly successfully renegotiate the 25 year-old NAFTA deal? – Yeah, they were wrong about that, too.

The new name’s a little clumsy, but the deal is done, and the deal is much, much better for America’s workers, especially those in blue collar, farming and union jobs.  Hey, remember when those were the kind of jobs the Democrat Party used to at least pretend to care about?  Yeah, good times…

Today, as you absorb the no-doubt slanted news about this new trade agreement, remember that the very same “experts” who told you this could not be done are also telling you that Donald Trump will never, never, never, ever be able to really get the Crazy Little Fat Guy in North Korea to de-nuclearize the Korean Peninsula.  Do not be surprised when the successful completion of that effort is a major plank in Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020.

The Teenage Drama Queen gets a by-line in the New York Times, and boy is it a hoot. – Former FBI Director and current teenage drama queen James Comey penned an op/ed for the sad old New York Times on Sunday, because of course he did.  The most corrupt director the agency has ever had slammed the mounting of this week-long FBI investigation into all the absurd accusations directed at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, not be cause the charges are so obviously false, not because the Judge has already been the subject of 6 previous in-depth, open-ended FBI background checks, but because…wait for it…you can’t “put a shot clock” on an FBI investigation.

In other words, the very same corrupt, pathological liar who twice put a strict shot clock on the agency’s sham “investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server has of course joined the Democrat chorus against the week-long time frame for this investigation that the Democrats agreed to just 3 days ago.  There are perfectly descriptive words for James Comey, but I just can’t use them here.

Sunday’s @GDBlackmon Twitter Deep Thought…

Hey, you know it’s true.

Meanwhile, in the Texas Senate Race… – Last Thursday, when it looked like the Senate would be held into session over the weekend to deal with the Kavanaugh nomination, Ted Cruz informed Irish Bob O’Rourke that he would not be able to make it to Houston for their scheduled debate early Sunday evening.  On Saturday morning, Cruz notified Irish Bob that he could in fact make it to Houston thanks to the idiotic machinations of Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, but Irish Bob declined, saying he now had made other “plans.”

So, what was Irish Bob doing at the very time the debate was supposed to be taking place?  Why, he was engaged in an hour-long Facebook Live session from his kitchen.

Obviously, Irish Bob still hasn’t figured out how he’s going to backtrack from his false denial of leaving the scene of the wreck he caused while driving drunk back in the 1990s.  Until he does, we probably won’t be seeing any more debates between the two Texas senate candidates.

Back to the Kavanaugh nomination process one more time. – So, the Democrat playbook for this week is now clear…

  • Agree to a limited FBI investigation to last no more than one week;
  • Spend the weekend wailing that the investigation is tooooooooooo liiiiiiiiimmmmittttteeeeeddddd!!!;
  • Find male “acquaintances” of Judge Kavanaugh from high school and college to tell Democrat media activists that the Judge, when a teenager, was a sloppy drunk;
  • Pretend it’s a really big deal that the FBI is questioning the second, obviously lying, female accuser;
  • Have the Dragon Lady from Hawaii all over TV claiming that the investigation is “falling apart” before it even gets started in earnest;
  • And then, late in the week – probably Wednesday night or sometime Thursday – have another female accuser crawl out of the woodwork with more false allegations; or
  • Maybe even have some leftwing activist parent of one of the kids Kavanaugh has coached in basketball over the years appear on CNN or MSNBC and accuse him of being a pedophile.

Or maybe both new accusations will come.  Remember that the Democrats’ favorite Saul Alinskly tactic is “projection,” i.e., accusing the Republicans of the exact behaviors of which they themselves are guilty.  Thus, accusations of pedophilia are pretty much inevitable, and indeed the leftists at USA Today already ran an op/ed implying that of Kavanaugh as an initial shot across the bow.

These people are demented, depraved and despicable, and nothing is beneath them.  To them, this is a war, literally.  It is a war not just on Judge Kavanaugh, not just on President Trump, not just on Republicans, but on all Americans who are not part of one of their aggrieved classes.  Frankly, it has even become a war on many of them – witness the bullying and booing of Kanye West that took place during his appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

This is not your father’s Democrat Party.  There are no moderates in that party anymore, no Scoop Jackson Democrats or even Lloyd Benson Democrats.  It is only possible to see their true nature with clear eyes when you accept the reality that there simply are no more decent people in the national Democrat Party today.  Not one.

These people are all about one thing:  The re-acquisition of power.  They will do literally anything to achieve that goal.  So buckle up, and don’t be surprised by the depravity to come this week.

That is all.

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The Campaign Update Week in Review

Today’s Campaign Update – Week in Review

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Ok, so shoot me – I didn’t do the Week in Review post yesterday, as some of you have very politely reminded me this morning.  The truth is, I just forgot.  The Texas Longhorns were playing Kansas State, my little granddaughters were over for the afternoon, and I actually forgot about politics for a few hours.  Amazing, right?

You bet.  So it’s a day late and a dollar short, but lots of stuff happened this week, so let’s get to the Campaign Update Week in Review:

It was the week that we discovered that the first accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh was a 50 year-old woman who still speaks like a 12 year-old girl.

It was the week we discovered that this accuser, who held up the entire United States Congress’s work for a solid week on the claim that she is just so darn askeeered of flying, is in fact a world traveler who the employees of multiple airlines most likely recognize on sight.

It was the week that we discovered that this accuser, who is in fact a university professor of something or other, swore to a congressional committee that she just has no idea at all how much her extremely expensive legal team charges, who is paying for their time or who is footing the bill for the “polygraph exam” she took in August.

It was the week that we also discovered that the accuser is going to be made fabulously wealthy by the mysterious, unidentified people who set up multiple GoFundMe accounts in her name.

It was the week that Lindsey Graham finally became his own man and found the voice that many always knew he had inside of him, that of a real, courageous conservative.  It is no coincidence that happened bare weeks after the death of John McCain.

It was the week that the Creepy Porn Lawyer “dragged a $20 bill through a trailer park” (in the words of the despicable creep James Carville) and came up with a demented U.S. Treasury Department employee who was willing to accuse a Supreme Court nominee of running a punch-spiking, girl-drugging, gang rape operation in a small town with a high school of 400 students for 2 solid years and no one called the cops, no one complained to any school teacher or administrator, and no one spoke a word about any of it for 37 solid years.  That’s sort of awesome in an evil kind of way.

It was the week that d-list actress Alyssa Milano showed up to the Kavanaugh hearing as a guest of despicable Dianne Feinstein and had her phone confiscated for illegally filming the proceedings.  It was little-noticed, but the Capitol Hill Police also confiscated not one, but two signs the demented Ms. Milano had planned to display for the TV cameras during the hearing.  What a doofus.

It was the week that Judge Kavanaugh defended himself before the Judiciary Committee, where all the Democrats could do was question him about his high school references to farting, burping, puking and making fun of some guy who stammered when he tried to say the “F” word.

It was the week that the denizens of the #MeToo movement screamed that we must believe all women and punish all their abusers, but then turned around and applauded when Saturday Night Live brought out Matt Damon – who admits to covering up for Harvey Weinstein for about 20 years – to viciously lampoon Kavanaugh and his testimony.

It was the week that the fake news media assured us that Rod Rosenstein had a) resigned, b)resigned five times, and c) was headed over to the White House where he was absolutely guaranteed to be fired by President Donald Trump, who wasn’t even in town at the time.

It was also the week that Rosenstein not only survived, but indeed became the key figure at the Justice Department carrying out the week-long FBI investigation demanded by the spineless RINO from Arizona, Jeff Flake.

It was the week that the re-boot of CBS’s “Murphy Brown” premiered and we found out that all the main characters in the series are such loooooooooooosers that they’re all stuck in the same dead-end fake media jobs they occupied when the initial series was cancelled more than 25 years ago.  But hey, they all somehow managed to remain employed through the 8 years of Barack Obama, so they got that going for them.

It was the week that the walrus-bodied Michael Moore’s new fake documentary bashing President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three beautiful words) tanked so badly at the box office that even the newsfakers at CNN were embarrassed to give him any time for free promotions on their failing cable news channel.

Speaking of CNN, it was the week that America’s fakest fakety-fake news outlet became so blatantly fake that even its founder, Ted Turner, was moved to complain about how absurdly biased it has become.  And Ted Turner has dementia, for crying out loud.

It was the week that Irish Bob O’Rourke’s pathological problem with the truth became so troublesome that even the totally in-the-tank newsfakers at the Washington Post felt moved to give him four Pinnochios for his sleazy lie that he did not try to leave the scene of the wreck he caused while driving drunk back in the 1990s.

It was the week when Joe Donnelly attempted to surrender his senate re-election by announcing he would opposed Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation, then started furiously crawfishing it all back once he saw the polling numbers.

It was the week Joe Manchin remained non-committal until he could see the final polling numbers at the last possible moment.  So, just another week for Joe Manchin.

And it was the week that President Trump gave the greatest speech to the UN general assembly ever delivered by an American president, and followed it the next day with a 90-minute press conference that left the fake news media humiliated and fuming, as usual.  He should do one of those every week.

There was all of that and much, much more, but this is getting long so we will leave it there and begin a new week, which will no doubt be even more insane than the last.  Because that’s how it goes in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

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GoFundMe Accounts are the Democrats’ Latest Racket

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

A (spineless) man in his element. – If you’re into punishing yourself, tune into tonight’s “60 Minutes” on CBS, where the Amazing Man With No Spine, Jeff Flake, will appear in a joint interview with Democrat Senator Chris Coons.  There you will see a man truly in his element, sitting down and sharing talking points with a Democrat politician and a Democrat activist fake journalist from CBS.

Hey, who knows?  Maybe this is a job interview for Flake.  After all, the ratings for the CBS Evening News have been in the toilet for years now, and Flake couldn’t do any worse than the current anchor guy is doing.

As if to prove my point about where he is truly in his element, Flake also made a joint appearance with the slimy Coons on stage at something called the Global Citizen Festival, a music event organized and televised by the newsfakers at far-leftwing MSNBC.  There, in front of this mob of social justice warriors, snowflakes and disciples of George Soros, Coons of course hailed Flake as a “hero,” which is exactly what he is to these people.

What would you do for a cool $1 million? – #MeToo movement activists and their fake news media shills have spent the week castigating anyone who dares to question Christina Ford’s serial lying about Judge Kavanaugh by claiming “there’s nothing in it for her to come forward!”

Uh, well, it turns out there a ton of money “in it” for her to tell her tale, as two GoFundMe accounts set up in her name have now already raised more than $700,000 and will certainly top $1 million and much more before this coming week is out.  Now, these funds were ostensibly set up to pay for Ms. Ford’s legal costs, but her own lawyers testified under penalty of perjury to the Senate Judiciary Committee that they were in fact working “pro bono” for Ms. Ford, so this money is actually most likely going right into the witness’s pocket.

So, here’s a hypothetical: let’s say you’re a college professor knocking down no more than $150,000 per year, and someone comes to you and tells you that hey, you can make a million bucks by spending the next couple of months being prepped for testimony by some of the world’s greatest experts in training people how to lie on the witness stand, and then spending half a day in front of a congressional committee.  All of your expenses will be paid, and you’ll be set for life.  Would you do it?

If you hadn’t figured this out yet, the use of these GoFundMe accounts is the new Democrat racket – the new way they have landed on to bribe people for doing their bidding while avoiding the scrutiny of the IRS, the FBI and the Federal Election Commission.  Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and several others have now profited handsomely from this racket, and it will continue unless and until these federal agencies get their acts together and start auditing where the money is coming from and for what purpose.

“Wait, me?  I didn’t do that.  Er, uh, we didn’t do that.  I don’t think…did we do that?  What?  Er, um, my staff tells me we didn’t do that.” – President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three beautiful, gorgeous words) was in West Virginia campaigning for GOP senatorial candidate Patrick Morrisy and against Democrat snake Joe Manchin last night.  During his stemwinder (they’re always stemwinders at these events) he did a hilarious riff on evil Dianne Feinstein’s stammering non-denial denial when Chuck Grassley asked whether she or her staff had leaded Ms. Ford’s letter to the fake news media.

Here’s the link.  Trust me – you have got to watch this.  Too funny for words, and dead on.

Let’s close this Sunday morning tour de force with some examples why, if you aren’t following @GDBlackmon on Twitter, you are not having enough fun in life:

And finally, there’s this PG-13 rated little gem…

I got a million of ’em folks.  I’ll be here all week


That is all.

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Dear Arizona Voters: What in the Hell is Wrong With You???

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Dear Arizona Voters:  WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???? – Don’t blame the Republican Party for what happened in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday – blame the voters of Arizona.  They’re the ones responsible for giving you Jeff Flake.  And not just Flake:  They’re also the ones responsible for saddling the country with John McCain in congress for almost 40 years.

Think about it:  For six years, the entire Arizona delegation to the U.S. Senate consisted of John McCain and Jeff Flake, i.e., RINO and RINO(a).  This is who the voters of Arizona WANTED to be the faces of their state in the nation’s capital.  Republicans in Texas didn’t do that, nor did the Republicans in any of the other 48 states in the Union.  That’s all on the voters of Arizona.  Personally, I blame all the mescaline.

There was lots of speculation going on on social media about what kind of “pay off” Flake got for agreeing with the Democrats to put the entire nation through another week of living hell, but that is misplaced.  Sure, he no doubt already has a big contributor agreement in the works with CNN or MSNBC once he leaves office at the end of this year (because not even the vacuous voters of Arizona were going to be idiotic enough to send him back for another term),  but this was not about that.

No, this was about Flake just generally being a spineless and frankly stupid individual.  As Lindsey Graham told reporters after the hearing broke up yesterday, “this is just Jeff being Jeff.”  In other words, Flake is so utterly clueless that he actually believes that this FBI week-long investigation into a high school party that supposedly took place in 1982 is going to placate the demented and depraved Democrats in congress and get them to all join hands in a circle and sing Kumbaya a week from now.  Because, you know, nothing has unified our nation in recent years like another FBI investigation, right?

My goodness.  This is just not a bright man at all.  But he is a very venal man, and this made him the easiest mark among senate Republicans for the Democrats to browbeat into submitting to become a willing supporter of their evil plan to mount even more vicious assaults on Brett Kavanagh’s character, family and life.

And assault they will.  It is a virtual certainty that the Democrats and their proxies like the Creepy Porn Lawyer will bring more women out of the woodwork to make even more absurd unprovable and unsubstantiated accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, probably by the end of this weekend.  The slimy Democrat Senator Chris Coons gave the game away when he told reporters after Flake flaked out that he has no control over whether more accusers come forward.  This is not-very-subtle Democrat code for “we have more accusers waiting in the wings, and boy are they some doozies.”

These new accusers will be used by the same Democrats who guaranteed Flake that they only want one more week for the FBI to “clear things up” to then say, well golly, we need to hold more hearings and conduct more investigations because these new women our Soros-funded proxy groups are paying are just so darn credible.

By the way, there is new information in the public domain that Christine Ford sponsors the CIA intern program at her university.  Do you think the FBI will spend even a second exploring exactly what that means?  But I digress.

While all this week’s further Democrat mendacity is going on, the same FBI that was unable in a year to unearth a shred of useful information about the massacre of more than 50 Americans in Las Vegas is supposed to dig up proof of some teenage sexual assault that supposedly took place at an unidentified house on an unidentified date with a constantly changing number of attendees in a small town in Maryland 36 years ago.

So the nation gets one more Hell Week.  When you are looking around to assess blame, just remember that this Hell Week is not brought to you by the GOP, but by the voters of Arizona and the singularly venal, spineless and fatally stupid man they sent to represent them in the United States Senate.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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Lindsey Graham Just Changed the Course of History

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

He said, she said, Lindsey said.  Game over. – I’ve said this several times over the last year, ever since John McCain took ill and was forced to pretty much remove himself from the scene in the nation’s capital, but it bears repeating here:  It is absolutely amazing just how great Lindsey Graham has become now that he is free from the pernicious influence of John McCain.

It is not an overstatement to say that Lindsey Graham changed the course of history yesterday.  Not an overstatement at all.  Up to the point of his decimation of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and his laying bare of their despicable scheme against Judge Brett Kavanaugh for all the world to see, it is very likely that Judge Kavanaugh did not have a single Democrat vote in his favor for confirmation, and he probably would have lost several Republicans as well.

Yes, Judge Kavanaugh had acquitted himself extremely well.  His passionate, emotional opening statement was perfect, a revelation of a man outraged at the coordinated assault the Democrats and their proxies like the Creepy Porn Lawyer had mounted on his character, his life and his family.  The obvious contempt for those senators that oozed from his pores as he answered their idiotic questions about his high school yearbook was wholly justified and reflected the righteous indignation and anger being felt on his behalf by tens of millions of ordinary Americans out here in Flyover Country at the despicable spectacle the Democrats had organized against him.

But to that point, the day was probably a draw.  Dr. Christine Ford had also done well enough in the morning to probably give cover for every Democrat senator – even those up for re-election in so-called “Red” states – to vote against this nomination, and had likely created enough doubt about Kavanaugh and his character to frighten wobbly-kneed Republicans like Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski away.  Ms. Ford was obviously lying about many things, but her job in all of this was only to create confusion and doubt, and she had successfully done that.

Everything changed when Senator Graham, upon returning from a 15-minute break in the proceedings, insisted on taking the questioning away from Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell and exercise his own senatorial privilege.  Graham only asked a couple of questions of Judge Kavanaugh during his 5 minutes, spending the remainder of his time unleashing holy hell on his depraved Democrat “colleagues” and changing the tone of the entire afternoon.

Had a similar outburst come from any of the other GOP senators on the Committee, it would not have had much effect.  But coming as it did from Lindsey Graham, who sadly had largely wasted the past dozen years following the execrable RINO McCain around like a little puppy dog on a leash, pretending that the Democrats were just well-intentioned “colleagues” and that such a thing as “collegiality” still existed in the U.S. Senate, and helping McCain and the Ds push open-borders and other globalist policies, it was a visible shock to the Democrat system and to their propaganda wing in the fake news media.

From that point forward, the Democrat senators were obviously cowed and never laid a glove on Judge Kavanaugh.  Their focus on asking the Judge about the meaning of passages in his high school yearbook and endless calls for a man who has already been through no fewer than 6 FBI background checks to call for yet another one made them look like the silly, disengenuous jackasses they truly are.

Left at long last to his own devices, freed from the destructive influence of McCain, Lindsey Graham grew into his full potential as a leader, as a senator and as a man on Thursday.  He abandoned the ranks of the RINO placeholders in the U.S. Senate and, just in the nick of time, achieved greatness.

As a result, Judge Kavanaugh will receive a “do confirm” recommendation out of the Judiciary Committee today, probably along party line votes.  After the senate spends the following few days going through all its goofy Kabuki theater floor speeches and cloture nonsense, Kavanaugh will be confirmed on Tuesday to become the next associate justice to the U.S. Supreme Court.  At the end of the day, he will probably receive right at the same number of total votes as did Neil Gorsuch, with several squeamish Red state Ds joining all 51 Rs to confirm.

But much more than that was at stake here.  As I wrote last week and again earlier this week, our constitutional guarantees of the right to face our accusers and the presumption of innocence for the accused were under assault and on the line in this nomination, thanks to the the Democrat conspiracy to destroy this man’s life on the front pages of our nation’s fake newspapers.

I have been extremely critical of Senator Graham over the years, mainly due to his slavish devotion to John McCain, and I believe he deserved every bit of the criticism he received over those years.  But today, he is my hero because, when the moment came when he and only he could summon the personal gumption to stand up and change the course of history for our country, he rose to the occasion and grew into his potential as a true statesman.

God bless him for doing that, God bless Judge Kavanaugh and his family and God bless America.

That is all.

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Today’s news moves at a faster pace than ever. is my go-to source for keeping up with all the latest events in real time.

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